Thursday, September 20, 2007

CINDY JACOBS: God says, "I'm Raising Up a New Generation of Revivalists Such as the World Has Not Seen"

I just received this prophecy from Cindy Jacobs below and felt the unction of God while reading it. Peter Gent our co-worker in CCN sent out an email saying he felt this word was also significant for CCN and our vision to see revival and reformation come to the campuses and our generation. I knew his email was a confirmation for us to pray into this prophecy, that we are no longer in a season of hoping for revival, but we are NOW TO ENTER into the harvest field and begin reaping. Prophecy is no good if we do not put action behind the prophetic word, if so, it is just a word. We just had an powerful breakthrough these last few days at our UCLA Passion Church vision retreat, God kept speaking to us about faithfulness, the cost of being a disciple, hearing God's voice and radically obeying His Word for what reason? because we are to ....

1. Shine our Lights in the Darkness
2. Prepare the baskets for the Babies

Why? (John 4) Cause it is not 4 months till the harvest, but TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION! Let's go out to the lost, love people fervently, and make hell empty and heaven full.

For the harvest,

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CINDY JACOBS: God says, "I'm Raising Up a New Generation of Revivalists Such as the World Has Not Seen"

Mike and Cindy Jacobs

Prophetic Word by Cindy Jacobs given on August 23, 2007:

A New Generation of Revivalists

For the Lord would say, "I'm raising up a new generation of revivalists such as the world has not seen. I'm redigging the wells of Leonard Ravenhill," says the Lord. "I'm redigging wells today," says the Father God. And the Lord says that there is a shifting and a turning even in this season. "Even," says the Lord, "a time of new beginnings; but new beginnings for harvest," says the Lord.

Some have prayed, and many have not seen revival. They've not seen. They've only seen the promise of what they hope God would do in their cities. They've only seen a glimpse of what could happen if a city was saved, but the Lord says, "I am coming in response to the prayers of generations." Says God, "I'm coming and heeding their cries. Will not My city be saved? Will not Africa be saved? Will not Europe be saved? Will not South America be saved? North America?"

And God says, "I am coming. I am pouring out. For I am visiting young revivalists who are going to be the evangelists of tomorrow. For the gift of evangelism, the office of evangelist, is being opened. The wells of evangelism are being opened all across the face of the Earth; those wells of revival."

"Those wells of Pentecost are opening in Norway that affected England," says God. "New wells. New wells for a new day. But this well carries with it not only revival, but reformation, societal transformation." God says, "and this move of the Holy Spirit is not just going to touch souls; it's going to touch nations," says God. "For I have heard your cries for the nations to be saved. I have heard your cries. Don't think that I am deaf," says God. "Don't think that I cannot hear when you cry unto Me."

For the Lord says, "I am getting ready to pour out water--My Spirit upon the dry and thirsty places, and the dry bones will live," says God, "and the dry bones will stand up." And God says, "I'm pouring out My Spirit for household salvation," says the Lord. "Those who've been the hardest, the hardest. Their hearts have been hard against Me. I am coming with My Mighty Spirit that no person will be able to stand when this flood-tide comes," says God.

"It's going be greater than tsunamis'; for there is a spiritual tsunami coming to Asia," says God. "There's a spiritual tsunami being poured out across the face of the earth." And so the Lord says, "This is a time of rejoicing. This is a time of crying unto Me. This is a time where My purging, cleansing flood is coming. There is a fountain, filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel's veins that comes to cleanse the hardest sinners souls," says God.

And so the Lord says, "Do not let your soul be discouraged. Don't be downcast. Say to your soul, 'Have hope in God, for God is a prayer-hearing God,'" says the Lord.


Cindy Jacobs
Generals International


At 9/22/2007 05:28:00 PM , Anonymous Judy said...

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth-for your love is more delightful than wine.(song of songs1:2)

At 9/22/2007 09:08:00 PM , Blogger Shane said...

Thanks for sharing this word, it is very encouraging and well worth praying into.

At 9/26/2007 05:37:00 PM , Anonymous Rebekah said...

Thanks you, i've been encourage by your word..praise da lord..i've been praying for malaysia this lately...for my city and soul...!!God will heal our land...just lately,i've been told by God that he will raise us but building a prayer moutain(tower) in our spiritual life...and this tower will shake ..and everyone will be transform by this moutain....this is a good revolution for me..!this tower will filled with praises, he want to build a house of prayer of solomon in our spiritual was a revival for me through this lesson with the holy spirit!!while i also want to appreciate the book that you have written "the Bluperint" it was totally COOL...this book teach me everything and God use this book to train me for next year for i will be going to college or university!thanks a lot..Emmanual

At 10/17/2007 07:45:00 PM , Anonymous Kezia said...

This is so awesome! God's been telling me the same message over the week. And i believe its not a coincidence that i found your blog (yes! its my first time) and ran over this page...amazing! God is definitely going to do something that is never ever seen before in our generation. keep on believing, keep on praying and keep on hoping! Oh, btw im from indonesia and yeah! I believe that God is going to transform my nation :) Be blessed bro!


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