Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Hello prayer warriors ....!!!


I just got back from Texas and Chicago & it was God's divine grace that

He was able to minister through me for 8 days in a row! My plane got stuck

in Austin for over 15 hours because of snow on its way to Chicago, but God

got me to the conference just in time! Quick highlights....

1. Envisioned & trained 2 teams to plant campus churches @ Texas A&M &

University of Texas!

2. At both youth conferences a spirit of revival came & many youth

were not only revived but commissioned to the nations, filled w/

the Holy Spirit, trained in the prophetic and many physical healings & deliverances

took place leaving alot of people smiling! :)

3. So much more happened in regards of divine connections for the

mainland, CCN, miracles, met w/ UT & house church leaders to plan campus

transformation etc..but it would take a whole chapter :P really.

ASIA MISSION TRIP: Prayer Requests..................................

I am leaving tomorrow night for Asia. This will be a intense trip & ask for your

dedicated intercessions for the following detailed itinerary. I will be bringing

a co-minister (Hien Chi) a long time friend and Fuller Seminary student with

me to minister. Please pray for the following....

1. God's presence and power to be displayed in each nation to release

youth revival.

2. Physical strength and divine protection from any attack or plans of the enemy

3. Holy Spirit to give me exact revelation and inspiration for each message

4. A Spirit of "unity" to fall as I meet w/ many church & marketplace leaders in

each nation for the purpose of city and nation transformation.

5. Protection for my family, ministry staff and close friends as we

are on assignment during this holiday season.

Asia Itinerary..............................

Taiwan: (Taipei: Bread of Life Church)

12/1 Morning Session (I) in Bible School (1.5 to 2 hrs)

Evening Session (I)

12/2 Morning Session (II) in Bible School (1.5 to 2 hrs)

Evening Session (II)

12/3 Afternoon Sharing with worship leaders (50 or so in size)

Evening Session (III)

12/4 Free in the morning and afternoon

Two Youth Services in the Evening (5pm to 7pm and 7pm to 9pm)

our normal youth services

12/5 Morning youth service (our third weekly youth service)

Afternoon small gathering with youth pastor network in Taipei

Singapore: (Cainhill Methodist Youth Conference/Revival)

12/6 Youth Conference

12/7 Youth Conference

12/8 Youth Revival

Hong Kong (Various Meetings & HK Convention Center)

12/10-12/17 Various ministry meetings

(Marketplace ministry to business leaders, Meetings with Youth

Pastors/College/Campus Workers)

12/11-13- Embrace the Schools (United in Prayer Movement meeting w/

city leaders)

12/18- Citywide youth revival prayer meeting

12/19- Hong Kong Convention Center (Citywide Crusade: "A Christmas Passion")


East Asia: (unreached peoples)

12/20-23- training leaders to reach unreached universities

Thank you thank you all for your prayers. Without them I would not

be able to do what God has called me to do. Blessings & can't

wait to give you all the updates!! Please, also continually pray for

Campus Church Networks as we are believing God to raise the

necessary finances on our first fundraising drive for the future

ministry to plant campus churches on campuses across the earth.

God is good! God is faithful!

Yours for the Great Commandment & Great Commission,

Jaeson Ma



Friday, November 19, 2004

To all my friends in Hong Kong,

There has been a rumor that some have read my blog and think I am involved in
"astrology" because they saw on my personal profile "scorpio" as my sign. I would
just like to make a clarification that "blogger.com" automatically posts your
astrological sign and other information when you type in your birthday. I had no idea
that this was part of their system and I did not recognize this until it was brought
to my attention by concerned individuals. I repudiate and reject any involvement
in these astrological practices. As I pray most would obviously know I would never
be involved with such things which are clearly offensive to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Also, to those in Hong Kong who are concerned about language I use in this personal journal.
I realize different cultures have different tolerances & definitions for words. Please understand
that the language used in these writings are my personal thoughts from an American
culture context. If you have a problem contact me personally at my email
jaeson@gmail.com I would be more than available to explain the thoughts in my journal.
Honestly, it pains me to think some would question my heart intention
to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in this generation. I pray all would seek God, read the Word
and discern in their spirit before questioning or spreading false accusation. Whatever the case,
I bless those who do have concern I understand your reasoning. At the end of the day,
I am doing my best to obey and please my God, answering to Him & I realize with the
passion He has given me, I must simply do what I see the Father doing. God bless to all.

Jaeson Ma

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

This will probably be my last blog for a while...starting Friday I start another
traveling journey that won't stop till early January 2005. I do ask that if you
could, please pray for me & the ministry. It is so overwhelming at times, I
know the only safe place to remain is "in prayer." This is the daily fight
& this is the "one thing" the enemy will fight you for more than anything else
your "daily time" in intimacy with God. This next ministry trip will be probably
the greatest challenge & at the same time the greatest opportunity. Starting Friday
I will be in college station Texas training students to plant campus churches at
Texas A&M, then off to Houston to speak at a youth conference, then to Austin
Texas to train Chinese internationals to reach the Chinese students at University of Texas.
After this on Nov 24 I will be in Chicago to speak at another youth conference asking God
to bring forth a great awakening in the windy city. From Chicago I will take a quick
break back home and will begin my Asia ministry travels. From Nov 30-Dec 6 I shall
be in Taiwan ministering at Bread of Life Church in Taipei ~ believing God for a
powerful move of the Spirit upon the nations young people. I am praying he would
raise up also a great youth army and a house of prayer that would contend and rule
over every other house in that land. Then from Dec 6-9 I will travel to Singapore
to do a youth conference and revival with the Methodist churches. Praying for God
to fan the old Wesley Flames of holiness and that a new generation would rise up
in Singapore in it's God given destiny to take the nations. From there into Hong Kong
for the 5th time in 10 months. This time there will be a focus on ministering to the
marketplace Christians to bring transformation and the establishing of vision for
marketplace churches to spread citywide. I can't wait to minister again to the youth
and just see their faces of joy, glory and desperation for revival in their city. I love
the youth of Hong Kong & I would do anything for them. It will be exciting to see
what God does as we have rented out the HK Covention Center for a Christmas Passion
event. This will be the first time we will hold a citywide outreach for the whole
"family" as a prophetic act of uniting all the generations together for revival. I know
God is going to come through for this event. Finally, after Hong Kong I will be heading
into East Asia to places I can't reveal, but this will be the most exciting part of my
trip as I will be able to train more young adult leaders to reach the un-reached
university populations of their nation. Then a few days back home for Christmas
w/ the family and hopefully i'll be able to see my friends in San Jose. haha..right
after though I will be heading to Hawaii to speak and train at a citywide young adult
conference that will be held at the University of Hawaii & then off to One Thing
Conference in KC where after we will hold our first Campus Church leaders retreat...
I can't wait for that as we will gather our student church planters from around the
country to bond, be envisioned, trained and hear God's voice for the campuses of America.

And then....SABBATH !!!!!!!!!! I will take the whole month of January off to spend time
in prayer, rest and with family and friends. I can't wait to just soak in the House of Prayer
in KC for a few days in God's presence. If I get through this next journey...it will be
God's grace for sure! I need to start doing more push ups!!!

ok. so that was the minsitry schedule that needs major major prayer. on a personal note
these last few weeks have been incredible. I will have to write again to explain what happened
in Argentina. All I can say is that what happened this year and last year in Argentina were
two completely different experiences. Last year, I was in the wilderness, this year the doors
of heaven opened wide! I couldn't believe it but I had the privilege to speak for 2 youth
revivals in Mendoza and Mar Del Plata. The fire of God broke out as prophetically God was
calling for the youth of the nation to be released to do the work of the ministry in the NATIONS.
I received a prophetic word at the 2nd youth crusade ...i heard the Spirit say, "This generation was born into a nation of revival, now it is time for this generation to birth revival in the nations!" It was a timely word that was confirmed by my meetings with the national youth
leaders who have been praying for the next generation to be raised up and released! Other incredible things that happened was I met a new covenant brother Pastor Christian Hooft
who is the national youth director over Argentina. We connected at a ministry and a heart level and Cindy Jacobs prophesied over both of us that we would work together to plant campus
churches on every university in Argentina...she had no idea I was talking to Christian about a national plan earlier in the day for an hour to plant campus churches. Then I was able to train our first 3 church planters to plant a campus church at the University of Cordoba....that was
exciting....woohooooo!!! & I got to see my good friend Ayelen quickly before I left back to America. She's a great buddy & one of the most on fire young women I know. It's always
awesome to know a person your age who also has the fire and prophetic edge~ who understands
the things of the spirit ....its great to recognize other leading soldiers in God's army, so
you know you are not alone :) i may possibly be returning back to argentina as soon as
March 2005 to speak and to train ...i can't wait ...more argentine BEEF!!!

and yes...my ORDINATION. what can i say but thank all of you who made it!!! we packed
the first four rows out!!!! woohoooO!!! that's who we asian's do it i guess....we swarm in
packs :P thank you all for your encouraging notes, emails and support. It was a tremendous
event in my life. I was ordained by my spiritual fathers Pastor Che Ahn and Lou Engle. Who
could have more awesome spiritual fathers? I love these two men and I know they love
me and believe the God in me. I received some major prophetic words that I can't post
publically...but if you ask i'll tell you :) they really confirmed all my major callings for
the nations, Asia, the campuses, and being a prophetic voice to my generation for revival.
most of all...i was just so elated to see my mom standing in the audience "proud of me"
and being able to express from the stage my appreciation and love for her. To see people
clap for my mom gave me the best feeling in the world. She deserves everything of me
& it was so awesome to be ordained and make my mom proud. I love my mom..she
is seriously the best mom anyone could ever have. many other things happened divinely
at the ordination....but i was just glad to see all my friends show up for the after party...
ben, matt, benjy, caleb, yvonne, leslie, eloise, and tons more...oh yeah and Eileen Lu
showed up!!! & of course Erica, Amie, Monie, Gillian and the san jo gang.... and Freda
the best best best gift i could ever have. She's been personally interceding for me over
3 1/2 years..without here i would have already been taken out by the enemy..God is
faithful and gracious to give me a friend like her by my side...

anyways...i need to sleep. alot ahead. you know, i don't know how God uses a guy like me.
i'm seriously the worst candidate to be used by God. when i look at all the great ministers
before me ...i pale in comparison. and i know i'm not suppose to compare, but man, when
i look at my shortcomings, my bad habits, my weaknesses I think to myself God you must
seriously have the wrong guy. I make so many mistakes, I fumble time and again, I'm young
and inexperienced, but somehow God keeps putting me in positions to glorify Him....
my mom told me when we spent the day together after my ordination in Pasadena..that
it is true that I don't have barley any of the qualities of a good leader, but one thing i do have
is the "heart" and that is all that really matters to God. I hope so. well, i know so, but still
its scary at times. I really do have the heart to please my heavenly Father & i guess in
His awesome power He can somehow bypass my flaws and reach into my heart and
bring something beautiful out of it. i guess with each failure i get one step closer to
success.....but success in God's eyes, not man's. haha...they read Jeremiah 1 over
me at my ordination. everytime i've ever received a major prophetic word in my life
Jeremiah 1 was always spoken..."do not say i am but a youth" ....so here i am Lord,
broken, frail, weak, completely desperate and completely dependent on You to do
this, because I can't in my own strength, but only in Yours. take me as I am.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Dear intercessory partners,

I will be leaving for Argentina today from Nov 3-11.Please pray for and with me as I am going to bejoining 200 delegates from around the world to uniteall of SOUTHERN AMERICA in concerted PRAYER, speaking to the youth of Argentina for a youthrevival crusade & helping to mobilize the campus movement there.This will be a strategic trip with Pastor Ed Silvoso oneof our board advisors for Campus Church Networks.I will help lead a team in Mendoza Argentina for strategicwarfare prayer & evangelism. You can find out more on this mission atwww.harvestevan.org --At the same time I will be laying the foundationfor campus church networks movement to be established in Sth America.Please pray for...1. Prayer shield and protection for me & the team from the enemy2. God to unite all of southern america in its first time to rally all countries to lift up a canopy of prayer over the nation.3. God will use me to speak a powerful message of revival in the youth of Argentina during the crusade that will spark a movement to the campuses & to the nations.4. Physical strength & focus to complete the task & move onwards with the TRANSFORMATION movement5. More open doors for key connections to train pastors/students to plant campus churches on every major university and campus in Southern America.6. Unity & momentum to build as I work with other prayer leaders from around the world to mobilize for the global day of prayer (www.globaldayofprayer.com)

Thank you for your prayers!!! I will see many of you at my ordinationin Pasadena
this generation!!!\\Yours for the Great Commandment & Great Commission,\Jaeson\\ps. Praise God the elections are over & GOD BE THE GLORY! GO BUSH!!!!\THE CHRISTIAN VALUE vote was the key...our prayers paid off!!! amen!