Saturday, July 28, 2007

Massive Prayer Needed for Asia Campus Revival

Dear Prayer Team,

I am leaving a day early tomorrow to start our 5 week Asia revival mission. I REALLY NEED YOUR DAILY PRAYERS as I believe this will be one of the most significant, yet also most intense revival speaking tours I have had in 4 years. I will be preaching and training thousands of church pastors and student leaders to encounter the love of God in order to release the power of the Holy Spirit on their college campuses, cities and nation.

I will be preaching and ministering with a team of co-workers at 8 major leadership/revival conferences and miracle crusades in Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia between July 30-September 3rd 2007.

Please pray specifically for the following...

1. Traveling mercy and grace as I will be traveling in and out of different Asian countries and even flying back in the middle of the trip to the California for 48 hours to officiate my best friends wedding!

2. Physical Stamina & Good Health as I usually will lose my voice after 2 full revival conferences. Pray for wisdom to preach without losing my voice. I will preach anywhere from 2-4 times a day. Also, pray for good health as this will be a marathon of non-stop ministry for 40 days straight.

3. Father's Love & Revelation of Jesus as many of you know, Holy Spirit has been impressing on my heart the last few months to communicate the message of the Father Heart of God and the Revelation of Jesus as Bridegroom, King and Judge specifically
for this Asian student missionary movement. Already, 2,000+ students have volunteered to join the student back to Jerusalem movement and they will need to be equipped at the heart level, being rooted and grounded in the love of God before they can truly
be effective apostolic and prophetic missionaries to the nations.

4. Outpouring of Holy Spirit
we will be training thousands of students in all these different Asian countries. Pray that we don't just have good meetings, but that the Holy Spirit is welcome, invades every gathering with His holy power, that the heavens are opened over us and real REVIVAL breaks out as the people repent, reconcile and are released to share the Gospel and transform society!

5. SOULS SAVED, SICK HEALED & DEMONS CAST OUT: We will be holding MIRACLE CRUSADES in many of the gatherings and are expecting thousands to fill out the stadiums and convention centers. Pray that hell gets empty and heaven is made full as the Gospel of Christ is preached to the lost. Pray that as we train student leaders in power evangelism that they will hit the campuses and streets and heal the sick, deliver the oppressed, raise the dead and prophesy forth God's love and truth!

To watch a clip of the last Asia for Jesus Crusade/Conference click here

6. Campus Church Planting Movements Multiply:
Pray also as we train our network leaders to establish healthy and rapidly growing student-led church planting churches that the growing movement of campus church plants in these Asian nations will multiply exponentially so that every campus, every city and every nation in Asia is transformed with God's glory.

7. "The Blueprint" (Chinese Translation):
We will release "The Blueprint" my new book to start revolutions on college campuses in the Chinese language at all the conferences/trainings in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Pray this book sells out as it has in the US and that it gets in the hands of every person who is willing and desirous to see their campus shaken with the Gospel and the power of the Spirit.

8. Unity and Team Work: This is the most important to pray for. Pray for Stanley Liu, Benson Lee, Abraham Gin, Enoch Ku who are coming with me to intercede, minister and serve God's people in these nations together. Pray we keep a spirit of unity, humility and prayer to hear God's voice and release His loving words. Pray in Korea as I have the honor of ministering with my Sr. Pastor Che Ahn and his son Grabriel, pray a special outpouring of 2 generations is released on Korea's young people. Pray also for the 5 Brothers "Pastor Philip, Ewen, Jonathan, Timothy and Myself" as we pioneer our first "ASIA FOR JESUS" tour in Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. May we grow closer in covenant love for each other and the lost who will be saved in Asia.

Honestly, I'm a bit intimidated by the intensity of this trip, but I know Father God will give me grace and Holy Spirit will be with me and our team in order that Christ would be lifted high over Asia and glorified. I will be sending out updates so stay tuned to the Spirit and most of all I would appreciate if you remembered me in your prayers. If possible, throw up a 10 second prayer every morning asking God to bless His work through us in all these countries of Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! May God's will be done, may Jesus be glorified, may the Holy Spirit fall with power from on high wherever our plane lands, our feet step and His people are gathered and scattered. Asia is in a golden window of opportunity at this moment. 2007 is the beginning of a GREAT HARVEST of souls that will continue to grow in the next decade, I know this in my spirit. Pray for the Church in Asia to be united, praying and preaching the Gospel as one Body of Christ so that the least, the last and the lost would be saved and made whole in Christ Jesus. May God give us great favor as partner together in His mission to be glorified in every campus, every city and every nation in Asia Back to Jerusalem!

Under the mercy,

Jaeson Ma

PS. You can pray according to the travel itinerary below. Thanks and blessings!

Korea HIM Revival Conference
Date: August 1, 2007
Location: Prayer Mountain, Korea
More Information

Training For Campus Leaders

Date: August 27-28, 2007 Location: Taipei, Taiwan
More Information

Agape Renewal Center Campus Revival Conferences

Date: August 3-6, 2007
Location: Hong Kong, China

Date: August 9-11, 2007
Location: Southern Taiwan (Kaoshung)

Date: August 20-21, 2007
Location: Malacca, West Malaysia

Kingdom Warrior 2007 - Fire Runner Conference
Date: Aug 21-24
Location: Hong Kong

Kaoshung for Jesus

Date: 8/30-8/31
Location: Kaoshung, Taiwan

Agape Renewal Center Campus Revival Conference
Date: Sept 1-2, 2007
Location: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Redemption of a Wild Child - Jaeson Ma

My personal testimony of how God saved me from a life of violence, drugs and rebellion. Everytime I think about what God saved me from, I can't help but praise Him for His goodness. He is so good. God is truly the kindest person I have ever met :)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Take the World, but Give me Jesus!

Good is the enemy of best. I find this more and more true as each day goes by. How many times I take the presence of God for granted. Success can be a great deception. You begin to mistake the blessings of God for God Himself. You trade your intimacy with God, your raw passion, your honest desire to seek and know Him for the lesser pleasures. God blesses us with material, relational, financial, physical blessings and there is no shame in it. It is for our enjoyment. Yet, how many times do we mistake the the second blessings given by God in this life as the primary blessing. We get so pre-occupied with "good things" that we forget the "best thing." These good things are not necessarily bad, but in comparison to His presence can they even be deemed good?

This is the beauty, at the same time this is the struggle in Christianity. It is about a relationship with God. You can choose to know Him more or know Him less. You can be as close to God as you want to be, as a well known prophet once said. How bad do I want Him? He's not asking us to give up entertainment, technology, and leisure, these are not wrong things, but when we begin to want these things more than His presence then could it be that our hearts have grown dull, have grown dry, have become spiritually bored? I am beginning to get disgusted with this LA lifestyle. Everyday, there is another movie to watch, event to go to, email to check and I'm realize I am more fascinated with this "stuff" that I have forgotten what it means to be fascinated by an almighty, all powerful, all knowing magnificent God.

More people talk about the i-phone, wait in line for this piece of advanced technology when I wonder if there will ever be a day where an entire city waits in line, waits upon their knees, waits upon the Lord to encounter the very God who invented all, is all and created all that exists, breathes and lives. It is sad, but our society today, our Christian culture, strategizes more over the next movie to watch, restaurant to eat at, video on MTV, clip on Youtube than we do about winning the lost, loving our Savior or sharing about what the Lord spoke to me a moment ago.

We need to be fascinated by God again. I need to be fascinated by God again. How did I become so distracted? Why do I think about all these lesser things more than Him? Don't I get it, that if I would only seek Him and Him alone, get down on my face and seek His presence that I would be transformed from glory to glory? I don't want to look at my watch and check the timer anymore when I spend my time alone with the Lord, busyness can wait, the day can wait, I need my God and nothing can take that except for my own self will to choose to say "no" to the "stuff" of this world, to pray and fast in order to get this flesh under submission and to tell this Devil to shut up with His lies, cause my God is better, He is more desirable than any one person, no person on earth can compare to the beauty of my Savior, this must be so, Lord show me Your glory once again, fascinate me with Your beauty, pull me out of this miry pit and set my feet on a rock in this barren and materialistic land. I desire you more than gold or silver, I need you more than life itself, You are my life, where is your glory? Fascinate me once again, fill me, wreck me, take me up and send me back down to shine this light brighter and brighter each day, don't let my light grow dim, I need you more, I need You right now, I need you God, without you this life is a waste, even these blessings are no blessings at all if I have forgotten You, take this world but give me Jesus. Raise up LOVESICK WORSHIPERS in this land of Los Angeles, it can be done, I REFUSE TO BELIEVE that it cant', in the midst of so many options Lord let us CHOOSE YOU! One day in your courts is better than a thousand else where. Let this be my reality again, let this be my joy, the one thing I look forward to more than anything else, take this world, take these blessings, and like Job, give me Jesus.

"To know Christ and the power of His resurrection that I may fellowship in His sufferings." Phil 3:10 why not? It must be so....


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Going back to Cali :)

Whew what a trip! I was able to spend the last few days with the family in the Bay Area, I'll be heading back on my way down to LA tomorrow. It's been quite a road trip to say the least. Praying, fasting and seeking God's face with over 80,000 in Nashville for revival, got to listen to some live "blues" at the BB King, then on down to Kansas City IHOP and getting caught up in another prophetic whirlwind which I will explain in later blog posts, then back to the Bay Area and spent the last two days loving on mom, getting her a pedicure, some bomb sushi and just seeing God remain faithful to my family in the midst of all our challenges. God is good. He really is and I am thankful.

Well, I got two FAT Fuller seminary papers to write up before I leave for Korea, HK, Taiwan and Malaysia on July 28, so please pray God gives me grace to continually do the impossible. It's weird, but I feel a new sense of hope, love and freedom to be who God created me to be. I'm realizing more and more that I don't have to do anything for God, but really, I've decided that "I want to" and that makes all the difference.

Enouragement of the day ---- "Don't be too hard on yourself, cause God enjoys you just the way you are and wouldn't want you to be anyone else. You might not be where you want to be, but thank God you are not where you used to be. Enjoy yourself today cause God thinks you are wonderful." Really ;)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Blueprint - "Sold Out"

Hey friends,

I just got word yesterday from our publisher that the first print run of my new book "The Blueprint" has been sold out before the book has even been released through pre-orders online. Initially they printed out 15,000 copies which sold out and will not be able to print out a second run till Aug-Sept. Pray they can get it done sooner.

Some of you may have tried to order the book on and received a message saying it will not be available till Sept 9th, 2007 because of lack of inventory. We do have some good news that received a new inventory and you can still order what is in stock at at the moment and receive it in July. If there are no more books in stock at the site, you can still order copies of "The Blueprint" at the below sites..... (click here) (click here) (click here)

We thank and praise God for the books that have already been distributed, may the Holy Spirit touch and transform every heart that reads the book through and through to catch and implement a heavenly vision to transform campuses in this divine hour of outpouring. Please continue to pray for the book. It is God's book, not mine and it is His desire to get this book into the hands of students on campuses all over to bring about His purposes and glory in this generation. Pray the second print run is sufficient for the growing demand and that Holy Spirit breathes upon this book to shake the college campuses of our day for His namesake once again!

1. Pray for the Blueprint to be multiplied and put into the hands of those whom God has called forth to transform campuses, cities and nations in this hour. Pray that those who have received the book spread the vision and that a Holy Spirit outpouring and revolution breaks out on campuses this summer and fall 2007 through the books Biblical and spirit-led inspiration.

2. Buy and order the book in "bulk" to use as a "handbook for revival and reformation" on campuses to study and practice with your students and leaders

3. Pray the momentum for this book does not slow down because the book stores run out of inventory, this is God's book and He will breathe on it.

4. Pray our Campus Church Networks teams will be able to support and nurture the many new campus church plants that will be started on campuses all over by mentoring and coaching those who have caught the vision for campus transformation.

Contending for Heaven on Earth,

Jaeson Ma

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Pray with us in Nashville TN today that God would turn the heart of a generation back to Him in bridal love and holy consecration. pray a Jesus revolution is released into the earth on every campus, every city and every nation. pray for the ending of abortion, for a holy revolution, for righteousness and justice to roll down like a mighty river to touch the broken, dying, lost and abandoned. We are taking back a generation in Jesus name. We are taking it back for His Namesake.

watch "The Call Nashville"

TheCall, Nashville
With Lou Engle
USA (ET): July 7 at 10:30am


GOD TV has brought you TheCall from various locations such as London and San Francisco where tens of thousands of believers united in prayer to see change in their nation. Now you can tune in to GOD TV on 7 July and join with over 100,000 fellow Christians, as we turn our faces to God and trust Him for a lasting, moral revival in the USA... and to the ends of the earth.

40 years ago there was a great rebellion in the youth of America – a self-destructive turning away from the ways of the Lord. Today, Lou Engle (co-founder and visionary of TheCall) and countless others are calling for massive, united fasting and prayer to take a vital stand against the debilitated state we find our nations and the youth of the world in. This stand is called TheCall, Nashville. TheCall, Nashville is not just a festival, it is a marathon 10-hours of fasting, prayer and crying out to God for a nation. And GOD TV will be bringing you all 10-hours LIVE into your home.
We are believing God to turn our nation – will you?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

my new blog site :)

Hey blogging friends...

So here is my new and improved "jaeson's journal" :D The site is still maintained by blog but you can either type in ( or ( This site is really built for all of you out there who like to read my little blog journal. It has some new cool features..

Basically, a lot of you have commented or sent me messages asking for information on random questions, training materials, "The Blueprint" book release, my mp3 messages, my online video messages, tracks from my new hip hop band "NAMESAKE" or follow up resources on how to start campus churches, campus houses of prayer, or next steps for the "Student Back to Jerusalem" movement, blah blah I decided to put all those resources and materials on my site for FREE so you can download and pass on (keep checking the resource page it will be up soon). You can also support my personal ministry by "partnering" on a monthly basis or one time gifts for the work of mission (even $1 a month is appreciated :P). There is also a section called "events" so you can see where I will be speaking and training next and also keep me in your heart felt prayers.

Much love to my friends Dave Liu, Howie Ju, Michelle Klinge, Benson and ( for putting this personal blog site together for me. We are going to roll out other cool stuff as the months stay tuned.

Question: What would you like to see on "jaeson's journal" blog site?
(If you answer this question on my comment section we might just make it happen :P)

PS. Recently, I learned a grave mistake. Never go deep sea fishing at 5am while on a juice fast, you will like "me" get utterly sea sick, want to throw up, but possibly end up catching "3 fish" in the 10 minutes that I did fish. Yes, my prize and joy below cooked Taiwanese style :)(but I couldn't eat it cause I'm fasting!)

off to The Call Nashville, pray, fast, it is time to seek the Lord on 7-7-07 as a nation, as a generation(there are already nearly 60,000 preregistered for the solemn assembly, we are expecting overflow) may the Lord turn the heart of this generation back to Him fully and completely. (