Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Festival of God's Power: Prophetic Fulfillment

3 years ago I was in Taipei, Taiwan for the first time. It was there at the Green Bay Hotel the Holy Spirit gave me a dream that I released to the national intercessors of the nation.

In this dream I was walking with international prophet Cindy Jacobs along the sea bank of a city called "Mar Del Plata" in Argentina. This city is one of the cities of God in Argentina that has experienced full blown transformation in the last decade. In the dream, Cindy was only a teenager maybe 16 years of age. She then said to me, "Jaeson this bay of Mar Del Plata is beautiful isn't it? I said, "Absolutely, yes it's one of the most beautiful in the world!" She the said, "But now I want to show you a bay even more beautiful." She then waved her hand and the bay turned into "Green Bay" a bay city close to the capital city Taipei in Taiwan. She told me, "The revival waves of Argentina are going to crash into the shores of Taiwan in even a greater measure!"

This dream I shared and released three years ago in Taiwan. This was before the student revivals had yet to take place. In the last three years we have seen students up and down Taiwan, praying, contending for revival and experiencing a new move of the Holy Spirit in this nation. This year, 2008 will be a year of not only great harvest, but a year of transition from the old to the new. God is going to raise up new Joshua's and Caleb's in the land who will not look to the former things, but take hold of the the new thing that the Spirit of God is doing. A great wave of not only revival, but reformation and TRANSFORMATION is about to crash into every campus and every city in Taiwan and East Asia. Now is the time to rise up, take a stand, not look back to the old, but press on towards the upward calling in Christ to preach the Gospel to the entire nation of Taiwan in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Argentinian revival that has transformed the nation in the past decades was a national revival that was marked by unity, prayer and the preaching of the Gospel with Signs, Wonders and Miracles! If we are to see a true move of the Holy Spirit sweep through a nation as it did in the book of Acts, then we must embrace and release Apostolic Power through signs, wonders and miracles. Taiwan, has seen the unity of leaders, the movement of prayer, the expansion of mission, but what the Church now needs is not more hype, cool clothes, better preaching, bigger buildings, larger crowds or more hip worship bands, what it needs is the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT and TO SEE A NEW GENERATION EQUIPPED AND EMPOWERED TO MOVE IN SIGNS, WONDERS, MIRACLES TO CAST OUT DEMONS, HEAL THE SICK, PROPHESY, RAISE THE DEAD DECLARING THAT THE KINGDOM OF GOD HAS COME!

Pray and Prepare: This Feb 12-15 we have invited Cindy Jacobs to come to release God's prophetic destiny and equip a new generation in the miraculous of God in Taipei, Taiwan for the Festival of God's Power Conference. Cindy has not come to East Asia for over 10 years, I know the timing is critical because of what global shifts are undertaking and God's expansion to bring the Gospel to all of Asia. Together, myself and Pastor Philip Mantofa will hold a school of supernatural ministry during the day and evening miracle crusades to display the power of God to the entire nation. Watch the video and register for this strategic gathering at

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At 11/01/2007 01:51:00 AM , Blogger cindy said...

Hi Jaeson,

Thanks for the Festival of God's power post. I'm a christian from Taiwan and it is always touched my heart when seeing God's work moving in Taiwan. I really want to go to this conference next year. Thanks for the post!

By the way, Yesterday a friend of mine lent me your "heart back album", the chinese version, but actually it was a question for us to use the disc to retrieve the music. Do you think you can help us with this? Thanks!


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