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Sons of Thunder

I'm currently in Detroit Michigan recording a track in the studio on "ending abortion" I ask for your prayers as we are seeking God's heart to anoint this track to save babies in this nation. I'll post up a sample of the track soon, in the mean time I wanted to post a prophetic word given by James Ryle more than a decade ago about "The Sons of Thunder" this prophecy contains a vision of a new generation God would raise up with a sound from heaven that would sing the songs of Jesus and reap in a multitude of harvest in God's end time revival. This vision is powerful. The Holy Spirit has been speaking to me through different striking confirmations that in this season God is truly going to release a new sound of music, something the world has never ever heard before, it will be pure, holy, with authority and filled with a magnitude of such great heavenly love that those who hear it, will listen and be saved.

I prophesied in Los Angeles "pre-call" rally that God would release a revival that would "STOP TRAFFIC" we began to prophetically declare for "Traffic to Stop" in Los Angeles, that when this happened it would be a sign that revival has hit the shores of California once again. I wasn't sure why "stop traffic" but later that night as I re-read the "Sons of Thunder" prophecy to the congregation there was a part in the prophetic word that said this new sound would "stop traffic" and turn heads when people listened to it. I believe this, 7-7-07 there will be prophetic release of new prophetic worshippers, musicians and revolutionaries who will rise up with this long await anointing, of a sound that would come from heaven and set the captives free. Let it be so. May the Spirit of God raise up a new sound that will shake the heavens and earth in this nation once again. May the Lord release new songs, new poets, new lyrics that would carry the power and authority sent from on High to speak forth the Father's heart in Jesus might name. May God take the anointing that was on the Beatles, that was perverted for the worship of men, may that anointing be released on a new generation of lovesick worshippers who will speak and sing forth the prophetic message of God. Amen.

by James Ryle

Forwarded by: Christopher Booth

{Note from Christopher: My wife and I are both musicians, and for many years I have been strongly drawn to, and inspired by, the example of the Revival "street-music" of the early Salvation Army (who transformed the pub music of their day into 'battle' and praise hymns just like Luther and Wesley before them which they took out onto the streets). In 1989 we formed our first street-band, though it became obvious that we lacked the vital ingredient: the mighty Revival anointing that the early Salvationists had had. When I first heard a tape of this message by James Ryle in early 1993, I just wept, as I had never before heard such powerful confirmation of all this. The anointing of God was so strong. There have been a number of stunning dreams and visions about this "new music" given in New Zealand also. May the following condensed version of James Ryle's message (in his own words) be as much of a blessing to you as it has been to me.}
The following word was shown to me beginning in August 1990 as a result of three dreams I had.

In August the Lord spoke to me through a dream. Prior to that dream He gave me a scripture, Isaiah 21:6, which says, "This is what the sovereign Lord says, 'Go appoint a lookout and have him report what he sees'." When the Lord gave me that verse He said, "I'm doing this in your life. I'm appointing you as lookout. You will see things, and when you see these things, you report them." I am now reporting to you what I have seen.

The first thing I saw in the dream was a flatbed trailer with a curtain behind it and two guitars on guitar stands sitting on the trailer. It looked like a stage but it wasn't a stage in a theatre; it was a mobile stage that could be moved into the streets or parks. This trailer was at a carnival or at a fairground. The two guitars were sitting on their guitar stands with the microphones in place and the curtain was there. The colour of these guitars was the most vivid, electric blue that I could imagine. They were acoustic guitars and that caught my eye; you would never see an acoustic guitar that was electric blue.

I then saw that the curtain was the same colour, and it captured my attention. As I stood and looked at it, two men came walking out from behind the curtain with sheet music in their hands. They were very excited as they looked at this, and they pointed out the different notes and the different measures, cadences and all the different features of this music. It was obvious that they could not wait to play this music. I looked over their shoulders and I could tell by looking at the music that it was a new song. It was not new like someone had just written it, but it was new in quality.

In the dreams my thoughts were, "This is new like the Beatles' music was new." When the Beatles appeared in the sixties it was a new sound and it took the world by storm. Whenever one of their songs came on, you would automatically turn it up; it had a special quality that caught your ear it turned your head. It was the most arresting sound that our generation had ever heard. I remember looking at that sheet music in this dream and thinking that this music was going to be just like that, with one very significant distinction this was of Christ. I stood on that platform thinking "Wait 'til these people hear this song!" I couldn't wait to see this happen, but the dream ended.

After I had written the dream down, the Lord spoke to me and said, "I'm about to release a new kind of song in the streets. It will bring a revelation of the truth and it will usher men into my presence." I filed that away until about a month later when I had another dream.

In the second dream, I was taken to a large church which had a stage. There were rooms on either side of the stage. The room on the right side was the equipment room it had pianos, microphones, speakers, cables, cymbals, and drums; it looked like a garage packed with stuff. I looked around and saw a power amplifier over in the corner. The amp was unplugged, the cord had been wrapped around it, it was dusty like it had been sitting in the corner for awhile. I dusted it off. What I then saw took my breath away. I gasped with a sense of discovery but also dread because of what I was holding in my hand. I held the power amp that the Beatles had used. I knew in that moment that this box was the source of their sound and their power.

I realized that people would do anything to have this amp. There are bands who for years have been looking for that sound and for that power. They had been doing everything within their scope of imagination to get that power. Here it was and I was holding it in my hand. I felt hunted; I felt vulnerable; I felt that I was threatened. I knew that I could be hurt by those who would do anything for the amp. As I stood there holding it, I asked aloud this question, "What is it doing here?"

Suddenly I was out of the equipment room and standing behind the pulpit at this church, still holding the amp. The church had grown to five times the size that it was at the beginning of the dream. There was a balcony and the place was packed with people. As I looked at all these people (they were oblivious to my presence), a woman stood up in the middle of the church, and a light shone on her. She began singing a song of the Lord. Her voice filled the auditorium, and all she sang was this: "In the name of Jesus Christ the Lord we say unto you, be saved." She sang it over and over. She would turn to her right and sing, then turn to her left and sing; then she would turn behind her and before her and sing the same thing. As I watched her sing, it was like a wind blowing on a wheat field. These people began to swoon in the presence of God and men and women were collapsing in their seats, converted to Christ, just by the power of that song. That was how the dream ended.

When I awoke, the Lord said that there was going to be a new and distinctive anointing and sound restored to music that will turn the heads and capture the hearts of men for Jesus Christ... Simply singing the truth in the name of Jesus Christ, "We say unto you be saved," will release the power of His Spirit in such an awesome display that men and women will collapse in their seats and be converted to Christ. But the Lord said that a key to this will be this new anointing He is about to give to His music.

The Lord said that in 1970 He lifted the anointing for that extraordinary music that could arrest the attention of men, and for twenty years He has held it in His hand. He is about to release it again. He said that it does not belong to the world, it belongs to the church. That's why it (the amp) was in the church's equipment room, because it is part of the church's equipment. Music does not belong to Satan, but he has stolen much of it and seeks to use it for his own evil purposes. Music was given to worship the Lord but Satan has turned it for self-worship, which is the reason we tend to worship musicians, and they tend to require that people worship them. That is all part of the perversion of the fall.

True worship and true music belong to Jesus Christ. They are given to His church to serve Him with. The anointing he Lord is about to release on music is going to sweep the world in a manner like the Beatles did when they first came out. It's going to be a music that is new in kind, new in sound, arresting in its content; it will stop traffic, and it will turn men's heads and capture their hearts, but this time it will do it for the Lord.

In this dream I saw the balcony scene when the Beatles first played on the Ed Sullivan Show. I saw the kids pulling their hair, crying... That is what I saw the same emotion, the same devotion, the tears in the eyes and that earnest look of love and adoration on the faces, but this time they were crying for Jesus! When this anointing comes on the music He is about to give His church, and His servants step forth in true service and worship to Him with these gifts, He will display the Holy Spirit in such a way that it will bring that kind of adoration to the Son of God, not to the musicians or our own self-centredness.

I know that there can be some misunderstanding with this Beatle connection, but that is how it was related to me in the dream and I later saw this principle related in the Scriptures. Psalm 68:18 reads: "You ascended on high, you led captivity captive and gave gifts to men even among the rebellious ..." "The earth is the Lord's and all it contains" (Psalm 24:1). It all belongs to Jesus Christ... The Lord makes His sun to shine on the just and the unjust. He makes His rain to come on the wicked and the righteous. Gifts and talents are given by the Lord, even though we may use them for evil.

We are now on the threshold of a prophesied new move of God which will be precipitated by a musical revival that encircles the world. God is going to bring praise into the streets. The choir that preceded the army of Jehosaphat will once again lift up the banners and strike the chords, only this time they will turn the hearts of men to Jesus Christ and not to themselves. They won't be saying, "John, Paul, George, and Ringo," or, "I'm of Paul, I'm of Apollos, I'm an Evangelical, I'm a Baptist, I'm a Catholic, or I'm a Lutheran." This time the adoration will be to one person alone Jesus.

I was then given a third dream. Again I was taken to this large church where I had seen the amplifier. This time the church was empty except for one man. He was up on the stage playing a keyboard and singing to the Lord. It was a beautiful song, and he was crying because of the tender exchange taking place between him and the Lord. He was writing the song right there, just making it up as he went. I was greatly moved by this song and the man's pure worship. I had a camera with me and I decided to take a picture of this to remember it. I took two polaroid pictures that came out immediately. When I looked at these pictures I was stunned because both of them were glowing with a golden light. I looked up and I then could see it on the man. The entire platform around him was also glowing like gold. I knew that it was the anointing of God.

I went up to this man and said, "Brother look at this," but it startled him. He quickly turned the instrument off and stepped back. I said, "Look at this, look at the anointing of God that's on you." He looked at the pictures only for a second, and putting his hands in his pockets, he shrugged his shoulders and started kicking on the ground shyly saying, "Oh, gosh I didn't know you were here, I'm so embarrassed." As he was going on like this I just looked at him and asked, "What are you doing? You don't have to apologize for this this is the anointing of the Lord."

Immediately the dream changed. I had these two photographs in my left hand and a parchment scroll in my right hand. I looked at that scroll and it was a letter written by an unknown soldier of the Salvation Army forty years ago. It was signed Unknown Soldier. I read this letter and it was a prophecy. It said that the time would come when the Lord God will release into the streets an army of worshipping warriors known as the 'Sons of Thunder'. They will bring forth praise into the streets that will birth evangelism and praise and give many children to God.

I was duly impressed with this prophecy but I didn't know what to do with it or the photographs of the man worshipping. Suddenly the dream changed one more time. I was in the sky, about a hundred yards or so above the ground and I was over a highway. The highway was ten lanes wide and it only went in one direction. As far as I could see in both directions the highway was completely grid-locked, jam packed with Hell's Angels, shoulder to shoulder, wheel to wheel, just revving their motorcycles. I knew intuitively that this was the broad path that led to destruction; I knew that I was looking at lost humanity.

Then I saw on the side of the road, in single file, a group of motorcyclists who were the only ones moving. What caught my eye was that they were in single file and were moving in single file on the shoulder on this highway. They were headed towards a field that was about a mile and a half away. In the middle of this field there was a stone that was almost like the Washington Monument, but it wasn't that tall. It was a monolith-like stone, and I knew that these motor-cyclists were headed toward it. I also knew that they were headed there for the purpose of touching it, because when they touched it they would receive power to come back and lead all of these Hell's Angels to Christ.

I felt that I also had to get to that stone, and that I had to be there when they got there. In the dream I was able to fly like an eagle, so I swooped down to get a closer look at the motorcyclists who were in the single file. I could see on the back of their jackets the words 'Sons of Thunder'. I knew that this was the army of worshipping warriors about which the unknown soldier from the Salvation Army had prophesied.

I hastened over to this stone, but when I got there it was completely surrounded by officers of the law. They were locked elbow to elbow in riot gear with clubs and masks waiting for a big riot. My first thought was, "Oh NO! These guys are not going to let us get near the stone." I was so grieved. Then I had the thought that all that was necessary was for this parchment and these photographs to touch that stone; if they touched that stone the anointing that this prophecy spoke of and the anointing that I saw on that man of music would be released on these Sons of Thunder. They would then be empowered to go into the streets and turn the Hell's Angels to Christ.

So I started to walk past the line, but they wouldn't let me through either! Suddenly I got an idea I took the parchment and I folded it into a paper airplane, put the photographs down in the crease in order to sail it over the heads of the officers into the stone. I knew that I would only have one chance and that I could not miss. The stone was so large that the only way I could miss would be to fall short. This may be the most important issue for us. The only thing that can stop us is our stopping. Will we fall short or will we touch it?

I took the airplane with the photos and prophecy and let it fly. It flew as straight as an arrow. Just when it was about one foot from touching the stone the dream ended! I desperately wanted to go back to sleep and finish the dream but I could not. Then the Lord began to speak to me about it.

The Lord said that the stone which I saw was symbolic of Him ("The stone which the builders rejected..."), but that it was also symbolic of the monument that men have built to Him. These men now feel that they must protect that monument from the very people He is calling to Himself. The 'officers of the law' stand in riot gear ready to defend the Lord from those that they don't think are worthy enough to come near Him.

The Lord then said, "Say this to the man of music. Stop submitting to false humility. Stop apologizing for the anointing of God which is on you." There are many who in the privacy of their intimate times with the Lord sing the song of the Lord which is glorious. But when they come into the church or into the presence of people they let the fear of man choke the song. The Lord says "Stop it! You do not need to apologize for that anointing." It is the glory of God that rests on you and the Lord is saying that it is now time for you to bring forth that which He has put in your heart to do. Sing the song of the Lord for the salvation of the lost. And your ministry in this will begin at the burial site of the fear of men.

The Lord said, "Say this to the church: 'Stand in the light, lift up your voice and sing in the streets. Sing the simple message of the gospel in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord, be saved. Lift up your voice as a witness to Christ and the Spirit of God will cause people to be converted'."

The Lord said to the Sons of Thunder: "I'm not endorsing a motorcycle gang. That is not My point. These are symbols which speak of the issues involved. A motorcycle is a quick, agile means of transportation and represents those who rid themselves of their excess baggage. It can go where other vehicles cannot go." The Lord is calling men and women into a ministry of evangelism that will take them places where the churches cannot go. And like the stigma associated with motorcycle gangs, there will be rejection and misunderstanding associated with this ministry. Some will not understand why they go into bars and associate with people who look demonic (and sometimes are), just as the Lord Himself was misunderstood for His associations. Even so, the word of the Lord to the Sons of Thunder was be in the world but not of it!

Then the Lord said, "Say this to the officers of the law: 'Put down your clubs and stop defending Jesus from people who you don't think are worthy enough to touch Him. Open your doors and let those people come in. Stop being so enamoured by the monument that you take your eyes off the living stones'."

Then the Lord said this, "The last call is a call to intercession." He said to me that the dream ended the way it did for an important reason. He wanted us to know that while it is going to happen, it is not happening yet. It's about to happen, and between now and when it does there is a call for intercession. When the prophecy of that unknown soldier of the Salvation Army of a generation ago and the vision of the anointed man of music are joined hand in hand by those who will intercede, and those two things touch the heart of Jesus through intercessory prayer, the anointing will be released on the Sons of Thunder. And the Sons of Thunder will be released into the streets. We will then see a worldwide move of the Spirit of God.

There are three groups that actually make up these Sons of Thunder. They are the musicians, the evangelists who are not musicians and the musicians who are evangelists. Some who are musicians are being called to be a Son of Thunder even though they are not evangelists. Some are evangelists who are being called though they are not musicians. Of course, there are some who are both evangelists and musicians. In some cases there will be musicians on a flatbed trailer, drawing the crowds for the evangelists. When the musicians who have dedicated themselves to the Lord Jesus Christ begin to play this new song, the Spirit of God is going to move in that crowd. The evangelists will touch these people and explain what is happening to them. The Sons of Thunder are both the musicians and the evangelists who work together.

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Pray for "The Blueprint"

Hey Friends,
Just wanted to ask that you lift up a prayer for my new book that is coming out. It's called

"The Blueprint" A Revolutionary Plan to Plant Missional Communities on Campus.

My simple prayer for this book, is that God would use it to radically transform hearts of students on every campus with His love, that each would encounter the Person and the work of the Holy Spirit in their own personal lives and see the power of God released on their campuses, cities and nations. I'm praying that God would use this book to inspire others onto revival and reformation in this generation. I'm praying it would get into the right hands, even if it be just one on every campus who is seeking and searching the will of God and contending for heaven on earth. To see all over, disciples loving God and truly loving others. That is, to see revival break out and to see lost souls deeply loved and soundly saved.

Story Behind the Book

It's crazy how God told me to write this book. It had always been on my heart for years to write a book on my passion for prayer, power evangelism and planting simple churches on campuses. Last June 2006, I was preaching at UCSD, while at the cafeteria eating lunch, I received an email from a senior editor at Regal Books, saying he read my online blog and wanted to know if I was interested in writing a book on "power evangelism on campus." It caught me by surprise. Literally, a few minutes later I check my voice mail and I receive an message from a student at Passion Church UCLA, he says, "Jaeson, I don't know if this is God or just me hearing things, but I was taking a shower this morning and for the first time I'm almost positive I heard God's voice, but again, you test this word, I heard God say 'Tell Jaeson he is to write a book on his experiences and encounters with Me to inspire others in this generation to do the same!" I couldn't believe my ears when I listened to the voice mail message, I nearly fell out of my chair in the cafeteria. I quickly called him back, told him how Regal books had just offered me a opportunity out of the blue, to write a book on my heart passion. He was blown away, haha, and said, "Woohoo I wasn't hearing things, I REALLY heard God's voice!" Yes you did bro!

There are so many miracle stories behind writing this book. I wish I had space to tell them all. But, it would take another book just to write all those little miracles down. One miracle is that Regal asked me to start writing in the summer of 2006 and gave me a deadline to get it done by Nov 2006. For me, that was nearly impossible because I was traveling and speaking in Asia the whole summer, but supernaturally God did it by His grace.

When I got back to Pasadena Ca the beginning of September, I sat down and started writing the book in my room. Supernaturally, the Holy Spirit had me write the entire book from beginning to end in 2 1/2 weeks! I couldn't believe it, I was able to make the dead line so that the book could be released to thousands of students on the day of destiny 7-7-07 at "The Call Nashville." Simultaneously, the Chinese translation will be released in July-August in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia at our student revival gatherings there. I realize this is God's book, God's work and I am just praying that God uses this book to inspire others to believe God for the impossible in our generation, to truly see revival in our own hearts become a reality, to see true revival, reformation and revolution break out in our lifetime. To see a generation rise up to it's call and fulfill the Great Commandment and finish the Great Commission.

Please Pray for the Blueprint...

1. We are trying to raise $40,000.00 USD to pre-buy 5,000 of the first copies of the book by June 18, 2007. If we raise this amount of funding, our desire is to give the first 5,000 copies out for free at "The Call Nashville" as a seed offering into the hands of students who rise up to take the challenge and call to transform their campuses for Christ.

If you or others feels led to donate goto: Donate to CCN

2. Pray that Holy Spirit will get this book into the hand of every student (or non-student) who truly desires to transform their campuses through a passion for prayer, power evangelism and planting simple churches among the lost.

3. Pray the "The Blueprint Revolution" spreads as a grass roots movement to inspire others to see God move in His great love and supernatural power of His Spirit in our generation.

You can "pre-order" the The Blueprint at
click here to pre-order (encourage your friends to pre-order!)

Also, join the group to support one another with stories from the field (The Blueprint: A Handbook for Revival on Campus)

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Summary of Book
In "The Blueprint" is the unveiling stories of 24-7 prayer rising up on campuses, testimonies of signs, wonders and miracles breaking out among ordinary students, and how students are getting "missional" and going out to plant simple churches among pockets of un-reached student groups and how we can all "do it" too...

Thanks for the prayers friends, seriously, you guys are the ones who have inspired me to keep writing with your comments, prayers and love these last few years. Much love! It's all God, and let this book be His and for His glory.

I once heard this quote. A young man asked a great man of faith, "What is the best thing I can do with my life? The man of faith said, "Find out what God is doing in your generation and give your life to it!" (Acts 13:22) <><

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Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God! Therefore the world does not know us, because it did not know Him. 1 John 3:1

Recently, Holy Spirit has been showing me more and more the love of the Father. I can't express what is going on deep within me, but something is changing in my heart and it's amazing to see how Abba Father is showing me not only His great love for me, but also His great immeasurable love for this fatherless generation...

Last week I had a very interesting encounter. A significant dream that came through a interesting scenario. I'll call this dream "Emma"

Last Wed night (May 23) I received a dream. This dream came before the "Emma" dream. In this dream I was trying to get to a revival meeting I was scheduled to speak at. In the dream I was rushing to get to the meeting, but I ended up moments late and had to re-schedule.

I woke up from the dream Thursday morning. That very day I had a flight from LAX to New Jersey for the Nyack College Revival I was speaking at. Well, I ended up rushing from Pasadena to LAX airport after recording at the studio with Mike. I got to the airport check in for American Airlines, paid the guy at the curbside to check in my bag and he says, "Sorry , sir I can't check in your bags because we have a 45 minute check in rule and you are 3 minutes late." I said, "You got to be kidding me? Are you serious?" He was as serious as a box of chocolates and pointed me to a 2 hour long line to re-schedule my flight. I couldn't believe it, my dream of not making a revival meeting on time the night before was happening right before my eyes. When I got to the ticket counter they ended up not having any available flights cause it was Memorial Day weekend. In the end, I had to use my frequent flyer points with United and booked a 6am flight the next day to Jersey. Remember, all things work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Rom 8:28).

The next morning I wake early (way too early for a human being to do so) and get on the 6am flight to the east coast. I end up completely knocking out for the whole entire flight. While asleep on this flight, I received a very significant dream. Had I not taken this early flight, I wonder if I would have received the following dream. Somehow God intricately works out His plans and purposes in our lives without our understanding, I believe this is one of those cases. I get dreams almost every night, many times with relevance towards the day or issues in life, but when I say significant, I really believe this dream was "special" and is a message not only to those I spoke to at the revival meeting, but to all of us.

"A Dream Called Emma"

While I was sleeping I dreamed I was in a elementary school cafeteria. In this cafeteria I was sitting at a lunch table with a bunch of little kids around me, maybe 7-9 years old. As I was sitting there, my old best friend father walks up to me. He shakes my hand and says, "Jaeson thank you for taking care of Emma, I always knew you were a good man, thank you for taking care of my Emma." I was bewildered to hear this from him because I thought I was just having fun with the children I was sitting with. But I was honored to receive such a compliment from a man I respected so much.

Right after my old best friends father thanks me for taking care of his Emma, walking up next to him and towards me is Mike Bickle from the International House of Prayer. He walks up to me and says, "Jaeson make sure you take care of Emma, she is a very special child. When she was born she sang to me and 'Love loves her!" When he said, "Love love hers" everyone in the room was in awe and wonder, it was almost like the room gasped for air in amazement. I looked around the other lunch room tables and there were other children and some parents listening to what Mike had said about "Emma".

Again, I was taken aback when hearing this message from Mike Bickle. He then left the room and I was there still sitting and eating lunch with this small group of children, mostly little girls around my lunch table. As I looked across the lunch table from me, I saw a little Chinese girl. On her shirt was a sticker name tag and it said, "Hello my name is... EM" Em? I asked this little girl, "Excuse me, but does Em stand for Emma, are you Emma?" She said, "Yes, that's me!" We both smiled at each other and then we went off to play outside.

When I woke up, I typed down this dream in my blackberry and began to ponder it's meaning. I knew it had deep significance, especially the name "Emma." While the plane landed into Washington D.C. I googled the name meaning for "Emma" on my phone. The name Emma comes from the name "Emmanuela" which is the female form of "Emmanuel" or "God with us", it could also mean "all embracing." I was struck by this name meaning, still praying and pondering the interpretation of the dream, I shared the dream with my room mate and co-worker Peter Gent when I got to Nyack college.

After sharing the dream with Peter, I also shared how my old best friends father was someone I deeply respected and looked up to as a "father figure." He was an elder at my old church, was a faithful husband and father, a man of integrity and honor, I always respected him and sometimes felt I was not good enough for him. In the dream I was surprised he called me a "good man." Peter listened intently to the details of the characters in my dream, while listening he simply said,

"Jaeson I think your best friends father represents the Father heart of God (God as a Father or the father heart message), Mike Bickle represents Intimacy with Christ (Jesus as a Bridegroom or the Bridal Paradigm message). Both are thanking and asking you to take care of or "embrace" Emma, because she is special. This little Chinese girl represents the "student back to Jerusalem movement" that was birthed here at Nyack three years ago that has called forth nearly 2,000 young Asian student missionaries to preach the Gospel to the last un-reached peoples of the earth. You must be very careful to take care of this Emma, for God is calling you to be a father to this movement. She sang to God (prophetically symbolizing a "love song" or affectionate love for God, Zeph 3:17) and "Love loves her" is the message she must know in her heart, in order to accomplish the mission God has given her. For God is love and we love Him because He first loved us (1 John 4:19). Her name is Emma, because God is with her, He will not leave her alone nor forsake His great love to her. She must know that God's love will never leave her or forsake her. She must know she is the beloved of God and in her, He is well pleased. By Emma knowing the love of God for her, this heart revelation will sustain her and give her the necessary foundation to never be shaken, to accomplish all God has for her to do with joy!"

After Peter shared this with me, I was astounded. I never really saw myself as a father to others, honestly, I still feel like I'm just learning to become a faithful man of God. These last years, I've simply been doing my best to rally a young generation into God's heart and to do His mission on the earth in these last days. At the same time, I also was convicted in my heart, realizing the last 3 years I have been calling students to a mission, but not exactly into the heart of the Father, nor a sustaining intimate relationship with our passionate Bridegroom Jesus. God was showing me, that unless this student mission movement is founded upon His unfailing love, the movement will not last, the missionaries will burn out, literally commit spiritual suicide on the mission field, because they were running on vision and personal zeal, but not the unlimited and faithful love of the Father.

For so many students, Asian's especially, there is a failure mentality. We never seem to be able to "do enough" for anyone. Whether it be our parents, our teachers, our friends or society in general, we feel like we have to perform to be approved. The truth of the matter is this, God is our Father, a loving Father who does not expect us to do anything for Him. In His unconditional love we are forever accepted and never rejected. We are not living for His approval, but from His approval. We are made perfect, worthy, valuable and honorable through the finished work of Christ on the cross. Jesus paid the price, finished the work, so we would never have to strive or work again. We don't have to try to be holy, we already are holy in Christ. We don't have to behave in order to be accepted. Through grace, we are already are accepted, when we believe this, we naturally behave and be like Christ. That is, be holy as He is holy.

Many times, we don't see God as a Father, let alone see Jesus as our passionate Bridegroom who pursues us with a fiery love and affectionate desire. We see God as either mad or sad, detached, even cold and calculated at times. Seldom do we see Him glad, happy and full of joy when He relates to us as humans who struggle with sin. I remember Mike Bickle would always preach, "Your identity is not that you are a sinner who struggles to love God, no, you are a lover of God who sometimes struggles with sin!" We are not the sum total of our most recent struggle with God, we are not our sin, when we are born again, the glory of God fills the very core of our being (Jn 17:22-23). We realize, we are inherently good, not evil, for we have been created in the image of a perfectly infinite and loving God. Because of Christ love, Christ forgiveness, Christ blood, I no longer see myself as bad, nothing, hopeless, unchangeable, not good enough, a failure who will always fail, rather I see myself as good, infinitely good because the Christ in me is good, He is glory, and through Him He make me able, I don't need to change myself, that is His work, He changes me for me, I simply have to put my faith in His work on the Cross, apply His blood and let Him change me inside out, while I simply rest in His loving arms, gaze at the beauty of His eyes and lose myself in the loving arms of the Father. I don't have to change myself, by faith, as I gaze at His glory, He transforms from glory to glory (2 Cor 3:14)

A Change for the Better

Sometimes, I feel burdened, deeply burdened because I've been fanning the flame of revival all over Asia and North America to thousands of students. Whether it be in Hong Kong, Taiwan or the US, many, after the last few years have told me they burnt out and lost their intimacy with Jesus. A lot of this, I feel responsible for, but I realize God is giving me grace to right my wrongs, or repent from plain ignorance. I've challenged thousands to pray, fast, preach in the power of the Holy Spirit, seek God for revival, and great fruit has been born, lives have been changes, multitudes have been touched, churches have been planted, but the question is what is left behind? There has been much good, at the same time, I see so many young people, young leaders who have told me they are disillusioned and have lost their heart, many times feeling like failures because they had not seen the promise of revival through their prayers, preaching and sacrifice.

I know this feeling of failure, it comes from obeying God because I have to, I'm supposed to, if I don't obey who will mentality? Or if I don't, what will God do to me, will I miss His will, will I fail Him and others, will I be punished for not doing or obeying? What if the Father told you, you could never fail Him, because in His grace there is no failure, only love, forgiveness and understanding. The truth is, when we obey God out of fear or duty it is not the best way to obey God, the best way, the good way, is to obey out of love, out of an overflow of affection that flows from the heart of the Father, into our hearts, and our affection flowing back to Him and then to others.

It was interesting, but at the Nyack College Revival, I didn't necessarily preach on revival, maybe a different kind of revival. A revival of the heart. That is, revival begins in a love relationship with a unconditional magnificent unbelievable love of a heavenly Father who loves us not for what we can do for Him, but He simply loves us because we are His children. Nothing will change the fact, the everlasting truth that we are God's son, we are God's daughter. No matter how many times we fail or succeed we will always be a fantastic son and daughter of God in His loving eyes. When we realize this, we love Him simply because of Him, because He is good, because He accepts us and does not reject us, because He has done all the work of revival for us, we simply have to rest in His arms and let Him carry us through this fascinating journey called life, we learn to walk with Father, Son and Holy Spirit in relationship day by day.

During the Nyack revival meeting, I changed all my messages from revival, reformation and revolution to reach the lost, to revival, reformation and revolution in our hearts. I preached on the Father Heart of God and the Bridal Paradigm. I prayed every session that the Holy Spirit would reveal to us the great love of the Father & the affectionate passions of the Bridegroom Jesus. For when we understand we are loved, truly loved, how can we not share this love? How can we not run out into the streets screaming out this love at the top of our lungs? How can we not climb the rooftops of humanity and shout out this freedom, this love that the whole world is searching for?

Everyone wants to be loved for who they are, not what they do. We can only true know this through experiencing the heart of Abba Father. Everlasting love flows from this place, the place of the Father's heart.

There are three kinds of obedience.

3 Kinds of Obedience

1. Fear Based Obedience – We obey because we are fearful of negative consequences
2. Duty Based Obedience – obedience that we do without feeling the presence of God or inspiration. We obey God's Word because it is right, we don't want to, but we do it anyway.
3. Affection based obedience - comes from experiencing His affection for us. It takes God to love God. When I feel loved and I feel love back obedience is not a burden.

I want to live out of this place of "affection based obedience" all three are Biblical, all three are necessary, but one is the greatest and highest form of obedience, that is obedience that is birthed and flows from a heart of affection towards a loving Father and passionate Bridegroom. In order to obey more, we must know God more, we must experience His affections towards us, or obedience will only become an obligation, a burden and something we have to do.

The American Church says, "Work harder, Sin Less, Give more"

God says, "Work Less, Enjoy God More"... for lovers always outwork workers

It was interesting, after the revival meeting, many students came up to me and just shared with me how the messages of God's love not only changed, but "transformed" their lives, their paradigms of Christianity, their understanding of who God is and who they are in Christ. I was taken aback once again, realizing, wow, now this is revival, this is revival that comes from the heart and there is something so free and hopeful about it. It's not striving for revival, it's living from revival. It's the message the world has been looking for, begging for, searching and seeking after, that someone REALLY DOES LOVE THEM, that we are loved beyond measure, beyond incomprehensible understanding. Wow, there was so much love in every meeting, in every conversation, something was different in the air, something good, very good I knew was happening and recognized it in my heart in the smiles of each of His children I spoke with :)

"Emma Confirmation"

It was funny, after I shared the dream with the congregation (joint service) on Sunday morning. Steve Chua, one of my mentors from Singing Waters walked up to me and said, "Jaeson this morning the Lord gave me a dream of you, you were in a bright white room and there were many children all around you, they were all 8-9 years old and the room was full of light and life, then I heard you share this dream about Emma this morning, I believe the Father is confirming to you that you are not to disregard the children, for a great revival will be birthed out of young children and He is calling you to not neglect them, but father them, just as He would, these will be the future leaders of the great end time battle. I believe the Lord will literally give you orphans and children to take care, a small band in whom you will disciple, look for this, for He will do it."

God has been speaking this message of Father to me, more and more. I'm not sure what to do with it, but I realize this end time generation is like "Emma" she maybe insignificant in the eyes of the world now, but the Father is with her, He will not leave her nor forsake her, He will not leave her alone, for we are not a orphan generation, we are not forsaken or desolate, rather we are adopted as royal sons and daughters of the Most High, we are highly favored and deeply loved, never abandoned, never rejected, always accepted and always approved, because of the love, death and resurrection of our Lord and passionate Bridegroom Jesus Christ. wow :) His burden is easy, His yoke is light, we don't have to do anything because Jesus has already done everything, we simply hold His hand and follow Him where ever He leads us cause it's about relationship, more than a mission, it's about a relationship with our loving Father, with our lover and His name is Jesus. Come Holy Spirit come!

I came across this song by Jason Upton, remembering he wrote a song called "Emma" while at the Nyack gathering, another confirmation as I listened to the words of this song. I pray that you, I and this world would know that FATHER LOVES YOU, JESUS IS PASSIONATELY PURSUING YOU, SINGING OVER YOU (ZEPH 3:17) REJOICING OVER YOU, YES, EVEN IN YOUR WEAKNESS, IN YOUR FAILURE, IN YOUR SIN, YOU ARE STILL LOVED AND ENJOYED BY FATHER GOD. Love to love Him, live to know Him, know that "LOVE LOVES YOU!" He loved you first, always had and always will, His love for you will never change, forever and ever. amen.

Emma - Jason Upton

Don’t be afraid baby don’t you cry
Daddy’s here it will be all right
You’re not alone you’re not alone
Don’t be afraid when you’re cold at night
I will keep you warm I will hold you tight
You’re not alone you’re not alone

Look beyond the window there
To the sky above to the open air
Look beyond what you can see
Close your eyes and just believe

The lion roars and the lamb lays down
They live together in a whole new town
They’re calling me and they’re calling you
From the cold hard facts that we’re on our own
To the age old truth that we’re not alone

Don’t be afraid when you scrape your knee
I’ve got a band aide waiting and a kiss for free
You’re not alone you’re not alone
Don’t be afraid of your blind belief
Because the more you fly the more you’ll see
You’re not alone you’re not alone

Look beyond the window there
To the sky above to the open air
Look beyond what you can see
Close your eyes and just believe

The lion roars and the lamb lays down
They live together in a whole new town
They’re calling me and they’re calling you
From the cold hard facts that we’re on our own
To the age old truth that we’re not alone

Don’t be afraid little warrior bride
Your victory’s on the other side
You’re not alone you’re not alone

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fohawk last Friday I walk into A-Salon in Arcadia to get a regular hair cut. My hair stylist "Jerry" (whom please PRAY HARD for is near coming to Christ, I've shared the Gospel with him every hair cut and he is almost there!) So yeah, Jerry is like, in Cantonese accent "I think dis hair cut look good on you" (he shows me a picture of a Japanese dude with a mini mo-hawk in a mag) I'm like, ayte, do wateverz you want bro, and the outcome was this :) So my friends tell me it's a fo-hawk.

Lol, so the day after I get my new doo, I pass by Dottie and Brittany at UCLA, and Dottie is like, "What the heck happened to your hair? Oh man, that's pretty bad!" Brittany says, "Ah, dun worry, it'll grow out" (so there you have it, my new fo-hawk, hopefully it will grow out back to it's intended purpose :P)