Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Update & Prayer Request: August Mission Focus

Dear praying Family and Friends,

God is faithful. I wanted to give you a update & also ask for your dedicated prayers for the month of August as we are expecting major breakthrough among students on the campuses in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and the home front North America. If you dont' read
anymore of this email just pray that God breaks through and sends "REVIVAL FIRE" & "BREAKTHROUGH" to every student and campus we train in the month of August to fulfill the Great Commission & see transformation on every campus in this next season!

Update & Prayer Requests:
1. First month at Fuller Seminary: INTENSE!!!
2. Personal Prophetic Word
3. CCN National Training in Ohio (Aug 12)
4. Hong Kong "Break & Burn" CCN Camp (Aug 14-17)
5. LA "Apostolic College Roundtable" (Aug 20-21)
6. Japan "CCN" vision trip (Aug 22-24)
7. Taiwan "Emerge" CCN Conference (Aug 26-30)

Missions Team Members: (Aug 22-31)
The following 3 brothers will be traveling with me to minister at the end of August. Pray for team unity, protection, impartation and God to use us each to serve the youth in Japan, HK and Taiwan with power & signs, wonders and miracles confirming His Word. Pray God will personally give me supernatural physical, emotional and spiritual strength to preach His Word, teach His revelation and minister with love.

1. Matt Ong
2. Timothy Wong
3. Jumpei Sakei


First month at Fuller Seminary: INTENSE!!!

God is so faithful guys. Seriously, last month was probably the most difficult of months I've had in a long while. I was in class 9-5pm daily with non-stop lectures (but good lectures), massive reading assignments and big papers to write. On top of this I was still transitioning from my lead role at CCN & having to speak nearly every weekend. But by God's grace I made it and finished my first 3 Fuller courses and my massive Christian Worldview paper before my Asia trip this week! God I LOVE YOU for being so faithful & giving me great family & friends who pray faithfuly for me. :) Fuller knew ahead of time that this month I would have to fulfill my commitments to speak in HK & Taiwan so they gave me a few weeks off in August to do so. Thank you again for praying for my Fuller transition, the "missional strategies" I am learning are
INCREDIBLE and already I am implementing much of what I am learning to our campus reaching strategies. PS, my full $18,000 needed for tuition came in from some incredible supporters :) You guys! Does God provide or what? I'll be starting my on campus internship and next classes first week of September wooohoOO!

Prophetic Word for CCN: "Multiplication & Expansion"
I can't get into detail. But I've had "3" completely random personal prophecies from 3 different people 2 who don't even know me. I would have dismissed the first prophecy if it had not been
confirmed by 2 others at different times. I am asking you all to pray into the following....

I was at Harvest Rock Church Youth Conference sitting on a bench when a random person who didn't know me, walked by and gave me this word. "God told me to tell you it is a time for -- multiplication & expansion and you have a strong anointing for campus ministry --- I was stunned and kept it in my heart.

This last weekend I was speaking in Houston when again a trusted pastor/prophet friend of mine declared the same two words from the stage, Jaeson the Lord is about to "multiply & expand" Later the same two words "multiplication and expansion" came again from another person.

I am only sharing this because I really sense if these prophetic words are in line with God's purposes then the next few mission trips will be of HIGH IMPORTANCE that we pray with intensity for God's supernatural revival breakthrough among the students we will be ministering to. We are in a season of "open heaven" and increased frontline warfare, we need to be all the more focused and walking in deeper prayer as I sense God really desires to do some extraordinary miracles in our midst before the coming school year.

CCN National Training: Ohio State University (Aug 12)
Please pray as I will be training campus leaders from about a dozen major North American universities in how to start campus church planting movements on their campuses. I received this invitation from Campus Renewal Ministries a partner ministry that is working with us to transform universities in the US. This is a big open door for the CCN vision to spread across the major campuses of North America. (

Hong Kong "Break and Burn" CCN Camp: (Aug 14-17)
This camp is burning on my heart like fire. I really believe something unusually powerful is going to happen as over 350+ HK students have been praying 24/7 non stop all summer for this. We will be training 400+ secondary school and university students in HK (8/14-8/17) on how to win souls,make disciples and plant campus churches on all the campuses of Hong Kong Island. Then on
Aug 25th i will have to fly back for one day to train university students from the Kowloon side to do the same. Pray God releases the power of the Holy Spirit, refreshing renewal to these students
hearts and a double portion anointing to bring greater revival to their campuses come Fall 2005 as school begins..... we are EXPECTING a GREAT HARVEST of 1000 campus churches planted this school year and 30,000 new students saved through the Embrace the School HK movement!!!

LA "Apostolic College Roundtable": (Aug 20-21)
I have to fly back to Los Angeles right after the HK camp for another important gathering. Key spiritual fathers/mothers in the H.I.M. & CCN family will be gathering with emerging young leaders
who have a heart for the college campuses of America. We will be praying and hearing from God on His heart for the college campuses in the US at this hour and what steps to take forward to bring revival awakening to them. In particular, we are praying into possibly holding a specific gathering of thousands of college student leaders at Yale University in fall 2006 to be trained to bring revival back to their campuses. My senior Pastor Che Ahn, Heidi Baker and spiritual momma Cindy Jacobs should all be at this meeting seeking God's heart for revival on the college campuses. Please pray God's DIVINE WILL & REVELATION be revealed at this roundtable meeting. Oh that the hearts of the Fathers/Mothers would unite with the spiritual Sons/Daughters for revival, reformation and restoration of the NT Church on every college campus in our nation! Pray also that I help lead this meeting in God's way and speak only what God has me say with my partner Shara (Heidi Baker's assistant) who is leading the meeting.

Japan "CCN Vision Trip": (Aug 22-24)
God broke my heart for the youth of Japan 5 years ago on a summer missions trip. A country with so much world and so little God. Japan is less than 2% Christian & desperately in need of a God sent revival. I've been praying for God to open a door for years. This month I have been invited by a network of Japanese church planters and youth church leaders to connect and build relationship for possibly starting a campus church planting movement in Osaka, Japan. Please pray God gives our CCN team great favor and divine apostolic connection to see "Lord willing" what we are seeing on campuses in HK, Taiwan and China happen in Japan. Send revival to Japan's youth Lord!!! DO A NEW THING!!!! FIRE OF GOD FALL!!! May God use us to do our little part to help save this nations young people for Christ names sake. Psalm 2:8
"Ask of Me and I will give you (Japan) as your inhertiance, the ends of the earth as your possession."

Taiwan "Emerge" CCN Conference: (Aug 26-30)
The campus revival movement in Taiwan has been spreading like wildfire. Since our revival meetings in 2004 students up and down Taiwan have started revival prayer cells on secondary schools and universities. Reports are coming back of students saved and the power of God unfolding. This training in Tau Yuan will unite many local churches all over Northern Taiwan area to train their students to bring revival through prayer and starting campus church planting movements on their campuses. We are expecting over 1500 student leaders to be trained. I don't know what to think, but to fast, pray, and seek God like crazy so that His POWER can ENCOUNTER these students and give them the GRACE, ANOINTING and STRATEGY to take their campuses, city and nation for Christ. These student leaders are THE FUTURE of Taiwan & God will use them to turn Taiwan to be a Christian nation! Pray hard core for us, please, daily if possible, that God gives me the strength in my weakness to speak HIs messages that will change the history of Taiwan and raise up a new radical student generation for God! Pray for our team to minister prophetically and apostolically to lay a new foundation for the emerging Church in Taiwan. ARISE!!!
Pray the campus revival movement increases 100 fold and that thousands of students souls will be saved and discipled this coming school year all over Taiwan for God's glory!!!

A 2nd Reformation is Coming...
God's passion for this generation is unexplainable. It's like a fire shut up in my bones and I can't contain it. He wants this generation, He wants it for Himself, He wants a last great awakening that will shift and transform every nation of the earth through this generation. He wants to give this generation the privilege of finishing the TASK. Matthew 24:14 "And this Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come." I can see it before me & I am so pained at the enemies onslaught to destroy, but at the same time I am startled by God's divine hand upon this end time generation, knowing that He will give us grace to do what He has called this generation like no other to do.

No more playing church, no more games, no more programs and no more comfort, we can't afford to lose this generation, we have to rise up and fight for its destiny and be willing to lay down all of our lives for God's purpose at this hour. I don't have yesterday, I don't have tomorrow, but I have today to make a difference in my generation. Arthur Wallace once said...

"The best thing you can do with your life is to find out what God is doing in your generation and give your life to it!"

Lay it all down so revival can come. I just had to share this from my heart. I'm consumed and I have no other desire but to love my God and see revival fire fall on my generation. I don't want a past revival, i want a NOW REVIVAL I want a REVIVAL that is greater than any known REVIVAL history has every recorded, on this generation, why not? We have the opportunity to pray for it guys....COME ON....LETS PRAY until Heaven falls on earth, on the campuses, on the students, on this generation to reach all nations and then the end will come!

Laying it all at the altar for this generation...

Jaeson Ma
Jaeson Ma
Lead Director

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


wassup everybody...

please support my friends Christian pop group "blessed" God is really using them in Asia (Taiwan, HK, Singapore, China) to
spread God's love in a relevant way through Christian Conetemporary
Music. They are pioneering a brand new genre in Asia CCM and it's not easy. I get their prayer support emails and they need as much prayer as possible as they face secular media interviews, pressure, people with wrong motives and the list goes on. At the same time I also know they are constantly on the road, traveling, performing, ministering and don't get much rest, so pray for their health, safety, strength and support. Lastly, its just awesome to see their hearts really going after God and doing all of this for Him, for His purposes, passion and presence. They are touching all kinds of young people out in Asia right now with God's sound, its awesome and I'm so proud of Lily, Angela and the gang. check out their site

ps. lol..i did a cameo rap on track #8 of their new album. u can listen to a snippet on the site. word. to God be all the glory yo!