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Signs, Wonders & Simple Church Planting in Taiwan Beyond!

Feb 8 - Signs, Wonders and Simple Church Planting in Taiwan!

On the third day of the Taiwan for Jesus conference and final night of the crusade, heaven invaded earth in Taipei. During the day sessions students continued to move out in prophetic evangelism. We also trained them in “divine healing” to pray for the sick out on the streets, one story that came back was amazing.

Give Me Your Crutches!

One student reported to us on the stage that she and a team went out to a park near the university to pray for the sick. They saw an older man with crutches sitting on a park bench. They went up to him and asked him if they could pray for him, believing that Jesus would heal him and give him the ability to walk. One of the girls shared her faith with him and asked him “give me your crutches!” He was a bit reluctant at first, and wasn’t sure if she was for real, so she took the crutches out of his hands and told him to rise up and walk. She then told us that the man got up and didn’t just start walking, but he started running around the park and was healed in Jesus name! She was so funny, when she shared this testimony she had no emotions on her face and just shared what had happened. Wow! Praise God that He uses ordinary people to do extraordinary works for His kingdom! This student stepped out in faith by putting her faith into action and saw God’s compassion touch a man who could barley walk begin to run for God’s glory!

The Devil Was Shamed On National TV

In the evening and last night of the Gospel crusades, the National Taiwan Stadium was packed out to capacity. The word had gone out from the night before that the power of Jesus Christ was in Taipei and that there was hope for sinners and those with sickness. People came in from all over the city brining the sick on stretchers, wheel chairs, crutches and the like. We knew as we prayed before hand that the Devil would be shamed that night for all of Taiwan to see, that Jesus is the Way, Truth and Life and there is hope for this nation of only 3% Christian.

As Pastor Philip came up to preach from John 7 “If you believe on Me, out of your heart will flow rivers of living water!” The faith level of the people in the stadium could be felt. Something powerful was about to happen, and it did. Pastor Philip asked the whole crowd to hold hands, worship God and receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit to be healed. He would not touch anyone, but only let the Holy Spirit touch hearts and bodies. Then it broke out. The people began to worship in the presence of the Holy Spirit and people all over the stadium began to receive healing.

Pastor Philip began to ask those who had been divinely healed to come up and give testimony of the instantaneous miracles. One by one they came up, young to old. It was a testament of God’s goodness and hope for this nation of Taiwan, for Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever! The most powerful testimony of healing came at the end of the night.

I was below near the front row, when scores of people came up to the altar to receive salvation. While this was happening, there was an old man who came in on a wheel chair. I could tell he wanted to be prayed for so I walked up to him and began to pray for his healing. Not knowing what his issue was, I asked his grand daughter what happened to him. She told me that he was lame and wanted to walk and asked if I could pray for his healing more specifically. So, I laid hands on his right leg and prayed in faith for him to rise up and walk. I then asked her to ask her grandfather if he felt anything different in his leg. When she asked, her grandfather nodded his head and said “Yes, I feel something burning in my leg.” He then got up and started walking without his wheel chair or walker. It was amazing, he wouldn’t stop walking! He kept walking forward on his own towards the front stage. I was stunned, I asked, “Has he ever walked like this before?” The grand daughter almost in tears said no. I knew it was a miracle in the working. This old grandfather, by faith, walked up to the front stage on his own where Pastor Philip was and began to walk around without his wheel chair and walker ALL AROUND THE STAGE for the whole stadium to see. All glory, honor and praise be to the LIVING GOD!

When he started walking on his own, with no ones help, I felt as if Jesus Himself was on that stage applauding this old man’s faith. It was just how Jesus did with the centurion who had faith for his dying son to be healed. You could just feel the spirit of VICTORY and FAITH in the stadium, it was like you were standing in the midst of heaven on earth. As this testimony went forth, Jesus was being glorified and satan and his cohorts had no power, but to accept defeat and watch God do His work of wonder. It was an amazing thing to see and a memorable moment of my life to experience. Taiwan for Jesus! The whole stadium was filled with awe, wonder and hope knowing that this was a sign that Jesus was in Taiwan, and now is the time of great harvest for this nation!

That evening, TVBS, one of the largest 24-7 news stations in Taiwan reported the miraculous healing of this lame man walking on national television. The secular news station was so stunned and so in awe of the power of the Gospel to heal the sick and give hope to a nation’s people that they broadcasted this story of divine healing for two days straight! Yes, the devil was shamed and Jesus was glorified. This is just the beginning of a new day in Taiwan. Let us continue to pray that signs, wonders and miracles fill the streets of Taiwan everyday through the hands of His people.

Feb 8 – Leadership Training “The Full Package”

I can’t fully explain it, but this visit to Taiwan felt more complete than any other trip I have done in the last 2.5 years. Since 2004 I have been going back and forth from Taiwan trailblazing in the spirit, for a new student awakening to be birthed on every campus in every city. We have seen the Holy Spirit move in power, envisioning and releasing students to pray for radical revival and to preach the Gospel with apostolic power. Things have been breaking out on different campuses all over the nation. Yet, many of the conferences and leadership trainings I have done were strictly prophetic in nature, birthing, envisioning and re-awakening His body to Him and the destiny of Taiwan.

Yet, this gathering “Taiwan for Jesus” there was a sense of “fullness of time” and “history in the making.” The last day we spent equipping 1,600+ student leaders and pastor’s practical implementations of starting campus churches or missional cells on every campus. Many of the new students who came to Christ at the crusades would be immediately followed up and established into new believer cells, resulting in the multiplication of campus churches.

Finally, on Saturday, the biggest answer to prayer was when we met with 20 campus leaders who were ready to be equipped to release campus church planting movements on every college and university in the greater Taipei area. We spent nearly the whole day in intensive training on the “A-Z’ of campus church planting. This network of leaders will begin new evangelistic works on their respective campuses, laying the foundation for student-led simple church networks to reach the 97% of lost youth in Taipei, Taiwan.

Come on!

Big Church Releasing Simple Church Movements

I am so encouraged, so blessed and so full of faith for this nation. I am so pleased to work with local churches like Bread of Life Taipei who understand clearly that it will take a decentralized movement of campus church planting to reach the outer bounds of lost campuses in Taiwan. Their leadership and capacity of faith, to let go and release control from a centralized structure to decentralized organizational structure is commendable. They truly have a “kingdom mindset” and not just a “local church mindset.” They are willing to let go of their best of the best leaders, like strategic S.W.A.T. teams to be sent out on special operations to reach lost campus communities for Christ. This picture is similar to the Antioch church in the New Testament, a church planting center in the book of Acts that constantly sent out apostolic bands with Paul and others to reach new horizons untouched with the Gospel.

Paul did 3 things, a simple strategic pattern every city he entered into. (Acts 14:21-26)

1. Evangelism
2. Discipleship
3. Church Planting

He went with teams, they preached the Gospel with signs, wonders and miracles confirming the preached word. Souls were saved (evangelism) and then they were taught to obey Jesus commands (discipleship), finally they were gathered to continue on the mission of the Gospel as local units of house churches that planted other house churches(church planting movements). Any ministry that we do can not stop short at only evangelism and discipleship, everywhere in the New Testament you see that Paul and his apostolic bands won souls, made disciples and planted new churches that planted more churches as leaders rose up and were established as elders of these house churches in every city and region.

I pray for the day, when every ministry on the earth will be about winning souls, making disciples and church planting. This is God's strategic plan to share His glory and love with the nations of the earth, to multiply spiritual families in every nation, tribe and tongue. It may look different in each context, but could you imagine if every local church sent out their best of the best and released their young adults to go plant simple churches in every pocket of society with lost people? Or what if every major campus ministry group on campus sent out their students 2x2 to adopt pockets of un-reached students on campus to win lost students, disciple them and plant simple churches or call it what you want, "missional communities" among them, bringing and establishing LIGHT in the darkness. Every person would no longer see themselves as only a "church goer" but a "marketplace missionary." Every student would no longer see themselves as just "attending fellowship" but as "campus missionaries." Our campuses, our cities, would be transformed quickly, every saint would be mobilized, every student empowered, every ordinary person would see themselves as extra-ordinary missionaries called to transform society and change the world wherever they are, by brining God's kingdom, bringing church wherever they are. It's time to stop going to Church and start being the Church. Bring it on! We need a holy revolution, God set your people free, not only raise up an army, but equip them and release them to do the work of the ministry (Eph 4:11) and unite Your Church worldwide to finish the task of preaching the Gospel to every nation so that the end will come!

As I continue to work with local churches, denominations, para-church campus organizations around the world, I believe the challenge before us is whether or not we are willing to “let go of control” and release the saints for the work of the ministry, by giving them freedom to venture into the most lost parts of our society to plant churches among the lost. The local church must start seeing itself not as a “cruise ship” where Christians just come to enjoy themselves for Sunday services, campus fellowship and programs, but the local church sees itself as a “battleship” where every member knows their role and is activated into the ministry in which the Holy Spirit has called them into. These battleships, will continue their ministry locally (Sunday celebrations, cell groups, evangelistic programs etc) but these battleships will also need to recognize that they will need to release missionaries to “leave ship” as “fighter jets or submarines” on strategic missions to start new works on the campuses and communities surrounding that the battleship can’t immediately reach effectively because of the nature of being a battleship in one local. In fact, it is only when the these battleship alliance with one another, that it can become a Navy and a fully engaged military force to defeat the enemy in every city and region. Unity is first, empowerment is second.

For example, right now, my local church “Harvest Rock Church” a mega-church in Los Angeles has released me since 2003 to start campus church planting movements “student-led” on every campus and region around the world. Specifically, in Los Angeles we have simple church networks led by students being started on over a dozen college campuses in the last 18 months. My local church recognizes, that being a mega-church (battleship) it does not have the versatility or flexibility to effectively reach every college and university in the greater Los Angeles area, but it understands that if it releases and empowers it’s members (indigenous students who go to different colleges and are the most ready to impact them ) to go start new works on these campuses- they can be reached. So our student leaders are covered by our local church, but are fully sent out to start new simple church plants on the campuses they are called to reach. Now the local church acts as a “battleship” by simply supplying, giving resources and supporting these missionaries as they bring God’s kingdom most effectively to their respective campuses and regions in the Southern California area. These new simple church networks are fully autonomous, yet still covered and connected to the mother church that birthed and sent them out. Sometimes, these "fighter jets" will come back to land on the base ship to get fuel or new ammunition and go back out on assignment, others like submarines or mini ships will go out and stay out on their mission.

I am so blessed to have a spiritual father and mentor like Pastor Che (Sr. Pastor of my home church), who has truly turned his heart towards the children (Malachi 4:6) by empowering the next generation to do church in new ways that are relevant and effective for this hour. A month ago, Pastor Che came to our once a month leadership training for all our campus leaders in SoCal, he encouraged them, gave them a free book and laid hands and prayed for each of them to receive an impartation to start spiritual revolutions and church planting movements on each of their college and university campuses. He was like their spiritual grandfather, letting them know he stood behind them, believed in them, and that his house "Harvest Rock Church" would always be open and there for them if they ever needed anything. He doesn't want to control, he just wants to empower, come along side and support these young Daniel's and Esther's to change history for God in their generation! I love his heart and pray that other spiritual father's would come along side and empower their spiritual sons and daughters to give themselves fully to the work of God in their generation. Both Pastor Che and I know our callings are different, but our mission is the same (Matt 28:18-20). We respect one another, love one another and honor each other to do God's work. For "Do not pour new wine into old wineskin or else the wineskkins break, the wine is spilled, and the wineskins are ruined. But pour new wine into new wineskins and "both" are preserved." (Matthew 9:17) God wants revival in both generations, the wine is the same, but the wineskins may look different, but the purpose is clear, God wants revival in every generation and we must work together, not apart, but towards the common goal of preaching the Gospel to the lost. In the future, I foresee many local mega-churches and community churches equipping and releasing their young adults to venture out and plant simple church movements among the lost in every sphere of society as this 4th wave of revival is poured out in our generation. These mega church, community churches and simple church networks will work along side one another to truly pastor and transform every part of society, not leaving one stone or one soul unturned in a city for Christ! Amen.

Side note: This is so exciting, we have high school students who don’t leave for college from our local churches hoping they will “survive” as Christians in college; rather they go to college sent out to “revive” their college campuses and establish new apostolic works as campus revivalists. This is awesome!

God is moving in new and startling ways in this generation. We must do whatever it takes to reach the lost. Whether in Taiwan or Los Angeles, this is our mission to know Him and make Him known.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Power of the Cross! - Part 3

Feb 7 - The Cross Sets Us Free!

The second day, was equally intense and miraculous. In the morning I released two messages. One on the “Father’s Heart” and the second on “Core Identity” both of these messages hit deep into the heart of the students as it exposed the lies of Satan and the shame he had tried to hold them in. I shared about my own struggles with sin and shame, my recent experiences at “Singing Waters” Canada and how God had given me a new born again experience. Setting me free from “performance” and releasing me into His divine grace. To no longer live for man’s approval, but to live out of the place of being already approved by God because of the finished work of Jesus on the Cross.

My sister in Christ Faye from F.I.R. giving a encouraging and inspiring testimony :)

That evening, I was incredibly blessed to have my brother Allen Chien (famous doctor in Taiwan who helped the orphans in Africa) and Faye from the Taiwan pop group F.I.R. share their personal testimonies before I gave the Gospel message to the stadium crowd. Both their testimonies were so heart felt and full of hope. I was so proud of both of them, and what a blessing to see God use their position of influence in Asia’s youth to glorify God. That’s what it’s all about! God gives to us so we can give to others His great love.

As I prayed and prepared, the Holy Spirit changed my message 5 minutes before I got to the stadium. He told me to preach on the power of the CROSS to set us free! I said, “Holy Spirit is this message is truly from you, then please let them have a real cross I can use to hold on the stage.” Sure enough, I asked and they had one. That night I preached with all my heart on the power of the Cross to set us free from sin, shame, sickness and self. The stadium was packed and as I gave the call to repentance, hundreds ran forward to the altar. What happened after that was an act of the Holy Spirit’s leading.

The Holy Spirit led us into a time of full on, repentance and deliverance from idolatry, Buddhism, witchcraft, temple worship all which are prevalent strongholds in Taiwan. Many hit the floor and were delivered from demons on the spot. We got reports back the next day, I received an immediate email that night, of people young and old being completely set free from tormenting evil spirits that were attacking them daily. That night, we had to corporately repent for these idolatrous sins in order for the generational curses over the land to be broken and for the blessings of healing to flow.

Then Pentecost broke loose after the corporate deliverance. The people began to cry out for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire. It was a desperate cry for God’s holy fire to come and consume not only hearts and lives, but for the ancient fires of Pentecost to be released in fullness over Taiwan. The fire fell, and it was as if the entire stadium erupted in other tongues, speaking the praises of God!

The Holy Spirit then impressed upon me that it was then His desire to heal the sick and release signs, wonders and miracles. I began to give out words of knowledge for different sicknesses I sensed God was healing. From a person with a back injury from a car accident, someone’s right eye being blind, to lock jaws, cancer, etc…I then asked them to put their faith in the finished work of the Cross, believing Jesus would heal them, that by His stripes we are healed (Isaiah 53) At that moment, I challenged them to stretch out their hands towards the Cross to receive their healing by faith. Hands everywhere stretched out faith towards the Cross. Then we asked them to check if they were healed and hundreds of hands went up all over the stadium.

The next morning, personal testimonies of divine healings began to roll in. We didn’t even count them, but some students came up to give testimony in the afternoon session.

One girl was nearly completely blind in the right eye, after putting her faith in the finished work of the Cross, she opened her right eye and was able to SEE completely CLEAR out of it. She even checked from far and long distances and was able to see perfectly. There were other testimonies of blind or damaged eyes being opened and restored. Another student, shared how she had a locked jaw for over 5 years, she could barely even open her mouth, but at the crusade she all of a sudden opened her mouth wide when she put her faith in what Jesus did on the Cross. She was so happy  She opened her mouth wide and long for everyone to see. Praise Him! Then another student came up and testified. She said she had got in a car accident some years ago, her lower back was damaged in the accident and her spinal cord was damaged. She told us she could barely even bend over at all, to even tie her shoes. During the healing prayer released the night of the crusade, she said she felt heat go down her lower back, and felt her actual back bone move and shift into the right place. She thought she was thinking things, so she tried touching her toes, and she bended over completely and touched them. Then she went to the doctors that morning to verify the healing and they were astounded. It was a real miracle! Those described were just three testimonies, many more verified miraculous healings were rolling in but I can not report them all fully. All I know is that Jesus was lifted up and the Devil was put down in Taiwan that night. All glory and honor be to God!

That day, the enemy was not happy at all we were in Taiwan, were facing spiritual warfare head on. Read below the email I sent to my intercessory prayer team of the warfare faced before the second night of breakthrough below…

dear prayer team,

it's 1am in Taiwan, the stadium was filled again tonight, hundreds ran forward to receive Christ, and the fire of Pentecost was released, a few thousand were delivered from demonic strongholds of Buddhism, occultism, idolatries. Others all over where healed of physical diseases, during the day 2,500 students received the Father's heart and were broken free from shame and received their identity as sons and daughters of God, students had multiple testimonies of prophetic evangelism breaking out in the streets, THE STORIES WERE CRAZY!!! We trained them to hear from the Holy Spirit, write down words of knowledge and go out into Taipei to find the word of knowledge and people to pray for, unbelievable God stories and encounters have been rolling in...ALL GLORY AND PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!


1. Before this mornings session, I drove into the stadium parking lot and immediately felt like throwing up, they rushed me into the guest room, I waited on the Lord and our teams prayed for me, I felt better, but then in my spirit, I saw the whole national Taipei stadium surrounded by little demons on the streets surrounding. I knew the Devil and his cohorts were angry at the open heaven and break out of souls in just the last two days, I told our leadership to be on guard throughout the day....

2. In the early evening, Pastor Philip was at his hotel, he was bringing food up to the 10th floor with his wife, but for some reason she decided to press 3rd floor to drop something off, they hear a loud boom on the 10th floor, sounded like a bomb. they finally get up there and an entire THICK GLASS window was blown to pieces and the ceiling had fallen to the floor, Pst Phillip told us, they were only 10 seconds late of getting to the 10th floor, if they didn't stop on the third they could have been killed, there is no explanation so far of the explosion, we know it is spiritual warfare....

3. The evening crusade, the power of God broke out, we went straight into demonic deliverance corporately with the entire crusade audience, we know many strongholds and demonic presences were destroyed and cast out. But immediately after, my brother pst Timothy (one of the 5 brothers) wife who is pregnant, who was praying for me when I was wanting to throw up, immediately felt sick wanted to barf and is now in the hospital, she is due to give birth soon, but this attack was out of no where, she's been barfing uncontrollably..please pray for her immediately healing

The last night of the national Taiwan crusade is tomorrow night, we know the level of anointing will be increased to full measure tomorrow night, nothing like this has happened in Taiwan at this level, heaven is invading this city, we know RADICAL CREATIVE SIGNS, WONDERS AND MIRACLES WILL BREAK OUT TOMORROW NIGHT PROPHETICALLY, the whole city knows to bring the sick to this final night, JESUS WILL SHAME THE DEVIL IN TAIWAN TOMORROW NIGHT, for many will be saved and healed, making known the power and work of the Cross in Taiwan.

we need massive massive prayer, please please pray, I can't explain how serious this is, I have not felt such intense warfare like this in some time, TAIWAN'S TIME HAS COME!!! OH GOD COME IN POWER, SAVE THIS NATION, SHINE YOUR GLORY!

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Ignite - A Prophetic Beginning in Southern California

I've been privileged to work with student leaders from different So Cal campuses this past year and half. Their hearts burn for one thing: to know Him and make Him known in our generation. There is a unusual movement of Biblical "unity" touching the university campuses of Southern California like I have never seen. Even in the past 2 months I have spoken or been connected to unity movements at Cal Poly Pomona, UCLA, USC, UCI and now Ignite, a city wide coming together of God's children seeking His face in repentance, unity and revival. Don't mis-read this, what we are seeing here is not just "unity for unity's sake" it is "unity with a purpose" God is calling forth His body at this hour to "Unite in Prayer" and "Unite in Action" to evangelize the lost and fill the earth with the knowledge of His glory. I gave a prophetic word to the USC body of Christ in the first semester of 2006 that a "university prayer movement" would come forth out of this campus touching every other campus in Los Angeles, I believe Ignite (sparked by a USC weekly prayer meeting) will be the small beginning of something massive. In the coming years, we will see networks of student-led simple churches, touching and multiplying into the regions and cities of LA by the hundreds and thousands. Then I believe at strategic moments, these networks of simple churches will gather in stadiums, city-wide to celebrate and worship the King, pronouncing His fame to the cities and nations. It will come forth, these stadium gatherings maybe once a month, or a few times a year, where the "Church" gathers as a "city wide church" just like we see in the book of Revelations. There will no longer be denominational and doctrinal divisions, but rather one common vision of "Lifting up Jesus so all men will be drawn unto Him." It is building the "House" (city-wide church) and "households" (networks of simple churches). I know it will happen, in the coming years "The Rose Bowl" and other stadiums will be filled with over a hundred thousand Christ followers once a month, praising God, interceding and proclaiming the Kingdom with signs, wonders and miracles for the city to encounter and awe at His presence. There will be tens of thousands of believers networked in simple churches on campuses, in the marketplace, in communities and neighborhoods, all over the cities daily breaking bread, enjoying fellowship, praying and giving themselves to the apostolic teaching while enjoying favor with all, saved and unsaved, Holy Spirit let it come to pass, a 4th wave of not only revival in Southern California once again, but a mighty reformation and revolution of the Church rising up as your spotless and beautiful Bride.

Ignite: Greater LA area worship night on Feb 23 hosted by college students

On Friday, February 23, 2007, Christian students from all over the greater LA area (every Cal State, UC, community college, private university, etc.) are uniting under one roof to "join together with one voice, giving praise and glory to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ" (Romans 15:5-6).

Next Friday, we will ignite a passion for Jesus Christ on our campuses, in our city, and in our generation. This is an opportunity you don't want to miss, so join us in glorifying God during a night of worship, prayer, and encouragement.

For more information, please visit our website at

Whether you can make it or not, we need your help in promoting Ignite! Here's what you can do:

(1) RSVP to our Facebook event: Los Angeles Area Worship Night:
(2) Invite all of your friends (especially at other schools) to the event as well
(3) Visit our website to download promotional materials and watch the video:
(4) Email any pictures you have of the Christian community on college campuses (preferably showing school paraphernalia). These pictures will be used as part of a slideshow as people walk in to Angelus Temple. Please put “pictures” as the subject line in your email. Send as many as possible.
(5) Change your Facebook picture (if you want) to the Ignite flyer posted for the event. This is an incredibly effective way to spread the word to your friends.

Thanks for your time and for your help. We hope to see you and your friends on the 23rd!

"May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God."
Romans 15:5-7

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

One Thing LA - Asian Break Out Session II

As many of you know, this past December 31st, we held a special "Asian Breakout Session" at the onething Conference in Kansas City. It was a powerful time where 300+ students and young adults were challenged and re-envisioned to transform East Asia and bring the Gospel back to Jerusalem. Mike Bickle came and shared on Asia's role in the end times as revealed in Daniel 11 and Revelation 16:12-14. God is raising up another student volunteer missions movement!

If you were not able to make that session, we will be holding a similar breakout session at onething Laguna Niguel this Saturday, February 16-18, 2007! It will be during the workshop portion on Saturday, from 2pm-4pm.

We would like to invite you to this session if you're in the area, please contact your friends and extended networks about this conference!

Grace and peace!

CCN Team

P.S. For logistics (schedule / location / registration) and more information about this onething event, go to here.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Heaven Full, Hell Empty in Taiwan - Part 2

Feb 6 “A Trip to Hell”

The first day of the “Taiwan for Jesus” gathering we held training for student leaders in the morning and evening Gospel crusades in the evening. Over 2,500 student leaders were trained during the morning powerfully by Pastor Philip to go deeper in fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit, returning to a radical love for God’s Word and in the afternoon I trained the students in “prophetic evangelism” in the power of the Holy Spirit.

I trained the students to listen to the Holy Spirit in teams of 2 and 3, to write down any words of knowledge the Holy Spirit would give them (clues: such as people, places, things, etc) they saw in the spirit, and then be sent out to go look for them in the streets, believing the Holy Spirit would lead them to specific people to prophesy over, bless and share the Gospel with. Yes, 2,500 did it and the reports that came back were CRAZY GOD!

I will share one prophetic evangelism story that happened that day…

“Lottery ticket, Old Women, Gold Ring, Subway, Blue Jacket, Dessert shop”

One team of students waited on God, and while waiting on God different students received words of knowledge, prophetic clues from the Holy Spirit. One person saw an old women being prayed for and a dessert shop, another saw a subway and a blue jacket, another saw a gold ring and a ticket.” They all thought it would be impossible to see how all these different things could come together, but they went out into the streets to find the prophetic word.

As they walked out of the stadium, they decided to head towards the MRT station (subway) to see if they would find a clue. As they got there they saw the “dessert shop” that the one student saw while waiting on God. Surprised, they went into the dessert shop to see if the Holy Spirit would reveal something else. When they were walking up to the dessert shop they turned to the right and saw some old women on the side of the subway, busily, selling something. They were selling “lottery tickets!” for some Chinese New Year celebration. The students could not believe it. When they looked at the group of old women, they saw one in particular wearing a “blue jacket” and when they looked closer she was wearing a “gold ring” just as they had seen in their vision. Mustering up courage, one of the students decided to step out in faith to ask her if he could pray for her.

She looked so busy, and so non-interested in anything else. So the student had an idea, he prayed “God let me buy a lottery ticket to get her attention and let me win and give the money I win to her as a blessing and make her smile for God!” He went up to the lady, asked her if he could buy a lottery ticket, she was very happy he did so. Then he asked her how she was doing, she said, “not so well, I have not sold many lottery tickets and am personally not doing well financially.” He then told her, I want you to know that God loves you very much and by faith I’m going to buy this lottery ticket and win as a sign to you that God loves you. Also, if I win please let me pray for you!” He bought the lottery ticket and won $500 NT!!!! The chances of that were slim it was completely God’s divine providence. He then gave it to the women and asked her if he could pray for her. She said, “I don’t deserve prayer, I’m poor, I don’t deserve a blessing.” But as he gave her the lottery money, he heart was moved, and as he and his friends prayed for her they released prophetic words of destiny over her life, she began to cry and gave her life to Jesus. They invited her to the night crusades and followed up afterward. This is the beauty of moving in the prophetic; it speaks God’s heart to individuals, letting them know how much God honors and values them. Yes, even that poor old women who thought nothing of herself, realized that God thought the whole world of her. To think this God would send a few youngsters to act on faith, listen to His voice and move out in the power of the prophetic.

This is just one story of literally hundreds, just like the one above that day. We do the ridiculous and God will do the miraculous. Our God is a good God!

Heaven Full, Hell Empty in Taiwan
That night, as we prepared for the first night of the Gospel Crusade, the spiritual atmosphere was tense. We knew Satan and his cohorts were not ignorant of what was happening, we were ready to meet the enemy head on in Taipei in the grace of God.

7 years ago, Pastor Philip was taken up in an outer body experience into hell. It wasn’t a dream, or a vision, it was literally an outer body experience. He did not want to go, the Lord took him there to show him the reality of damnation, the fate of those who would not repent from falling short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23). Pastor Phil told us, he never ever wants to preach this message, in fact each time he shares this experience at a crusade, he wants to throw up because it is like he is experiencing the torture of what he saw once again in his physical body. But, he shares this experience for the sake of the lost. He has seen somewhere in the range of 100,000 souls come to Christ through sharing this “Trip to Hell” message in the most persecuted Muslim islands in Indonesia.

As we prayed, the air was electric you knew Satan was about to have his head smashed that evening. That night the stadium was filled with non-believers, what Pastor Philip shared from the book of Hebrews, “it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of God” was probably the most sin convicting message I had ever heard in my life. He had no fear of man, only the fear of God. He spoke with authority and released a message of repentance for the lost to take heed. What he described, in the little that he could about what he saw in hell, God knows, but I tremble even as I type. He explained how people were utterly tormented, women who had abortions had their wombs ripped open again and again by demons, others who were unfaithful in their marriages were mutilated, words can’t suffice for the reality of what was shared. I could not be more thankful for Jesus saving a sinner like me, for giving my mother grace to not go through with aborting me, oh Lord have mercy on those who don’t know you, save them from the lake of burning fire…save them Lord!

Pastor Philip could not speak any further about his experience, he wanted to puke, he gave a call for those in the crowd to run to the altar and repent of their sins and cry out for God to save them, he only gave them a window of a few minutes to get down to the altar. When he gave the call to repentance, over a thousand ran to the altar screaming for dear life all over the indoor stadium. The heavens were opened, souls were soundly saved, hell was emptied of at least 1,500 Taiwanese souls. I had never seen an altar call like that in my life, the word delivered was true apostolic preaching, something is shaking in the foundations of Taiwan…Jesus is coming!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Taiwan for Jesus - Part 1

I'm currently in Hong Kong, God is moving. Even today over 1,000 students gathered in the downtown public of Hong Kong and committed to a radical lifestyle of purity and repented and prayed for the ending of abortion in this land. I will share more later.

This last week and a half in Taipei, Taiwan was supernatural. In the following days I will post a series of praise reports of how God shamed the devil and revealed His glory. Part 1 is below....

History in the Making

These last two weeks in Taiwan were above and beyond what I could have ever asked, imagined or expected. God is real and He loves this nation of Taiwan so much. I came here on Jan 31, since the first day the Holy Spirit has move in unprecedented power. The supernatural power of the Holy Spirit was in full operation as we saw thousands of souls give their lives to Jesus, the lame walking, the deaf hearing, the sick healed, and hearts awakened to the love of Jesus. I don’t know where to begin in this last week’s Holy Spirit adventure. I will start with the “5 Brothers.”

“5 Brothers”

In 2004 the Lord connected me with Pastor Ewen, Jonathan and Timothy of Bread of Life Christian Church in Taipei. For some reason, from the very beginning we were connected heart and soul. Our hearts were connected with a same passion for Jesus and a passion for the youth of Asia. It was in 2004 I was invited to BOL to speak in Taipei and we witnessed an outbreak of student revival as students all over Taipei begin to pray, fast and seek God’s face for revival on their campuses. The movement spread like wild fire up and down Taiwan as students everywhere began to start prayer cells and missional communities on their campuses. This was a prophetic move of the Holy Spirit preparing the way for the harvest we are now seeing. For the last two years us four brothers have been working together to awaken and equip young people in Taiwan to see every campus transformed in this nation. As we laid an apostolic and prophetic foundation from city to city, we could sense something was still missing in the process. Prophets see what is to come and call forth God’s people to prayer and repentance. Apostles take the prophetic word and put it into action. Once this foundation was laid, it was now time to reap the harvest. This is where Pastor Philip “the evangelist” comes in, the “5th Brother”.

In August, we held our “Win Campus” conference with nearly 1000 student leaders from 70+ different college campuses in Taipei, Taiwan. The two speakers were me and a Pastor from Indonesia named “Philip Mantofa.” I had no idea who he was, but others told me that his love for Taiwan and the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon his life was like no other. When he spoke, I can only attest that I have never seen a man more anointed and full of compassion for lost souls than this man Pastor Philip. I have been all over the world, sat under the greatest anointing and teachings, but never have I experienced the Person, Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit through a servant of God like him. The anointing during August was poured out so powerfully that students were running to the altar crying out for their salvation and repentance like how they would do when Jonathan Edwards, John Wesley and George Whitfield would preach in the Great Awakenings in North America. During the camp, the Holy Spirit gave me a prophetic word to Philip, “Tell him and the other brothers let’s ‘Take Asia for Christ!” That August, we made a covenant as “5 Brothers” to see Taiwan turn from 3% Christian to 97% Christian. I can’t describe how divine this coming together was, but it was sweet and it was a work of the Holy Spirit. What next?

Taiwan for Jesus

This last week, was to me, “shock and awe.” When I was flying into Taiwan, in my spirit, I saw Taiwan as a harvest field, ready to be reaped. I knew 2007 would be a year of a beginning of a new harvest in this small, but great nation. The Devil knew that what would happen these past days in Taiwan, would forever altar and change the course of history in this nation. I don’t say this lightly. I truly believe and am confident that what happened these past days in National Taiwan Stadium was not only ground breaking, but history making.

We came into Taiwan as “5 Brothers” ready to lay down our lives for this nation, surrendering our wills and asking God to take back Taiwan for His glory. From beginning to end, even as I type this report in the airport, I am totally in awe of what God did. I will explain briefly what happened each day of the “Taiwan for Jesus” gatherings.

Feb 1-5 “Pastors and Student Leaders Unite for Taiwan”

The first 5 days, we spent with Pastors and youth workers hearing from the Holy Spirit with no agenda, but to seek His will for the nation of Taiwan, for the young people of this land, for God’s revealed will. It was most sweet fellowship as the Holy Spirit showed us His heart for Taiwan to prepare the way for the coming of Christ to this nation by being His forerunners in this end time hour. We declared it was “Asia’s Time” to receive the fullness of its destiny and be radically transformed with the Gospel, by preparing and seeking a lifestyle of prayer, fasting, and Biblical unity.
I got to room with Pastor Philip for two nights, it was awesome. He is officially my “big bro” one whom I respect more than any other. Those two nights with him changed my life and my perspective on so many life issues. His wisdom in astounding, his compassion for me was heart felt. I love this man more for the deep love he has for people, than the anointing on his life to preach the Gospel, in fact, I know where he gets his anointing, it is in his love for God and the tears he cries for lost souls.

Asia for Christ...the journey begins!

Friday, February 02, 2007

One Vision - Crying Out for Revival at UCLA

Here I am in Taiwan at the moment, preparing, praying and seeking God as we will invade Taipei University in the next week with thousands of students from all over the nation being envisioned and equipped to see Taiwan turn to Christ. At the same time, my heart is still burdened for UCLA back home. My heart is burning with prayer for both lands, for each need healing.

Right before I left to Taiwan last Monday, over 400+ Christ followers at UCLA gathered on campus for a night of repentance, unity and prayer for revival. This gathering "One Vision' was divine, for the first time in years, students and leaders from different fellowships and local churches came together, humbled themselves before God and one another, lifted up the name of Jesus as One Body of Christ on the campus of UCLA. It was in one word, powerful. The Holy Spirit flooded the room, as leaders from different fellowships joined hands and declared One Vision: to see the name of Jesus made famous at UCLA, to see God get His glory back on this campus. Students all over the room, got on their knees and repented for their own personal sins, and the sins of our land. Declaring spiritual war against materialism, sexual immorality, pride, injustice to the unborn, lukewarmness and the idolatry of our own hearts. We asked God to give us clean hands and a pure heart. We asked God to forgive us for judging, competing and being divided against one another as Christians. We realized, that no matter what fellowship or minor doctrinal differences, we have one common denominator; JESUS CHRIST! We realized it would take the Whole Body of Christ, to take the Whole Gospel to the Whole Campus!

My heart broke, as I witnessed students crying out in repentance and revival for UCLA, praying for the salvation of their dorm mates, pockets of lost students and lost friends. My heart was overjoyed when I saw leaders from IV, Campus Crusade, AACF, GOC, PC, KCCC, KCM, CCM, Garden Fellowship, Chi Alpha and so many other brothers and sisters in Christ join hands, reconcile their differences, and pray together for the salvation of the lost at UCLA. There was an open heaven, you could feel it in the air, prayers were being answered because "How blessed it is when brethren dwell together in unity." (Psalm 133) But that evening was just the continuation of something wonderful and beautiful at UCLA. Students have been praying all over campus, and witnessing to their lost friends. That night, the Body of Christ at UCLA committed to Unite in Prayer & Unite in Action. Practically, we committed to praying 24-7 this quarter for one week, to start revival prayer meetings all over different parts of the campus, and for each student to adopt a pocket of people on campus who don't have the Gospel by being a missionary to them and seeing a missional community established among them. We are taking back what the enemy stole, we are believing God for another chapter in the book of Acts to be written in our generation!

This Sunday, there will be a 24-7 Prayer Tent set up in the middle of Wilson Plaza at UCLA for 7 Days in the public! Students at One Vision were challenged to take up 1 hour shifts around the clock to intercede and stand in the gap for UCLA once more. Already students are signing up to pray, day and night, for justice to roll down like a mighty river into this land. We are praying that students will encounter God in the prayer room, be filled with His Spirit and sent out with His power back onto campus to boldly preach the Gospel with signs, wonders and miracles confirming! It is harvest time at UCLA! We must stand together, prayer together and go out together in His name, for His glory! Lord get your glory back at UCLA!

Pray for UCLA, pray for your own campus, pray for me here in Taiwan as we are asking for the same thing all over the world, that Jesus Christ be lifted up and all men be drawn unto Him! Oh God, give us every campus, in every city in every nation, that they may see Your beauty, Your grace and Your power in this generation!

Please, I urge you to sign up for 247 Prayer at UCLA this week, take up a shift and goto the link below to take your watch on the wall:

or join the group: UCLA 247 PRAYER