Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Passion Church Praise!

This Friday night from 7-10pm we are having Passion Church praise night at UCLA. It is a time where all the different simple churches in the PC Network can come together, seek God's face and give Him praise for what He has done.

I can't believe it's already been two years since we started PC with Josh and Caleb. They were two students who were waking up at 5:30am everyday praying for revival and believing God for the book of Acts to break out at UCLA for real. Looking back, I never would have thought 20 months later, I would have a spiritual family that has blessed and encouraged my heart in more ways than I could ever put into words. They are still praying in the morning, but now it's not just two, but it's many. I have never worked with a group of young people, so passionate, so genuine, so real, so full of faith as my Passion Church family. We've had ups, downs and everything in between. People thought we were crazy when we started that first "house church" or "simple church" led by students on campus, but two years later we can truly attest that God has not only transformed our hearts, but changed the hearts of so many students at UCLA and beyond because of the sacrifice of a few students who were willing to lay it all down, give it all up and pursue God for their generation at whatever the cost. Even if it meant their reputations, it was for the sake of the lost.

Today there are multiple simple churches all over UCLA in the Passion Church Network, reaching those that would have never been touched with the Gospel otherwise. Now this student-led movement has spread to surrounding college campuses all over the SoCal region and beyond. We even sent out our first missionary Jumpei to Japan who has established a movement of simple churches on universities in Osaka. This is just the beginning. More than anything else, I can truly say that PC is my family. We are not perfect, that is for sure. No church is, big or small, but what counts is that we trust God through it all and keep to the basics.

Love God.

Love Each Other.

Love the Lost.

We have a lot to praise God about this Friday night yo, God is good, He is faithful and there is hope in my heart that the best is yet to come :) word.


At 5/10/2007 03:09:00 AM , Anonymous Judy said...

"Come,follow me,"Jesus said,"and I will make you fishers of men."(Matthew4:19)
Love Father
Love People
Love all things

At 5/13/2007 06:26:00 PM , Blogger Brian Francis Hume said...

I came across "The Blueprint" on facebook, which intrigued me. I spent several years as a full-time campus minister and my heart still beats to see revival on the college campuses. I am looking forward to getting my hands on your book. Continue the good work and I hope to have the opportunity one day to meet you. I'm going to link your blog on my site. Burning for the Cause!


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