Thursday, February 24, 2005

Pray for HK & Taiwan campuses!!!

Dear Intercessors,

I would like again to ask for your dedicated intercession as we willtravel back to Hong Kong and Taiwan Feb 20-March 8th.

1. Overview of Hong Kong Youth revival in 2004
2. How to pray for the Campus Church training conferences

Overview of Hong Kong Taiwan Youth Revival

This will be our 6th trip in the last 11 months. What happened in 2004was like a dream. God in His sovereignty used us weak vessels tohelp usher in a sweeping youth revival among the youth of HK and nowinto Taiwan. Last year, we partnered w/ local churches in HK to lay a strongapostolic foundation by challenging the youth to Holy consecration,massive prayer/fasting and bold proclamation of the Gospel to thecampuses.Since 2004 the Embrace the School youth movement is now moving on nearly everyhigh school and university campus in Hong Kong. Students arepraying and fasting on campus for revival while there are reportsof many outbreaks of salvations all over the city.

Last year (2004) was a year to a lay a "strong foundation" but 2005 willbe a year of "building" upon that foundation for the great youthharvest. Between Feb 25-March 7 we will be holding two majorcitywide conferences training the youth leaders, youth and collegeworkers/students on how to transform their campuses through united prayer,power evangelism and campus church planting.

How to pray for the Campus Church Training Conferences....

Please pray for >>>>>
1. Revival Fire to continue to burn in every heart and every campus
2. God will give our team the inspired messages that will effect change in those who are coming to be trained to reach their campuses.
3. God to extend the citywide youth network to every local church in HK/Taiwan
4. The Holy Spirit will lay a strong foundation and build His church on every campus through student-led movements!
5. The POWER OF GOD to come down in fullness at every training
student and campus worker will be empowered and ruined for campus revival!
6. Pray for thousands of young souls to be saved on the campuses as a result of the training conferences.
7. The different pastors, youth, local churches & parachurchministries will catch the vision for "UNITY" on the campuses & work together for full transformation!
8. Pray 1000 student-led campus churches will be started & established
on every campus in Hong Kong and 1000 in Taiwan in 2005.
9. Pray for unity among out team members who will be speaking & safe travels

Team members:
Jeremy Storey (President of Campus Renewal Ministries)
Nate Chung (United in Prayer Hawaii)
Dr. Olivia Hsia (Bay Area doctor)
Dr. Evelyn Li (Bay Area doctor)
Jaeson Ma (Campus Church Networks)

Summary of Hong Kong Training:
High School training:Venue: College in KowloonFeb. 26 am
Session 1: The Vision for the Campuses pm
Session 2: Practicing the Presence of God
Session 3: United in Prayer: Campus Transformation

Feb. 27 pm
Session 4: How to win souls and make disciples on campus

Youth Pastors meeting
Venue: Kowloon, same district of last pastors\' meeting Feb 28 10am-12n Session 1: Prophetic Evangelism
12n-1pm Simple lunch together and felllowship

1pm-3pm Session 2: Apostolic Preaching
3pm-4pm Open Discussion

University Training
Venue: HKUMar 1-2:
Session 1 "Campus Reaching"
Session 2 "Multiplying Campus Churches Among Unreached

Students"Taiwan Conference Schedule:
Venue: Bread of Life Church Taipei Dates: March 2-7

March 2nd Wednesday Evening:Youth Conference Session 1
March 3rd Thursday Evening:Youth Conference Session 2
March 4th Friday Morning: sharing at the weekly Bread of Life staff prayer meeting(roughly about 40 min, with about 250 full time Bread of Life staff) Evening: Youth Conference Session 3
March 5th Sat Morning: Youth Conference Session 4 Evening: Two Youth Services (5pm and 7pm)
March 6th Sun Morning: Youth Service Afternoon: Leaders' Retreat (with youth leaders around Taipei, a smallgroup of people)
March 7th Mon Leaders' Retreat

Thank you all for your dedicated prayers. I would also like to ask you
to pray for my family while I am traveling as you know there is real spiritual warfare involved in missions. Pray daily for my father, mother,sisters protection. Lastly, I want God to burn my heart with even greater passion for the youth of Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Pray God will speak through me & there willbe nothing of myself. Pray the word of Christ to be preached with signs, wondersand miracles confirming. Pray every young person will be filled withthe Holy Spirit and receive the supernatural gift of faith to take over their campuses for Christ!Pray the Church in HK and Taiwan will work together as ONE BODY IN CHRIST & that God's sovereign work of revival will continue to burn ever hotter and brighterin 2005!!!Attached are pictures from the crusades in 2004 & the conference posters.goto:

Yours for the Great Commandment & Great Commission in this generation!

praying for campus revival,
Jaeson Ma


At 2/25/2005 08:18:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Dear Jaeson,
It was my great honour to be able to participate in a few of your many sharings and trainings in HK last year. Indeed I humbled myself at all these awesome meetings that demonstrated the power & strength of Jesus within you and your passion for the youth ministry.
I pray that you can also take the consideration to add Macau into your prayer this year. Macau is shouting to the Lord for salvation and transformation of the spiritual climate here.
More and more new casinos are putting up, old hotels transforming into casinos, thus casinos crimes increased, teenagers left their studies in schools just to work in casinos because of the attractive salaries (Front Page - Macau Daily 24 Feb 05). Hugh idols and false gods are mounting up within casinos and major places in downtown area as tourist sights, with government's supports of HK$10 millions for parades, celebrations and events for a sea goddess worship etc.. etc.. Football matches gambling, slot machines centers, TV games centers has become popular places for the teenagers to hang-out, resulting in juveunile crimes increased.
As a Youth Ministry in my own church, I feel very sad to see these teenagers falling into the traps of satan.
Jaeson, Macau is also an open gate between China, which is only a 5 minutes walk through Zhuhai from Macau border, so please try to arrange to come over even just for a few hours to see the spirtual climate here first, so that you can make further planning in the future within your calendar year.
I had met Mr. Graham Power and Mrs. Linda Ma in HK last month, and if God is willing, I will try my best to mobilise the 15 May 2005 Global Day Of Prayers for Macau.
Thank you for your kind attention and may you walk very closely with Jesus every day and every moment.
In Christ,
Anthony Eusebio - Macau
26 Feb 05 sat 12:05pm (HK Time)

At 2/25/2005 09:05:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanx fer commin to HK. :)

At 3/08/2005 07:24:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so great to know that so many people are praying for Hongkong and China, I believe God will sent revival to the country...I've seen visions of youth coming to the Lord. But now is the time for prayer because prayer always comes before revival!

Your willingness to serve is just really encouraging and I hope you'll keep the faith and keep walking in His light! :D

Plundering hell, populating heaven!

God bless dude :)

At 3/10/2005 01:23:00 AM , Blogger dpma said...

Jaeson Ma. it's good to see you rounding up the prayer troops and getting them going. Things are going well here in 180 and we would appreciate your prayers too as we continue to fight for His Truth to be known in this land.

God bless you and please, let's hook up if you have time when you're in HK, away from the big events, away from the demands... let's just chill over some Vine Centre coffee. anyways, i know you're doing well, so May the Lord continue to bless you.

Your Brother,

At 3/15/2005 08:28:00 PM , Anonymous Justin said...

Hey, it's Justin Goll. Wow, this is random. I was idling on the web, my mind a thousand miles away. I randomly typed the name "Jason" into a search engine, looked at it, and was reminded of you for whatever reason, typed in your spelling, and here I am!
Anyway, I don't have much to say except... hello. You have to let me know when you're back in L.A. I'd love to get to talk to you some more.
(Oh gosh, I hope this blog isn't supposed to be a secret!)
(-: Well, bless you, Jaeson. I'm sure I'll run into you again someday.

At 9/02/2005 07:22:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jaeson, I am so happy to go to the conference in northern Taiwan about revival in Taiwan. Though I currently live in Seattle, I believe that Taiwan will have a great revival. I enjoy your sharings. God bless you! May the idols, temples etc. in Taiwan be destroyed & more house of God be planted. By the way, do you have the video of the Emerge conference?

In His Blessings-Bro. Paul


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