Thursday, July 21, 2005

Embrace the School Movement: 24/7 Prayer

Praying intercessors,

please pray for the Hong Kong youth 24/7 youth prayer
movement. we are moving forward to reach every campus
in HK, to East Asia, to Jerusalem. join with us in
fervent prayer for a great harvest this school year.
We will hold a campus church training in HK Aug 14-17
and will launch hundreds of students to start prayer
cells and campus churches on every campus in HK...
don't say 4 days till the harvest...behold the harvest
is ready...REVIVAL IS HERE!!!!

for campus revival,

read and pray over the letter below...
Dear Embrace School Movement Intercessors :

We asked the Lord to give us 168 x 2 = 336 intercessors to pray 24 / 7 in this summer for the great harvest in the coming school year. In the last few Furnaces in HKI, Kln & NT, there were 354 students committed to this prayer movement to STRIKE THE GROUND together !! (You can find your name in the attached file) Praise the LORD !

However, we still have 28 slots not filled up yet, obviously the most difficult ones. We hope you can find more intercessors to join us, or if there are already many people in your own time slot, you may consider facing a bigger challenge. Any alternation please let us know.

Please pray persistently for the revival of the youth in HK! The coming year will be a year of great harvest, but we must pray very hard.

Please pray for the following key directions of the "Embrace School Movement'', we will send you more prayer items next week. Certainly, you can also tell us anything you have received from the Lord.

Pray that God be glorified and the name of Jesus be exalted in every school in HK, and armies of prayer & evangelism be sent to every school.

Pray for your own secondary school, pray for the principal and the teachers, pray for each form and each class, pray for each classmate in your class!

Pray for your university – every faculty, every department, every class, every hostel, every floor, every club, every school team will be reached!

Pray according to God's will - ''not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance" (2 PETER 3:9)

Pray that God will revive the youth of HK, change the cultural of HK youngsters, may God's Kingdom comes to our city!

Pray that God will change your school, take away all the things that should not be existed - lust, homosexuality, arrogance, laziness, divination, foul language, lies, cheating ...

Pray that God will raise a missionary army to East Asia, sharing gospel to 1.3 billion people in mainland who don't know Jesus’ name!

Send out youth from this generation to all nations, especially the Islamic countries in the Middle-East, bringing gospel back to Jerusalem.

(Embrace School Movement)


At 7/23/2005 09:31:00 AM , Anonymous Angela tan said...

Paster Jaeson:
How do I participate in this? I want to pray for you the youth, the universities, HK. I'm out of summer school so i have plenty of time to pray!! I just want know how to do it, when you say 24/7, do you mean like I have to pray 24 hours a day for 7 days a week?
Let me know specificly ok? Thank you!!!

At 7/24/2005 01:36:00 PM , Anonymous Andrew said...

thanks for speaking at grx man.. hope ur doin aiite with all the ministry and school stuff going on ill be praying. ill IM u some time gotta talk to u


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