Thursday, September 22, 2005

Pray & Fast for Gulf Coast, Houston, California!

I pray each of us at this hour in America would atune our ears to what the Holy Spirit is saying. Yesterday, as I was in Dallas and coming back on my flight to LAX I was watching the news on the TV screens. Another Hurricane (level 5) is about to hit the Gulf Coast evacuating over 1 million people already between Galveston and Houston Texas. I then accidently bumped into Pastor Che on the same flight back home to LA. Our flight was delayed & he told me most likely because a "Jet Blue" airliner had lost its traction and was flying over the LAX airport for more than 3 hours frantically searching for a way to land safely. We both began to say how bizarre it was to see all this unfolding on the television. He told me he had just left a roundtable meeting with Peter Wagner and Chuck Pierce....they discussed how the prophecy given forth by Chuck in early 2005 is coming to past.

"God is coming to cleanse the port cities, Gulf Coast, Houston and Los Angeles." It is now happening right before our eyes...

Now is not a time to relax, be selfish, be complacent, or to disengage with the heart of God. Judgment is at the doorstep of America. It has been heavy on my heart for 3 weeks now since I came back to LA from Taiwan. As tired as I have been, the Spirit of God awakened me again to the urgency of this hour. Pray and fast for California the next 40 days Sept 22 and on! Why pray for California? This state has answered Katrina with arrogance, standing up to legislate gay marriage in response the day after Katrina hit, I could go on, but I will just pray. I can't explain it brothers and sisters, this IS NOT the time to shrink back, to wallow in self pity, to live in mediocrity, or double lives, hypocrisy, impurity or unbelief, judgment will hit California and God's righteous fire will judge the wickedness as it has judged the Gulf Coast. All I can say is pray, prepare, and walk in humility.

For this is what the Lord requires of you, to do justice, love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

The moment I heard about Katrina my first thought was Los Angeles will be next. Pray and fast. Seek the Lord while He may be found! You may think I'm out of my mind and you are saying, "Nothing will ever happen to us, we can just keep living our lives, eating, drinking and being merry!" I speak with no apology, we are in the Days of Noah and those who seek His kingdom first in this hour will encounter not judgment, but His grace in abundance, a revival of purifying fire that this generation has never seen. The spiritual atmosphere of this nation is shifting, being cleansed and being shaken because God is about to do a new thing! Everything that can be shaken will be shaken! Lord have mercy on California...

Glory of Zion International Ministries

I am writing you because of your heart to intercede. I use the word "intercede" because these are times of standing, until we see victory coming into our atmosphere. These are times when the prophetic voice coming from the prophets must mature into accuracy, reflecting the urgency of times and seasons. Shakings will continue. I saw three cities that were key for prayer this year: New Orleans, Houston, and Los Angeles. Therefore, I visited all three cities earlier this year to pray, speak, and encourage the Body.

Our hearts have and continue to cry out for those who have been evacuated and dispersed from their homes from the Gulf Coast Crisis of Hurricane Katrina. Texas has assimilated 250,000 evacuees from the disaster along the Gulf Coast. In Denton, there are several facilities that are being used to house the evacuees.

Pam, my wife, has been designated from Glory of Zion to be our liaison. She has met with Red Cross officials and FEMA so the church can assist the evacuees. Pam called while I was in Rome, at the beginning of September, and said, "You prophesied that refuge cities needed to arise NOW. Now that this is happening, you need to get home and help us administrate this work." I am assisting with everything when requested, except cooking. We have three families to help get placed and will be serving dinner again tonight.

This has been a time that has produced joy in our people, as we have served those with a greater need. Also, we have been in touch with our Prayer Network Leadership and apostolic connections along the Gulf Coast States. We are sending support as appropriate. If you want to give towards any of the ongoing ministry and mission of Glory of Zion International, you can go to or call (888) 965-1099 to give by credit card.

Now with Hurricane Rita approaching, I am reminded of a word that the Lord spoke in February of this year. I am also including prayer revelation that Cindy Jacobs just called and gave to us. I love Houston and the Gulf. Let's allow our faith to rise. Let's stand and cry out for the "tempest's fury to pass and damage and destruction to be lessened."

Prophecy Concerning Houston

After the 50 State Tour, the Lord instructed me to go to the key port cities of our nation this year. This has been a personal journey. I have now visited most of the major ports in our nation, including Laredo, Texas, the largest inland port. I have yet, to visit Seattle, but I will be there in October. The Lord instructed me to go to port cities by saying, "There is going to be some entry by the enemy into port cities this year, and this is going to cause destruction like we have not seen before."

On February 20, 2005, I spoke in Houston. Here is a portion of the word that came forth:

"Houston is a target for the enemy because you are a great city, a great port, a great city for revival, and a great city for commerce. You are like Tyre in the Bible. There is a crisis coming toward Houston that will move the city into a different dimension of God's presence."

And the Lord said to me, "Houston is going to be a place where My angels are flooding in this year. They are going to flood in and come in through every gate this year. My angels are coming in through the port areas of Houston. Go to every port point this year and invite the angelic forces in. If you will do that over the next ten months, you will see change by the end of the year, all across the city. I am ready for the angels to come in. I have chosen Houston as the port city where I will rest My presence, in the midst of a strange happening in this nation. I will cause My presence to be established in this city. I will cause enemies of My Spirit, who have resisted My presence in the past, to welcome My presence this year."

The Lord then said, "There's a shift that's gone on here. You've shifted. You are (now) moving from a heavenly realm. You have moved out of a vacuum of unbelief. It wasn't darkness, but it was a void – something that has been confused, that had no form, that looked like it would remain formless from now until a future time. You've moved that out of the atmosphere here. Now, you have brought into the atmosphere, a faith dimension that has restored My covenant back to My people in this city."

The Lord then said that Houston would shift in July. "Prepare yourself, for you will influence the nation in a time of crisis. You've endured the testing of covenant with each other. You've watched each other make horrible mistakes, and yet, your covenant with Me and My blood has overcome those mistakes. You have watched some let go of things. You watched some go in wrong directions. But I've brought it back full circle.

"You have watched certain things end. Don't judge how they ended; I was ending certain things, so that I can begin again. You have endured a covenant-breaking structure that has resisted My move in this city. You have endured and prevailed against a covenant-breaking spirit that overcame past generations. Now, you have overcome that spirit. Just as Moses made a mistake, and I restored his call, I've now come back full circle and said, 'Now, it's My Time!' Follow Me in a new way, confront your enemies in a new way, and move forward in a new way. For I am going to rest in the city, and you will know My Presence has come to rest in this city."

Prophecy Concerning Galveston

The Lord also said, "And you will know I'm going to shake Galveston in a way that it has not been shaken since the beginning of the last century. But this is a time for Me to come full circle. And this time, Galveston will begin to run forward into My presence in Houston. And that which is resisting My presence in Galveston will be overtaken. I am raising up the Body in Houston to receive an outpouring of My presence. As I flood the people of Galveston to Houston, I will return them with a flood of My presence.

"Faith is now your guide. For faith will explode in the very hearts of this city and ten surrounding, smaller cities of this area. This will be a faith explosion that will begin to occur because victory has entered Houston, and you have gathered to receive a new anointing of grace. Walk forth with Me from this place, for I am dressing you in victory. You are turning upward. And although you do not know where this updraft will take you, ride the wind with Me and the waves will not overtake you."

In I Chronicles 21, we find a key story that I shared. In a time of war, David numbered Israel. We can see here that David had lost some measure of faith. This faith dimension shifted him into a place of just looking at the overall earthly army, instead of seeing the heavenly help that was available.

Joab said, "Why have you done this? God can do with small as well as large," and yet the king's word prevailed against Joab. What David did was to disconnect the movement of Israel's army from the Host of Heaven. His fear and reliance on his own strength and armies discounted and stopped the Host of Heaven from moving.

The Lord would say to Houston, "Do not look around you in your time of need - call for heavenly help!" God gave David a choice. The prophet said, "Choose for yourself – three years of famine (which I believe doesn't work for Houston, since November 2004 broke three years of famine, and the barrenness I felt before is no longer dwelling over Houston)…OR you can have three months to be defeated by your foes, with the sword of your enemies overtaking you (which means three months that you are going to go through the hell of your life, and the Lord is going to let every demon that's tried to overtake you do so) … OR else you can let Me deal with you for three days."

David said, "Well, I'd rather have You and anything You can do for three days - because I love You and trust You - than to let man even come near me. Lord, I know you love me; I am going to choose you!" This forced David into a strategic place for his future.

"I would say to this nation, 'You are going to go through three days of tremendous trial. In the midst of the confusion that is going on in this nation, that will be lasting three days, I will make Myself known.'" (I do not believe that this has happened yet. I think this is linked with a financial crisis ahead).


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries



September 21, 2005

As we are poised on the threshold of launching the 40 Days of Prayer at Christ for the Nations in Dallas for miracles to be restored, there is a hurricane named Rita nipping at our heels. God wants to release a flood of his glory and power, and Satan wants to release flood-tides of destruction. The name Rita comes from the name "Margaret," which means Pearl of Great Price. It happens to be my middle name.

In asking the Lord about how to pray about this hurricane, several things came to me. First of all, Texas is the home of President Bush. This is a storm that is meant to mock him. I also heard the Lord say that there are many Muslim leaders who will say that destruction to Texas is the judgment of Allah upon the American president. Let's pray that God will turn this storm from its path of destruction. Ask God to dissipate its strength. Declare that all powers of darkness that are fueling it will be bound.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Organic Church: Growing Faith Where Life Happens

Churches have tried all kinds of ways to attract new and younger members, revised vision statements, hipper worship, contemporary music, livelier sermons, bigger and better auditoriums. But there are still so many people who aren’t being reached, who don’t want to come to church. And the truth is that attendance at church on Sundays does not necessarily transform lives; God’s presence in our hearts is what changes us. Leaders and laypeople everywhere are realizing that they need new and more powerful ways to help them spread God’s Word. According to international church starter and pastor Neil Cole, if we want to connect with young people and those who are not coming to church, we must go where people congregate. Cole shows readers how to plant the seeds of the Kingdom of God in the places where life happens and where culture is formed—restaurants, bars, coffeehouses, parks, locker rooms, and neighborhoods. Organic Church offers a hands-on guide for demystifying this new model of church and shows the practical aspects of implementing it.


This book is an introduction to how God will completely re-shape the face of church in one generation. Pastor Mike Bickle received a word from the Lord back in 1984 that God would change the face of the church in one generation! This is now the time for the "nameless and faceless" army of God, the new generation of revolutionaries, the ones not given to names or titles, buildings or budgets, but rather a generation of burning hearts with deep love for the One who died and who desired all to be one with Him as He is with the Father...bring it on, STADIUM CHRISTIANITY and SERVANT HEART COMMUNITIES, it's God's end time strategy to raise up His HOUSE OF PRAYER in every city & His desire to establish HOUSEHOLDS OF FAITH churches...simple churches...campus churches where life happens, 24/7 living with God and one another. No more programs, no more man made communities, no more religion, no more divide between the sacred and secular, sunday and monday christianity, its about living out the kingdom everyday, all day, lets do it together friends in love...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

REVOLUTION in the Church

Friday Fax 2005/35

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Good news for church builders: you only need half the budget!
The financial challenges facing traditional Christian churches are often linked to building projects. Many undergo great tensions when considering the massive investments required, which are a burden for the members for many years. But many church building projects are not even necessary, according to a recent study in the USA. "Revolution", George Barna's new book, will be published in September. Barna leads a church research institute, and is currently the most-quoted person in the Christian church in the USA because of his statistical work. To summarize the book's most important conclusions:

* The number of Christians attending local church in the USA is declining rapidly. Today, 70% of Christians attend traditional churches, but this will sink to 30-35% in 20 years;

* The number of followers of Jesus who do not attend a local church will grow from 30% to 70% in the next 20 years;

* Alternative fellowship forms (house church/simple church, post-modern churches etc.), currently home for 5% of USA Christians, will grow to make up 30-35%; another 30-35% will live out their faith in the fields of media, arts and culture; the remaining 5% of Christians attending non-traditional forms of church will have a family-based spiritual life;

* Conclusion: a minority group presently not even noticed by many will become the mainstream of North American Christianity in only two decades.

"This is a revolution, and will change not only the recruiting strategies of seminaries and Bible schools, but also radically question church building projects," says Barna. If only half as many people will be visiting traditional congregational services in 20 years, a smaller building will suffice.
Source: George Barna "Revolution"

USA: Hollywood more Christian than believed Hollywood may not be as godless as many proclaim, concludes a study just published by The Barna Group (TBG). 24,147 adults in the 86 largest cities and
27 most populous States of the USA were interviewed about 28 factors of their faith. One of the results is a shock for many people: Los Angeles, the city which evangelical Christians often criticise for the media produced there, is home to almost a million 'deeply committed Christians', more Evangelicals than
New York, Chicago and Boston together. "Los Angeles is huge," says Barna. "Even if the percentage of the population which is Christian is below the national average, the city is so large, with over 10 million inhabitants, that it contains the highest number of Christians." The State with the highest proportion of Evangelicals in California, with 2 million; the State with the
least Evangelical adults is Connecticut, where only 26,000 of the 2.5 million inhabitants consider themselves Evangelical. Of the 86 largest cities in the USA, Salt Lake City, Utah, Hartford, Connecticut and Providence, Rhode Island have the smallest and Little Rock, Arkansas (22%), the greatest percentage of
Evangelical inhabitants.
Source: TBG

England: Greenbelt rocks again
The Greenbelt Festival held in Cheltenham, England every August, is experiencing a comeback. The annual festival, originally evangelically-focussed and arts-oriented, began in 1974 with only 2,000 visitors. Following a period of decline in the 90's, this year's festival attracted a record number of 20,000
visitors. John Bell of the Iona Community, which follows Celtic spirituality, says "In a materialistic and anti-institutional age, in which churches are marginalised and ridiculed, Greenbelt stands out as a life-changing, faith-strengthening and politically involved experience. Many people are losing their traditional
understanding of Church, and see festivals like Greenbelt as the expression of a new way of being church."

"Society must listen to religious fundamentalists"
"Society must listen to religious fundamentalists if it wants to stagger back from the precipice on which it stands," says author Karen Armstrong, known to many for her radical stance against fundamentalism and for reconciliation between Christians, Muslims and Jews. Armstrong is an expert on Islam and Christianity, and pointed out that violence and terrorism is basically fuelled
by fear. "We need to decode what fundamentalists are trying to tell us. They often express fear of things that no society can really ignore. It's not just about religious zealots; only a small percentage of fundamentalists are involved in terrorism. The trick is to prevent the broad mass of fundamentalists being drawn to the most radical group's side. When these movements are attacked, they become even more extreme and hit back, as we see with Al Qaeda. Fundamentalism is not only religiously motivated, but also a
spreading rebellion against modern secularism destroying traditional religious life. That is what they are fighting against. They don't want their way of life to become extinct. We need to learn to understand that. We're at the edge of a
deep chasm, two groups staring at each other: one group for whom modernity has been a good experience, and one which feels threatened by it."
Source: various

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Monday, September 05, 2005

CCN Catalytic Training: GRX Sept 9-10

Hey campus ministry friends in da Bay Area...

We are holding a CCN Catalytic Campus Church Planting Training
at GRX Church this Friday night through Saturday Night. For any of you who would like to come check it out, sit in and learn you are totally welcome. It's a free training event open to campus ministers and student leaders there will be a donation box for refreshments/food. We are believing God to empower students on campuses all over the South Bay/Bay Area to start revival and
student led movements to transform every campus in da Bay for Christ!

CCN Catalytic Training
1. When: Fri 7pm, Sat 9am-9pm
2. Where: Great Exchange Covenant Church (
3. Cost: FREE!!!
4. Who: Open to all campus ministry workers/student leaders
5. Topics Covered (tentative)
a. The Vision for the Campuses
b. Multiplying Campus Churches Among Unreached Student Groups
c. Pray2Go "Catalyzing & Cultivating a Campus Church Planting
Movement (practical)
d. Campus Transformation (commission-ing)

Bless you all & hope to see some old friends again in da Bay!!!

For Campus Revival,

Ps. If you are in the Texas area we are holding a CCN Catalytic
Training at Texas A&M on the same weekend contact

A Desperate Cry for Mercy

I must confess, I haven't been in a consistent place of desperation, consecration and seeking God's presence. I've
become more busy than my own good. I preach a message of intimacy yet in the recent days its almost as if I've lost that very thing that I preach to the masses. Father have mercy on me. At times, I wonder, Lord would you take it all away? All the ministry, all the traveling, all the preaching, signs, wonders and miracles in order that I might have that one thing that is more important more critical than anything else. My mind has been distracted with many things. Many things that I know the enemy would have me rather focus on, rather than focus on Him and Him alone. There are many things in this world that are good, but not best. Ministry can be good, friendships can be good, being loved by others can be good, doing good to others can be good, but if you do all these things and do not have "love" an ever abiding love that comes from the very source of what it is, then its all for nothing. You will become sidetracked, you will lose your sense of worth, sense of direction and all will be lossed. I feel that way right now. I can't explain to you how amazed I am at what can still do through a broken vessel like myself. I just came back from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and in different cities in the US and I've seen with my very own eyes thousands of students set on fire with God's Spirit to transform their generation, it's awesome, it really is. But you know what, as amazing as as it is my heart can feel so empty at times. And I know why, its because I give and I give, yet I have failed to keep on receiving from the Well, the well of God's presence. I know if I keep on just doing what I'm doing, I'm headed for destruction, I don't say that in unbelief, but i say that in hopefully wisdom, to warn myself, Jaeson remember to tend to your own "garden" to your "heart" and never forget, Jesus, its all about Him, its all about being and walking and breathing Him, enjoying His presence, remaining in Him, or you will surely die. I wil be the branch that withers away, dried up and laid waste. I don't want to be that dead branch! Oh God have mercy on me! I want to be the branch that abides in You and bears much fruit.

Here I am Lord, tired, distracted, but willing to go back down the path of the very beginning. Intimacy that leads to everything else. Why am I so stupid at times Father? I know the key to all of life is simply sitting at Your feet and being with You. Everything will be fulfilled if I simply fufill this purpose. Yet, somehow my mind deceives me, it believes the lie that i have to answer that next email, I have to make that next meeting, I have to finish that next project, or that I am lonely and I need a companion or I need a pat on the shoulder or I need more help, all the help I need and can get is there provided for me daily in Your presence. Wake up Jaeson, wake up again to the simplicity of devotion to Christ.

Father this is a desperate cry, but take it away, take it all away, take away anything that would hinder love, anything that would keep me from the path of holiness and wholeness. Father make me a man of Your heart, Your will and one who would truly walk in Love and walk in the security of the Father's arms. I don't want to be an orphan in my mind anymore Lord, I want to walk as a son, as a bride as a friend of God who never ceases to smile and enjoy the presence of His Father. I don't know what I'm doing, where I'm going, i'm like a little child, helpless without Daddy coming to save him, I need You more than ever Lord, hear my prayer, show me grace, show me mercy, without Your help I am heading for a road of destruction, but I know, You will hear my plea, You will answer the cry of my heart and I will do all of YOur will in my generation. I know I am less than perfect, i know you don't expect perfection, thank You for that, You know my heart, help me, get me there, get me to that place of perfect peace. no more distractions take away everything, everything that would keep me from having what is most needed, most important, most true and eternal. i desire righteousness, to be a man of integrity, faithfulness that i may be an example of Your life, Father whatever it takes I am willing, i don't know what that means, but do it Lord, whatever it takes to be with You, i'd lose it all just to have You again. I cry out in desperation for Your mercy once again to meet me in this hour of temptation. Give me grace to be faithful, to walk this journey out the way You would so desire.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Pray & Donate twds Hurricane Katrina Devastation: Pastor Rick Joyner Word

I am sorry to all. I just got back into the country and I did not realize the devastation of this hurricane katrina. To all friends and family, please, please pray for those in Louisianna and Mississippi who are without homes, sick, starving, without water and lost. Please pray for God's great grace and mercy to be with our fellow Americans. Those of you from around the world please join us here in prayer. It is horrific, but in the midst of darkness, it is when God's light can shine the brightest. May the Church rise up in this hour and shine the light of Jesus at this dark hour and bring glory to God by loving those who need it most right now.

I don't know what I can do. I'm praying and I'm also going to donate through a trustworthy ministry that is sending Christian volunteers on the ground to help with the catostrophe. Pastor Rick Joyner of Morning Star Ministries in North Carolina wrote the below response and prophetic word in response to hurricane Katrina. At the bottom of the letter is a link and address where you can donate funds. Many of our partner ministries are working wtih Rick Joyner and his staff and sending down teams. Let us pray,
and let us obey as the Holy Spirit leads us to do our part to bring grace and relief to those who need it most right now.

Lord haver mercy on New Orleans and the countless others,

Jaeson Ma


Special Bulletin #7 - 2005:
Hurricane Katrinaby Rick Joyner
September 2, 2005

It is understandable that almost everyone in the U.S. is now very focused on the tragedy caused by Hurricane Katrina. It is a tragedy that will touch us all in many ways and will continue to unfold over the weeks and months ahead. Even so, the end result is that we are going to be much better and much stronger as a nation. The Gulf Coast region will also emerge better than ever, and stronger.

Even so, we were not prepared for this as a nation, and we do need to learn the lessons that this situation is going to teach us. As this plays out it will prove to have been even more deadly and devastating than almost anyone imagined, even though it is already perceived to be the worst natural disaster in our history. Even so, it could have been worse, and the end result will be to help us.

I have been asked often if anyone in our ministry or our prophetic friends foresaw Hurricane Katrina. The answer is "yes," as early as 1998. These prophecies included "New Orleans looking like an estuary," and great damage coming to Mobile and all parts in-between. As hard as this could be to imagine now, the end result of this storm will be to make even many of the Gulf Coast victims thankful for it in the end.

Over the next few years a great move of God will spread over that region, and many who have lost all of their possessions will gain something far better—eternal life. This storm is a sign of a great cleansing and very powerful move of God coming to that region which will affect the whole nation for good. We will also see it affecting us in more difficult ways for a time—especially economically. However, the region will be rebuilt and better than before, but much more than physically, it will be rebuilt spiritually. There is a great move of God to rebuild our nation spiritually as well.

Though there are many crucial lessons to be learned from this entire situation, it is not the time to get into them in any more depth. Now it is still a rescue situation, and we need to pray that this now be accomplished with Godspeed or many, many more could be lost.

One reason the situation has not been handled better is the spirit of confusion that has been released over that region. We know that we do not war against flesh and blood (see Ephesians 6:12), though we cannot expect the government and law enforcement agencies to understand this. There is a lot of witchcraft coming from New Orleans and it wants to cause as much death as possible. We need to pray for this spirit of confusion to be bound, and for great clarity and energy to be given to those who are managing and implementing the lifesaving efforts. Then we need to pray for great clarity and energy to rebuild that city and region. This is important for the whole nation.

The church needs to gear up to help in many ways. Churches are called sanctuaries, and we need to be that right now for these multitudes who have virtually lost everything they had. If every church just took one family, we could take care of all of the people. There are churches all over America with large Sunday School facilities that only get used one half a day a week. These can be quickly converted to shelters for families.

We are also at this time examining every way that we can use the facilities that we have at Heritage International Ministries to help those in need. We need to all be asking right now what we have that could help. Many things that we no longer use and will never use again, such as old clothes, tools, vehicles, or other resources can make a big difference in the lives of those who are our neighbors and are now in desperate need.

If you want to help, but do not know what to do, please consider joining us. We will be sending teams to the region to assist in the cleanup and rebuilding. Check this website for more information.

You may also make donations to MorningStar for the Katrina relief. One hundred percent of the donations designated for Hurricane Katrina relief will go to that effort. MorningStar does not keep a single cent for administration or our own costs. You can also donate materials such as trucks, buses, tools such as chain saws, power saws, building materials, and other items that can be used to help in this effort.

To make a credit card donation, donate online or call 1-800-542-0278 and say you want to make a donation for the Katrina Relief. You may also mail your donation (please mark them for Katrina Relief) to:

MorningStar Fellowship Church
9700 Regent Parkway
Fort Mill, South Carolina 29715

There is no question now that this will prove to be the worst natural disaster in our nation's history. We need to be in special prayer for all who are leading this relief effort and for the people who are affected that this will all be used for good, and for us to learn all of the lessons that we can from this situation so that we are far more prepared the next time.

Prophet Chuck Pierce Word

Dear Steve: This is how I am proceeding in prayer. This is a major call to "stand and war." We must take a clear stand in the spirit for what is going on in this coastal tragedy. As a warning that times are changing rapidly, and we must have an immediate shift in the spirit. Only by us crying out for a Holy Spirit revival in our nation can we see evil restrained. Blessings, Chuck Pierce


September 2, 2005

Dear Friends:

We must pray and intercede on behalf of those traumatized along the Gulf Coast areas. We are entering into a level of warfare in the earth that is beyond our present mindset and paradigm.

In these seven years of war, God has been preparing us for what is ahead. We are ending the fourth year and approaching the fifth year.

We need supernatural grace to deal with lawless structures in days ahead. I want to be real honest, when I wrote "The Future War of the Church" explaining the anti-Christ system and lawlessness, many criticized and scoffed at the concept of the level of warfare that we would be encountering in days ahead.

Please, please prepare yourself for these next three years. Use the prayer points below to begin to engage spiritual forces in ways that we have never understood in the past. The following prophetic word is from the revelation that came forth on August 12 in our FirstFruits Gathering built around covenant alignment.


To the United States of America ... "Know that today this nation is being realigned. Get ready, for refuge cities will begin to arise throughout this land. They will begin to rise up from state to state to state all along the East coast, all along the Gulf, and all along the West coast.

"I am raising up refuge cities. Florida is resisting the development of My plan, but I will cause a strong remnant to arise in this state. I AM even beginning to train those in cities that will know how to move forward. Many of you have wondered: ‘Why am I not involved here or there - why do I seem to be shelved?' I will begin to assign you to be a part of those groups that will aid My next move in the earth.

"This will come because of great shakings, floods and disease structures that are forming. I AM assigning you now to spread My Good News. I AM developing ears to hear My grace. There is a shifting now of compassion and mercy, for I need My healers to be ready to be released throughout the land.

"...To those in law enforcement and public authority, lawlessness is beginning to rise and escalate. Many of you who have prayed will become discouraged as you see statistics change. Lift up your heads. This is the beginning of dividing and exposing the real source of covenant breaking and violence that is seething in this land. I will give you strategies over how to defeat major lawless structures. These strategies are but temporary measures, so remain on alert from this day forward."

Ask God to teach you about lawlessness.
Ask the Lord to build a shield of faith around you.
Ask the Lord to have you be more responsive to prophecy. (The word to Baton Rouge in 2003 was "you will become a refuge city" [referenced in "Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of a Nation"]. In 2004, the word given in Baton Rouge was on purification coming to New Orleans. You can read this word here:
Don't lean on your own understanding. We are entering into a supernatural dimension.
Bind the accuser who is working in the earth realm to bring division in the midst of crisis.
Begin to set a blood line barrier at the 150 mile radius around the victimized area. How do you do that? You get up and decree by the Spirit of God that there is a supernatural shield set so that the enemy's plan cannot invade that barrier. Cry out for angelic forces to visit individuals that are crying out in these areas. Ask for angels to HELP in this structure of lawlessness that is operating in this part of the earth.
Pray for those that are serving as refuge cities – Houston, Baton Rouge, and others.
In the midst of trauma, always let God show you areas in our lives that can be purified. Bind condemnation and ask God to purify us where we have been weak in the past. In intercession, what you identify ... purify. Ask God to purify areas where we have allowed the enemy to take control.
Pray for supernatural, unexplained healings to start occurring in individuals.
Ask for the Holy Spirit to invade this situation.
Yes, this situation could be a result of the Gaza Strip crisis in Israel. Yes, this situation could be a result of the spiritistic decadence that goes on in New Orleans. Yes, this situation could be a result because of the slave entry through New Orleans. Yes, this situation could be a result of the gambling along the coast line. Yes, this could be because of the Circuit Court System in New Orleans taking its stand on behalf of abortion in the land. However, the issue right now is to let the Spirit of God rise up within you and for you begin to cry out in the midst of this situation in a way that you have never cried out before.

Job 22:30 says, "He will even deliver the one [for whom you intercede] who is not innocent; yes, he will be delivered through the cleanness of your hands." (AMP)

Once you have lived through severe trauma, you realize that pointing a finger is not necessary !!!

You actually realize that it is just the grace of God that any of us are not in these situations. Pray that the "spirit of man withstand this major wound and infirmity in this nation" (Prov 18:14).


Here is another portion of the prophetic word that came forward in our August FirstFruits Gathering on covenant.

To the CHURCH ... "I will reverse cessation thinking. Many have held onto a dead religion. Let go of old religious patters and embrace My resurrection and power. The wind of My power will begin to blow and it will not be able to be explained. There will be a desire for My Spirit. Those that do not repent of a religion that denies My Spirit in the earth will not embrace My covenant plan or people in the future. I have chosen Israel as the deciding factor in the earth. Those who do not acknowledge Israel's place in the earth will not understand the place that I have prepared for them in days ahead."

If there is one thing that we need to ask the Lord to forgive us for – it is the quenching and grieving of Holy Spirit in the earth.

We will attempt to make available a download of the chapter on LAWLESSNESS from The Future War of the Church. You can go to our website at You can go to to get "Prayers that Outwit the Enemy" and "The Future War of the Church".


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