Thursday, July 08, 2004

Dear prayer warriors,

I really need your prayers as I have been asked to minister to over 15-20,000 youth in Surabaya Indonesia with Pastor Bob Weiner. I am leaving in a few hours and just decided 2 days ago to go on this ministry trip. We will be training youth leaders in Surabaya in campus ministry, holding a major youth crusade and conducting a pastors conference during July 10-July 16. I am very privileged to go and also know Indonesia has a high rate of persecution towards Chinese Christians, so please keep me also in prayer for God’s protection and favor. Whatever the case, God’s will be done and I pray that God will be able to work powerfully through Pastor Bob and myself & that I will also be able to take this youth revival fire from the nations and to the campuses of other nations, especially the States as I will fly directly into Colorado (July 19th) after ministering for one day in Singapore (July 18th) to join hundreds of young Nazarites to pray for our Nation and mobilize Joel’s army on the campuses of America (

Also, thank you for all your prayers for the youth revivals in Hong Kong, below is a brief summary of what happened. Praise God…youth revival fire is breaking out in Asia!

The fire of God continues to burn brighter among the youth of Hong Kong! I can’t explain it clearly in words, but you must see the revival fire of God burning in the hearts of the youth. In his third trip to Hong Kong the revival fires from heaven fell everywhere our ministry team set foot. Yet, we know it isn’t us, it is God’s sovereign hand moving upon the land of Hong Kong setting it on course for an extraordinary inevitable revival. I know in my spirit it is time for Hong Kong!

I don’t have time to write my usual 15-page report, but here are some key observations of what our team experienced and saw on this last ministry trip.

Ever since I was 19 years old I have been a student of revival history. Through my studies, personal experiences and visiting other countries in revival I have come to learn revival never comes unless there is unity, prayer and holiness. All these 3 things are happening among the churches and especially the youth generation in Hong Kong.

For the first time in Hong Kong I am seeing churches unite together as one to cry out for God to save their land. Everywhere I have been it seems Christians are praying with not just supplications, but the kind of desperate prayers that bring revival. There is also a cry for holiness against the idolatries of the land and the spirit of Elijah is arising. In the bigger picture, many ministries, churches, pastors, missionaries have been laying down this foundation for revival piece by piece by contributing their part to where I believe very soon these different contributions and pieces of the puzzle will come together so that we may witness the total transformation of Hong Kong and one day China!

What happened on this last ministry trip? Too much…here are some highlights in regards to missions, unity, prayer & holiness!

· Missions: Met w/ core youth network committee & expressed my deep desire to see God raise up a youth army in Hong Kong that would reach the next generation of main land China. We had a powerful time of prayer with one of the leaders of Joshua worship band from Taiwan who also has a heart to mobilize both Taiwan and HK youth to the mainland for missions! We are now praying on working together for future youth crusades and missions mobilization among Chinese youth!

· Missions: Went into a major urban city in mainland and God opened up a major door for witness & although I can’t share details, all I can say is, “God confirmed to me the need to reach the urban cities next generation of youth in mainland China who are not being reached with the Gospel…BIG TIME!”

· Fire of Holiness: At the Youth Alpha Conference the Holy Spirit impressed upon me that the same fire that John Wesley had for holiness would be set ablaze in the hearts of the ministers at the conference. Sure enough, I had no idea we were at the oldest Methodist Church in Hong Kong & the FIRE of God fell upon hundreds of youth pastors & workers as they were all baptized with the Holy Spirit and Fire!

· Unity & Reconciliation: I then spoke at a “Praise Assembly” on Father’s Day Sunday and seriously totally forgot it was Father’s day. Yet, God gave me a word from Malachi 4:6 to “turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers” and I challenged the parents just like in The Call events to ask forgiveness from God and from their children in anyway they have broken covenant. It was powerful as the altar of the convention hall was flooded with parents and children crying and reconciling their differences and being healed!

· Revival Prayer: I then spoke at SKW Baptist Church. Again, the spirit of repentance and travail fell among the youth in that service as they began to cry out desperately for their generation the entire church floor was full of young bodies lying prostrate crying out to God for revival in their generation!

· Unity: We then met w/ 18 districts leader Pastor Lydia who is overseeing this major network of over 300+ churches that are working together in unity to transform the spiritual climate of Hong Kong. What a meeting! We connected at a heart level and are now able to connect the existing youth networks we are in touch with to the 18 districts to adopt school campuses in prayer! I will be back in Hong Kong September to speak to the churches in 18 districts on principles of prayer evangelism to transform campuses as I have learned under Pastor Ed Silvoso and Pastor Cal Chinen in Hawaii.

· The Fire Conference: At the Fire conference it was like the Fire of God literally fell as in just 3 sessions youth completely surrendered themselves to God, I’m talking about 90% of the crowd in the packed auditorium got on their knees and surrendered ALL. Some youth prayed prayers like, “Lord I like sports, but I surrender it to You, even if you break my arms and legs I promise I will still worship and serve you forever!”

Ø On the first night as many youth were repenting the Holy Spirit led me to change the direction of the meeting to begin to intercede for the youth of China. I had not announced this yet, when all of a sudden a man waves his hand in the crowd at me and asks me to let this young teenager from mainland China say a prayer, he prayed the most passionate prayer I ever heard asking God, “please raise up a youth in mainland China to have the same fire and passion as these youth in Hong Kong!” The power of God fell on that prayer and I immediately remembered the Lord told me before the trip I would see 100 youth commit themselves to reaching the next generation of youth in mainland China with the Gospel. Sure enough, when I gave the challenge, over “100” youth stood up to commit themselves to be missionaries to reaching the next generation in China! Another student missionary movement is on its way…the vision is spreading…may the Lord raise up a new generation of Hudson Taylors in HK!

Ø On the second day of the conference the fire of God continued to fall and the youth devoted themselves to be a “One Thing” Generation to seek God’s face above all as God’s cherished bride, we had a wedding that day as young people stood up to “get married” w/ Jesus!

Ø During the final session again revival fire fell as the whole auditorium cried out for God to send the Baptism of Fire. Physical healings broke out everywhere and youth again were on their faces crying out for God to send revival to Hong Kong.

· Unity & Prayer: It was unbelievable, after the youth conference the youth network decided to hold two first time meetings. One to be a citywide prayer meeting to pray for youth revival and the second a citywide youth pastors meeting on learning on how to work together to bring city transformation among the youth. At both meetings the network was only expecting 50-150 people max. Well at the prayer meeting 400 + showed up and at the youth pastors meeting over 300+ youth pastors/workers showed up! The point is the youth and the youth leaders are hungry for revival and willing to let go of differences and “work together” to bring revival to the youth of HK. At both meetings the spirit of travail and vision for the campuses were birthed… God is surely doing a new thing! So much so…at the youth revival prayer meeting they had a first time sign up for youth to adopt 1 hour shifts during the week to pray for revival so there would be 24-7 prayer hitting the heavens for youth revival in HK. Well, w/in minutes the entire sign up sheet was almost totally signed up w/ only a few spots left during the afternoon hours. The youth took the midnight-6am hours to pray first!!!

· Sr. Pastors & Youth: Met with many key senior pastors at a meeting who are also committed together to turn their hearts towards the next generation to empower them to bring God’s revival! Yes! The youth must honor and the generation above must EMPOWER!

· Ignite the Fire: The final youth crusade on July 1st was a breakthrough! The ICA church auditorium couldn’t hold the youth who were cramming to get in. Youth had to sit in the aisles and many youth unfortunately had to be turned away because the event was so packed w/ young people hungry to hear the Gospel! In the end the Gospel was presented, lives were saved, youth were transformed and the FIRE CONTINUES TO BURN!!!

· The Fire Burns On….

The above highlights are just some of the main highlights in greater depth to give each of you a better understanding of how your prayers have been breaking open the heavens over the young generation of Hong Kong. Please continue to pray hard hard hard for the youth of Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Something is brewing and it smells like revival!

What are the next steps in September as our team goes back to support the fire being spread among the youth in HK?

1. Deeper talks on the possibility of “The Call China 2005”
2. Mobilization for Transformation China “May 15 2005” (remember the Transformation Africa
report? Well, after writing that report the Lord led Linda Ma to help reserve the HK
indoor stadium to unite with over 500 million Christians around the world for a day of
worldwide prayer and revival!)
3. Continue to network the networks and unite more churches as one church in the city to work
together to reach the CAMPUSES in Hong Kong through “prayer evangelism” at the 18
districts pastor’s retreat under Harvest Evangelism.
4. Raise up the youth in the prophetic & hold another series of YOUTH CRUSADES outdoors in
Hong Kong mid September!
5. Mobilize the youth strategically for missions into the mainland amen!

Let us continue to pray for the revival of God’s youth army in Hong Kong China!

Praying for worldwide youth revival,
Jaeson Ma

Dear praying update from Hong Kong

Really, all I can say is PRAISE GOD!!! beginnings of Revival is
breaking out..seriously

I don't know what to think but God is doing something amazing with
the youth in HK. Thank you for all your prayers this last week and a half.
Senior pastors, youth pastors, and hundreds of youth have been flocking
to all the revival meetings ...and God is linking them all together to win
the youth of HK together! let me explain...

In the last 12 days Erica, Freda and myself have been blessed to minister
to thousands of youth in HK which is unheard of for most youth outreaches
in HK.


1. At the youth alpha conference hundreds of youth workers and leaders
were filled with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit ....
2. At every meeting a spirit of "revival fire & travailing
intercession" has fallen at literally every
different youth meeting and youth are on their faces crying out for
hours for revival..
3. Spoke at one of the largest churches on Fathers day and forgot it
was "fathers day" and God
had me speak on Malachi 4:6 "turn the hearts of fathers to children,
children to fathers" and the altar was flooded with parents
reconciling and repenting to their children and vice versa...
4. At "THE FIRE" conference almost every night was packed out with
youth from all over
HK and over 100 youth committed to FULL TIME MISSIONS IN MAINLAND
CHINA...just as God
had spoken to me would happen... over a thousand youth came out and on
the last night
the BAPTISM of FIRE broke out and instantaneous HEALINGS broke out
everywhere ...too many
testimonies of youth praying for each other to receiving healing and
healings happened everywhere... a young boy who was DEAF and totally
MUTE began to hear for the first time and
spoke his first 2 WORDS!!!
5. We had a follow up citywide prayer meeting for youth revival
expecting only 50 to show up
and 400 youth and youth leaders came out to commit to pray for youth
revival in HK and
all 400 took up 1 hour time slots to pray for HK youth 24/7 round the
6. At the citywide youth pastors meeting last night..we again onlly
expected 100 youth workers
to show up...but 350+ came out!!!!!!!!!!!! I challenged them all with
the principles of TRANSFORMATION and PRAYER EVANGELISM and over 40
churches represented decided to reconcile, unite and work TOGETHER to
7. Met with almost all key SR PASTORS and YOUTH PASTORS and already we
are planning the
next youth crusade in September... and beginning more deeper talks for
THE CALL CHINA 2005 or 2006
8. Erica has been beautifully leading worship and gave her testimony
and FReda has been training all the intercessors in strategic
spiritual warfare...




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