Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pray for UCLA ~ Fight Fight Fight!

Oh yeah, Praise God the UCLA Bruins are in the Final Four baby! Yes, God has been answering my prayers (haha) seriously though, pray for the Bruins, God has been moving upon certain players in the team, I can't get into details, but there are some God fearing, Jesus loving, Spirit filled bros on the team that I have been blessed to know and pray with. Pray that they depend on God as a team, pray that as they play God will protect them, fill them with His Spirit and take them to the top for His glory!

Ok, honestly..if the Bruins win the NCAA Championship, that is a SIGN FROM GOD THAT REVIVAL IS DROPPING AT UCLA! (haha j/k) But, I'm still Praying they win and that God will use it for His purposes. Word. UCLA FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

Dude, also thank you for all your prayers at University of Texas, tonight the Holy Spirit fell in power again, over 200 students committed to starting new simple churches (Authentic Faith Communities) among the 700 lost pockets of people on campus. They were crying out for the infilling of the Holy Spirit and revival with a hunger and desperation that I have not seen on many college campuses, it's interesting, this whole year I have been speaking at more "Unity Campus Events" than any other year. This year in particular, the Holy Spirit has fell continually and consistently and students are crying out to God and being envisioned for mission on campus like have never seen. A spirit of true repentance being released, signs and wonders, students seeing angels, divine healing breaking out, students running to the creeks and pools to get baptized, etc. Like tonight, they were so receptive, desperate, hungry, across all denominational lines, and the responses were dramatic in number. Probably 80% of those there committed to praying and going to the lost (actually signing up to adopt an un-reached student group) on campus. You could feel the "open heaven" it was like this also at UCLA, UCI, USC, Cal Poly Pomona, CSULB, and I know this openness to the Person and Works of the Holy Spirit has to do with all the 24-7 campus houses of prayer popping up on different universities across the nation. Prayer has prepared the way, has broken up the soil on the universities, NOW it is time to reap the harvest. Holy Spirit Come, come like the rain, burn like a fire, let revival flow from the campuses to the nations!


At 3/30/2007 07:08:00 PM , Blogger dpma said...

"if the Bruins win the NCAA Championship, that is a SIGN FROM GOD THAT REVIVAL IS DROPPING AT UCLA!"

haha.. i love it.

hey man, it's Derek from Hong Kong! hope and pray all is well jaeson! next week i'm heading to UK to speak at a conference for up and coming youth. would love your prayers! bless you bro! keep trucking for HIM!


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