Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Off to Singing Waters again!

I'm off to Singing Waters, Canada again for two weeks. So NO EMAIL! I'm excited, I wish I would have went earlier, but yeah, I do covet your prayers friends. Please pray God brings me into His heart like never before, that I hear His voice, obey His voice and truly find a brief time of rest. These last two months have not been the "rest" I was looking for. I see myself already going back into my "workaholic tendencies" not good, not good at all. It's so easy to forget the truth you originally encounter, I'm learning it the hard way already, God give me grace to get back to the "one thing" that is more precious than any accomplishment or responsibility that is done for You. Please pray I choose the better part, the thing that can't be taken away (Luke 10) this is what I need right now, big time.

I think it's really cold in Canada right now right? Anyways, yeah here is a pic from Quoc/Erica coming to hang last week at the UCLA prayer room, us in front of diddy rees eatn ice cream sandwiches oh yeah...good times :) ps. dude, the prayer room has been awesome, I think every student that has stepped foot in the prayer room, within 5 minutes gets rocked haha, in a good way by God :D keep prayn for the church at ucla, may God unite us as one body as we come to Seek His Face for this campus and generation!


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