Tuesday, July 26, 2005

God Sized Dreams: GRX

This last weekend was a blessing. God helped me finish my first Fuller class finals and all my readings/projects before I flew back up north to speak at Home of Christ 3 and GRX. I also got to say goodbye to my "old house" that I lived in for the last 10 years. Some interesting things happened in my room the night before I left. God met me, sorta like Jacob at Bethel. Holy Spirit reminded me that it was in that room that I learned His love, His presence, His power. It was there I made covenant with God to dedicate my life to His purposes. I almost forgot it was there I fell in love with Jesus. "Remember the Covenant Jaeson" I kept hearing in my heart as I looked out the window and prayed in the spirit. I remembered all the "memories" the "bethels" I had made with God in that little room of mine. It was where I received the God Sized Dreams. It was where everything began: intimacy with Christ. Those days of just waiting upon the Lord spending hours in His presence without a worry in sight, but simply just enjoying His presence. Better is one day in His presence than a thousand elsewhere. Amen :)

The below link has the message I gave at GRX this past Sunday. It was entitled God Sized Dreams.



Thursday, July 21, 2005

Embrace the School Movement: 24/7 Prayer

Praying intercessors,

please pray for the Hong Kong youth 24/7 youth prayer
movement. we are moving forward to reach every campus
in HK, to East Asia, to Jerusalem. join with us in
fervent prayer for a great harvest this school year.
We will hold a campus church training in HK Aug 14-17
and will launch hundreds of students to start prayer
cells and campus churches on every campus in HK...
don't say 4 days till the harvest...behold the harvest
is ready...REVIVAL IS HERE!!!!

for campus revival,

read and pray over the letter below...
Dear Embrace School Movement Intercessors :

We asked the Lord to give us 168 x 2 = 336 intercessors to pray 24 / 7 in this summer for the great harvest in the coming school year. In the last few Furnaces in HKI, Kln & NT, there were 354 students committed to this prayer movement to STRIKE THE GROUND together !! (You can find your name in the attached file) Praise the LORD !

However, we still have 28 slots not filled up yet, obviously the most difficult ones. We hope you can find more intercessors to join us, or if there are already many people in your own time slot, you may consider facing a bigger challenge. Any alternation please let us know.

Please pray persistently for the revival of the youth in HK! The coming year will be a year of great harvest, but we must pray very hard.

Please pray for the following key directions of the "Embrace School Movement'', we will send you more prayer items next week. Certainly, you can also tell us anything you have received from the Lord.

Pray that God be glorified and the name of Jesus be exalted in every school in HK, and armies of prayer & evangelism be sent to every school.

Pray for your own secondary school, pray for the principal and the teachers, pray for each form and each class, pray for each classmate in your class!

Pray for your university – every faculty, every department, every class, every hostel, every floor, every club, every school team will be reached!

Pray according to God's will - ''not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance" (2 PETER 3:9)

Pray that God will revive the youth of HK, change the cultural of HK youngsters, may God's Kingdom comes to our city!

Pray that God will change your school, take away all the things that should not be existed - lust, homosexuality, arrogance, laziness, divination, foul language, lies, cheating ...

Pray that God will raise a missionary army to East Asia, sharing gospel to 1.3 billion people in mainland who don't know Jesus’ name!

Send out youth from this generation to all nations, especially the Islamic countries in the Middle-East, bringing gospel back to Jerusalem.

(Embrace School Movement)

Friday, July 15, 2005


Something is shifting. Something is changing dramatically in the spirit realm that is about to manifest itself fully in the physical realm. You wonder why I feel the heavy burden in my heart? It's because a "reformation" is about to take place. It's because everything I've heard, hoped and dreamed for is materializing. It's the last great awakening that will hit the shores finally in North America, the same way the reformational fires of revival hit China in 1949 and birthed the modern day house church movement. Over 120 million Christians are estimated in China today from about 1 million in 1949. Most of these Chinese Christians are discipled in small house churches of 15-30 members. Millions in South America, Africa, India and the like have been swept into the kingdom in the last 50 years. They estimate from mission agency statistics 300 million Christians have been born again in the last 10 years alone. The greatest revival in history is taking place right now. Numerically greater than the day of Pentecost, the 1st and Second Great Awakenings, Welsh Revival, Azusa Street, the Jesus Movement combined is the revival we are experiencing today. Everywhere except North America that is. But not for long.

It's why I started "campus church networks" even though people thought I was crazy. House churches on campus? What's a house church? Simple Church? Organic Church? An Acts church? What is about to happen in the next season will shake the western church to its core. It is a divine invasion of God's presence upon an entire generation to rise up to its destiny and fulfill the call of God at this hour. It's the mobilization of all the saints for the work of the ministry. No more egos, no more buildings, no more agendas, no more programs, just Jesus. Kingdom outposts shining divine light in every sector and sphere of society. It's church happening where life happens, 24/7, everyday, everywhere, with everybody. For me the focus is the university campuses. Equipping a new generation of student missionaries who will "be church" not "do church." It's about you and a couple of your friends catching the heart of Jesus and believing you can do everything that His Bible says you can do.... "Go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you" Matthew 28:18. We say that, market that, but do we believe we are to actually do it? Why don't a few of your friends identify an "un-reached" group of students on your campus and do Matthew 28:18. Win them to Christ, turn them into disciples, baptize them in your apartment/dorm on campus and start a simple church there? Then why not envision these new disciples to plant another simple church among another unreached student group on campus & keep doing this until the whole campus is saturated with hundreds of campus churches? Why not? Jesus says you can? So why don't you?

"And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." 2 Timothy 2:2

It's the "Day of the Saints" the mobilization of Joel's Army~a nameless and faceless army. The Church is not an organization it is an organism. The Church is not suppose to be a monument, it is a movement. I know what I am saying may challenge you, but its challenging me as much as it is you. It's time for change, its time we stopped playing pew sitters at church and started planting churches, started bringing the supernatural power and kingdom of God to everywhere we walk. 18 year old Chinese girls plant hundreds of simple house churches in China and we are still playing Christian (social)fellowship on campus? The national average of Christians on universities is 4% on each campus (Ivy Jungle Network). I think about 3.75% of those attending Christian fellowships come from Christian backgrounds in the first place, meaning, we are not getting the job done. Lets get missional. Lets live not in maintenance, but with purpose and compassion. Lets believe we can do everything Jesus says we can do. Lets do it.

My heart burns for change. I can't play church, I can't take it. I guess this is the way Martin Luther must have felt when he stapled the 99 thesis to the wall of the Roman Catholic Church and demanded CHANGE, a SEISMIC SHIFT, a REFORMATION. COME ON! "PUT THE POWER BACK IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE...NOT THE POPE, NOT THE CLERGY, NOT THE PROFESSIONAL CHRISTIANS...GIVE THE POWER BACK TO THE LAY, THE PEOPLE, THE PRIESTHOOD." There shouldn't even be a term called "lay-christian" where is that in the Bible? We are a body not a hierarchy. Each part formed and fashioned to fulfill God's purpose with the rest. Father, oh Father, please raise up true servant leaders, servant apostles, servant prophets, servant evangelists, servant pastors, servant teachers who will equip and empower the SAINTS for the work of the ministry, not the other way around.

I remember michael brown once preaching...

1. The Church is Not a Building
2. The Preacher is Not a Performer
3. The Congregation is Not a Audience
4. We are called to make disciples

They get this in China and revival is sweeping that nation. What about America? What about us? Do we think revival is our big buildings, our big programs, our big christian music festivals, bookstores, big crusades, big radio/tv programs, bigger better mentality? We have more extra Biblical Christian stuff and yet no revival. Is persecution the only answer? Maybe it is, but I don't think it is totally. There is something terribly wrong and something has to change. My heart breaks, but at the same time I know "its here." Let passion find its purpose. Let a revolution begin in my heart, in my home, in my campus, in my workplace, in my community, in my life. Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Now.

The wave of change is here. Are you ready to jump on the wave or will you sit on the sideline and watch as a spectator? Young pioneers don't be afraid. Don't be scared to step out into the unknown. God's already there. It's here. Salvation is here. Kingdom is here. We just have to realize it, take hold of it and not let go. The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. I'm ready for a battle, I'm ready to pick a fight, I'm ready eventhough I know in the natural I'm not, but that's how God does it. He calls the unable because He is able...He calls our hearts not our talents...Rise up friend. Rise up soldier. Rise up son of God, daughter of God, children of God. It's our hour to shine and change history once and for all. It's our destiny to bring back the King and fulfill the Great Commission in our lifetime. You will never plant a mega-church in China, or in the Isalmic, Buddhist, Hindu un-reached nations along the silk road back to Jersualem. It won't work. But a simple church planting movement will. But before you do it there, you will have to know how to do it here, do it in North America, do it on your college campus, plant churches, simple churches, organic churches, acts churches, campus churches. What is church? "any amount of believers committed together to obey the commands of Jesus." You were born to do it! Jesus commanded it. Blessed are those who are persecuted for my name. I've stepped out and I can't turn back. Lord give me the humility, the strength and the grace to pioneer forward, even if no one "yet" understands. I don't want to die without seeing revival in my generation. Bring a last great awakening to every campus, every city, every nation in order to finish the task. Do it Lord. Do it. I cry out to You do it. Here in North America, awaken us again, but fully this time. Start not only another student missionary movement, but call forth the day of the Lord generation! It is our destiny to finish the task of the Great Commission. Now or never, I say Now!

For campus revival,
Jaeson Ma
Read below...

Friday Fax 2005 Issue 28, 15 July

In this week's Friday Fax:

That's the title of American author Jim Rutz's recently-published book. It's hotly debated on TV, and one of Amazon's top sellers. It has also caused controversy in broad swathes of self-contented US Christianity. 'Megashift' is a sharp-minded analysis of current Christianity around the world, and is partly based on dozens of carefully-researched Friday Fax reports. Rutz is now one of
the popular columnists in the conservative Internet news site World Net Daily (www.worldnetdaily.com).

What are his main observations?
- The 1700-year nightmare is over: the Constantinian Shift is shifting back. Under Emperor Constantine, the Church became an imperial audience, but is now finally freeing itself from the corset of state control.
- An unprecedented transfer of divine power is underway, from clerics into the hands of ordinary people. According to Rutz' research in 49 nations, hundreds of people have been raised from the dead in the past 15 years.
- This is giving rise to an entirely new form of Christianity- with far greater repercussions than the Protestant Reformation.
- Over 1 billion non-Christians could become active Christians in the next 10 years.

When millions of ordinarly people do extraordinary things
The Charismatic Evangelical movement, currently numbering 707 million people around the world, is growing by 8 percent per year. That alone is exciting. The centre of this movement, though, is a mostly unknown and little-understood movement of 100 million Christians who have no building and neither pastor nor programme. "A church without vertical hierarchies," says Rutz, "which will change the future." They have experienced what Rutz calls a 'lifestyle upgrade':

Lifestyle upgrade
Anyone who uses computer software knows what an upgrade is: a new and better version of a programme replaces the old version. Through an act of God, many millions of people have experienced an 'inner upgrade' leading to an entirely new quality of life. Rutz lists a number of chances and advantages offered by
this upgrade, which were previously unthinkable for many people:
- People experience release from the limitations and burdens of a traditional,hierarchical (and unbiblical) religious system, being freed into an 'open Christianity' with 100% participation.
- They are no longer a number in someone else's religious programme.
- They experience personal empowerment and are able to do things they previously could not even have dreamed of, including the supernatural (healing, prophesying, performing miracles etc.)
- They learn to overcome their own problems, and help others to overcome theirs.
- They experience fellowship with a small group of close friends who give mutual support, so that each person and the whole group reaches God's aims,which are their calling.
- In doing so, they find that which they have sought for their whole life.

Away from spectator religion
The path away from spectator religion frees people from fixed church role-playing. Previously, many people were passive, conformist churchgoers, experiencing church as a television without a remote control. The personal involvement of every follower of Christ, though, rouses millions of talents and
abilities to solve even the most difficult problems. The result is a 'Megashift', a quantum leap in church history.

Post-Protestant revival
Protestantism was an important epoch in church history, but it is now time to stop protesting and start acting. The current post-Protestant awakening is larger than the great American revivals since 1727 under Wesley, Whitefield, the Herrnhuter or Johnathan Edwards. "This third Reformation," says Rutz, "has three characteristics:"

The church is transforming itself from an organisation to an organism. After 1700 years of institutional structure, the Body of Christ is emerging in the form described in the New Testament. People are rediscovering the original forms and functions in an open, participatory system mostly consisting of house churches.

100% active
Moving away from the one-man church system, in which the pastor literally did everything, a growing number of Jesus' followers are becoming active participants, leaving their spectators' seats and taking their place on the playing field. It should be no surprise the number of goals scored increases.

When 100 people pray for the sick, prophesy, and plant churches instead of just one, it is also reasonable to expect the number of miracles to increase.

Immense numbers of new believers
Church growth outside America is breathtaking. Tens of thousands of new believers (Rutz speaks of 175,000 per day) means that although all religions are growing naturally, only Christianity is experiencing significant growth through conversion. Where religions meet, Christianity almost always gains new
believers, and new networks of house churches are formed.

How to be part of this Megashift
1. Stop going with the flow, and decide to actively turn away from the outdated control structures (clerics & laypeople).
2. Take responsibility. That also means paying the price of being a pionier,including Christian friends' suspicion and ostracism.
3. Learn to love others, overcoming selfishness and becoming a team player. That requires a lifestyle of repentance and obedience-out of healthy enthusiasm, not duty.
4. Help carry others' burdens, and not stagnate but take small steps forward every day.

Rutz says: "Is there a small voice inside saying 'That's right!'?" Follow it. But you also have the choice to ignore it. That too is freedom. But please don't complain later..." Or, as C.Peter Wagner says, "Jim describes what God is going to do tomorrow. You can't afford to miss this book!"

Source: Jim Rutz, www.megashift.org, e-mail ocmoffice @ openchurch.com

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Monday, July 11, 2005


Father, I don't understand the signs and the times perfectly. But I know that something is changing in the air. I pray for grace in this season of shifting. Blessed are the meek, blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, blessed are the poor in spirit, blessed are those who are persecuted for Your name. May I be this kind of blessed one. Father, give me strength to endure hardship, give me grace to finish strong, give me focus to set my gaze upon the Cross and to meet You there. My heart aches daily because Your burden is so great. This war is so difficult and unbearable at times. The enemy is real and he is out to lie, kill, steal and destroy. He wants to bring fear, but Your perfect love shall cast it away. i am not afraid, i know Your loving hand is upon me. I step into the unknown, it seems no one understands, but You know, You know Lord the weight of this burden. I am not afraid of the enemy. I know that You are greater than all his power and legions put together. Greater are You in me, greater is Your glory, greater are the works that I will do through Your church at this hour. Father, prepare the hearts and awaken the minds of those You have called, do not let them sleep, do not let them be unaware, but guide them into all righteousness. Father, supernaturally call forth an army of those who will not flinch, who will submit to Your Lordship and obey Your voice, stand on Your Word and believe in Your promises. i am tired Father, i am lost at times, but at the same time i know that I am in Your will somehow moving towards that purpose to fulfill Your will on earth as it is in heaven. prepare my heart Father, prepare my heart. Thank You that you know me, you know me better than i understand myself, you know this pain, you know this confusion, you know this excitement and anticpation that can't be put into words but can be felt by my spirit. i don't have to perfect, i simply have to be me. Give me grace to walk out my identity in Christ to live in the fulness of that which You created me for. keep me from making mistakes, but when i do, give me mercy to learn and overcome. i am what i am for a purpose and i thank You that You knew far well before you created me i would be this very person You have uniquely created for this hour and this generation. Father, strengthen me for the journey, keep me from evil and temptation, work through me as a funnel of Your light. make me a son of awakening...use what i have been given to give life to others to fulfill Your will. somehow, someway, grace me to end up in the center of Your purposes for this hour. this end time hour. Father, please fulfill the Great Commission in my lifetime. Raise up a final generation to do it. Matthew 24:14 "and this Gospel will be preached to all the nations and then the end will come" bring it to pass Father, bring glory to Your name Father, glorify Your Son Father, unify Your Bride Father, come Lord Jesus come. I ask for Your grace. its all i have to live on. i pray all this in Jesus name amen.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Pray for Supreme Court Justice Nominee

My heart was burdened with urgency this morning. Pray for the Supreme Court Judicial Appointment! In the coming days President George Bush will nominate a new supreme court justice since Sandra Day O'Connor unexpectedly stepped down last week. Unexpected? I don't think so...

I joined hundreds of young radical students crying out to God last summer in Colorado for 50 days and nights asking God to put George Bush in office because we knew God had appointed him for "such a time as this" to appoint righteous judges into the courts of America. You may have a problem with George Bush, but I believe God has raised him up because He knew beforehand that during this presidential term -supreme court judges would step down, leaving a vacuum for righteous judges to be set in place.

George Bush who stands for Biblical values of righteousness would be a man who would more likely appoint judges with moral standards as opposed to a man like John Kerry who would appoint liberals with "anti-Christ" agendas to continue with the legalization of abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia, etc. I know you may say, "What about "Social Justice" and the democrats bent on reaching the lower parts of society that most republicans overlook? I don't stand as a republican or democrat. I am standing for LIFE. Because of one court decision in 1973 (Roe vs. Wade) over 44 million babies in North America have been aborted at the womb. 1/3 of my generation. This is unacceptable. Where is the justice for these unborn babies? Their blood is crying out from the ground and our only hope from facing the judgment deserved is to plead a better blood.

My friends and I have been pleading the better blood "the blood of Jesus" over this nations supreme court steps since september daily. Many are still in front of the supreme court steps day after day with RED TAPE over their mouths pleading silent prayers, silent intercession for God to bring RIGHTEOUSNESS to the courthouses of America. (www.bound4life.com)

Is it by chance or is it by divine outrcy that since these young "ezekials" ..."intercessors" who have been standing in the gap for our nation that we have had the recent upheaval & controversy over Terry Schiavo, the Filabuster, Supreme Court Rehnquist coming down with cancer & now Sandra O' Connor stepping down from the Supreme Court Justice? This is not by chance, this is by PRAYER.

History belongs to the intercessor. We shape and change history
through prayer and fasting. Pray for God to put the fear of the Lord in George Bush Jr. to nominate and appoint a new supreme court justice who will rule with righteousness and justice over the future of our nation! May God raise up a "DEBORAH" in the place of Sandra Day O' Connor! Pray for this daily, your prayers determine the fate of whether or not we will see the "abolition of abortion" in the United States of America. It will determine the lives of millions of babies who have yet to live, but whom the devil wants to kill. CRY OUT for God's purpose to be established and a righteous judge to be put in place. Pray President Bush does not choose a judge like Gonzales who is silent and wavering about his view on abortion, homosexuality etc. GOD SET RIGHTEOUS JUDGES IN PLACE NOW!

"Now therefore be wise, O kings; Be instructed, you judges of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, and you perish in the way, when His wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all those who their trust in Him." Psalm 2:10

We need a great communion revival. May God spare millions of unborn babies, may He bring a sweeping revival to the homosexual community filling them with the love of Jesus. May God awaken the hearts of Christ followers in this nation to pray at this kairos hour for Deborah's (righteous judges) to be set over this great nation of America! Read the prophetic article below on this issue from my pastor Lou Engle....


With the resignation of Sandra Day O'Connor from her seat on the bench of the Supreme Court, I believe that we are one step closer to seeing Roe v. Wade overturned and the unholy ritual of abortion ended in America. Sandra Day O'Connor, though appointed by President Ronald Reagan, who was pro-life, was not a pro-life Supreme Court Justice. She systematically upheld and re-affirmed Roe v. Wade in virtually every case that proceeded after that landmark case and was thus, instrumentally involved in prolonging the machinery of death through abortion.

At the same time, I do not ultimately point the finger at Sandra Day O'Connor or any other person for the babies that have died as a consequence of Roe v. Wade. Instead, I strongly believe that the Church failed to gain "air supremacy," i.e. the prevailing spiritual influence, over the Supreme Court through fasting and intercession. Because we were negligent in this area, babies have been methodically and steadily slain, the sanctity of marriage weakened, and the law of God removed from our public square.

However, there is still much hope and optimism in my heart. God still loves America and has shown His gracious and merciful compassion to us. I believe that the Lord has given us a two to three year window of opportunity to see a shift in this nation on this issue of abortion in America and to ultimately see revival return to our country. But the urgency of history demands that we act now to seize victory in the high places.

Prophetic Dreams Concerning Sandra Day O'Connor

Two years ago, on Fourth of July, I was prophetically led to decree Psalm 2 over the Supreme Court justices: "Now therefore, O kings, show discernment; Take warning, o judges of the earth..." On that very same day, Sandra Day O'Connor was in Philadelphia to dedicate the then-new Constitution Museum. As she pulled ribbons to reveal a massive mural hanging above the stage, a heavy metal beam that was part of the framework of the mural came crashing down above her head. Only stopping inches above her head, O'Connor exclaimed that the fallen beam could have killed her.

I felt that the Lord was saying that because most of the Supreme Court justices were not grounded in truth, they were morally lightweight and unable to bear the framework of the Constitution as articulated by our Founding Fathers. I knew that the Lord was shouting that He was ready to deal with the renegade courts and the issue of abortion.

Last year, on Fourth of July weekend, having been gripped with what had happened only one year earlier, a few of my friends and I made the journey to that place where O'Connor had her near-eternity experience. I was pregnant with the God-thought of renewing covenant with God on behalf of America and decreeing a shift over the Supreme Court. That weekend, my prophet friend, Chris Berglund, had a dream. In the dream, he and I were rushing to get to a basketball court. Once we burst through the doors onto the basketball court, we apologized to the person of authority over the basketball court for being late. The person responded, "You always have access to my court." Then, we noticed that there were nine chairs in the middle of the court, but that two of the seats were unoccupied. Chris and I were then invited by the person of authority to possess those two open seats and officiate over the court. We felt that the dream was declaring that two seats were opening and that the Church must sit in authority and claim righteous justices for those seats. Could God have been saying to us all along that two seats were going to be vacated?

Then, just last week, before this Fourth of July weekend, a friend of mine had a dream in which Sandra Day O'Connor was in the house that our Justice House of Prayer activists now resides. In the dream, she approached my friend and said, "I am coming to help you guys at the Cause." Who would have guessed that on this Fourth of July weekend, Sandra Day O'Connor would resign? Could this have been the way that she was helping us? Her resignation could certainly be a great help to our Cause. I believe that the Lord has opened the door to us to have access to at least one of those seats right now and we must possess that seat with fasting and prayer.

A Vacuum Created

Before O'Connor's resignation, there had not been a change in the Court for the past eleven years, the second longest period in its history without a change in its membership. This opportunity that has blown open before us does not come around often. O'Connor's resignation has created a power vacuum that either the Church or groups like Planned Parenthood and ACLU will fill. One way or another, for better or for worse, that vacuum will be filled.

Finally, last night, one of the leaders of the Justice House of Prayer had a dream where President Bush was in his room and had two pairs of shoes in front of him. One pair was dress shoes and the other was a pair of cowboy boots. In the dream, the President was going somewhere and was asking us which pair of shoes he should wear. We answered, "the cowboy boots...the cowboy boots..." We believe that this dream is saying that the houses of prayer must lift this man up day and night in intercession so that he can be the man that God has called him to be. We are calling on God to grip this man with the moment of time in which he now lives. He must move beyond the realm of politics to the man he is at his very core. We are calling on God to hold President Bush to account and cause him to stand on his settled faith convictions and nominate a pro-life Supreme Court justice.

The President's Decision

President Bush is expected to make his decision of who will replace Sandra Day O'Connor within the next few weeks and as early as next week. Several news sources have reported that President Bush is considering several nominees to replace O'Connor that are not actively pro-life. We cannot allow this to happen. If we fail to gain air supremacy over the Courts and the Bush administration now, then I am fearful for the future of America. We must move beyond crisis-moment intercession and prevail in prayer and fasting for tomorrow's victory today.

As I write this, my company of intercessors has been standing in front of the Supreme Court praying for the future of the Court and the soul of America. Standing next to them is the National Organization of Women (NOW) and Planned Parenthood, their zealous and vulgar chanting and signs only demonstrating how high the stakes are in this battle for justice in America and for the unborn. Let it not be said in future generations that the Church of America remained silent and was found weak when they were given the opportunity to turn back the enemy at the gates of our courts.

On July 4, 1776, our forefathers pledged "their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor" to sign the Declaration of Independence and mobilized an army to fight against tyranny and injustice. John Quincy Adams once said, "Posterity: you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it." I believe that President Bush understood this when he declared that "The sacrifice of our forefathers has become the commitment of our times." Again, just like our forefathers had done over two hundred years ago, today we fight to preserve those liberties passed down to us by our forefathers and throughout the generations. America must live and not die!

We are calling for believers all across America, and especially those on the East Coast, to come rush to this battle, not only in prayer and fasting, but in holy activism. We are sounding out the alarm to come join the prayer activists of the Justice House of Prayer and bound4LIFE.com to stand watch in front of the Supreme Court. We urge you to not miss this opportunity to stand in the gap for this nation. The next few weeks are critical – come to DC and engage in this battle. This day, we fight!

by Lou Engle
Justice House of Prayer


Midwest: (June 24-25) ONETHING Chicago with Dwayne Roberts, Lou Engle...

West Coast: (July 8-10) War Cry Conference with Lou Engle, Sean Smith and others. Visalia, CA

Southeast: (July 26-30) Summer Worship Blast 2005 with Alan Smith, Bob Jones and Dave Markee

For more information on the schedule for the next weeks in Washington, D.C., please visit www.justicehouseofprayer.com and www.bound4life.com.