Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Deliver Us from Evil....

Sometimes I wish I had the time to blog about every daily God encounter, the little and the big things that God does never cease to AMAZE me. The last few weeks have been intense, to say the least. For some reason at UCLA we have encountered multiple demonic encounters, just in the last two weeks I've had to pray for three Christian students who were suicidal, one demonic exorcism lasted from 12am-6pm in a dorm room, I don't want to get into the details of what manifested but it was as serious and real as what Jesus encountered in the Gospels. The student was set free by God's grace by the morning and it just made me realize more and more, how real this battle between good and evil is. Demons are real. God is real. Yet, many times we live through life as if the spiritual realm does not exist (Eph 6:10-18). I know these demonic occurrences are going to occur more and more as the days come, this is what the Holy Spirit forewarned in my heart the morning after the six hour demonic deliverance. At 9:30am, three hours after the deliverance, we had a team meeting and one of our leaders pulled out the LA times and on the front cover it read "UC Campuses do not know how to respond to the rising cases of student suicides and mental illness" It was a confirmation. That day, I received another call from another campus minister who had a student who was suicidal. My heart breaks just thinking about this. How we as disciples of Jesus have the power and authority to cast out every demon (Mark 16:18, Luke 10:19) yet many of us do not know the power we posses to set the captives free. There are so many in the church and outside of the church who are bound, broken and dying on the inside, literally "bound" by demonic influences. Yet, we just send them to counseling or give them pills. I don't play down medication or counseling, but some of our most loved are literally in chains trying to kill themselves, and I'm asking God that He equip and raise up believers who will deliver the oppressed in the power of the Spirit. Christ has given us power to proclaim Good News and set the imprisoned free from the stronghold of the enemy, we must pray...

oh God raise up an army across this nation of young men and women who know who they are in Christ, the power and authority they posses in Your name to cast out every demon, to bring deliverance to the captives and who will love fiercely and fervently those who are hurt till they are made whole. Jesus You came to destroy the works of the Devil (Acts 10:38) let us do the same in this generation. People are dying, hurting, blinded and bound by the enemy and God we ask NO MORE, not my friends, not those You love, do something Lord, fill us with all boldness to go out and declare FREEDOM for the captives in Your mighty name Lord. Equip workers Lord of the harvest (Luke 10:2) raise up teachers who will be faithful to equip and send out workers to bind up the enemies and fill our campuses, our communities, our nation with freedom in Christ. Do not let us be ignorant of the enemies schemes Lord, let Your church at this hour rise up in victory and walk in wisdom. This generation needs the church to walk in the authority you have given it, so bad, there are many dying and they need the church to be what you created it to be, your hands, your mouth, your feet.

I pray this, I write this, because I really do pray that we would recognize the seriousness and reality of the spiritual war we are in. That life is not what meets the eye, if we ask God to open our spiritual eyes, to open the eyes of our hearts (Eph 1:17) we will recognize that we are called to be deliverers on this earth, to do the works of Jesus Christ, just as He did, not for show, but for love, not for play, but for purpose (John 14:12) We can no longer be ignorant of the enemies devices, we can no longer depend on natural and human solutions to demonic problems, we must exercise our authority as Christ representatives to destroy every single work of the Devil. We must, we must, we must. Souls are bound, dying, even Christians are bound and trying to commit suicide, I encountered multiple cases in just the last few days, another one, a believer, just got out of the hospital today and I am just grieved, and at the same time asking God that we truly learn to love the broken, those hurting around us and to preach the GOOD NEWS that Christ has set all free from the power of the enemy, not just in the next life but in THIS LIFE. It is real, it is true, it is truly GOOD NEWS that we know and preach. Oh God do something. Break every student who is suicidal, depressed or bound free from the lies of the enemy across this nation, on every campus especially I pray on campuses Lord. Protect Your church, your children and grant your servants all boldness to administer the resurrection power given through Christ.

I wrote the below to prepare our Passion Church network at UCLA for the coming spiritual warfare that will be encountered in days to come, may it prepare you also, it is crucial also that we join with thousands across this nation in the 40 days for 40 years prayer and fasting initiative (, something is shifting and shaking in the spiritual realm over our nation right now, demons are trembling for the kingdom of God is at hand, for some are only cast out through radical prayer and fasting, this is serious, let us pray and contend for His kingdom to come in this critical hour...

Dear PC family,

Some of you may have heard about the demonic deliverance encounter Tuesday night that went on in the dorms from midnight to 6am, we praise God that our sister in Christ was delivered from the attack and oppression of the enemy.

At 6am, when the deliverance was over I was walking back to the car with Mike and Caleb, I then heard the Holy Spirit say to me, "this demonic occurrence tonight is just the beginning of many more demonic deliverance's on colleges in the coming days"

I was alarmed at this word and began to pray Luke 10:2b asking the Lord of the harvest to raise up more workers who are equipped to cast out demons and set the oppressed free. When we had our 411 meeting at 9:30am, we told Neil he then showed us the front page of the Los Angeles times on Wed stating "UC campuses not able to respond to the rising mental health issues and suicidal students" ...we all knew this was a confirmation. Later a major campus fellowship director who is more conservative on these issues called me and asked for immediate help to pray for a student in their fellowship that is suicidal and manifesting abnormal behavior patterns.

I write this so that we would NOT be ignorant of the enemies devices. These demonic manifestations are rising simply because the kingdom of God is advancing at UCLA and campuses nationwide.

"But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, surely the kingdom of God has come upon you" Matt 12:28

We know the kingdom of God is near as demons fret, react, and are cast out in Jesus name. It is not by accident that we had our all day training last Sunday on spiritual warfare and demonic deliverance and these occurrences were happening increasingly this week. It is imperative that we go to the leadership trainings so we can be equipped to deal with demonic encounters, I would encourage you all who attended to pass on the teachings to others you know to prepare them for what is to come.

Please make sure:

1. Daily pray on the full armor of God (Eph 6:10-18, use the prayer on the note sheet from the training)

2. Get rid of any objects, things or materials in your room that are not glorifying to God and could open a door for the enemy to have influence (ie: books, clothing, jewelry, artifacts, pictures, especially objects or paraphernalia from other countries) pray over your room to discern and dedicate it to God by inviting the presence of Holy Spirit. (Acts 19:18-20)

3. Pray in the spirit on all occasions (stay in a attitude of constant prayer, pray in the spirit often Romans 8:26-27, 1 Cor 14:5,18, 1 Thess 5:16-18)

4. Don't focus on "spiritual warfare" but focus on Jesus the Victor over all the power of the enemy. Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world.

A. Yet we must be alert and ready to stand (Eph 6:10) and utilize the power and authority given to us by God thru Christ.

A few good books on How to Cast out Demons to gain understanding and to be readily equipped to minister deliverance. I also write a chapter on demonic deliverance in my new book focusing on warfare on campuses, let us pray, prepare and proclaim the power of the Cross!

1. Listen to Me Satan, Carlos Anacondia

2. How to Cast out Demons, Doris Wagner

3. Defeating Dark Angels, Charles Kraft

New Transformers Trailer

Oh my goodness, this movie is an answered prayer :) Transformers, wow, I'm flippn speachless. I think I've watched this trailer six times in a row now, a child hood dream come true, chyea, OPTIMUS PRIME BABY!!!

Transformers "hands down" best cartoon series ever! That and Robotech :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

40 Days for 40 Years - Lou Engle

Calling America to 40 Days of Fasting and Prayer
May 28-July 7, 2007

There are moments in history when a door for massive change opens, and great revolutions for good or evil spring up in the vacuum created by these openings. In these divine moments, key men, women and even entire generations risk everything to become the hinge of history, the pivotal point that determines which way the door will swing.

The rebellious generation of the ’60s seized its moment, and history crashed into the deep abyss of drug addiction, sexual immorality, hatred for authority and a rejection of the law of God. In 1967, there was a culminating and defining moment in that rebellion, when 100,000 young people, ages 15–25 flocked to San Francisco to experience the hippie movement. This mass convergence was sparked by the hit song, “San Francisco” (Wear a Flower in your Hair). Once there, these young adults experimented with LSD, pot, casual sex and Eastern mysticism in what became known as the “Summer of Love.”

When these newly recruited ‘Flower Children’ returned home at the end of the summer, they brought with them new styles and ideas, flooding the cities of the US and Europe with a message that opposed authority and scorned conservative morals. This counterculture rebellion was fueled by music and art, which rapidly shifted global culture.

For 40 years, we have been falling headlong into a black moral morass in America along with the western world. We are reaping the waves of destruction in every sector of our post Christian society. Can America survive another 40 years? We are declaring “NO! A thousand times NO!” Unless a massive spiritual shift occurs at this moment, our children will live under an antichrist system and Godless enculturation that will bring about the demise of America, as we know it.

But God has a prescription for such a massive shift and it is revealed in the power of the great transitional 40-day fast. God, in His sovereign control over the parade of history, delivered the Israelites out of Egypt. Longing to release a moral code that would give foundations for righteousness, for time and eternity, God summoned Moses to a 40-day fast on Mount Sinai. Through this fast, all of history changed and the law of God was delivered from Heaven to Earth. Therefore, if America is going to return to God, it must recover that law again as its foundation for truth.

Elijah, at the height of Jezebel’s cultic dominion over Israel fasted 40 days, broke the spell of Jezebel off of his own life and received a mandate to anoint the next generation. Elijah’s fast unleashed a movement that toppled Jezebel’s regime of hell, which perpetrated the destruction of family, the killing of innocent children, the silencing of the voice of God’s people and the widespread culture of sexual immorality. The fruit of this fast culminated in the utter destruction of Baal worship in Israel.

Also in the fullness of time, the Glorious Gospel era was born when Jesus fasted 40 days and those who sat in darkness saw a great light. Clearly the 40-day fast is Heaven’s great transitional prescription, moving nations from failure to fulfillment of promise. Is it any surprise that when Jesus was to enter into His great sacrifice—where death would be swallowed up in victory—Elijah and Moses appear with Him on the Mount of Transfiguration. All three were together as the 40-day fasters. They presided over the great transitions of history.

When the Israelites were poised to move into the Promise Land, spies were sent out for 40 days. When they returned carrying an evil report, a whole generation was infected with unbelief and they turned their back on the Promise Land. God’s sentence on that generation was “And your sons shall be wanderers in the wilderness for forty years and bear the brunt of your infidelity until your carcasses are consumed in the wilderness. According to the number of the days in which you spied out the land forty days, for each day you shall bear your guilt one year, namely forty years, and you shall know my rejection.” (Numbers 14:33–34) It was 40 years of judgment for 40 days failure.

Conversely, the great prophet Ezekiel received a 40-day prayer assignment for a 40-year failure of Judah’s iniquity. “Lie again on your right side, then you shall bear the iniquity of the house of Judah, forty days I have laid on you a day for each year.” (Ezekiel 4:6) It was clearly 40 days prayer for 40 years of failure.

When Jesus fasted 40 days and was tempted of the devil He quoted from the book of Deuteronomy saying “It is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” And again, “You shall not tempt the Lord thy God” and again, “You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you worship.” Jesus, in His victory over Satan, was quoting the book of Deuteronomy, the portion of scripture delivered by Moses to the generation who failed in the desert. Jesus, in His 40-day fast, was clearly identifying with that passage of scripture and the generation that came out of Egypt. As an intercessor in His 40-day fast, Jesus was fulfilling what a generation had failed in for 40 years.

Forty years are up! Could the Church of America in a 40-day fast deliver a nation out of a 40-year curse? We have scriptural precedent to believe for such a turning! Therefore, we are trumpeting a call to 40 days of fasting like Moses, Elijah, Ezekiel and Jesus. We must bear the iniquity in 40 days of fasting and intercession for the past 40 years of divorcing God in America, embracing a culture of sexual immorality, hedonism, materialism, abortion and the rejection of Christ in public places. But we are also calling for 40 days of fasting and prayer for the greatest outbreak of Kingdom power, in signs and wonders, and the spiritual awakening in America that will collide with this present darkness and topple its cultural dominion over our people. Thousands went on 40-day fasts in 1946 and in 1947, the great healing revivals broke out. In 1948, the Latter Rain outpourings began, Bill Bright and Billy Graham’s ministries were born, and Israel became a nation. Could it be that the 40-day fast preceded this explosion of power by the Spirit? After Jesus’ 40-day fast, the scripture says He returned in the power of the Spirit. Yes the promise of Joel 2 is that after the fast, “I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh…”

Forty years ago, in 1967, the Jesus Movement broke out. A youth revival started on the streets swept across the country, exploding on college campuses and coffee houses. People were being saved everywhere. Now 40 years later, we are crying out for God to do it again, way beyond the Jesus Movement!

In 1967, in a war and obviously by the supernatural hand of God, Jerusalem was taken and once again brought under the control of the state of Israel. This was a monumental signpost in the shifting of eras. The dispensation of the times of the Gentiles was now beginning to shift to the times when Jerusalem will become the last days focus for God’s activity in the Earth. For 40 days, we are joining Israel in a 40-day fast crying out to God that Israel would see their Messiah and they would begin to receive their greatest spiritual awakening since the days of the Apostles.

Brothers and sisters, moments like these come only once in a lifetime. To miss such a moment could mean missing the purpose of God for a generation. The generation that refused to cross over the Jordan did not know that they had only one day to make the decision, and missing that day meant 40 years in the desert.

Even now we are receiving reports that other countries are calling 40-day fasts. Could we be in a Global 40-day season of fasting (like Jesus), to see a global outbreak of light when great darkness is covering the Earth? Beginning the evening of May 28, we are calling two generations to 40 days of fasting and prayer culminating on 7–7–07, the perfection of time. In a massive, national gathering of fasting, intercession, repentance and worship, we seek to declare our desire to remarry the Lord. We want to cross over into the promise land of national revival. We want to break this 40-year curse. May thousands seek God in water, juice and Daniel fasts from May 28 through 7–7–07, The Call in Nashville.

What would happen in America if for 40 days we sealed the electronic cultural sewer that flows nightly into our living rooms and instead, spent our strength seeking the Lord? What if tens of thousands of fathers and mothers across our nation fasted for 40 days repenting and cleansing themselves of inward toleration of sexual immorality, pornography, addiction to food, entertainment and materialism? What if they prayed daily for their spiritual and physical children to see them converted to Christ and freed from rebellion, from addictions, depression and suicide? What if the young generation fasted for 40 days to be cleansed from lust, media addiction and rebellion toward there parents, believing that a double portion of the Holy Spirit would come upon there lives?

Moses fasted 40 days and mentored a spiritual son named Joshua, which means the Lord saves. Elijah fasted 40 days and threw his mantle on a double portion son, Elisha, which means the Lord saves. Also, John the Baptist fasted in the desert and prepared the way for a double portion son named Jesus, which means the Lord saves. Jesus fasted 40 days and unleashed the apostolic glory of the eternal Son of God into the Earth. What if we are preparing a generation for the greatest day of salvation in history? And so, what if tens of thousands of both generations fast together and gather on 7–7–07 for The Call Nashville in LP Field, to cry out to God in a Joel 2 moment for great national returning to the Lord?

The parade of history has brought us into a profound generational landmark, and a great vacuum has opened again. If the church does not seize this moment, Muslims will! Antichrist rage will! Sexual perversion will! Anarchy will! But now is the time for key men and women, even an entire generation to risk everything to become the hinge of history, the pivotal point which determines which way the door will swing in America and in the nations of the Earth. It's 40 Days or 40 Years—seize the day!

We will be launching this fast with a worldwide simulcast on GOD TV on May 26, 2007. For all information on the 40-day fast and The Call Nashville please visit our websites.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Call Nashville 7-7-07

I have nothing more to say, but be in Nashville on 7-7-07. We are seeking to gather 100,000 youth and young adults in Titan Stadium to cry out for revival in this land, praying for America to turn back to God.

You must listen to this mp3 message by prophet Dutch Sheets on why this massive solemn assembly is significant in God's timetable, in all humility, we are asking God to shake the heavens and the earth over this nation, let another Jesus revolution awaken in North America! Prepare, pray, fast and be at The Call Nashville!

Click to Listen "The Call Re-Launch"

Read more on "The Call Nashville" click here

I will be speaking this Friday night for our Southern California "Pre-Call Rally" information below, mobilize all if you are in Socal to rumble in prayer for revival to break forth like the dawn in California once again.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pursue God not Revival

Recently, the Holy Spirit has been speaking to us corporately at Passion Church UCLA about pursuing God and not revival.

No doubt, the Spirit of God has been moving these past two years on campus in extraordinary ways. At the same time, I've realized that as exciting as revival can be, it is not the end goal.

Many have joined the movement because of a vision for revival, but this motivation can be very dangerous if Christ is not at the center of all that we seek and do.

It is easy to want to give up on pursuing revival, because if it doesn't happen, we become disillusioned and discouraged. We feel like failures because we have not produced something for God. The enemy would want to deceive us by having us become distracted in pursuing some kind of end destination called revival, or a prophetic word/vision, a expected outcome, when in reality, revival is simply knowing God. Revival is when a single heart is turned back completely to God. When this happens, the abundance of God's love flows from Him, to us, and from us to one another. Ultimately, our reward is not revival, our reward and end goal is God's presence. The chief end of man is to glorify God by "enjoying" His presence forever! (Ps. 16:11) It is out of intimate relationship with Jesus and one another that revival is birthed and flows.

Below is a message I wrote to our Passion Church family at UCLA, we are going on a 7 day Daniel fast this week to get our hearts back, to find intimacy with him again, to grow in love for one another, but I think this message is relevant for all of you out there pursuing God's purposes on your campuses.

Remember this, revival is birthed out of knowing God's love for you, daily, intimately and consistently meditating upon His great grace and mercy towards us. We love Him because He first loved us (1 John 4:19). By studying and daily experiencing His passion for us, we develop a supernatural passion for Him.

"May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us, that your way may be known on earth, your saving power among all nations. Let the peoples praise you, O God; let all the peoples praise you!" Psalm 67:1-2

What is God saying to Passion Church?

To me it is simple and clear.

Pursue God not revival.

Revival is an outcome of knowing God. Evangelism is overflow. God in His love for us, is speaking to us and sending us a message to recognize that we are not trying to achieve something for Him, no one can produce revival, a church planting movement, neither you nor I. Revival flows out of a passionate love relationship with Jesus Christ. The more we know Him and encounter Him at the heart level, we become revived. And when we are revived, our light shines ever more brighter in the darkness. If we pursue revival, we are bound to burn out. Revival may come now, or it may come later. But revival is not our reward, GOD IS OUR GREAT REWARD. When we pursue God and we meditate on the revelation that "He loves me and I love Him therefore I am successful" whether or not revival comes it doesn't matter because God is our "reward" not the outward circumstances. Revival can not be produced from without, it can only be produced from within.

Lovers Always Outwork Workers

We are not workers first. If we see "revival or transformation" as some kind of end vision we must work for, then we have already been deceived by the Devil. We can receive prophecies all day long and chase them for the rest of our lives and not get one step closer to God. The goal is not to get to the prophetic destination, the goal is to enjoy God and one another along the journey to that destination. We must daily learn to rejoice in the here and now, to remember daily the JOY of our salvation by meditating on JESUS LOVE FOR US, by always going back to the simple Gospel.

We are lovers first and workers second. Intimacy is the birthplace of miracles. We must pursue LOVE, God is love, we are not to pursue REVIVAL or prophetic revelations. When we pursue Christ and live to walk in Christ, revival will automatically flow and be evident to all. We can't fulfill the Great Commission, unless we first fulfill the Great Commandment, that is to love God by enjoying Him forever!

7 Day Daniel Fast for Personal Revival

To me, this 7 day Daniel fast is not about "fasting to get revival" or God to move at UCLA, no, no, and no. This Daniel fast is a invitation from heaven to grow in intimacy with Christ. It is a deliberate choice to say no to the pleasures of this world in exchange for the pleasures of knowing and enjoying God. We want to go deeper in our walk with Christ, we are desiring God to restore our first love. Whether we feel or don't feel, whether we get an encounter or no personal encounter, that is not the point. We are not fasting to "get something" from God, we already are everything in Christ. We are simply fasting to grow in our dependency and mature in our intimacy with our loving Savior Jesus. It is an act of humility and spiritual hunger for God's presence, knowing that as we fast, pray and spend time meditating upon His Word and being wasted in His presence, being obedient to His voice, He is doing something deep in us, more than words can explain. Whether we feel or don't feel, change is happening in our inner man through the invisible work of the Holy Spirit.

In His presence there is fullness of joy, for in His presence we are SATISFIED IN JESUS. Passion Church family, let us press on to the upward calling in Christ Jesus. Let us never forget the SIMPLICITY OF DEVOTION TO CHRIST and the purity of the GOSPEL we know and preach.

Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Meditate this moment on how much God loves you. He really does. He doesn't just love you, HE LIKES YOU and enjoys being with you at this very moment, The work is finished, we no longer have to strive, work or labor for love or acceptance. We are dearly loved and forever accepted, we are forgiven and made new creations in Christ. This is the Good News we share, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and by knowing Him we have eternal life!

I love you all deeply family, forgive me for pursuing a vision for revival, more than knowing Him. May our lives be forever wrecked by His great love for us. I can't wait to get to know Him more in the morning and throughout the day :) amen.

Pursuing Him,


The video above is a collage of our passion church zero family, one of the simple churches on campus that I'm a part of. They really are my family, they are in essence my revival, and together we are all praying to get our hearts back :) From there, "Let the nations be glad and sing for joy!" (Ps.67)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I Can Only Imagine - A Father's Extravagant Love

This video is the story of Rick and Dick Hoyt. An amazing story of a father's extravagant love for his disabled son. He runs, swims, bikes and carries his son through a tri-athalon in order to show his son that all things can be possible with faith, hope and love. My heart was touched when I saw this video, I saw the self-less love of this father for his disabled son and realized just how much my own heavenly Father loves me, carries me and will see me through to the finish line.

May this story touch you as much as it touched me. May we experience Abba Father in this same way. amen.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Father of the fatherless

"How many sons have cried for their fathers, how many fathers have cried like a son?"

One of my greatest prayers, my greatest dreams, greatest callings would be that I become a good father one day. Growing up without a father, one that wasn't there for me that is, I've always wondered if I would be the father I never had to my own children one day.

This song by Jason Upton has touched my heart in places I can't make words for, I guess there is this deep cry in my own heart to be fathered, to have a father who loved me, not for what I did or didn't do, but just loved me and taught me how to be a man. I could only imagine how many other young men, even women in our generation have this same cry in their hearts, to know the love of a father. To be secure, to be safe at home and at rest in the arms of a father. So many times, I've loved others for what they could do for me, or how they performed, but this is not the heart of Abba father, His love knows no limits, counts no wrongs, accepts us just as we are because we are His sons and daughters. We are loved not for what we do, we are loved simply because we are sons. I don't want to know this only in my head, but in my heart. I want to walk as a son secure in the Father's arms. I can't give what I don't have, may I truly and fully know the love of the Father I pray that I might give the Father's love away. This generation needs the unconditional love of the Father so bad, so so bad, I know it, because this is what my own heart cries out for. I pray for myself, I pray for you, that you we would all know the love of Abba father. This is what life is all about, knowing the Father's embrace...and it's here for us if we open our hearts to receive it. We must not be afraid, for His perfect love casts out all fear. There is a place in the Father's house waiting for us to enter. But we must choose to enter in, to trust Him.

It makes me think, how many fathers, my own included are crying like a son wanting to know the love of a heavenly father. My own dad is just a little kid in a big mans suit and so am I. I can't hold any hurt against him, he's crying out just like me. We all need a father, we all need to be embraced by the Father's heart before we can father our own sons and daughters.

Oh Father, help me know this love you have for me, may I rest in your arms, cause honestly I'm pretty darn tired from running this race of life, this path that has been set before me. At times I don't know if I can make it and it's at those times Father I'm asking that You carry me through, cause I don't want to be afraid anymore, I want to know that I can trust You ...I want to know I have what it takes. I want to know that it's going to be ok. I want to rest in Your arms so bad, I'm tired, would you hold me as I rest in the palm of Your hand? Here I am Father, here I am, I love You and I open my heart to You. Abba Father, I rest in You.

To love is to be willing to be vulnerable, in His hands it is safe to love, when you are tired rest in the hand of the Father.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Passion Church Praise!

This Friday night from 7-10pm we are having Passion Church praise night at UCLA. It is a time where all the different simple churches in the PC Network can come together, seek God's face and give Him praise for what He has done.

I can't believe it's already been two years since we started PC with Josh and Caleb. They were two students who were waking up at 5:30am everyday praying for revival and believing God for the book of Acts to break out at UCLA for real. Looking back, I never would have thought 20 months later, I would have a spiritual family that has blessed and encouraged my heart in more ways than I could ever put into words. They are still praying in the morning, but now it's not just two, but it's many. I have never worked with a group of young people, so passionate, so genuine, so real, so full of faith as my Passion Church family. We've had ups, downs and everything in between. People thought we were crazy when we started that first "house church" or "simple church" led by students on campus, but two years later we can truly attest that God has not only transformed our hearts, but changed the hearts of so many students at UCLA and beyond because of the sacrifice of a few students who were willing to lay it all down, give it all up and pursue God for their generation at whatever the cost. Even if it meant their reputations, it was for the sake of the lost.

Today there are multiple simple churches all over UCLA in the Passion Church Network, reaching those that would have never been touched with the Gospel otherwise. Now this student-led movement has spread to surrounding college campuses all over the SoCal region and beyond. We even sent out our first missionary Jumpei to Japan who has established a movement of simple churches on universities in Osaka. This is just the beginning. More than anything else, I can truly say that PC is my family. We are not perfect, that is for sure. No church is, big or small, but what counts is that we trust God through it all and keep to the basics.

Love God.

Love Each Other.

Love the Lost.

We have a lot to praise God about this Friday night yo, God is good, He is faithful and there is hope in my heart that the best is yet to come :) word.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Asia's Role in End Time Prophecy

This timely and prophetic message was given by Mike Bickle at our Chinese Leadership Consultation in IHOP KC last week. Please listen to this message, it will encourage you and spur you on to live a radical life of prayer, fasting and true apostolic Christianity to prepare for the end days. It is critical that we understand Asia's role in the book of Revelation, that the Asia alliance will be the last block of nations that will resist the Anti-Christ regime in the final hours (Revelation 16:12-16). This gives us great hope, yet it is also a great responsibility. May we continue to pray fervently for the Christ followers in East Asia to rise up in this hour to be the greatest missionary sending force before the return of the Lord. May we continue praying for the Gospel to be brought back to Jerusalem in our generation. It can be done.

The mp3 messages are found at the bottom page of the below link with notes to download, this message is a MUST LISTEN

Asia's Role in End Time Prophecy Part 1 & 2 (click to listen)

Please pray for Asian's all across the world to rise up to their destiny and to give all to the King of Kings in these latter days, we have no time to waste, all we do, all we have is for His glory and to tell His story. Let's do dis.