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Baptism at UCLA Jan Steps Pool ~ Supernatural on Campus Conference

Student being baptized by another Student ~ Myles & Megan

Students were getting baptized that night past midnight, with no change of clothes in the cold. This isn't radical, it's being obedient to Jesus command.

Dear Campus Church Leaders,

This is a word to every leader in our campus church planting movement. This is a word also to the Body of Christ. Tonight, I received a direct prophetic word from my older spiritual brother, Pastor Philip Mantofa that was confirmed twice by the Holy Spirit. The word was, "Jaeson, get ready for you will witness 100 new baptisms in your movement very soon. This will be the beginning of a baptism movement in your sphere of influence that will spark a movement of radical obedience to God's Great Commission to immediately baptize new converts to Christ. By obeying God's command to baptize new disciples, it will release a new wave of divine healing, miracles and great numbers of salvations in your movements on campus, but not only the campus, everywhere. Get ready, prepare for 100 and PROCLAIM it to all and make a contract with God to baptize 100 within this next year and He will honor it."

My heart is full of faith and expectancy. When Pastor Philip gave me this word, the presence of God came all over both of us, we knew the Holy Spirit was speaking clearly.

The other night, Pastor Philip showed a video of their last miracle crusade in the worst slum of Indonesia. Over 9,000 heard the Gospel and 500 were immediately baptized the same night in baptism coffins. On the video, the new converts were literally shaking, manifesting demons, some barfing out blood as they got near the baptism waters. The moment these new believers were baptized they were immediately set free from demonic oppression and made new born babes in Christ. As I watched this video I was deeply stirred, I said "God this is truly the book of Acts, the New Testament way of making disciples, Lord I don't just want salvations of souls, I want sound salvations that remain, Biblical conversions that shake hell and fill heaven with praise!"

For the past few days the Lord has burdened my heart to see the lost come to Christ like never before. But I will not be satisfied with only seeing new converts say a prayer of repentance unto salvation, No, they must fully obey God's command and be immediately baptized. One of the greatest travesties of the Church today is the doctrine that we are to wait until someone is ready to be baptized. This is a heresy and it must be exposed against Holy Scripture. Where do you find once in Scripture that someone is baptized the second, third or fourth day? Or even months later or years later? You can't find it, it is not in Scripture. Every person in the New Testament, who was converted to Christ after the day of Pentecost, was baptized (immersed) in water on the same day. Salvation and Water Baptism in the New Testament was synonymous, not separate. If you study Church history the early Jewish converts never separated water baptism with true repentance. For if you truly repented you would prove your repentance with water baptism. Faith without works is dead. Therefore, praying a prayer of salvation without being water baptized does not make Biblical sense. If you believe by faith, you must prove your faith by action. That action that God gave us as a command is "water baptism."

Does this mean that we are not saved if we are not water baptized? That question does not need to be answered because if there is nothing stopping us from being baptized, why are we not water baptized? This is God's command and do we question His own command? To not be baptized is simply an excuse to not trust in Christ finished work on the cross, but to trust in our own strength to somehow "be ready" to be saved. We can do nothing apart from Christ. We can never be more ready to be baptized now or later, if we believe in our heart and confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord, just as the Ethiopian Eunuch confessed in Acts 8:37, then nothing should stop us from being baptized in water. Now, did not the Ethiopian Eunuch when he believed on Christ say, "See, here is water. What hinders me from being baptized?" Then Philip said, "If you believe with all your heart, you may." And he answered and said, "I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God." So he commanded the chariot to stand still. And both Philip and the eunuch went down into the water, and he baptized them." Acts 8:35-38.

The problem in our Western Christianity today is that we still worship the tree of Knowledge when we were commanded to worship the tree of Life. Disobedience is once again the problem, for life springs from being radically obedience to God. We think we need to get more knowledge for everything before we can do anything for Christ. To say we need more knowledge, or to hide behind the theology that we need more knowledge in order to be more obedient is absurd. We are called to be obedient to Christ commands, period. No questions asked, His Word is final, it is clear and it is to be obeyed. We are not to worship more knowledge, we are to worship God by being obedient to His commands. Our Churches are weak because we have much knowledge and less obedience, much teaching and no application, much theory and again, no obedience. What God wants is obedience, not our excuses to not do what He commands us clearly to do.

Did not Peter preach to the crowd on the day of Pentecost, when they asked him what must we do to be saved? "Repent, and let everyone of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit." "For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all who are afar off, as many as the Lord our God will call." …"Then those who gladly received his word were baptized; and that day about three thousand souls were added to them." Acts 2:38-41 On that first day of the New Testament Church, 3,000 were convicted of sin, 3,000 repented, 3,000 were water baptized and therefore 3,000 were soundly saved. I don't think Peter held a 4 week baptism class to make sure they all knew for sure, for sure, that they knew what baptism meant in order to "be ready" to be baptized. No, Peter preached the Gospel, the crowd believed Jesus as Lord and in order to publicly display their commitment to Christ, to confirm their commitment was true, not just some emotion or adherence to another god, they were baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.

There is a spiritual power and vital victory in water baptism that stamps ones salvation with finality. It is a public declaration not only to those on the earth, but to those in heavenly places. It is a cutting off, a burial of the old self and it is a resurrection, a birthing of the new self in Christ (Rom 6:2-9). Baptism is not just a physical act with symbolic significance. No, it is a spiritual act that destroys the works of the devil in one's life. It is God's stamp of approval upon a true believer.

To not baptize immediately is to directly disobey Jesus command to "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit." "teaching them to obey all things I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always to the end of the age." Amen. Matt 28:18-20

Jesus does not call us to wait to be baptized. He commands us directly to be "baptizers." If we are not baptized in water we are directly disobeying Jesus command. Read the Great Commission for yourself and ask yourself if you are being obedient or disobedient to it. Then talk to me. No where does scripture say, you must be baptized by a pastor or professional clergy. No where in Scripture does it say you must have a formal baptism service. No where in Scripture does it say you must have a signed certificate verifying your baptism of some sort. No where does it say you must go through a baptism class to confirm your understanding of baptism. Instead, it is clear that every disciple of Jesus Christ is called to be baptized and to baptize others. Go, make disciples, baptize them and teach them all I have commanded you. Those are four commands and four action verbs from Christ Himself. Yet, we read through this Scripture as if it were only to be something memorized and not obeyed. This is a travesty! If you are a true disciple of Christ, one who studies him/herself to be approved, then be a student of God's Word and let Scripture be the final authority. Do not let the traditions, dogmas or doctrines of men that have deceived us for generations tell you what to think about water baptism, study the Scriptures diligently yourself and you will see clearly, scripturally and historically that water baptism is a command of Christ, that it is to be obeyed immediately and by faith. To not be baptized or to not baptize others because your church organization or para-church ministry says you can't because of so and so, again leads me to ask you this question, "Are you obeying man's tradition or Jesus command?"

I want to proclaim to every leader in our campus church planting movement across the nations that you are given authority by Christ to baptize new converts immediately and radically. We are to destroy the works of the Devil in this generation, and one of the most significant keys to see revival break out in this hour will be a return to the apostolic practice of immediate baptism. When this happens we will see true conversions, where every converts faith is proven by their obedience in baptism. In the early church, if you were not baptized those persecuting Christians would not kill you. But if you were baptized in the name of Christ you would receive persecution, and literally be killed for your faith. Why? What's the big deal about baptism? It is because if you are a true disciple who follows Jesus with all your heart, you will obey His first and most basic command that follows repentance, which is to be baptized. It proves your commitment to Christ. It is an automatic response, to a truly devout heart that belongs to Christ. "He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me (John 14:21)."

When I get back home from my trip in Asia, I am buying 100 brand new Bibles. Because I am making a contract with God that in the next year I will witness 100 new baptisms through our campus church movement. Let this be so. I have full faith this will happen, because when I take God's Word seriously, and obey it faithfully, He will honor His Word, honor my faith and give souls to be baptized unto His name, for His glory.

Brothers and sisters, disciples of Jesus Christ, GO, MAKE DISCIPLES, BAPTIZE THEM, and TEACH THEM TO OBEY all Christ has commanded. Let us be radically committed to obeying God's Word and we will experience the blessing of doing so.

Campus Church Leaders:
When you baptize someone immediately in the coming days, email or tell me ASAP because I want to keep track of the first 100 new converts who are baptized in this movement from this point on. I know when we hit 100, we will begin to see the hundreds, then the thousands radically return to the Lord on campuses, cities and nations in this divine hour of revival and awakening!

Also, attached is a systematic Bible Study on Water Baptism & also scriptures below for your study and reference.


Jaeson Ma

Baptism Scriptures:

Q: Why do we baptize (hint: obedience to Jesus):
Matthew 28:18-20
Mark 16:15-16

Q: When do we baptize (hint: immediately):
Acts 2:37-41
Acts 8:36-38
Acts 9:17-19
Acts 10:44-48
Acts 16:30-34

Q: What is the meaning of baptism (hint: the death of our old self and being
a new person in Christ):
Romans 6:1-4
Galatians 3:26-28
Colossians 2:6-15
1 Peter 3:18-22


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jason's Thoughts: The Importance of Prayer

I'm currently in Malaysia praying, preaching and equipping student leaders for a great national student revival and awakening. In the midst of this, God has burdened my heart for our network of churches back home at UCLA and other campuses. In the next days, I will post a series of letters called "Jaeson's Thoughts" this will be personal letters for our network of leaders and churches that I believe can benefit the greater Body of Christ...shalom.
Dear Passion Church & ECTC family,

As I am here in Malaysia you are still constantly on my heart of hearts. As a mentor and friend to you, know that my heart beats with one passion and that is to see each of you be made complete, whole and mature in Christ. In the coming days, I will share short thoughts from my heart to encourage you in your upward calling in Christ. I will start with the topic of the importance of prayer in your private life and corporate life.

1. Mark 1:35
[ Jesus Prays in a Solitary Place ] Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place,where he prayed.

2. Luke 5:16
But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.

3. John 17:1
[ Jesus Prays for Himself ] After Jesus said this, he looked toward heaven and

The Priority of Personal Prayer
I can not urge each of you with anything more important but to give yourself to the priority of PRAYER. It is prayer that keeps us walking in the Spirit and not the flesh. It is our source of power to live life victoriously, it is the unction that gives us the grace to live out God's Truth daily in our lives. Jesus, even with his busy lifestyle, made prayer His priority each morning. He didn't live a life of casual prayer, but extraordinary prayer. He got up before the sun got out. He made it a sacrifice, because He knew without prayer He could do nothing apart from the Father. Is prayer a sacrifice right now in your life? Is it priority? Is your prayer life inconsistent, where you pray some mornings, but not others?

The past month the Holy Spirit has convicted me that my prayer life is very weak. By the grace of God, I have been obedient to this conviction and sleeping earlier, waking earlier and spending a sufficient amount of time in the presence of the Holy Spirit, not leaving the secret place till my heart, soul and spirit is filled with the inner peace of His manifest presence.

When I was in college I spent 2-6 hours waiting on the Lord daily. That is not for you to compare to, you may have only grace to pray 15 minutes or a half hour a day. But, what God gives you grace to do, be faithful to it. Did Jesus not say, "Can you watch and pray for one hour lest you fall into temptation?" If Jesus disciples encouraged His own disciples to pray for an hour a day, how much more do we need to pray at least one hour daily, consistently, whether we feel like it or not to enjoy and be with the Father? Without prayer we will fall into temptation, depend on our own strength to live and live a fruitless life on this earth. Don't waste your life. You can not waste your life by getting a "prayer life." Being in God's presence is the greatest joy known to man, it is what we were created for. Prayer should not be a dread, it should be the most exciting part of your day, for when we spend that hour in quite devotion, it sets the tone for us to recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit the rest of the hours of the day, thus we fulfill the scripture that calls us to "pray continuously." (1 Thess 5:17)

If you wonder why there is little fruit being born in your life, if your inner-man is not being changed (2 Cor 3:14), if you wonder why souls are not being saved around you through you, if you wonder why you maybe confused, disgruntled or disheartened it may very well be that you have not wrestled with your flesh, the principalities of the air, and entrusted your problems to the Lord in prayer (Phil 4:6-7). We have to pray it out before we can walk out. Personal transformation, fruitful evangelism & ministry is simply a direct result of our daily prayer life. Without a prayer life, we have nothing, because all we do will be in our strength and not His.

The Priority of Corporate Prayer

I know many of you in Passion Church have started your own prayer meetings for your simple churches. This is oh so important. Please make sure that your times of corporate prayer with one another is a priority over any other meeting during the week. Do not ever relent in the place of prayer. And when you come together to pray, come with a clear conscience, forgiving one another and then boldly approach the throne of grace with confidence knowing that whenever two or three touch and agree and ask anything in Jesus name, it shall be done for them according to His will. Be bold, dream big, pray with perfect faith and ask for the impossible, because with prayer all things are made possible.

Heb 4:16 Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

Prayer meetings should be the most exciting and most powerful of times. We change the world through our prayers. We shake nations through our prayers. God backs up our prayers with all the authority from heaven when we get His mind and declare His will into the earth through our corporate prayers. The Devil is not afraid of church meetings, he is afraid of prayer meetings, because this is where the spiritual battle is fought, where we get hell empty and heaven full (Eph 6:10-18, 2 Cor 10) for our battle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual principalities. Understand that when we gather to intercede, literally myriads of warring angelic forces go to work on the earth when we pray, but if we do not pray we forfeit the authority and power given to us (Luke 10:19, Mark 16:18) by Jesus.

Know that when you pray, heaven moves and earth shakes. Prayer is the key to releasing heaven on earth. We have authority in our prayers. History hinges upon the prayers of the saints. Those who truly learn to exercise the authority given to us in prayer by Christ are the ones that see change on the earth. Without prayer nothing can happen, with prayer anything can happen. Every time you gather to pray know that you have authority to bind and lose (Matt 16:18), to shut doors and close doors (Isa 22:22), to make wrong things right because those who pray day and night will release speedy justice on the earth (Luke 18). You want to see your simple church gatherings grow? You want to see the heavens open and the Holy Spirit poured out over your gatherings? You want to see souls saved soundly, disciples made powerfully? You want to see revival break out on your campus, in your dorm, in your classroom, in the middle of campus, in the city? You want to see sicknesses healed, demons cast out, the spirit of prophecy released and darkness tremble as injustice towards the unborn, the imprisoned prostitute, the struggling homosexual, the depressed and dejected be SET FREE? Then GO TO THE PLACE OF PRAYER and CRY OUT WITH OTHERS FOR JUSTICE TO BE RELEASED ON THE EARTH! (Isaiah 62:6-8) Give God no rest, cry out day and night till He establishes Jerusalem (your mission field) a praise in the earth!

When I started my first youth church in San Jose, I was given a book called "Fresh Wind and Fresh Fire" by, Jim Cymbala. His church was dying, down to less than 20 members in Brooklyn NYC. But God spoke to him to give himself to the place of prayer. He told the church if there is one meeting you go to, it's not Sunday morning service, but the Monday night prayer meeting. They made prayer their priority and God blessed their church and it has grown not just numerically, but in influence across the nations because they made corporate prayer PRIORITY.

When I started our first youth church, the meetings were on Tuesday night, but every Monday night me and maybe 3-5 others would gather and seek God's face in the furnace of prayer for anywhere from 2-6 hours each time. We would not stop praying, till we knew that we knew in our spirit that what we prayed for was answered. Till we knew that heaven heard our cries for the souls we were discipling and for the lost in the city. The success of each Tuesday night gathering was not dependent on the program, how good the Bible study or preaching or worship went, it was dependent on how much we prayed prior to the Tuesday night gathering. We saw many miracles those two years in our Tuesday night gatherings, hundreds came to Christ and received deliverance because, we made corporate prayer a priority.

Also, do not just have a prayer meeting on a separate day for your church gatherings, but make sure to pray at least one hour before each simple church gathering w/ focus. When you pray right before the gathering it prepares the atmosphere to welcome the Holy Spirit into your midst. Don't be a Martha but be a Mary and sit at Jesus feet first. Don't be like Martha where you are so busy preparing the food for the breaking of bread or fellowship, that you rush into the simple church gatherings. No no no! If you are elders, you must give the deacons the responsibility to prepare food and other things, you as leaders must give yourself to PRAYER before each gathering, because the first guest we are to welcome is not one another, but the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD! The Holy Spirit is always our most honored and welcomed guest first. We must prepare first in prayer before our gatherings to properly host the Holy Spirit. (Practically, to make corporate prayer a priority, pray at least one hour before your time of breaking of bread, then eat and gather to worship.)

I tell you anytime we have had an outpouring of God's Spirit in our simple church gatherings, when people get divinely healed, filled with the Holy Spirit, the Bible study is cutting to our hearts and souls cry out in repentance and radically obey His Word immediately, it is because WE PRAYED BEFORE HAND. Do not let your simple church gatherings simply become "meetings" gatherings that are predictable and going through the motion. NO! Get into the place of prayer, welcome the Holy Spirit to lead and watch Him release miracles every time you gather. You should expect nothing less than revival each time you gather, if not something is wrong with your faith and expectation for we serve a supernatural God who is in the business of disrupting our natural lives with heavenly visitations that He may be glorified and magnified!.

I pray this exhortation and teaching finds you all well. I am here in Malaysia, getting ready to preach to many pastors and leaders, but this morning you were all on my heart. I pray for you, pray for one another, pray for yourself and never cease to pray, if we do this we shall see God's purpose and work truly fulfilled according to His will. Amen.

Under the mercy,


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Malaysia for Jesus - Intercede for this Nation!

I am currently in Malaysia getting ready in less than 12 hours to do a major student revival and miracle crusades in East Malaysia as another strategic local in our Asia for Jesus movement( I will then head to Hong Kong and Taiwan for strategic meetings. I will be traveling with Jess Gjerstad an intercessory missionary from IHOP from Nov 23-Dec 6th. When I was flying into Malaysia, I saw the city go up in a BIG FLAME in my spirit, I know a fire of God will be lit in such magnitude in the next 6 days that the fire will not go out in this city of Kota Kinabalu day or night, pray for the increase of harvest of souls in the Muslim nation, that it will be discipled under the commands of Christ.

Please pray for the following:

1. God uses this mission to advance the student revival movement that has started in Malaysia this past summer.

2. Pray Pst Philip, myself, Ewen, Timothy, Jon and the Asia for Jesus team will be used greatly to release Gods timely message and anointing for breakthrough in this Muslim nation.

3. Protection from the enemy. Physical and mental strength for me personally.

4. For thousands of souls to be saved through the evangelistic meetings and disciples to be multiplied as we train student to make disciples.

5. The Spirit of Prophecy is released as we equip hundreds of students in prophetic evangelism, I've had a major confirmation that I will share later that the key to winning Muslims will be through prophetic encounters with Jesus. Pray this new outbreak of prophetic evangelism spreads like wildfire to turn hardened hearts to Christ!

5. Power of the Holy Spirit to be poured out and a national revival to break out across Malaysia from this gathering.

Keep praying also for "Bella" to score even bigger this weekend in the box office. Watch the movie again and take others to watch it. It will change lives, save lives and fight for life in this generation. Get resources to promote to your churches and networks at or to adopt a theater near you to play Bella goto: a theater owner told me if they can get 1,000 tickets sold per week they will keep the movie in! Let's do it guys! Our little campus church, Passion Church at UCLA bought the whole theater for a Sunday night showing of Bella and donated the 210 tickets to a local church who got all their young adults to go watch! Students can make a difference lets do dis!

Also join our new Bella click here: "Watch Bella" application to promote it to your friends on the facebook network!

Under the mercy,

Jaeson Ma

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bella - Not Going Down w/out a Fight!

"Eduardo's Testimony" (Producer and lead actor of "Bella the Movie")He will be interviewed about "Bella" on the "Today Show" the day after thanksgiving. This guy gave it all up to follow Jesus. Word.

Bella - Not Going Down w/out a Fight!

Please pray for the movie "Bella" as we are facing much spiritual warfare at the moment from the forces of evil against this movie. Although, Bella did great in the movie theaters this past weekend, even-though we were the 5th highest grossing film on a per screen average. The movie theaters have decided to drop 100 major screens that were showing Bella. This is seriously ridiculous and can only be a work of the enemy. The distribution company had originally promised Bella to be distributed to over 1,000 theaters if it did well, but they have not lived up to their promise. Bella has done over and above what anyone could imagine, but there are people in the Hollywood industry who are biased against this film because of it's Christian message. As Leo the producer put it below...

Guys – bottom line is despite numbers that would justify us gaining double the number of theaters, we lost around 100 theaters... Work is cut out for us now – we need to reinforce that this is a 2 week campaign and now week 2 has become even more important because hardly any films EVER bounce back from losing theaters to gaining theaters... We need more Bella Champions and we need the existing Bella Champions to double their efforts for this next week... Through our efforts, Our Lord made it happen last week, I know He can do it again this week!

God bless,

Body of Christ, we need you this weekend to continue to mobilize your church congregations, fellowships, networks and everyone you know to go out and watch BELLA this "Thanksgiving" weekend. I believe in miracles, we are still in 300 theaters, by God's grace we have still retained our 86 major markets and can show the system that "BELLA IS STILL CHAMP". If we do incredible this weekend there is still a chance we can get added into more theaters, nothing is impossible with our God. It still a great victory that we are still in theaters for Thanksgiving weekend. Our trust is in the Lord, let's fight for "Bella", more so, let's fight for the lives that will be saved through this film. It aint over till God says it's over, Bella is not going down without a fight. This is our David and Goliath moment, let's rise up this weekend and slay this Hollywood giant that defies the army of the living God. Nothing is too hard for our God.

In my spirit, I know this movie is pioneering for a new generation of God to take a stand, to not bow down to the system, and create media/art/film that makes a difference in this world for eternity. Now is not the time to sit back, it is time to arise shine and let the world know that it only takes a few to start a revolution, to make history, to change the world for Jesus.

Please: If you can volunteer for Bella in your region or know someone who can be our "Bella Champion" in one of the cities Bella is still showing please have them or you email


You can get promo materials at:

You can adopt a theater for $3K at:

I know it, the box office, Hollywood will be confounded and confused this weekend. Bella will BOUNCE BACK and destroy the dark competition and bring an even greater light into the darkness. Amen.

Believing for Bella still,

Jaeson Ma

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thank You God for Friends :D

Life changes with the seasons and times. Life moves at the speed of light. Sometimes you get so caught up in all the doing, that you forget what it means to be a human being. I've been feeling the pressure of life come at me in all directions. I get on one plane, land in another city, get on another plane and the adventure seems to never end. My life is a trip, a never ending story of daily encounters with the supernatural. Yet, in the midst of all the motion and movement in life, I have come to ask myself what do I really want?

I think what I want is pretty simple. Friends :)

When it is all said and done, what is a man if he have not friends? You can change the world, fight for a noble cause, live for others and die a martyrs death, but if you don't have friends you don't have anything. The journey, the adventure, the fight, the battle, the destiny to be lived is never meant to be lived alone, it is meant to be lived out with others. So this thanksgiving I want to be thankful for those friends God has put in my life. Many friends I have neglected, others I have done my best to be there, and there are still others that I wish we were closer than we are. Through it all, I've come to learn one thing recently and that is life is about "friends." Really, that is what life is about. It's about sharing life, sharing love, sharing joy, sharing pain, sharing struggles, sharing grace, sharing passion, sharing dreams, sharing failures, sharing hopes, sharing forgiveness, sharing everything, with those others we call "friends"

I wish I could write a thank you to each person who has shown me love, acceptance, understanding, compassion, empathy, sympathy, encouragement, time, a listening ear and prayers. I'm afraid I would miss someone important, so I don't want to go there. But I simply want to say, "You are loved and appreciated"

This season of my life has been intense. For the past 90 days I feel like I've been living in a timeless clock. I'm just going from one thing to the next, one battle to fight, another victory to be won, taking a hit, going down and getting back up to fight again for the cause of Christ. But when I woke up this morning, I felt the Holy Spirit say to me, "What do you really want son?" I thought, pondered for a moment in silence and realized what I want is friendship. "Friendship with You Father & friendship with those you have given me. If I have friends Father, then everything that is true, everything that is noble, everything that is holy is worth fighting for."

You see, all that we do in this life is worth nothing if we don't have friends. We can pursue dreams and visions. Do great exploits and accomplish mighty feats. We can achieve all the world has to offer. We can help a million people. We can do it all, really we can, but if you don't have friends than what's it all for? Don't forget your friends. Don't forget those you truly care for and love dearly. Don't forget, because you never know when it's too late. Don't be so focused on the future, that you forget to enjoy the present. There is no greater present one can have than the presence of a true friend, who truly cares, truly understands and loves you as you are. Be with that person, or be with those persons today.

Tonight, I was able to take some time out of my busy day of changing the world for Jesus and spend some time with some friends I really care about. It was good times, it brought a smile to my face :)

Happy B-day Apple, much love PC :D

Monday, November 19, 2007

BELLA...did it!

Dear Friends,

I am so thankful and proud of each one of you. My heart is so full of joy and encouraged because of your hard work, determination and sacrifice to make the movie "Bella" a success this weekend. Please read the below report, if you did not pray, rally and believe for Bella it would have been taken out of the box office this past weekend, instead it will stay in for the biggest season of the year, Christmas :) This means more lives will be changed and more life will be saved. I'm amazed at what God can do with a few. Many of you students who mobilized for others to watch this little miracle movie in your region, know this, because of your sacrifice hearts will be changed for eternity. You made the difference for Bella. I am so proud of each of you for believing miracles are still possible What you did and are doing for Bella will not be forgotten in heaven :)

The fight for Bella is not over, we are going to mobilize across the nation again this weekend & believe for more babies to saved, we are going to believe for more relationships to be restored by the power of God's unconditional love. That's what Bella is about, "love" and love is something worth fighting for in this world of darkness. Bella is not only beautiful, it is a light in the darkness for such a time as this!

Believing for Bella,

Jaeson Ma



Bella did it!!!

*Bella held over $1 million for the 4th week in a row and has earned a place at the table for Thanksgiving, the biggest movie season of the year!

*Bella went from the #17 top film to the #12 top film and we have a higher ranking than films that are in thousands of theaters and we are in only 456 theaters!

*According to Bella is ranked #5 on their POWERSCORE going into Thanksgiving, ahead of Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium, Dan in Real Life, Lions for Lambs, Saw 4 and Love in the Time of Cholera. Here is the link to see the POWERSCORES:

*Bella is still the #1 Top Rated Movie on Yahoo, Fandango and the New York Times readers poll

*Eduardo gave an unbelievable Key note speech at the White House Friday for National Adoption Day. After his speech he received a standing ovation. Here is a link to an article and video:

Here is the excerpt from the article:

"A film called Bella is sparking nationwide debate about adoption. It's film's leading man, actor/producer Eduardo Verastegui, spoke at the White House as United Nations unofficial ambassador for adoption."Families have changed their lives forever after adopting a child. Because it's not only that a family can give a child a home, but they themselves would have the gift of motherhood and fatherhood. So in adoption… everybody wins," Verastegui said.

Now that Bella will be in theaters for Thanksgiving we need your help to stay through out the holiday season!

If you are interested in helping Bella here is what you can do:

1. Send this email to your entire data base and ask others to do the same
2. Adopt a theater by buying all the tickets for a particular Showtime (cost of $1500-$3000) or Adopt a market by buying 5k-10k tickets. To do this visit:
3. Buy tickets and give them to friends and family. Invite everyone you know to the movies – it is a film you can invite everyone to see
4. Promote Bella through every means possible, online and offline. To do this read below and get all the tools you need at
5. Volunteer to promote Bella in your market. Contact or email

6. How to Become a Bella Champion:

The Mission:
There are 86 markets showing Bella this weekend. The goal is to mobilize at least 300 people to watch Bella in each theater/screen in your market. By having 300 people watch at each theater, we reach the near $3, 000.00 minimum goal per screen which will keep Bella in theaters.

Bella Champions:
In each region, we are recruiting at least 2 "Bella Champions" who can commit to recruiting 10 people who can recruit 15+ each to watch Bella this weekend (Friday-Sunday) in your region. Reply ASAP to this email or post if you will volunteer and let me know which market you represent. (There is a list of markets where Bella is playing at the end of this letter).

Support: The Bella team will be available to support you in your mobilization. We will have people in communication with you for support and we will get you in contact with other Bella champions in your region for mutual support.

If you can be a Bella champion for your city, please email me back at with:



Phone number


If you would like to find out how else you can help / would like to help in recruiting other champions, please let us know as well.

Click here for the details about how you can help:

If you only have a little time go to and give Bella an A+ if you love Bella and forward this email to others. (Please do not do this if you do not believe Bella deserves it.)

Please send this email to your entire data base so we can get the word out and send a message to Hollywood that films like Bella have an audience.

Thank you for your unbelievable support of "Bella" – because of your efforts countless people's lives have been transformed forever.

God bless you!

The Bella Family


Warm, sweet and funny.

-Roger Ebert,

"The Best Movie of the Year, Everyone should see this film"

-Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life

"A Perfect Film, An Artistic Masterpiece"

-Tony Bennett, Grammy & Emmy Award Winning Singer-Songwriter

Versategui is a natural on the big screen, a compelling presence.

-Ruthe Stein, SF Chronicle

"A sweet, life-affirming picture"

- Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

"A bear-hugging embrace of sweetness and light"

-Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"Cynics need not apply, but I found "Bella" a real heart tugger."

- Lou Lumenick, New York Post
An unforgettable experience! A celebration of family, food, music and life-affirming values

-Michael Medved

Powerful and moving... a true inspiration.

-CNN, Ana Maria Montero

"The warmest family drama I've seen in years"

-Frank Lovece- Film Journal

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bella: "Do or Die"

Dear Friends,

This is an urgent letter asking for your help. If the movie “Bella” does not get high box office scores this weekend (people watching it in theaters) it will be taken out of theaters. It is “do or die” for this film to succeed this weekend. We need to mobilize everyone we know to watch this film Fri-Sunday (Nov 16-18). Why?

As many of you have heard, the movie “Bella” has been changing and literally saving lives across this nation. The story is about a young woman in NYC who decides to not have an abortion after experiencing the unconditional love of a friend. This movie has won the critically acclaimed “Toronto Film Festival” (People’s Choice Award) which launched many Oscar winning films (Life is Beautiful, American Beauty, Amelie, Chariots of Fire, Hotel Rwanda, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) and Grand Prize at the Heartland Film Festival (the biggest family-friendly film festival in the world). The story behind this film is a miracle, Christ-centered and we as God’s people need to get behind this movie and do all we can to help.

This is what we need from you to do today, in the next 48 hours.

How You Can Help Bella:

1. The Mission:
There are 86 markets showing Bella this weekend. The goal is to mobilize at least 300 people to watch Bella in each theater/screen in your market. By having 300 people watch at each theater, we reach the near $3, 000.00 minimum goal per screen which will keep Bella in theaters.

2. Bella Champions:
In each region, we are recruiting at least 2 "Bella Champions" who can commit to recruiting 10 people who can recruit 15+ each to watch Bella this weekend (Friday-Sunday) in your region. Reply ASAP to this email or post if you will volunteer and let me know which market you represent. (There is a list of markets where Bella is playing at the end of this letter).

3. Support: I and the Bella team will be available to support you in your mobilization. We will have people in communication with you for support and we will get you in contact with other Bella champions in your region for mutual support.

If you can be a Bella champion for your city, please email me back at with:

Phone number
If you would like to find out how else you can help / would like to help in recruiting other champions, please let us know as well.

4. Your Objective:
1) Volunteer as a Bella Champion
2) Recruit a team of student Team Captains each to be assigned and responsible for a different theater in your market (you want at least 1 Team Captain who can mobilize for each theater/screen showing Bella in your market).
3) If each of your Team Captains can recruit 10 others, who will each recruit 30 people to watch the movie that is 300 tickets sold per screen, if this happens, we will make Bella a success!

5. Find Out which Theaters Bella is Playing: go to this site: ( to find out which theaters and times Bella is playing in your city/region. This way you can identify a “Team Captain” to be in charge of each theater/screen to recruit local churches, campus fellowships, family and friends closest to that specific theater to watch the movie this weekend.

6. Recruit Your Network First:
The first step to recruiting is to recruit your immediate network of friends and family to watch the movie. This can be your campus fellowship, local church, networks of influential friends to watch the movie this weekend (Fri-Sun).

• Set up a events group to invite all your friends to watch the
movie this weekend!

7. Recruit Broader Networks Second: The second step to recruiting is to recruit at local churches, campus ministries, youth groups, LIFE groups & any other network that would support Bella (pro-life advocacy organizations). The goal is to mobilize these people to attend the film on Sunday so that there is an increasing in attendance from Friday to Sunday

• Contact the main leader to ask if you can make an announcement to their members or
large group meetings or at their services to watch Bella this weekend
• Print out the flyer attached and pass it out to their group @ (
• Ask the main leader of the org to send an email blast to watch Bella to their

8. Promote & Rate Bella Online w/ Good Reviews:
Remind all those who watch the movie to then go online to the following web sites to give Bella A+ reviews. Ask them to recruit others to do online promotions and ratings. This is critical as the box office will look to the audience reviews to either support Bella or take it out of theaters. Right now, there are many “pro-choice” activists who are purposefully putting up bad reviews to take down Bella, but this will not happen. Bella right now has broken records for all time highest user reviews on Yahoo Movies &


-Visit and give Bella an A+:;_ylt=Ao0x5ipranZtakd_ZcI0W0tfVXcA

-Visit Fandango and give Bella the top rating!

-Visit RottenTomatoes and give us 5 stars. View at

-Visit and view all the videos and rate them because this will help us improve our YouTube ranking:

-Visit AOL and view our trailer to get in the top viewed trailer list:

-Visit and vote at:

-Visit and vote at:

9. Bella Online Resources: To get all the movie promotional materials (videos, flyers, posters, web banners, post cards, images, press kits, movie trailer, exclusive interviews, etc.) to market Bella to your networks go to:

10. Send this Email to As Many People As Possible: Bella needs as much help as it can get. Please ask people to recruit others who are influencers and can market the film to as many people/organizations/movements as possible.
a. Post up good reviews on blogs
b. Post up the web banners, posters, etc on websites
c. Get the word out on social online networks (,,,,, etc)

11. Pray for Bella: More than anything else you can start helping Bella by getting on your knees in prayer. It is through prayer that miracles happen. It will be a miracle that Bella stays in theaters past this weekend and into the Thanksgiving break which is the most crowded time for movie-goers. If it does, there is a good chance the movie will go mainstream nationwide. Pray that Bella gets into 1,000 theaters. Nothing is too hard or impossible for our great God. Pray and obey. Make Bella a success. Why? Because God is using this movie to save the lives of many.

To date, the producers of Bella have had at least 7 stories reported of young women who had actual appointments to abort their children deciding not to have abortions after watching this movie. Those are seven precious lives that God created, many more will be saved because of your sacrifice, hard work, dedication and prayers to make Bella the #1 movie in America, why not? I believe in miracles 

Believing for Bella,

Jaeson Ma

PS. Below are the markets where Bella is playing. Please respond if you can be a “Bella Champion” for that market with an email to

• AL - Birmingham
• AL - Huntsville
• AZ - Phoenix
• AZ - Tucson
• AZ - Yuma
• CA - Conejo Simi Valley
• CA - Berkeley
• CA - Burbank
• CA - Calexico
• CA - East Los Angeles
• CA - Fresno
• CA - Glendale/Pasadena
• CA - Long Beach
• CA - Monterey
• CA - Oceanside/Carlsbad
• CA - Orange County
• CA - Riverside
• CA - Sacramento
• CA - San Bernadino
• CA - San Diego
• CA - San Francisco - East Bay
• CA - San Francisco - Marin
• CA - San Francisco - Peninsula
• CA - San Francisco Area
• CA - San Gabriel Valley
• CA - Santa Barbara
• CA - Santa Monica
• CA - South Bay
• CA - Ventura County
• CA - West Hollywood
• CO - Colorado Springs
• CO - Denver
• CO - Durango
• CO - Grand Junction
• CT - Bridgeport
• CT - New Haven/Hartford
• DC
• FL - Clearwater
• FL - Dade County
• FL - Fort Walton
• FL - Ft Lauderdale
• FL - Ft. Myers
• FL - Jacksonville
• FL - Melbourne
• FL - Miami
• FL - Naples
• FL - Orlando
• FL - Tampa
• FL - West Palm Beach
• GA - Atlanta
• GA - Augusta
• GA - Columbus
• GA - Macon
• GA - Savannah
• HI - Honolulu
• IA - Des Moines
• IL - Carbondale
• IL - Chicago
• IL - Decatur
• IL - Peoria/Bloomington
• IL - Springfield
• IN - Evansville
• IN - Ft. Wayne
• IN - Indianapolis
• IN - Lafayette
• IN - South Bend/Elkhart
• IN - Terre Haute
• KS - Kansas City
• KY - Bowling Green
• KY - Louisville
• LA - New Orleans
• MA - Middlesex County
• MA - Essex County
• MA - Norfolk County
• MA - Suffolk County
• MA - Worcester County
• MD - Baltimore
• MD - Ocean City
• ME - Auburn
• MI - Ann Arbor
• MI - Detroit
• MI - Grand Rapids
• MI - Lansing
• MI - Marquette
• MI - Saginaw
• MN - Minneapolis
• MO - Kansas City
• MO - St. Louis
• NC - Raleigh
• NC - Charlotte
• NC - Durham
• NC - Greensboro
• NC - Jacksonville
• NC - Wilmington
• NC - Winston-Salem
• ND - Fargo/Grand Forks
• NE - Lincoln
• NE - Omaha
• NH - Manchester
• NH - Manchester
• NJ - Bergen
• NJ - Essex
• NJ - Middlesex
• NJ - Union
• NJ - Warren
• NM - Albuquerque
• NM - Santa Fe
• NV - Las Vegas
• NY - Albany
• NY - Bronx
• NY - Brooklyn
• NY - Buffalo
• NY - Manhattan
• NY - Nassau
• NY - Orange
• NY - Queens
• NY - Rochester
• NY - Suffolk
• NY - Syracuse
• NY - Westchester
• OH - Cincinnati
• OH - Cleveland
• OH - Columbus
• OH - Toledo
• OK - Oklahoma City
• OK- Tulsa
• OR - Eugene
• OR - Portland
• PA - Harrisburg/York/Lancaster
• PA - Johnstown
• PA - Philadelphia
• PA - Pittsburgh
• RI - Newport
• SC - Anderson
• SC - Charleston
• SC - Columbia
• SC - Florence
• SC - Greenville
• SC - Myrtle Beach
• SC - Spartanburg
• TN - Knoxville
• TN - Memphis
• TN - Nashville
• TX - Austin
• TX - Dallas
• TX - El Paso
• TX - Harlingen
• TX - Houston
• TX - Laredo
• TX - San Antonio
• UT - Salt Lake City
• VA - Norfolk
• VA - Lynchburg
• VA - Northern
• VA - Richmond/Charlottesville
• VA - Winchester
• WA - Seattle
• WA - Vancouver
• WI - Green Bay
• WI - Madison
• WI - Milwaukee

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Good Day :)

It was a good day today, a good weekend to say the least. The Supernatural Conference was, how do I describe it, "Straight up CRAZY!" I will blog on that soon, too many crazy God stories I can't even count, oh my goodness, dude, those 400 student revivalists were the most hungry for God bunch of radicals I've ever seen...the room was shaking during worship (literally)and miracles were breaking out everywhere. A divine gathering it was for such a time as this!

Well, with that I turned 27 years old today. Woohoo! And I had a nice little celebration with my passion church family eating my favorite "Korean BBQ" family style :) they got me a cool cake and afterwards everyone prophesied over me in the parking lot. Interestingly, when I made my b-day wish (didn't tell anyone) I asked God for two things this coming year....

1. Restore my Intimacy with God

2. Spiritual Family

Well, God is so good. As each person prayed for me, they spoke many confirming words. From living from a place of rest, Father being so proud of me, more than I could know, to confirmations to influence music/media etc..but the first and last prayers were for exactly what I wished for...Enoch prayed "God give Jaeson more than anything else greater intimacy with You this coming year." Then at the end Caleb prayed, "Let Jaeson always know he has a spiritual family here at Passion Church, he will always have a family in us."


A Good Day indeed. Now, on to taking over the world for Jesus!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Pray for College Revival & Awakening!

Dear Intercessors,

Tonight we start 24-7 hours of prayer at UCLA at midnight with students from different ministries praying and asking God to release another student great awakening across not only UCLA, but colleges and universities across our nation. On Friday night, 400 or more student revivalists will gather at UCLA for 3 days to worship, pray and be equipped to bring revival back to their campuses in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. We are alive for such a time as this. It is in these destined moments that prayer is the most important act we can give ourselves to, those who pray and fast are the hinge of history. There is a great opportunity before us, I ask with all my heart that you not only pray for me, but for all those who will be leading the march these next days at the Supernatural on Campus collegiate gathering.

I simply ask that you pray for at least 5 minutes each day for the following points.....

* Another Jesus People Movement breaks out on college campuses
through this gathering. That thousands, millions would be swept into the kingdom of God on campuses at this hour. That the book of Acts would be relived & the Holy Spirit poured out without measure!

* Pray for a TRUE REVIVAL (repentance, unity, prayer, proclamation of the Gospel) would break out from this gathering to every college campus in the United States of America

* For protection for the speakers who some have been injured and sick
(Neil Cole, Sam Lee, Caleb Lin) and also for protection and great grace over Banning Liebscher, myself and all those preparing God's message to deliver HIS HEAVEN SENT WORD!

* Signs, Wonders and Miracles be released at the gathering
and souls would turn to Christ through power encounters w/ God (divine healing, demonic deliverances, prophetic evangelism, acts of compassion) in the streets of West LA all weekend

* Safety & Protection for All Students Traveling hundreds of students are coming from out of state and out of town, on plane, buses, cars, and some still need places to stay. Pray they get to the conference safely, are provided with lodging and come physically healthy

* Unity & Grace for Students Administrating the Conference
, this entire Supernatural on Campus conference is led and done by students. Pray that all those who are volunteering their time, administrating the logistics & details, experience great grace and peace to do God's work w/ excellence

* Pray History is Made, the Holy Spirit is welcomed back into this generation for so many decades the Church has rejected the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit. Especially, in institutions of higher learning, we have worshiped "knowledge" above "obedience to God's Spirit" please pray this gathering would restore the power of the Holy Spirit to Jesus' Church on college campuses and welcome the Person of the Holy Spirit back into our generation to release heaven on earth.

* Pray for Noon Time Revival Prayer & Mission meetings Break Out on Universities
we are going to challenge students to unite in prayer and mission at noon time at least once a week, to pray, worship and preach the Gospel in the middle of university campuses after this Supernatural conference, pray students are sent back with an apostolic missionary spirit to PRAY & GO preach the Gospel in university court yards. Pray the Acts 29, another Pentecost is released and the Gospel is preached to impact and transform thousands of college students across America!

* Another Student Volunteer Missionary Movement Ignite
pray these 400 student leaders answer the call to preach the Gospel to all nations in our generation, sparking another student volunteer mission movement in our day

* God be glorified, Jesus be lifted up and the Holy Spirit be adored. His will be done. History is Made. Heaven on Earth. Nothing less!

Thank you for your dedicated intercessions and powerful prayers. Please pray from now through the weekend. If you get a prophetic word for this strategic collegiate gathering please share. God's will be done. To Him be all the Glory, Honor and Praise!

For revival & awakening in this generation,

Jaeson Ma

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Prophetic Fulfillment and Encounter @ UCLA

Today, a divine encounter occurred at Bruin Walk that fulfilled a prophetic dream I had earlier in the school year. I know right now, is the time of harvest, not later, no then, but NOW. Let me explain...

On October 14th I had a dream the morning before our school of prophecy leadership training for Passion Church. That morning after I received this dream, I knew I was to equip our students to move in prophetic evangelism to turn the hearts of lost students to Christ on our campuses, below is the dream I typed in my blackberry that morning...

Dream Prophetic on Bruin Walk - Oct 14

I'm walking down bruin walk and I see Danny Soper. He's really buff and he is walking down bruin walk focused and on a mission. I know he is out to preach the Gospel and he won't turn to the left or the right. I follow him. I look to the left and I see Myles, Enoch, Jason Lee and they are at a table on bruin walk praying it up getting ready to share the Gospel. I stop and sit down on a wall to watch what will happen. All of a sudden Sam Kim walks up to me with a friend (its Lloyd Bagatas from SOUL in San Jose) who is a backslidden believer. He tries to share the Gosepl with him but he is resistent. I then say, "hey can we just pray for you?" Before he can say no, I lay both hands on him and Sam says "I see a green covered book does that mean anything to you?" He says yes I am reading a green book. I then ask, does it have gold trimmings on the front? He says yes it does! I then ask is it a math book? He says, "no its not math" I then say, "but you are trying to solve a problem right now, like an equation and u need answers correct?" He says yes ur absolutely right, I knew why I saw the math problems now I told him. Then I said I feel led to pray for ur mom that she would be blessed with long hair for all her years and I pray for Susan! He at that point started crying. He then got on his face, layed down prostrate and started worshipping God right below my feet. He said, "I've been trying to run from God and everytime my christian friends tried to get me to go church I ran away intentionally but now I know that God is calling me back"

Then the scene enlarged and I was in a school classroom. Seated in the back was Sam Lee then I heard an audible voice of God, "if you wait for everyone to do the work of evangelism the promise will never come to pass" but if you, Erik Fish and Sam Lee go out and do the work of an evangelist you will see the promise fulfilled!"

I knew this dream had to do with evangelism. Danny Soper is the most hard core evangelist on campus, Myles, Enoch, Jason are also students on mission to share Christ at all costs. Both Sam Lee and Erik Fish are evangelists in our CCN ministry who's hearts beat for one thing "souls" so I knew this dream was speaking clearly, that we are to do the work of the evangelists. Not wait for tomorrow, or others to figure it out, but we were to step out and do it. Not to have a sowing mentality, but to believe we are IN THE HARVEST NOW and have a reaping mentality. To go for it. Also, this generation will not be persuaded by wise and persuasive words or arguments, they will be won by power encounters. Just like Jesus, just like the early apostles and disciples who walked in divine power, cast out demons, healed the sick, raised the dead and prophesied so will it be in this hour. We need to demonstrate God's power to turn the hearts of this unbelieving generation. God is doing it...

Today I believe the above prophetic dream was fulfilled in a sense, I went out to Bruin Walk to do some outdoor evangelism with Myles, Mako, Paula and others. We started out on Kerkoff grass steps praying in a circle. After praying for about 15 minutes for an open heaven, right when we said amen and prayed for Curtis to be filled with boldness to go out and publicly preach something interesting happened. The tree we were standing under began to shake, I then took one step forward to give a hi-5 to sister named Yen I had not seen who was in the prayer circle and then right where I was standing, a huge tree branch falls straight to the ground I was standing on. The tree branch was big enough to have knocked me out, I knew God was saying something, "The Devil aint happy with what we were doing, the kingdom of God was advancing with force because we were doing spiritual violence." (Matthew 11) We then went out to hold up signs up and down Bruin Walk that said, "Religion Sucks, Jesus Wants a Relationship With You", "Can I Pray for You", (There is No Prayer too Big or too Small that God Can't Answer), Free Spiritual Reading & Dream Interpretation", "I Love Homosexuals, Fornicators, Prostitutes, and Sinners" (Forgive Christians for Judging etc)....

We knew God was going to do something. At about 4pm or so, we were standing around a Bruin Walk table and a few students from different fellowships came over to pray and support. One girl Rey, ended up asking me about the difference between the gift of tongues and prophecy. Right then and there we studied 1 Corinthians 14 thoroughly. I explained how there are different kinds of tongues, used in different contexts (praying, speaking, tongues of angels) then went on to further explain how prophecy is used to convince the unbeliever that God is real.

1 Corinthians 14:24-25

3 Therefore if the whole church assembles together and all speak in tongues, and ungifted men or unbelievers enter, will they not say that you are mad? 24 But if all prophesy, and an unbeliever or an ungifted man enters, he is convicted by all, he is called to account by all; 25 the secrets of his heart are disclosed; and so he will fall on his face and worship God, declaring that God is certainly among you.

God gives us the Word, for us to not only read, but to demonstrate His power. Right after I was done teaching the group of students about the power of the prophetic to transform unbelieving hearts, God gave us a real life encounter to show us how plentiful the harvest truly is, and how He desires to encounter this generation with His voice in power.

A student walks up to our sign and stand there reading "Can I Pray for You" this caught Myles attention so he went up to the student and said "Hey is there anything we can pray for you about?" The student said, "Yes, actually you can pray for my friends who are having a lot of problems." So Myles started praying for him and I encouraged the others to just start praying for this student named Kevin. As we were praying, I got a word of knowledge about his friends so I asked him, "Can you tell us the name of your friends?" He said, "Well, I don't want to give you their names, I said, "Just their first name so I can pray specifically for them." So he said, "Her name is Hannah." As I began to pray for her I saw in image of a girl with a tight stomach, very angry and bitter. So I told him, "I see your friend Hannah and she seems very angry, unable to forgive, and she is holding onto bitterness, she's called you recently about this and was seeking advice and help is this true?" He looked at me stunned and said, "Yes, you are right" I then said, I believe God has called you to counsel her and give her God's counsel, at the same time I was saying this I saw an image of a bunch of friends on skateboards and smoking marijuana doing hard drugs so I said, "I also see that you have a lot of friends who skate board and do drugs, like smoke bongs and do marijuana, they get into a lot of trouble and you want to help them, in fact, you don't do drugs, you are sober but you are the one watching out for them, you are a protector." Kevin then said, "Yes, you are correct, I do have friends who skateboard and do drugs, I'm always the peacemaker handling issues and fights," I told him that God has him there for a reason and that he is to keep on being a light to them. He nodded in agreement. I then saw a picture of his mother praying so I told him, "I believe God has given you a gift of prayer, you are a God fearing young man and you pray, God hears your prayers and says continue to pray for your family and friends, your mother is also a praying woman is this true?" Again, he said yes and yes, at this point he was completely stunned and you could see the presence of God upon his countenance. Then I heard the Spirit say to me that his middle name is significant, so I asked him what is your middle name and full name? He said, my name is "Kevin Michael." I said, "You know Michael is a Biblical name right? He said, "Yes, I know it is a Christian name." Then I just went for it cause I knew God's presence was flowing. I then continued to pray and in the spirit I saw two angels behind him so I told him, "I now see two angels behind you, one is holding a sword to your left and the other is holding a banner and it says L-O-V-E, God has given you a calling and that is to protect and love those in this world, this will be your calling. He then stopped, and in shock said, "this is a very significant word, it confirms a lot of things in my life" I said how so? He said, "I know I'm called to those two exact things, I want to be about justice and protecting the innocent and to love those who are not loved." Finally, I looked at him I heard the word "teacher" in my mind and spirit, so I said, "God has also given you a call to teach, you have a gift to teach and I saw you teaching young people, like in jr. high school and high school, in fact, you used to read the Bible but you haven't for a long time but God will give you a new grace to read His holy Word and teach certain scriptures to your friends so they will know the truth of God's ways." He responded, "That's right actually, I just switched my majors and I'm studying now to be a teacher after I graduate, I don't know if I'm able to do it though, I'm scared I won't be good enough." I said, well you know now that God is calling you to teach, but not for yourself, but for God and others. He told me he did indeed have a Bible, he was a Catholic growing up but had not gone to mass in a long time, I then challenged him to give his life to Christ and he agreed to make Jesus Lord and have us pray for him. We laid hands on him, prayed for him to be filled with the Holy Spirit, he was deeply touched, we got his facebook information and he left completely encountered by the power of God.

Everyone in our group stood there stunned, one weeping under the presence of God, for we just experienced the power of God's word. That Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever. God's heart is for this generation to encounter His presence. We saw it first hand at Bruin Walk. I knew this dream was a prophetic fulfillment to the dream received just a few weeks before, a Filipino student former Catholic falls down and worships God on Bruin Walk is what I saw, proving what John 4:35 says,

Do you not say, `There are yet four months, and then comes the harvest'? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest.

Today is the day of salvation on college campuses across this nation(s). Don't have a sowing mentality, but a reaping mentality. Go out to the lost harvest and began to reap souls into God's kingdom. Don't wait, don't hesitate, go out in boldness, confidence and faith that when we step out to do the ridiculous God will do the miraculous, be obedient to the Holy Sprit, period.

The Supernatural on Campus is only a few days away at UCLA. Student revivalists from all over the West Coast and across the nation are gathering for three days to seek an open heaven over the college campuses of our nation. We are praying for true revival of God's transforming power to break out onto campuses everywhere as we humble ourselves, seek God's face, turn from our wicked ways and go out to preach the Gospel with supernatural power. Christianity is 100% supernatural, let's pray and simply obey the Master's voice. ( Keep this gathering in your most dedicated prayers, pray for a national collegiate awakening to break out from this. Pray that noon time prophetic prayer and worship gathering spring up spontaneously from campus to campus, as student worship and move in prophetic evangelism power to turn the hearts of the spiritually hungry to God!

If you are serious about asking God to pour out His Holy Spirit like He did in the book of Acts, then sign up for the 247 prayer vigil we are having at UCLA starting Thur-Friday 12am-12am

goto sign up at:

Please pray like crazy and go like crazy. Step out in faith on your campus today, hear God's voice and prophesy to the lost. Ask students on campus if you can pray for them, then speak forth the prophetic word as it comes, pray for the sick to be healed, deliver the oppressed and declare that the kingdom of God has come!

In faith for true revival.

Jaeson Ma

Monday, November 05, 2007

Students Moving in Prophetic Evangelism -

I just got off the phone with my buddy Banning Liebscher (college pastor Bethel Church, Redding Ca) he just told me how they trained 250 collegiate students in England to move in the spirit of prophecy and release God's voice to the lost and spiritually hungry students in that nation. He said stories of prophetic evangelism came back like wild fire. One group of students, heard the name "Hannah" and saw a young girl in a blue shirt when they were waiting on the Lord. When they went out to the streets, they saw a girl with a blue shirt and walked up to her and asked if her name was "Hannah" the girl responded, "my name is Anna" (they said that's close enough!) They asked her if she had a spiritual background. The young woman said, "I'm into Wicka and witchcraft, I'm a pagan of the earth but I'm hungry for the truth!" They asked her if they could pray for her, as they did she started weeping under the presence of God and gave her life to the Lord. It turns out, she was a main leader of a new Wicka cult in the area, all the pastors in the region were praying this cult would not be able to start but didn't know how it would happen, well God did. One of the leaders was radically changed and now an evangelist to the wickans.....

Equipping Student Revivalists @ Supernatural on Campus!

This Nov 9-11, 2007 we are gathering hundreds of student revivalists from up and down the West Coast and across the nation to encounter God's presence and bring His transforming power to the streets of Los Angeles and beyond at UCLA. We will be training students on Saturday afternoon to move in prophetic evangelism power and to be sent out to release God's presence to those who are spiritually hungry. It's going to be wild for Jesus! come on!

Still Room to Register for Supernatural on Campus

For those of you who were not able to register for ( because pre-registration was full, there are still spaces open but you have to register asap as some students who can't make it are giving up their seats. If you still want to come for the whole conference immediately email below and the admin will let you know if we can secure you a seat!

with your (name, campus, email, church, contact info)

Also, we are holding a 24-7 Prayer Room at UCLA this Wed-Thursday 12am-12am and you can sign up to pray and fast to prepare for this strategic revival gathering at

Even if you can't come physically, take up a hour shift to intercede for revival and awakening on college campuses on the site from where you are. It was in 1951 Dr. Bill Bright gathered UCLA students at Hollywood Presbyterian for 24 hours of non-stop prayer and then revival broke out and history was changed. It's time for it to happen again. Lastly, I'm so much in faith and expectation for God to move in power this weekend I just want to share a few more prophetic evangelism stories from students...

"Green Jacket, Mcdonalds, 2nd Floor, IPOD in Taiwan"

In Taiwan during our campus church planting training, we equipped over 1,200 college students to go out into the streets of Taiwan and move in the gift of prophecy. I simply taught them to gather in groups of 2-3, take a few minutes to listen to the Holy Spirit for any (people, places, things) they saw in their spirit, then write them down on a piece of paper, and believe in faith that Holy Spirit is giving them a prophetic clue to find a person of peace in the streets who needs Jesus.

One group of 3 college girls did this. They waited on the Lord and got four things "Girl in Green Jacket, Mcdonalds, 2nd Floor, IPOD" so they went to go look for it. When they went out to the streets, they decided to look for a Mcdonalds. They found one near the university. One of the girls thought, but it can't be, Mcdonalds don't usually have 2nd floors? When they walked in, this Mcdonalds had a 2nd floor. So they walked up and as they searched the room, low and behold there was a young lady eating her Mcdonald's meal with her IPOD! They thought, "no way!" but as they looked closer they saw that on the chair to her side was a 'green bubble jacket' hanging next to her. They knew this was not odd, but definitely God!

So they walked up to her, introduced themselves and told her they were part of Christian gathering at the university and were practicing hearing God's voice for people. They asked her, "On a scale of 1-10 how interested are you in knowing God?" The young woman responded, "Zero" and was not interested. The team looked at each other and knew they were not supposed to give up. So they walked back up to her and said, "Look we really believe God wants us to talk to you because we wrote down these four things on a piece of paper and you are exactly what God gave us!" They showed her the paper, she was shocked to see those four things (green jacket, ipod, mcdonalds, 2nd floor) so she started becoming open to their message. They ended up sharing their testimonies of how they found Christ with her, she told them she didn't believe in God. But they invited her to the evangelistic meeting that evening we were holding. She was so touched by their stories and the supernatural of God, she said, "Sure, I'd like to come and can I bring a friend?" They said, "of course."

That night, this young lady came with her friend to the evangelistic meeting and both when hearing the Gospel of repentance and forgiveness, stood up and radically turned their lives to Jesus Christ. It was a most joyous moment when the three college girls came up to share this testimony at our training meeting. It gave faith and hope to other students that indeed, God still speaks today, but not only does He speak, He will speak through you to bless others to receive the Good News of the Gospel!

Prophetic Evangelism at UCLA still MOVN!!!

Below is a testimony from one of our sisters at Passion Church UClA of what God's been doing as she has been stepping out in obedience to hear God's voice and obey God's voice on campus by believing God to speak and move through prophetic evangelism to turn hungry hearts to Jesus!

Hi Everybody,
Natalie from Campus Crusade and I tried doing prophetic evangelism today and it REALLY DOES WORK haha. We met and prayed and waited on the Holy Spirit. She got a picture of a blond girl with a straw smiling with a blue jacket near the bookstore in Ackerman so we went there first. We didn't find the girl in the books store so we went to Jamba Juice next door. There we saw a blond girl with pigtails with a blue jacket getting jamba juice. As she was leaving we stopped her and told her that we felt that God was asking us to pray for her. She didn't think it was weird cuz she said her mom saids that kinda stuff to her all the time. We talked to her and found out that she grew up mormon and was somewhat interested in God, so we gave her our info. We prayed for her and she started crying and was thankful for what we did.

Earlier both me and natalie had gotten the number 3 so we went to third floor of ackerman. We saw a girl there and asked her if she needed prayer. She said she had a lot of anxiety because she was just about to go in for a job interview. We prayed for her and she started crying and was very thankful. Beforehand Natalie had gotten the word engineers. There were two guys studying on the third floor so I asked them "Are you guys engineers?" and they said yes. We told them how God had led us to them and asked if we could pray for them. One of them had been on bad terms with an ex-girlfriend who was a christian and had tried to take him to church. We prayed for their grades and for healing in the relationship.

We wanted to share this as an encouragement. This is the first time we've ever done this and we felt like the people God led us to were open to receive our prayer and encouragements. There's so much we're still learning and God is growing our faith . It's actually really fun and we're planning on meeting every week to do prophetic evangelism. I just want to encourage you all. We are ordinary people loved by an extraordinary God who knows the needs of each person on this campus. Let's partner with Him so he can begin to transform lives.


Emma Growing Stronger!

Emma's Chinese name "Excellent Love" (Emmanuel-Chia-Ai-Lim)

An update on baby Emma below :) Keep her in your prayers! She's getting stronger!

Dear Jaeson,

Greetings. I had not written for the last 5 days. I am grateful that our spiritual family is still praying for Emmanuel Lim (baby Emma).

Most of Emma’s tests result did not come back this week as expected. Three critical test results that yielded comforting results were the hearing, eye and the brain wave tests. They yield good results. Praise be to God! The genetic and metabolic tests had not yet returned. Beside the brain MRI, these tests will help determined what is the root cause of her lack of muscle tone and inactivity.

Levi, Samuel and I enjoyed baby Emma much when we visit her and spend time with her. She is beautiful to behold. We can’t wait to hear her voice singing to the Lord. Her muscle tone had not shown significant level of improvement. The NICU specialists had not authorized Emma to be fed by bottle during every feeding as her breathing is still weak when she feeds. However, we thank God daily that Emma have lived for 22 days and will continue to live and be strong to praise the Lord all the days of her life. Emma has gained 6 oz from her birth weight. I know with the prayers of the saints, Emma will grow up before the Lord in the context of night and day prayer in Kansas City and walk in the fullness of her calling before the Lord. We look to the Lord again for Emma to come home this week perfectly healed. May the Lord receive all the glory due to His name.

Thank you for lifting up Emma before the Lord. We know all the prayers in Kansas City and from the nations is bringing speedy justice to Emma.

In Christ,

Daniel & Levi Lim