Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bella: "Do or Die"

Dear Friends,

This is an urgent letter asking for your help. If the movie “Bella” does not get high box office scores this weekend (people watching it in theaters) it will be taken out of theaters. It is “do or die” for this film to succeed this weekend. We need to mobilize everyone we know to watch this film Fri-Sunday (Nov 16-18). Why?

As many of you have heard, the movie “Bella” has been changing and literally saving lives across this nation. The story is about a young woman in NYC who decides to not have an abortion after experiencing the unconditional love of a friend. This movie has won the critically acclaimed “Toronto Film Festival” (People’s Choice Award) which launched many Oscar winning films (Life is Beautiful, American Beauty, Amelie, Chariots of Fire, Hotel Rwanda, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) and Grand Prize at the Heartland Film Festival (the biggest family-friendly film festival in the world). The story behind this film is a miracle, Christ-centered and we as God’s people need to get behind this movie and do all we can to help.

This is what we need from you to do today, in the next 48 hours.

How You Can Help Bella:

1. The Mission:
There are 86 markets showing Bella this weekend. The goal is to mobilize at least 300 people to watch Bella in each theater/screen in your market. By having 300 people watch at each theater, we reach the near $3, 000.00 minimum goal per screen which will keep Bella in theaters.

2. Bella Champions:
In each region, we are recruiting at least 2 "Bella Champions" who can commit to recruiting 10 people who can recruit 15+ each to watch Bella this weekend (Friday-Sunday) in your region. Reply ASAP to this email or post if you will volunteer and let me know which market you represent. (There is a list of markets where Bella is playing at the end of this letter).

3. Support: I and the Bella team will be available to support you in your mobilization. We will have people in communication with you for support and we will get you in contact with other Bella champions in your region for mutual support.

If you can be a Bella champion for your city, please email me back at with:

Phone number
If you would like to find out how else you can help / would like to help in recruiting other champions, please let us know as well.

4. Your Objective:
1) Volunteer as a Bella Champion
2) Recruit a team of student Team Captains each to be assigned and responsible for a different theater in your market (you want at least 1 Team Captain who can mobilize for each theater/screen showing Bella in your market).
3) If each of your Team Captains can recruit 10 others, who will each recruit 30 people to watch the movie that is 300 tickets sold per screen, if this happens, we will make Bella a success!

5. Find Out which Theaters Bella is Playing: go to this site: ( to find out which theaters and times Bella is playing in your city/region. This way you can identify a “Team Captain” to be in charge of each theater/screen to recruit local churches, campus fellowships, family and friends closest to that specific theater to watch the movie this weekend.

6. Recruit Your Network First:
The first step to recruiting is to recruit your immediate network of friends and family to watch the movie. This can be your campus fellowship, local church, networks of influential friends to watch the movie this weekend (Fri-Sun).

• Set up a events group to invite all your friends to watch the
movie this weekend!

7. Recruit Broader Networks Second: The second step to recruiting is to recruit at local churches, campus ministries, youth groups, LIFE groups & any other network that would support Bella (pro-life advocacy organizations). The goal is to mobilize these people to attend the film on Sunday so that there is an increasing in attendance from Friday to Sunday

• Contact the main leader to ask if you can make an announcement to their members or
large group meetings or at their services to watch Bella this weekend
• Print out the flyer attached and pass it out to their group @ (
• Ask the main leader of the org to send an email blast to watch Bella to their

8. Promote & Rate Bella Online w/ Good Reviews:
Remind all those who watch the movie to then go online to the following web sites to give Bella A+ reviews. Ask them to recruit others to do online promotions and ratings. This is critical as the box office will look to the audience reviews to either support Bella or take it out of theaters. Right now, there are many “pro-choice” activists who are purposefully putting up bad reviews to take down Bella, but this will not happen. Bella right now has broken records for all time highest user reviews on Yahoo Movies &


-Visit and give Bella an A+:;_ylt=Ao0x5ipranZtakd_ZcI0W0tfVXcA

-Visit Fandango and give Bella the top rating!

-Visit RottenTomatoes and give us 5 stars. View at

-Visit and view all the videos and rate them because this will help us improve our YouTube ranking:

-Visit AOL and view our trailer to get in the top viewed trailer list:

-Visit and vote at:

-Visit and vote at:

9. Bella Online Resources: To get all the movie promotional materials (videos, flyers, posters, web banners, post cards, images, press kits, movie trailer, exclusive interviews, etc.) to market Bella to your networks go to:

10. Send this Email to As Many People As Possible: Bella needs as much help as it can get. Please ask people to recruit others who are influencers and can market the film to as many people/organizations/movements as possible.
a. Post up good reviews on blogs
b. Post up the web banners, posters, etc on websites
c. Get the word out on social online networks (,,,,, etc)

11. Pray for Bella: More than anything else you can start helping Bella by getting on your knees in prayer. It is through prayer that miracles happen. It will be a miracle that Bella stays in theaters past this weekend and into the Thanksgiving break which is the most crowded time for movie-goers. If it does, there is a good chance the movie will go mainstream nationwide. Pray that Bella gets into 1,000 theaters. Nothing is too hard or impossible for our great God. Pray and obey. Make Bella a success. Why? Because God is using this movie to save the lives of many.

To date, the producers of Bella have had at least 7 stories reported of young women who had actual appointments to abort their children deciding not to have abortions after watching this movie. Those are seven precious lives that God created, many more will be saved because of your sacrifice, hard work, dedication and prayers to make Bella the #1 movie in America, why not? I believe in miracles 

Believing for Bella,

Jaeson Ma

PS. Below are the markets where Bella is playing. Please respond if you can be a “Bella Champion” for that market with an email to

• AL - Birmingham
• AL - Huntsville
• AZ - Phoenix
• AZ - Tucson
• AZ - Yuma
• CA - Conejo Simi Valley
• CA - Berkeley
• CA - Burbank
• CA - Calexico
• CA - East Los Angeles
• CA - Fresno
• CA - Glendale/Pasadena
• CA - Long Beach
• CA - Monterey
• CA - Oceanside/Carlsbad
• CA - Orange County
• CA - Riverside
• CA - Sacramento
• CA - San Bernadino
• CA - San Diego
• CA - San Francisco - East Bay
• CA - San Francisco - Marin
• CA - San Francisco - Peninsula
• CA - San Francisco Area
• CA - San Gabriel Valley
• CA - Santa Barbara
• CA - Santa Monica
• CA - South Bay
• CA - Ventura County
• CA - West Hollywood
• CO - Colorado Springs
• CO - Denver
• CO - Durango
• CO - Grand Junction
• CT - Bridgeport
• CT - New Haven/Hartford
• DC
• FL - Clearwater
• FL - Dade County
• FL - Fort Walton
• FL - Ft Lauderdale
• FL - Ft. Myers
• FL - Jacksonville
• FL - Melbourne
• FL - Miami
• FL - Naples
• FL - Orlando
• FL - Tampa
• FL - West Palm Beach
• GA - Atlanta
• GA - Augusta
• GA - Columbus
• GA - Macon
• GA - Savannah
• HI - Honolulu
• IA - Des Moines
• IL - Carbondale
• IL - Chicago
• IL - Decatur
• IL - Peoria/Bloomington
• IL - Springfield
• IN - Evansville
• IN - Ft. Wayne
• IN - Indianapolis
• IN - Lafayette
• IN - South Bend/Elkhart
• IN - Terre Haute
• KS - Kansas City
• KY - Bowling Green
• KY - Louisville
• LA - New Orleans
• MA - Middlesex County
• MA - Essex County
• MA - Norfolk County
• MA - Suffolk County
• MA - Worcester County
• MD - Baltimore
• MD - Ocean City
• ME - Auburn
• MI - Ann Arbor
• MI - Detroit
• MI - Grand Rapids
• MI - Lansing
• MI - Marquette
• MI - Saginaw
• MN - Minneapolis
• MO - Kansas City
• MO - St. Louis
• NC - Raleigh
• NC - Charlotte
• NC - Durham
• NC - Greensboro
• NC - Jacksonville
• NC - Wilmington
• NC - Winston-Salem
• ND - Fargo/Grand Forks
• NE - Lincoln
• NE - Omaha
• NH - Manchester
• NH - Manchester
• NJ - Bergen
• NJ - Essex
• NJ - Middlesex
• NJ - Union
• NJ - Warren
• NM - Albuquerque
• NM - Santa Fe
• NV - Las Vegas
• NY - Albany
• NY - Bronx
• NY - Brooklyn
• NY - Buffalo
• NY - Manhattan
• NY - Nassau
• NY - Orange
• NY - Queens
• NY - Rochester
• NY - Suffolk
• NY - Syracuse
• NY - Westchester
• OH - Cincinnati
• OH - Cleveland
• OH - Columbus
• OH - Toledo
• OK - Oklahoma City
• OK- Tulsa
• OR - Eugene
• OR - Portland
• PA - Harrisburg/York/Lancaster
• PA - Johnstown
• PA - Philadelphia
• PA - Pittsburgh
• RI - Newport
• SC - Anderson
• SC - Charleston
• SC - Columbia
• SC - Florence
• SC - Greenville
• SC - Myrtle Beach
• SC - Spartanburg
• TN - Knoxville
• TN - Memphis
• TN - Nashville
• TX - Austin
• TX - Dallas
• TX - El Paso
• TX - Harlingen
• TX - Houston
• TX - Laredo
• TX - San Antonio
• UT - Salt Lake City
• VA - Norfolk
• VA - Lynchburg
• VA - Northern
• VA - Richmond/Charlottesville
• VA - Winchester
• WA - Seattle
• WA - Vancouver
• WI - Green Bay
• WI - Madison
• WI - Milwaukee


At 11/16/2007 01:04:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are awesome Jaes...absolutely awesome. Really proud of you.


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