Friday, April 01, 2005

Campus Revival in Toronto

An encouraging email from a student in Toronto on
how the Hong Kong youth revival fire is impacting them!

Hi Jaeson,

I'm a student at the University of Toronto, and the leader of the chinese christian fellowship here on campus. I just wanted to share with you that your blog has been such an encouragement to me and brings such a depth to what Godis doing within the chinese communities, especially Hong Kong.I can tell you, that some of that impact is reaching here in toronto. A goodpercentage of our fellowship (maybe 25%), fly in from Hong Kong and are seekingthe Lord with us here. Many of them are reved up about God. Many of them havetold me reports of God's work in Hong Kong, what's going on at PassionGeneration, students fasting during their lunch hour and desiring to pray withtheir teachers. It is so encouraging to see, God's work in Hong Kong affectingus here - as a few of our leaders (and future leaders) come from there!I must confess to have been witnessing and hearing much testimony of God's workhere in Toronto. Even on this campus, it has been incredibly exciting year,being on the front lines of ministry.

We have seen our fellowship double insize in the past year, 10 have been won to Jesus in the past 6 weeks, students -even first years- are showing such a passionate zeal for God. It is anincredibly exciting time for us here.For myself, my spiritual eyes had awoken last january, with an intense desireto see our campus given to God. And it began with prayer

- and soon many students began praying for our campus. 20+ would meet regularly early fridaymornings to give it up to God. Since then, we've seen a flourish of christian activity, and leaders popping up, wanting to serve the Lord. Even at our retreat during our reading week in february, our fellowship experienced an incredible presence of the Holy Spirit. we believe it to beourpentecost. And you know the Holy Spirit is present when people are convicted oftheir sin. From that 3 day retreat, what has happened since:

-Five had been won to christ! One I can call brother now, named Mathias(conveniently), has undergone such a transformation.. He had been a shy boycoming to our GiGs during the first semester. He now can't stop talking aboutthe Lord! He is so full of joy! He can't stop hugging people. as of now, he is already praying with his non christian family at dinner, his father nowbelieves the Holy spirit exists, he trashed all his illegal mp3s and cds and hehas reconciled with his sister.

- 3 relationships were reevaluated because they were unequally yoked to anonchristians. Apparently there have been at least a couple more since.

- 2 christian relationships had broken up because they felt God calling them,and this was not the time.

- a leader stepped up for a mandarin fellowship to be planted! We had beenpraying earnestly since last may that one would do it. There is such anincredible need on our campus, as tehre are so many mandarin speakers here oncampus.

- The frosh have not stopped evangelizing to their friends and their msncontact lists. I have never seen so many ccfers so passionate to share thegospel.

- we had a coffeehouse mar 4. Five more had been won to Christ. it was thebiggest coffeehouse we\'ve ever had, over 200+ for one event - 60% of them werenot from our fellowship!.

Even with respect to united efforts between christians has been encouraging.There currently are efforts to bring about many christian groups from all overtoronto together. A couple years ago, Youth on a Hill was a movement startedby christian high school students which brought about a revival amongst highschool fellowships - with some jumping from 8 to 80. Many of those studentsare in university now.

York University had an event with their christiangroups together, and revival fires were burning there as well, with manyconfessions of sins, and many on their knees, praying and earnestly seeking God."

This is only a tip of the iceberg. I realize this email is getting too long. Ishare this with you to encourage you, as I know it brings joy to my heart whenI hear God at work - as I am sure it brings joy to yours. I share the visionof revival, and it has been prophecied by many that it would come here intoronto. May He receive all the glory, and may we just be a part of that.

If ever the wind brings you to this side of North America, we'd be blessed tohave you here, and we can share many more God stories. Blessings to your ministries, and may His will be done!

amen jonathan

PS: we are having an event this coming thursday, april 7, called "ReAwaken!" -and that is what we hope will happen - and that msg of revival - 2chron7:14 -will happen. The auditorium fits 500 - we\'ve never had an event so big, but wewill hope that the msg will be given to those who hear. Please pray for this!"


At 4/05/2005 12:13:00 PM , Blogger c-way said...

this is amazinggggggg!!!! i am so encouraged by this arising army.

-les from LA


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