Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Prayer, Purity and Passion for Jesus

Here is a link to a message I gave last year on "Prayer, Purity and Passion for Jesus" you can also find the mp3 message and others on our site: www.campuschurch.net (click on "equip" > "tools" > mp3 messages) Take it in, live it out! jaes


Friday, November 17, 2006

It's a Wonderful Life indeed :)

I've been watching a lot of my favorite movies up here in Canada. I just got done watching my favorite movie of all time once again, "It's A Wonderful Life." Man, this movie gets me every time. George Bailey, haha, I love this guy, I feel like I identify with him on so many levels. I think most men do, that's why this movie is so loved. Many times in life, we may feel that what we do in life is meaningless, worthless, not that important, we feel like we fail, we feel like we could always do better, we don't believe in ourselves and even think that our lives are a waste. We always live for the future, hoping to better ourselves, reach a goal or achieve some kind of level of success, but in the pursuit of these things, we forget what really matters and what true success is. Success is not in our achievements, it is not in our not failing, it is not in our perfect record of being this or doing that, of having more or getting "there" that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that we are always chasing, but rather success is life itself. It is the ability to make the most of what we have been given, the grace to accept our failures, ourselves, for who we are, faults and all, and realize that life can be enjoyable when we live our lives as honest, and as best we can. Yes, we are going to fail, things will not turn out the way we wish, there will be disappointments and set backs, but ultimately, life is worth living. Life is worth living when you know and remind yourself that your life counts, you might not think it does, but in God's eyes, in the eyes of someone else, it does. It means more than you will ever know. You may never see it, but others do, I believe that. Sometimes we focus so much on the bad in our lives, the areas that need improvement, and we forget to see that good in our hearts, the good that has been done through our words and actions. I don't think God looks at our faults and says, "Why can't you do better?" or "What is wrong with you?" Rather, Father God in heaven is so proud of our hearts, He really is, I believe this with everything in me, I have to, or He wouldn't be a good God to believe in. Every now and then I get down on myself, I feel like I've failed others, I haven't done enough, or I made and make too many mistakes and I've sacrificed all for nothing, the enemy would want me to think this way, to feel like I didn't measure up, that I'm not good enough for the people that I love and care for or I haven't done enough for God and His kingdom. But, after watching movies like this, I realize again what life is all about, it's simply about learning to love life and enjoy all that has been given to you by God. Whether it be bad, whether it be good, it is to be enjoyed. I'm not talking about sin, but I'm talking about your circumstances, the things you can control and the things you can't, learning to be thankful for "everything" because "everything is beautiful" yes, even our weaknesses and failures, in God's eyes they are beautiful when seen in the light of His grace and strengthened with the unconditional power of His love. George Bailey, this guy thought he wasted his life, he didn't want to live anymore, he felt like a total failure, but he never really realized the beauty he had in front of him, his beautiful wife, his wonderful kids, family and friends. He helped so many people, but he never realized the impact he had made. He was always wishing and chasing after this dream, this prophecy to be rich and travel the world, this destiny that in his mind, he thought would be the thing that would satisfy and accomplish him, make him a success. He kept living in the future and missed the joy of living right now. In the end, he realized it's not what we achieve in this life, as in what we do, who we know, what we have, but rather it is relishing, cherishing and being thankful, oh so thankful for what we are doing, who we do know and what we have right now, namely, our family and friends. The ones who we really love and truly love us. At the end of the movie, his friends from Bedford Falls all chip in on Christmas night to empty out their savings to pay for the debt he had accumulated, it's a powerful moment of what life is all about, loving one another. wow. George Bailey is the richest man in town, not because of money, but because of friends. My favorite quote at the end of the movie...

"Remember no man is a failure who has friends" Clarence "the angel"

Love never fails. And where there is love in ones heart, failure is not possible. Life is worth living, enjoy every moment, every person, every friendship, enjoy it all, everything is beautiful. It's a wonderful life indeed :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

PC "Got me again!"

haha...so passion church "Got me" again this year for my birthday. It wasn't as bad as last year, but they did trick me pretty good. They told me they would pick me up and have me stay at Mike's house and take me to the LAX airport in the morning. I asked them when they picked me up if we could grab some dinner and they were like, yeah we haven't eaten yet. So Caleb was like, "let's eat noodle planet, i was like HECK NO that place is wack!" and then Sam was like how about "BJ's" and everyone was like "coo" so I went and I had no idea that when we got there all the PC leaders were there to give me a surprise BDAY celebration :) haha...I love my pc fam I totally didn't expect it again this year, but they did it and haha...it was TITE :) dude...SO OH MY GOSH THEY GOT ME THE DOPEST PRESENT OF ALL TIME!!! THEY GOT ME A



Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Off to Singing Waters again!

I'm off to Singing Waters, Canada again for two weeks. So NO EMAIL! I'm excited, I wish I would have went earlier, but yeah, I do covet your prayers friends. Please pray God brings me into His heart like never before, that I hear His voice, obey His voice and truly find a brief time of rest. These last two months have not been the "rest" I was looking for. I see myself already going back into my "workaholic tendencies" not good, not good at all. It's so easy to forget the truth you originally encounter, I'm learning it the hard way already, God give me grace to get back to the "one thing" that is more precious than any accomplishment or responsibility that is done for You. Please pray I choose the better part, the thing that can't be taken away (Luke 10) this is what I need right now, big time.

I think it's really cold in Canada right now right? Anyways, yeah here is a pic from Quoc/Erica coming to hang last week at the UCLA prayer room, us in front of diddy rees eatn ice cream sandwiches oh yeah...good times :) ps. dude, the prayer room has been awesome, I think every student that has stepped foot in the prayer room, within 5 minutes gets rocked haha, in a good way by God :D keep prayn for the church at ucla, may God unite us as one body as we come to Seek His Face for this campus and generation!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

24-7 Campus Houses of Prayer

Hey blogging friends!

With the 24-7 Campus House of Prayer being launched this week at UCLA I wanted to just encourage you all to press in, pray and believe God for the impossible. "No prayer, no power, much prayer, much power." What is happening with 24-7 prayer not only at UCLA is happening all around the nation on college campuses right now, students are praying 24-7 for heaven to arrive on earth, onto our campuses. Let's press in, not just for a visitation, but a habitation of God's presence at UCLA and beyond! Below is sample rough chapter from my new book "The Blueprint" on "24-7 Campus Houses of Prayer" - it explains the vision for campus houses of prayer to be established in order for God's power to be released. It also teaches us why 24-7 prayer is Biblical and how it is God's secret weapon to us in this generation to bring heaven on earth. Word, lets do dis for His glory!

Sign up for 24-7 Prayer at UCLA the next 21 days!




"I have set watchman on your walls, O Jerusalem; They shall never hold their peace day or night. You who make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent, and give Him no rest till He establishes and till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth." Isaiah 62:6-7

This story was from my personal blog entry Feb 10, 2006.

"It BROKE OUT last night around 11pm-3am at UCLA. Students started showing up and a spirit of revival fell out of no where. Students all over the room started CRYING OUT to God for the UCLA campus and it kept going on for a few hours. There were student leaders from all different campus fellowships in the room. It was powerful. I thought I was on Prayer Mountain in Korea or an underground Chinese house church prayer meeting. The fire is burning, can you believe that we had a "map of UCLA" on the wall to pray for with the word "REVIVAL" on the top and candles lit under it. All of a sudden the 2 Chronicles 7:14 banner that was under the map caught on fire and SMOKE filled the entire map and room. Later we looked at the map of UCLA and noticed it was shaped like a "heart." Becky Tirabassi took it as a sign from God that this was the "BURNING HEART" of UCLA. Yes, the very burning heart contract Bill Bright made 50 years ago before he started Campus Crusade for Christ at UCLA. The well is re-dug, the fire is being re-lit...IT'S TIME!!!!!! Pressing In, Jaeson Ma

A few student comments from my blog post…

Ada said...

When I prepare to decorate the room, I have totally no idea where the hell can I find a huge UCLA map...but God did it. God is good.

When I was there decorate the room, for safety reason, I thought about the possibility of the paper catching fire...since we have candle holders, it is quite impossible that it will catch fire. I would definitely say it's a miracle.
God is cool~~

2/10/2006 09:55:27 PM

Stephen said...

Hey Jaeson,
I had a chance to meet you right before I left last night, and I just wanted to affirm the awesome night of prayer. I definitely felt God's presence in that room last night. I stepped in there at about 11:05 pm with a few Bruin Navs not knowing what to expect, except that I knew that God's spirit was going to be pouring down and I wanted to be there. I only had intentions of staying for my allotted hour, but before I knew it, it was close to 2 am. I never felt time pass by so quickly. Within those hours I found myself shouting out to God for revival and praying for the souls of thousands. Like NEVER before, words of prayer fell from my lips. Word's that I knew that I didn't conjure up from my own mind. Promises and verses rose out of my mouth, and I felt completely outside of myself. I've never felt that way in prayer, as far as I can remember. I didn't want to leave the presence of God. I would've stayed there all night if my body didn't need sleep. I found myself before God asking, could this campus be claimed by its rightful King? Could this be the time that these halls would echo the name of its Savior? Could it be that a shout of praise to the Lamb of God would rise up from these hills? Could it be that the sons and daughters of God would be gathered from the lost at UCLA? Get your glory back God...forgive us of our sins and trespasses...and get your Glory back. We want to see you high and lifted up. Amen.

2/11/2006 02:47:26 AM

The above blog posts came in after the 24-7 UCLA prayer room experience. No one would have thought the Holy Spirit would encounter us the way He did that night. No one would have thought God would give us a flaming sign on the wall that He was renewing a covenant He made with Bill Bright (Founder of Campus Crusade for Christ) when Dr. Bright started the first 24-7 prayer chain at Hollywood Presbyterian Church with a handful of students for UCLA almost 50 years ago. [1] That night as we prayed in that little apartment room for revival at UCLA, I was reminded of how 50 years ago, before Bill Bright started the Campus Crusade ministry at UCLA, he made a covenant with a few other young leaders called the "Burning Heart Contract." In this contract they committed to the following: "A Commitment to (1) not less than one hour in prayer and Bible reading daily, (2) and (3) to offer themselves in sobriety and complete chastity/fidelity, and (4) to lead at least one person to Christ each year." [2]After that contract was signed, it spurred forth a nationwide awakening on college campuses with students who would do the same. Something similar happened that night at UCLA, but this time it wasn't just a commitment to a contract, it was a commitment to pray non-stop, 24-7, until Jesus returns to every college and university in America!

What has been happening on campuses through 24-7 prayer rooms has been a confirmation to the dream I received in 2004 where I got into Mike Bickle's vehicle of ministry first (House of Prayer) before he got into my vehicle of ministry (Campus revival & Church Planting). It was a divine download of revelation that in order for us to see revival and reformation break out on our campuses and cities, we would first have to establish 24-7 Campus Houses of Prayer.

Since the dreams, I had been prophesying for over two years to Christian leaders in different schools that the key to unlocking open heaven and releasing revival over the campuses of our nation would be through raising up 24-7 Campus Houses of Prayer. No one would believe me. They thought it was too radical, too out there, and they gave me excuses like, "Where would you find a place to pray 24-7 on a campus?" and "College students don't have time to pray." But I didn't care what they said - I kept sharing the vision for CHOP (Campus Houses of Prayer) to be established to break open the heavens for revival. In the spring of 2006, the prophetic fulfillment of this word began to take place. In one semester our website, www.campustransformation.com, had signed up over 70+ major college and universities across the nation to pray 24-7 for one day, one week, one month or longer, in a semester of unbroken prayer over the campuses of our nation. It was happening right before our eyes. It was not contrived. It was not planned. It was a move of God completely orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. We found out later, even more campuses were praying in 24-7 prayer tents and rooms at their schools but had not signed up on the nationwide website. Reports kept pouring in of students encountering God in the prayer rooms, atheists converting, divine healings, and Holy Spirit break outs in the middle of campus. Something marvelous was unfolding--revival was beginning to rumble and God was raising up a house of prayer for all nations in our generation!

The Irrefutable Law of Night and Day Prayer

"…Shall not God bring about JUSTICE for His elect, who cry out to Him day and night…? I tell you that He will bring about JUSTICE FOR THEM SPEEDILY…" (Luke 18:7-8, NAS)

"…Shall God not AVENGE His own elect who cry out day and night to Him…? I tell you that He will AVENGE THEM SPEEDILY…" (Luke 18:7-9, NKJ)

Twenty-four seven night and day intercession releases justice, vengeance and God's judgment upon the kingdom of darkness. 24-7 prayer makes the wrong things right. It corrects error and restores God's intended purpose. It punishes the rebellious and redeems the responsive. In other words, it brings revival in the church. Revival is justice--it corrects wrong and makes things right. For example, God's judgment on sickness is healing. God's judgment on the kingdom of darkness is when thousands of non-believers get saved on a campus or in a city-- it is a judgment on unbelief. It is revival. God's judgment on division is unity in the Church. God's judgment on sin is when people are delivered from sinful bondage into a lifestyle of holiness. [3]We need God's justice in the earth and on our campuses, and it can only happen through 24-7 prayer.

Throughout history, whenever God's people chose to dedicate themselves to night and day praise, worship and intercession, the kingdom of God expanded in power and speedy justice as at no other time. As God's people pour forth an onslaught of non-stop prayer, God releases heaven on earth and it can't be stopped! [CH1]

1. Bangor , Ireland, 555 AD., under the leadership of Comgall and Columbanus – night and day worship continued for over 300 years with a missionary zeal that
touched all of Europe. [4]

2. Hernhut , Germany, 1727 A.D., under the leadership of Count Zinzendorf – night and day intercession continued for over 120 years, in its time sending out more missionaries than the Protestant church combined. [5]

3. Seoul , Korea, over the last 40 years, under the leadership of David Yonggi Cho – night and day prayer has continued for over 30 years with a missionary passion touching many parts of Asia.

4. IHOP, Kansas City (Mike Bickle) and 24-7prayer.com, England (Pete Greig) – two separate prayer movements, both started in 1999 with continued night and day prayer continuing on over 7 years and passionately reaching the next generation for Christ. [6]

5. Tabernacle of David in Jerusalem , 1000 B.C. under the leadership of King David – night and day prayer and worship continued for 33 years into King Solomon's reign. (1 Chron 15-16, 2 Chron 5-7)

In this generation, God is restoring night and day prayer because He is committed to His purpose to release justice on the earth. Even though your campus may only start with one day, one week, or one month of 24-7 prayer, before establishing a permanent 24-7 campus house of prayer, the goal is not merely to pray 24-7. Rather, the goal is to seek God's face and to cry out for speedy justice to invade your campus and city. Establishing Campus Houses of Prayer is a move of the Holy Spirit, not a fad, a method, or a cool thing to do. It is the holy work of God, a divine strategy, released to this generation to reclaim campuses and, ultimately, your generation for the glory of God. Here are a few good reasons the Holy Spirit may be putting in your heart a vision to raise up a permanent Campus House of Prayer on your college or university.

We Pray 24-7 on Earth because God is Doing it in the Heavens

In Matthew 6:9 Jesus commands us to pray for His kingdom to come, His will to be done, on earth as it is in heaven. What are they doing in heaven? They are eternally praising, worshipping and praying to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It is not our goal to get to heaven; our goal is to get heaven down to earth and onto our campuses.

We Pray 24-7 because It Releases God's Speedy Justice on the Earth

In Luke 18:7 we learn God releases speedy justice and makes the wrongs things immediately right when we cry out to Him night and day. There are many wrong things that need to be made right in our generation: abortion, homosexuality, poverty, racism, sickness and disease, drunkenness and sexual immorality, etc. Sound like your college campus? We must pray day and night on our campuses to release God's justice--revival. I have been part of a movement called Bound4life.com that has mobilized students in Washington D.C. to pray 24-7 for the ending of abortion. God is answering our prayers and placing righteous judges into the Supreme Court because we are crying out night and day, justice for the unborn.

We Pray 24-7 to Fulfill the Great Commandment in Order to Obey the Great Commission

In Matthew 22:37 we are commanded to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, strength and mind. It is through praise, worship and non-stop intercession that God is glorified. The Westminster Catechism says, "The chief end of man is to glorify God by enjoying Him forever." Yes, we enjoy God through our devotion first and our works second. Lovers always outwork workers. By spending time in a prayer room, we encounter God's presence and He fuels our passion to preach the Gospel on our campuses. We are sons and daughters of God, not slaves and servants. As we give ourselves to one thing--loving and enjoying God--we will do greater works for Him (John 14:12). Permanent 24-7 prayer rooms on campus will act as apostolic mission centers that fuel evangelism, simple church planting and missions.

We Pray 24-7 because the Devil Can Thwart the Will of God

In Daniel 10:12-13 we learn that Daniel had to pray night and day for 21 straight days to receive an important prophetic message from an archangel. This is a clear picture of how demonic armies oppose God's purposes in the earth. There is a divine struggle over our nation's campuses. The false ideologies, philosophies and demonic attacks can only be demolished through our continual prayer, fasting and crying out to God. It is only through our fervent intercession that the enemy's plans can be dismantled. Satan doesn't stop attacking and neither should we.

We Pray 24-7 because it Creates an Atmosphere of Open Heaven and Revival Breakthrough over our Campuses.

Study the historic periods of David (1 Chronicles 15-16, 1010 BC), Solomon (2 Chr 5-7, 970 BC), Jehoshaphat (2 Chr 20, 872 BC), Joash (2 Chr 23-24, 835 BC), Hezekiah (2 Chr 29-30, 729 BC), Josiah (2 Chron 35, 622 BC), Ezra (Ezra 3:10-13; 8:23; 9:4ff, 458 BC), Nehemiah (Neh 4:9; 9:1ff; 12:28-47, 445 BC). In their day, each of these Biblical heroes committed to raise up 24-7 prayer and worship to God. Their dedication released an open heaven and revival that was evident in each of their ministries. Many of us wonder why it's so hard to evangelize on our campuses. The reason is because winning souls is a spiritual battle that can only be won through non-stop prayer. As we contend night and day through campus houses of prayer, the darkness will have to flee and the heavens will open for us to have powerfully effective evangelism, missions and simple church planting on campus.

We Pray 24-7 to Prepare the Way for the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ

In Isaiah 62:6-7, it says the Lord has set each of us as Watchmen on the walls to not hold our peace day or night, to give God no rest through continual intercession until He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth. It is our mandate and calling to pray for the peace of Israel, to pray for the return of Christ, and to pray for the Gospel to be preached to all nations so that the end may come (Matt 24:14). To establish a 24-7 Campus House of Prayer is to start a student-led prayer, justice and missions movement to usher in the return of King Jesus in our generation. It can be done!

Raising up a Campus House of Prayer

If you sense the leading to start a campus house of prayer on your college or university, now is the time! Spend time in prayer, share the vision with your friends, listen to the Holy Spirit and follow His lead. God is doing a new work in our generation. He is releasing a divine strategy to strike back at the enemy in order to release His justice upon the earth and into our campuses. It begins with Him and ends with Him. 24-7 prayer [CH4] is first birthed through a passionate life of prayer. It is displayed through a passionate 24-7 praying army of God on every campus, city and nation to fulfill the Great commandment and finish the Great Commission in this hour. This is it, what are you going to do about it?

How to mobilize a CHOP?

1. Go to www.campustransformation.com and sign up your campus for 24-7prayer
2. Start praying together with others who have a heart for a 24/7 campus house of prayer
3. Call a vision-casting meeting, inviting other student leaders and campus staff workers to hear about the 24/7 campus house of prayer vision and purpose
4. Challenge other students to mobilize their friends to take a 1-2 hour shift in the prayer room
5. Meet with all the campus staff workers and student leaders of different fellowships/local churches to share with them the idea and ask for their help and support of the 24/7 campus prayer room initiative
6. Ask different campus fellowships/local churches if you can share the 24/7 campus house of prayer vision at their student large group meetings, to challenge students in their fellowships to sign up and take prayer shifts.
7. Secure a location and prepare the prayer room or prayer tent
8. Go to: www.campustransformation.com and www.24-7prayer.com to get more practical resources on how to start a 24-7 campus house of prayer

[1] Michael Richardson, Amazing Faith (Published by Waterbrook Press, Colorado Springs, Co, 2000, page. 63

[2] Earl O. Roe, Editor, Dream Big, The Henrietta Mears Story (Published by Regal Books, Ventura Ca, 1990, page. 282-283)

[3] Mike Bickle, Harp & Bowl Spiritual Warfare Syllabus (Published by Forerunner Books www.ihop.org , page 3-4)

[4] http://www.tertullian.org/fathers/gildas_05_intro.htm

[5] See Christian History Magazine, Vol. 1 No. 1, Worcester, PA: 1982.

[6] Mike Bickle ( www.ihop.org ), Pete Greig (www.24-7prayer.com )

Revolution to Come to Every Campus!

Prophetic Word from Prophet Chuck Pierce on "Revolution on Campuses" read below and click on link on bottom...it is interesting to note that as a CCN movement we are on a majority of the campuses noted, keep on track team God is movn! jaes

My desire is for a revolution to come on every campus. Call forth a new student revolution. Declare universities will break out of the conformity of the world. Call forth a revolution in Princeton, in the University of Delaware, all along the East Coast, in Harvard and Yale. Let revolution come forth in Kentucky on the campuses. Declare a revolution will come forth at the University of Texas. Call forth revolution and a new wind of the My Spirit to blow in Kansas. Shake up the systems and call forth My Spirit in unusual places that will spark a revolution. Break out of conformity. Mammon has the revolution captured. Break that mammon structure! Change your identity and go into the universities and call out for Me to come.

Reinforce the walls of the West and East Coasts. Call for the Tribes to align and send forth the reinforcements to help My people get positioned with your new weapons on the wall. The sound that has been captured on the West Coast and sent in wrong directions will now be returned to My people and redirected for My purposes. I'm going to cause that sound to start calling in the wave of My Spirit.

I Am the God of Revolution and a new wave of revolution will come into and out of Berkley, UCLA, USC, Pepperdine, the University of Oregon and Oregon State. Even Gonzaga and Washington State will experience an awakening of My purpose. I am calling forth the revolution in San Diego that will awaken the borders of this land. Let the sound come forth on the West Coast to prepare them for the wave that is coming.

To read more "The year of 5767: A Time of Movement and Clashing" click below



Below is a prophetic word from the "Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders" it is interesting in the word given, again, there is a prophetic word directly for university campuses. Pray into it. It is time!

C. Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs, and many others: "WORD OF THE LORD FOR 2007--Released through the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders"

Steve Shultz From the desk of Steve Shultz:

Every year, as a member of ACPE (Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders), I participate in one-of-many prophetic roundtables that are held around the USA and even around the world.

We of course, don't set ourselves up as anyone's final authority, but are simply an accountable group of prophetic people, coming together to share with one another what we hear the Lord saying to us. You might consider the ACPE as ONE puzzle piece (of many hundreds or thousands of puzzle pieces) being released on the earth.

This year, we met in September, to have a chance to have a prepared word sent out on or before the first of the year. Remember to add what you read in this report from the ACPE below, to other reports you receive from other prophetic roundtables--and other prophets--to get the most accurate view of what God is saying to the Church today.

Steve Shultz
The Elijah List & The Voice of the Prophetic magazine

Prophetic Elders (listed in alphabetical order):

Beth Alves, Sam Brassfield, Stacey Campbell, Kim Clement,
Paul Keith Davis, Lou Engle, Will Ford, Joseph Garlington,
Ernest Gentile, Mary Glazier, James Goll, Bill S. Hamon, Jane Hamon, Tom Hamon, Harry Jackson, Mike & Cindy Jacobs, Jim Laffoon, Sek Leang Ong, Chuck D. Pierce, Rick Ridings, John & Paula Sandford, Michael Schiffmann, Gwen Shaw, Dutch Sheets, Steve Shultz, Jean Steffenson, Sharon Stone, Tommy Tenney, C. Peter & Doris Wagner, and Dominic Yeo.


This word given is through a compilation of the prophetic words and consensus of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (ACPE). This year, the council met at the beginning of the Jewish calendar (September 22, 2006), rather than at the January time period, in order to allow time to distill and hear the Word of the Lord before the turning of the Gregorian calendar.

There are differing variables that can affect the timing and/or coming to pass of these words:

1. All prophecy not contained in Scripture is conditional.

2. The timing of when the prophecy comes to pass may not occur in a one year time frame.

3. It is possible that the prophetic warnings given will cause either the person or nation to repent and thus turn away the judgment prophesied. Biblically, this happened when Jonah prophesied to Nineveh and the city repented, causing God to relent.

Moving from Mission Impossible to Mission Accomplished

"2007 is the year of moving from 'Mission Impossible' to 'Mission Accomplished.' It is a year of perfecting, completing, and finishing."

Here are some "finishing's" that will take place:

1. Finishing of a building cycle. Time for new building strategies to be released.

2. Finishing of the five-fold ministry restored. Apostolic and Prophetic moving together.

3. Finishing anointing for shifting the courts in America. The nation is hanging in the balance. We cannot miss this window of opportunity for change.

4. Political times of realignment. War against the Jezebel spirit of influence.

5. Finishing anointing for the release of miracles.

6. Finishing anointing for the release of transfer of wealth. Many deals that are in the balance will be completed. Satan has set up strongholds that are ancient and must be torn down to shift wealth to the Body of Christ.

7. Harvest Season is upon us. Revival, revival. The youth are going to wake up on university campuses.

8. The closing of one chapter in our lives and the beginning of a new season. Don't hold onto the old when God wants to move you into the new. Complete in 2007, so you can move into the new thing in 2008.

9. Finishing of bondage cycles. Season of captivity being broken over our personal lives, corporate visions, and national foundations. Bible reading was taken out of U.S. public schools in 1967, and it is time to end the 40 years of wandering in the wilderness. This is the year to read the Bible in school!

The Year of the Clash of the Swords

The year according to the Jewish calendar is 5767. It is the year of the clash of the swords. The warfare this year on a personal level, will be to try and stop you from completing. The number seven stands for completion. It is a year for arms and weapons. We are in a seven-year war cycle through the end of 2007, and so this is the year to press in to press the enemy back from your gates, and to complete the battle that has been raging all around us.

Do not be intimidated by the battle, for God will give you a two-edged sword to win this battle. The enemy will rise up with a vengeance, but we will have discernment to deal with it.

This is not a season for passivity. Satan has released his "chatter" into the Heavenly realm to try and stop you from pursuing the things of God. This chatter will cause diversions such as family problems, financial lack, and even just general complacency. If you become passive now, you will not press into your destiny and obtain the promises of God.

The Tongue will be Likened to a Sword

"The tongue can be likened to a sword, so this is the year to get your tongue and what you say lined up with what God says about your life."

Release your faith for the prophetic promises that God has given you to come to pass. Whatever are the dreams in your heart, do not be intimidated by the tremendous warfare.

God is faithful and you can only loose the battle if you quit. Begin to say what God says, and He will give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation knowledge that you need. Declarations that we have made in the past will have a powerful exclamation point! 2007 is the year to possess the promise.

Beware of satan trying to stir up problems between close friends, family, and associates in this year because it is the year of the clashing of the swords. Bind satan from influencing you and those around you. Jacob and Esau will try to clash, but refuse to participate. Just as Jacob sent presents before him (Genesis 32:18), so you are to send blessings before you. Ask God for the strategy to open the hearts of those who are stirred up against you.

Watch for the trap of fornication and adultery, and beware of seducing spirits. This is a year of purifying motives and holiness in thought and actions.

New Wine Released

2007 is the year when the Holy Spirit is beginning to move in a powerful way across the face of the earth. New moves of the Holy Spirit will be birthed and new wine released. Remember, this is also a year of confrontation, so stay in the will of God and keep moving when opposed.

"This is a year when old wineskins will clash with new wineskins."

The Lord also told us that in this time of acceleration, we need new wineskins every year to keep up with the movement of God in the earth. Truth and understanding will be instruments of division. It will be almost impossible to ride the fence.

The Sword of the Lord Rules and a Ruling Anointing is Coming Upon God's People

The sword also represents judgment. God is going to judge things that prevent us from moving forward. The sword of the Lord rules and there is a ruling anointing coming upon God's people. This is a year to dethrone terrorist's spirits that try to intimidate the nations through spiritual warfare.


Finances will be released in a greater measure to be able to allow the Body of Christ to disciple nations. Influence will be a key word for the church.

New resistant strains of sexual diseases and other diseases will develop.

God is going to begin to deal with the secular media. There is a spirit of revulsion against the tactics of media who turn against Christianity and Godly principles. Those who have fed into this, who say they are Christians and hide under the guise of "religion" and "political correctness," are going to be exposed and fall out of favor. Political correctness in the Body of Christ will become unpopular as Christians stand up for what is right and choose to obey God and not man, and thus speak out over media.

A Deeper Understanding of Love

The Body of Christ is going to come into a deeper understanding of the "John" spirit of love. John the Beloved laid his head on Jesus' breast. Sinners will come to understand the love of Christ through the church. Hollywood will feel this and come alive for Christ! We will learn to love the lost without condemnation; yet keeping the righteous plumbline of God's word.

Homosexuals will be converted and brought to Christ through this love. In this 40 year anniversary of Haight Ashbury and the free-love movement, there will be a great movement of the love of Christ. This will particularly impact San Francisco, where many homosexuals will be turned to Christ.

Holiness in Our Schools

A new holiness movement will spring up. Teachers will teach about holiness and preach against sin. This will spark revival movements, and the fear of the Lord will fall upon many. New young firebrands will preach holiness to their generation, and the "reality" generation will see Jesus for who He really is.

We are in the beginning stages of another Jesus People movement. Stanford and Berkley will experience a huge shift towards righteousness in their student bodies. God-based societies will spring up theistic thinking. Secularism is going to start waning, and radical leftist professors are going to be moved out of the universities of America in surprising ways. The righteous walls are opening in our educational systems. Schools will be touched in the coming years, and a ground swell of this is starting now.


Iran and the Middle East

It is the consensus of the prophets that satan is trying to foment World War III, but it is not God's timing for this. This could happen if we do not pray, as it would be premature. We must fast and pray against the spirit of Jihad and the spirit of Nebo (The Babylonian god of wisdom, literature, education, arts, and science. This is the spirit of violence and of terrorism that is released in the earth today). However, Nebo must bow to God's will (Isaiah 46:1-2). We must tear apart the occultist veil protecting the President of Iran and pray that the pro-democracy movement in the country will overthrow him.

Communism and Latin America

We came to understand that satan is trying to "restructure" the earth right now (Daniel 7:25), and is shifting his power bases. Communism is rooting itself in Latin America and the strongman of that ideology has shifted from Asia. He wants to build a base in Mexico in particular. We need to pray for Mexico right now. Communism is the counterfeit for true Christianity.


"God is shaking, shaking, shaking Israel."

This is a time of uprooting and exposure of corruption. Syria is going to be exposed in regard to its agenda concerning Israel.

Central Asia

2007 will be a profound time for Central Asia, as seeds that have been sown--even by the blood of the martyrs--are going to spring up. It is a time for churches, churches, churches, and harvest. More churches will be planted in the next few years than in the last 100 years combined.

Submitted by the members of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (ACPE).