Tuesday, December 30, 2008


This past weekend after Christmas, I went with my sister to West Oakland to pass out food, clothes and prayers to the homeless. We went to Wal-mart the day before and bought a bunch of warm sleeping bags, got warm clothes from Goodwill and loaded up our car to do what we could the next morning. When I got out to the streets, my heart was shocked and broken at the same time. People were lined up waiting for us to give them any kind of help they could get.

As I opened up my bag full of clothes the homeless swarmed quickly to take what was best for themselves. All the clothes disappeared in a matter of minutes. I was sad, because I wish I had more clothes to give but I only had so much.

I met a grandmother “Franky” who had 7 grandchildren to take care of. Zara and Kimothy were precious young girls whom I met. One wanted to be a doctor, the other wanted to be a dancer and I only prayed in my heart that they would be given the opportunity to pursue their God given dreams. Every child deserves a chance in this life, no matter what their parents did, no matter what un-fair circumstances they are given, we must do what we can to give every child a reason and purpose to live out their destinies. They are all precious in God’s sight.

We also met beautiful Athena. She was such a sweet heart. On Christmas day, our friend Lee who has been going every Saturday out to West Oakland to feed and clothe the homeless - heard God’s voice to go out there on Christmas morning. He didn’t know if anyone would be out there, but he went anyways with hot cooked meals. When he got to the streets it was pouring rain, no one was around, except Athena who was standing on the corner shivering w/ hypothermia. He got out the car, embraced her and got her to a warm shelter. She had been mugged the other night and everything she had (food, sleeping bag, clothes, etc) were stolen. Yet, God knew her needs and sent a Good Samaritan “Lee” to help her that Christmas day. We were able to buy her new clothes, a new sturdy sleeping bag and other necessities. She said, “You are angels!” I responded, “No, you are the ANGEL!” She truly blessed my heart. Even what we gave to her, she immediately shared it with others on the street who needed what she had, even though it was a sacrifice for her. God bless Athena. Her son was murdered just last year on the streets. We must care for the orphans and the widows, this is true and undefiled religion. Pray for Athena, she will RISE UP again one day, I have faith for her!

Cool Whip Miracle

After hanging out with the homeless for the afternoon, we all prayed and went to eat lunch at a local Mexican joint. It was good food and fellowship. Lee the leader of this homeless ministry in Oakland told us one of the many miracle stories from ministering to the homeless. He said, “This past thanksgiving we fed over 400 homeless a full Thanksgiving meal. I heard Papa say, “Only the best for My children!” So, we bought over 25 big turkeys, cooked up mash potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and we had 25 pumpkin pies. But on the way to the park, I heard Papa tell me, “Go back and buy whip cream for them!” I told Papa, “I’m not going back to the super market I’m already on my way, the best I can do is buy what they have at 7-11 it’s on the way!” So at 7-11 Lee bought only 4 cans of “cool whip” thinking others might bring some more. When he got to the park, no one else had brought cool whip but him. They only had 4 cans of cool whip for 25 pies. Lee told the volunteers, “Once the 4 cans of cool whip are used, that’s it, no one gets anymore!” After 4 pies, 3 cans were already used up. But for some miraculous reason, the 4th can of “Cool Whip” never stopped giving whip cream! He told us, “Everyone was shocked, we just kept scooping from this one can of cool whip the same normal scoops and every time we looked in the can there was more cool whip!” He said, the 13 year old who was scooping from the can shouted to her mother, “Mom, I just read how Jesus fed the 5,000

with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, but NOW I SEE IT WITH MY OWN EYES!” WOW! I could only praise God when I heard this miracle story, not only because it was an amazing miracle, but because even our PAPA in heaven cares that every one of His children gets COOL WHIP on their pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving!

We all need to count our blessings. We all need to remember that we are blessed to be a blessing. Let us give to others in need, help those who can’t help themselves or those who need encouragement to get back on their two feet. Let us be Jesus hands and feet to a world that needs to know the Love of God for real.

the blind see, the lame walk… the wretched of the earth learn that GOD IS ON THEIR SIDE. — Matthew 11:5


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