Tuesday, October 16, 2007


To all of you who have been supporting this NAMESAKE music revolution...

First I just want to thank all of you for supporting this passion of ours to make music that touches the heart of God. It's been a major blessing to get your emails, comments and posts on how NAMESAKE music has been blessing you and leading you into God's manifest presence. I got nothing but love and respect to each of you for showing me & Mike so much love and encouragement.

So I got some good news :) Our NAMESAKE "HEART BACK EP" is officially now available for purchase and download at www.itunes.com you simply just type in NAMESAKE on the search bar of your itunes music store and you can cop our album yo!

The whole story, maybe I'll blog it sometime haha, behind how this music came about is completely and simply: GOD. I want to thank Mike Whang my partner in making this music for God and for you a reality. Our passion is to make music that inspires your heart, draws you into God's manifest presence and lifts up His name to this generation, not ours.

NAMESAKE is simply put, for HIS NAME SAKE.

For those of you who are supporting this prophetic worship rap project I would deeply appreciate if you did the following....

1. Purchase the album on iTunes! click here to buy EP on iTunes

2. Write a good customer review on the site if you digg it :)

3. Email all your friends and spread the news word of mouth for others to purchase the album online at itunes.com

4. Spread the link: www.myspace.com/namesake777 to everyone you know as a ministry tool. I've been getting a lot of cool stories of back slidden believers or non-believers who listened to the tracks at myspace and were moved to tears. God be the glory!

(if you are in Los Angeles hit me up and I'll get you a hard copy fosho! $10 to support dis undergound hip-hop!)

Keep loving the music, keep praying for God to communicate this music's message to the masses and keep spreading the word on dis NAMESAKE MUSIC REVOLUTION!

much luv,



At 10/20/2007 07:55:00 AM , Anonymous A Friend From Taiwan said...

When I thought about Emma, I wondered if it was proper to share with you my small joy right now. Nevertheless, I decided to share.

I couldn't believe that I could got any of your Heart Back EP in Taiwan, not to mention getting one in this evening. However, it just happened!!! Perfectly a miracle to me!!! I was so excited and bought three of them, one for myself and the other two for my friends perhaps. :)

And then, how about Emma right now?


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