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Thanks for your prayers: GDOP

Praise Report: Africa & Asia

Dear Intercessors,

Thank you for your prayers for our teams in Africa and Asia. I just wanted to attach a few praise reports from Hong Kong, Africa and elsewhere for you to read. The Global Day of Prayer was truly an amazing work of the Lord and a new beginning for the Church worldwide. Reports estimate over 200 million worldwide prayed on May 15 in over 160+ nations!!!

1. Hong Kong 30,000+ prayed in two stadiums
2. Taiwan 30,000+ prayed in the presidential square in pouring rain
3. Africa 40 million+ prayed in every African country
4. USA: Rick Warren, TD Jakes, Jack Graham lead 13,000 in Dallas
5. The following websites have full reports from nations around the world that particpated and some amazing photos and video clips....

Check out this video below a 1/2 hour special on what happened worldwide on May 15, 2005 GDOP. You must watch's AWESOME!

Attached are some pictures from the HK events! Thank you also for your prayers for me in South Africa. It was a privilege to pray and not only represent the youth of the world, but I was the only ASIAN representative in the worldwide broadcast! It was another confirmation that Africa & Asia will arise and work together in fulfilling God's end time purposes!

The fire of God fell upon the youth in South Africa and Asia in all our meetings. On May 14th in both Cape Town and Hong Kong the youth prayed through the night relentlessly. I really sensed the Lord confirmed to me again through numerous divine answers to prayer that He will raise up a great end time student missionary force out of Africa and Asia back to Jerusalem!

More on this later...keep praying and thanks for the prayers!!! I will be heading to France June 15-20th to plan with the Global Day of Prayer leaders on strategic next steps for GDOP in the next 4 years. Specifically, pray God reveals his heart for the involvement of "youth" in GDOP worldwide. A 2nd reformation is coming and may God mobilize youth all over the earth into this coming great end time harvest!

Praise God!!!

Under the mercy,

Hong Kong GDOP Report: (


From our correspondent in HK for Global Day of Prayer(GDOP)

The Global Day of Prayer in HK was a truly amazing event as the Hong Kong Stadium and Hong Kong Coliseum were both filled with Christians from all walks of life praying and praising God in unity.

The day started beautifully with splendid weather. It had been raining the whole week before the event with thunderstorms, strong winds and lightning but on the day, the skies were beautifully blue and the sun shone brightly. The crowd in the outdoor Hong Kong Stadium marveled at the wonderful weather.

The event started with a lively dance and a spectacular flag parade. As the flag bearers entered the stadium each bearing a flag of a different nation of the world, the crowd erupted into applause and were also moved to tears as Hong Kong was reminded that they were joining the 200 million believers from around the world in prayer.

With the blowing of the shofars and the proclamation of Psalm 24, the event continued with the worship team and 1000-member choir leading the crowds in joyful worship.

The prayers for the world were first lifted up to the Lord as
government officials and pastors prayed for the different nations.
They prayed for world peace, protection from natural disasters, and
unity in families of people around the world. At this time, the crowds also prayed for China, the motherland of Hong Kong. The crowd in the stadium was asked to all stand and face north, the direction of China,and to lift their hands to pray blessing upon China.

The crowd was then led into prayer for Hong Kong. Representatives of the government, business sector, schools, youths, and new immigrants all came together and led the crowds to pray for God's blessing upon each area of society.

Nearing the end of the event, the churches in Hong Kong were prayed
for; giving thanks to the Lord for them and asking His blessing upon them. There was also a call of unity as pastoral staff were asked to come together to declare that they belong, not to a certain church or denomination, but that they belong to and serve the Church of Hong Kong. It was deeply moving to see over three hundred pastoral staff gather by the stage, holding hands and singing the 'Song of Unity' so as show their commitment to unity in serving Hong Kong.

The event closed with a blessing and the exuberant song of praise
'Stand up for Jesus'. The crowds then left the stadium full of joy
having seen the glory of God and knowing that they were a part of the largest prayer meeting in world history.


At 6/01/2005 12:17:00 PM , Anonymous Forrest said...

Thank you so much for Nyack!!

You are a man after God's own heart, someone who serves all of His will in your generation.

We love you, we love you!!

At 6/01/2005 06:13:00 PM , Anonymous Ruth said...

You were a Phenomenal speaker.

Thank You for all the messages you conveyed to us. It's really going to help us revive our own Youth Group and our community. Both Joyce and I will continue training and equipping ourselves with spiritual strength from the Lord in order to do his work here and in the farthest reaches of the world.

Thank you again, You are truly a gift from God for the Young People of this generation.


At 6/02/2005 05:13:00 PM , Blogger  said...

Jaeson, thank you so much for nyack, for the message. Praise God for using someone like you.

For the longest time I've felt my heart for the youth of China being squished out by discouragement and just people saying that I can't "survive" in China in any form or manner. But after this, I see how wonderful God has been, that he has given me this dream, and a sense of attachment to China, my home.
I'm going back to China this year, just like my sis Belinda. I'm going specifically to Beijing, and I can feel God wanting to move in my family. That's a start.
I am asking for Beijing! =D haha, I'm soo excited. lol

Also, I really want to see GDOP happening in New York City and in Ann Arbor (where I will be going to college this fall). But I'm just so lost as to how to get started, how to convey this urgency.

I feel like I'm ready for the myrrh, but I don't know how to go about it, don't know where to begin, how to begin. A little lost, but still trusting.

I will keep you in my prayers. Keep Africa, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New York City, Ann Arbor in my prayers. =) ANd I will see you in China, soon! Thanks be to God for sending that message to me. And thank you for your obedience to him.

Love you much, Ruth
(haha, yeah, i'm also Ruth. But Ruthie would be grand.)

lol, sorry for such a long comment, this is like longer than your post. =P

At 6/02/2005 05:49:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Jaeson,
Thank you very much. There are too many times when I read your Journal, the posting, the testimony, the comments, the messages,…they encouraged me. Thank you!!! God bless you.

Jesus loves you. I love you too.

At 6/02/2005 08:49:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jaeson,


You are really a "man of God"!
It is really my blessing and another perfect gift from God that I could know you and your ministry.
Please continue to pray for Macau - the open door to China!
Macau loves you, Jaeson!

Richest blessings,
In Christ,
Anthony Eusebio

At 6/03/2005 08:06:00 AM , Anonymous Joan said...

I just watched the video about GDOP. I am so psyched!!! It's happening! God is so good! :) Prayer-washed and a people under the grace of God... we will see our cities and nations transformed for God!

At 6/15/2005 11:15:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love it when He does stuff like that!! ^_^

you are really a man marked by God. even your posts carry the presence of God-i've been greatly touched

thank you
Jesus bless
~an FRCCer~

At 6/15/2005 11:16:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

whoops...that comment was meant to go under june 15. my bad.


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