Monday, April 26, 2004

Dear Prayer Warriors & Friends,

Glory to God! This Wednesday I will be leaving for South Africa to speak to the youth of Africa. I thank you all for your prayers and support in making it possible for me to GO! I cannot even begin to imagine what God is going to do through this historical event "TRANSFORMATION AFRICA." Please pray fervently, as there are now estimated 44 million people who will be linked on May 2nd in over 800 venues/stadiums in all 58 African nations praying for the transformation of Africa at one time. I am in deep gratitude to the Lord for even being given the invitation to speak a radical Gospel message to Africa's youth for this event. Truly, we are living in a critical moment in church history where God's kingdom is now manifesting in the discipleship of entire NATIONS! For such a time as this I ask you to pray for and with me as we all ask God for Africa and its next generation! Below you can read on how you can join in prayer for me, my team, Pastor Ed Silvoso the keynote speaker on May 2nd and the Transformation Africa events! Goto the official website to find out everything on this historical event and watch it live on TBN. Also you will be encouraged as you read the history of this revival movement in Africa in the attached document...><>

Prayer Itinerary:

(Please pray for me, my team, as I will be speaking and a part of the following events in Africa)

April 29- Arrive in Cape Town

April 30- "Phenomenon" (massive youth Gospel crusade)

May 1- "A-blaze" (radical youth prayer & fasting event like "The Call"

May 2- "Transformation Africa"

May 3- Follow-up meetings

May 4- Return home

My team: HK Delegates (Linda & Christine Ma), Nancy Ma & Pierre Moranza

Please intercede for the following:

1. Team unity, humility and God's power to work through us.

2. Protection from the enemy and traveling mercies

3. Pray God anoints me with His Words for each message to save souls and transform multitudes of young lives.

4. Pray for the protection of the leaders leading Transformation Africa & Ed Silvoso

5. Pray our international teams receive revelation and impartation to bring this revival movement in Africa back to our cities and nations.

6. Pray that God TRANSFORMS AFRICA and the nations beyond!

Thank you again for your dedicated prayers. What a privilege it is for us to labor together to see God's glory fill the nations (Isaiah 60). I can't wait to come back and tell you of what God did and will continue to do in Africa! It is amazing to see how even a nation can be changed in one day! "Who has heard such a thing? Shall the earth be made to give birth in one day? Or shall a nation be born at once?" Isaiah 66:8 Let us pray for the Transformation of Africa and its next generation!

Yours for the fulfillment of the Great Commandment & Great Commission in this generation,

Jaeson Ma


Below is how you can pray for Transformation Africa w/ Harvest Evangelism....

Dear Harvest Team and Intercessors:

On May 2 Ed Silvoso will have the priveledge of addressing the entire continent of Africa. Our partner organization, Transform Africa will be hosting an all Africa Solemn Assembly that it is estimated to link 44 million people on that day (May 2nd) in over 800 venues, several hundred of which will be stadiums in all 58 African nations. Ed will be the keynote speaker for this broadcast event. This is an historic opportunity. We would like to invite you to pray and fast with us for this event beginning the day before and continuing the day after: May 1,2 and 3.

We must stand with our brothers and sisters in Africa and believe with them that God can heal their continent.

What an incredible opportunity we have. Will you commit to pray fervently for the event and fast one or more of the 3 days?

Please reply to this email to register your commitment to pray and fast (let us know which day(s) you are choosing to fast).

Our goal is to have a Gideon?™s Army of 300 saints committed to pray and fast for this event.

For His kingdom,


Ted Hahs
Chief Intercessor
Harvest Evangelism Inc.
PO Box 20310 San Jose, CA 95160
tel. (408) 350 1670

Transformation Africa History

After listening to John Guernsey sharing about the transformation process taking place in Cali Colombia with the SOMA Executives who were on retreat in Richmond, Virginia' in October 1998, a well known Church Leader from Cape Town, Rev Trevor Pearce was absolutely gripped by the story. So too were the others - they all knew that God the Holy Spirit was planting something in their hearts that would burst forth in some exciting way.
He returned home excited about what they had heard and with treasure - a copy of an audio tape and a booklet produced by George Otis Jnr. which tells of the work of transformation taking place in Cali, Columbia, and the hope contained in these principles which they believe could be contextualised in other parts of the world.
Trevor returned to Cape Town with its drugs, crime and violence with a quiet sense of excitement and anticipation. He shared copies of this tape with Pastor Eddie Edson and a few other pastors. Soon these various copies were being copied again, fast and furiously, and shared with many other "hope hungry" people in their city. They recognised that the principles of prayer, unity, leadership etc. were biblical principles for universal application. Soon "Community Transformation - Cape Town" was born.
The initial prayer meetings and gathering of leaders culminated in their first citywide prayer meeting in June 1999. He was back in Washington for a SOMA Executive meeting, which was strategically positioned alongside a conference on Community Transformation at which George Otis also launched the video "Transformations". They arranged a telephone link up with that first prayer meeting at which 1200 people had gathered to pray throughout the night. Now, there was no turning back.
The video resulted in an exponential spreading of the vision. He couldn't keep pace with one video so he ordered 20 more - then 50 and was swallowed up by people desperate to have copies. Bennie Mostert, (then NUPSA now Jericho Walls) - a prayer network for Africa, took over and to date over 20 000 copies have been distributed in Africa. Wherever the video was shown, God ignited fires in the hearts of His people.
Wherever the video was shown, God brought together some of the most unlikely people. Relationships were being forged across denominational, racial and cultural divides as never before.
City wide prayer meetings were held at approximately 3 monthly intervals and the numbers grew to 2500, then 5000 at an open air venue at the heart of our city, 6000 in a small athletics stadium etc. Prayer was at the heart of what God was doing. When Rashied Staggie, the most notorious gangster in Cape Town turned to Jesus, the impetus increased magnificently. People saw a difference at a very high level (or was it at a very low level?)
People could now believe God for a breakthrough and they prayed with greater faith. Small breakthroughs led to bigger breakthroughs. After a bombing campaign of 22 bombs in Cape Town, the perpetrators were caught the very next day after a major prayer meeting focused on this group asking God for a breakthrough. Headlines in the papers the next day: "Breakthrough".
Graham Power, a successful businessman and relatively new convert, also saw one of the videos. In June 2000 Graham received a vision from God to motivate and host a large stadium event. He was also a board member of Western Province Rugby.
Graham's vision had 4 legs to it: Firstly to hire Newlands Rugby Stadium for a Day of Repentance and Prayer for Cape Town; secondly to move into the rest of South Africa for a National Day of Prayer; thirdly to reach the whole of Southern Africa in the same way; and fourthly to implement this vision into the whole of Africa.
On 3 November 2000 they looked down on the stadium from the Presidents Suite, together with people like George Otis, Ruth Ruibal, Harold Caballeros and Alistair Petrie. They were in Cape Town for an International Consultation on Transformation hosted by SOMA, followed by a National Conference on Transformation, which 1500 people attended. They sought God's Will together and Graham's vision started turning into reality
The next challenge was to share the vision with the Christian leaders in Cape Town, and in January 2001 600 Pastors and Ministers met at Newlands to buy into this event and pray together.
On Human Rights Day, 21 March 2001, the Newlands Rugby Stadium was filled with the joyous sounds of an excitable, capacity 45 000 crowd. Leg 1 of the vision was completed.
Following the day of prayer held at the Newlands Rugby stadium in Cape Town, 8 other areas across South Africa hosted similar events in 2002. These events took place in the following stadiums: Ellis Park Stadium (Johannesburg), Kingsmead Stadium (Durban), Bisho Stadium (Bisho), ABSA Stadium (East London), Telkom Park (Port Elizabeth), Outeniqua Stadium (George), Boland Stadium (Wellington), Newlands (Cape Town). In addition the event was broadcasted live on DSTV and SABC TV and was shown in dozens of rural Towns - Community Centres, Churches, Correctional Facilities, Retirement Homes, Town Halls, and private dwellings, not to mention the fact that it was seen in African countries as far north as the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Kenya.
These events so captured the hearts and minds of people all over the country that it was decided to put together a strategy that will take the process of Transformation forward. All over the country everyone is so inspired that + 66 South African regions and 22 African cities have committed themselves to participate in the National Day of Prayer for Africa on the 1st of May 2003
On 29 May 2002 history was made when + 80 people from different regions, cultures and denominations came together in Cape Town to discuss the Transformation process in Southern Africa and Africa for 2003 and years to come. At this meeting it was decided that a 3-day summit must be held with the following objectives:
¡¤ To seek the Will and Blessing of God in the process of Transformation in Africa
¡¤ To share Biblical perspectives and principles for any community transformation process
¡¤ Vision, strategies and process of Transformation in South Africa
¡¤ To create understanding of National and International events
¡¤ Obtain inputs for the road ahead for the process of Transformation in Africa
The Summit was held from 22 - 25 September 2002. 220 Church- and Community leaders, Businessmen and delegates from 9 different African countries were gathered at Shekinah the Radio Pulpit Conference Centre near Bela Bela in the Limpopo Province.
At the time of the Summit over 40 regions in South Africa and 9 countries in Africa were committed to a Day of Prayer on the 1st of May 2003. The challenge facing the regions now were to unite all the churches in the different regions to work together towards transforming South Africa and Africa. People need to take hands over a broader spectrum, not only with regards to black and white, but also over the boundaries of different church denominations.
Representatives at the summit highlighted five issues that according to them can influence the success of the transformation process. These issues are repentance, building relationships, the definition of transformation, communication of the message and organizing or structuring the process.
The representatives also decided on a mission and vision for Transformation Africa. The vision is "Africa for Christ" with the mission being "Transforming Africa as we mobilize the whole church, community by community, nation by nation, with the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ."
At the end of the summit representatives signed a declaration through which they committed to annual days of united prayer, the establishment of 24/7 prayer watches, discipleship and teaching in and through the local church and saturating church planting. This declaration is based on 2 Chronicles 7:14 and the representatives declared themselves committed to a lifestyle of transformation.
Since the Summit the amount of regions in South Africa have grown to 77 representing 360 cities/towns and the African countries to 28 representing 62 cities. Thus over 130 regions praying together in 2003.
2004 will be the realization of the fourth leg of the vision. The Day of Prayer for Africa will be held be held on 2 May 2004. Our aim is to reach all 58 countries in Africa to participate. Part of the planning is to involve every town/community in South Africa.
We need all the help that we can get to make this happen. Can you be of assistance?
A global Transformation Prayer Day is planned for 15 May 2005. The plan is to start praying as the sun comes up in the East (New Zealand) in different time slots until the Sun sets in the West (USA). This planning will involve leaders from around the Globe under the hospice of World Enquiry International Coalition Steering Committee. This meeting will take place from 16 - 18 June 2004 in Korea.
There are many critical elements in transformation. One of the most important is leadership - without which not even the prayer ministry will grow. Transformation requires Godly leaders - visionary people, kingdom minded people who are willing to express the unity that Jesus prayed for (Ephesians 4). It requires servant leaders who are not in it for themselves but for Gods glory and a tangible transformation of people's context. Good leaders recognise that transformation is a process over time. Sufficient things have happened to indicate that God is in the centre of what we are doing. However a glance at our reality will indicate that there is a long road to travel and the best is yet to be.