Wednesday, April 02, 2003

today was a pretty cool day. i walked downtown trying to get sponsorships for the universoul event. and yeah...I felt like a 6th grader w/ my backpack on just exploring the city :OD sometimes you have to just go outside and enjoy the day, enjoy people and enjoy the simplicity of life. neway i tink this movie "its a wonderful life" is really beginning to grow on me.

I'm realizing more and more the most important things in life are not what you are striving for, but more so what you possess
today. i have my family, my friends, my co workers at work, the guy that works at the ticket counter who i say God bless to everyday before i leave the parking sky...even a rainbow today. most of all i have a cool relationship with God who knows me and hears my every thot.

to think..i could stay up till 2am last nite just pouring my heart out to God, talking to him out loud on my bed like my best friend was sitting there beside me. God is sooooooooo cool. i mean who on this earth will always listen to you, never judge you, is always for you, thinks the absolute best about you, you never have to think twice if He is willing to listen..(HE ALWAYS WANTS TO LISTEN!!!) He doesn't get critical on me, judge me or think i'm too out too His love is UNCONDITIONAL and amazingly ALWAYS THERE!!!
how is this? it amazes me everytime i realize His faithfulness. its like the book "the giving tree" dats my favorite book..because it gives me such an awesome picture of God's unfailing and always giving love. no matter what i matter if i screw up or fail..He loves me..He really does love me just the way i am. :OD dats my kind of Friend!!!

more things have transpired today...but i think i'm coming to terms with all the options before me..i'm sensing i need to continue w/ the prophecy over my life dat these next 2 years or so...are for me to build a strong foundation...away from the limelight and more into the everyday things of life....its kind of a freeing thot when there aren't nemore expectations looming over my head by the moment..instead...i'm able to enjoy the simple..enjoy people....this will be a fight from what i'm use to..but i'm determined to become "whole" to "be" and not so much "do" make sense? i dunno...i'm kinda friends from jr. high went to a seekers bible study w/ me was sooo awesome to see them engaged and truly seeking after God...yeah..yaaawwwwwn...geez its only 10pm..i must have been at work toolong fact i'm in my cubicle ritenow... know what really isn't as complicated as it seems...just look up into the sky and smile..God is there and He is for you ..and dat is all you need..good nite :OP


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