Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm humbled, in AWE of God's Power in Asia!

Dear Prayer Team,

I am now back in Taipei Taiwan, getting ready for our 6th major training conference. Honestly, I'm quite tired and fatigued, but my heart is OVERJOYED with what God has done and will continue to do through this Asia revival mission tour. Your prayers made the difference. If I were to write down every prophetic encounter, prayer answered, revelation and miracle that has happened in the last 10 days, I could SERIOUSLY write a book, but I'll save it for heaven :) A few praise reports and prayer requests....

Malaysia Student Revival....
1. Over 600 students committed to planting churches among the 462 un-reached Chinese villages in Malaysia!

2. Over 800 students committed to being missionaries in East Asia back to Jerusalem for 2 years in the next 10 years!

3. Students came from all 13 states of Malaysia and committed to laying down their lives completely to see Malaysia SAVED!

My heart was so greatly moved in this conference. I was broken to tears, to see their hunger, their willingness to even die as martyrs for the salvation of their Muslim country. Malaysia is only 2% Christian and it is illegal for Malays to become Christ followers, but God can do the impossible when 1,000 students are committed to the death to see their nation saved for Christ. We challenged each of these 1,000 students to win 10 students to Christ and start a campus church in the next 12 months, we have faith to believe we can see 10,000 new Christ followers in Malaysia in the next year, and train those 10,000 to win another 10 and start new campus churches till we see a nation wide revival and church planting movement.

Hong Kong "Fire Runner" Conference....
1. 500 + students committed to pray 24-7 for one year to start a citywide house of prayer in Hong Kong. To see a fire burn on the altar of God in Hong Kong and never go out. I am deeply encouraged.

2. Hong Kong Pentecost broke out on the third night of the miracle crusades, as my big bro Pastor Philip welcomed the baptism of the Holy Spirit into the meeting. Over 2,000 were filled with such a ANOINTING and POWER of the Holy Spirit I could only describe it as heaven on earth. So many testimonies were pouring out from that gathering of personal transformations and Holy Spirit encounters.
3. 6 hour solemn assembly, on the 4th day, the SPIRIT OF REPENTANCE broke out as the meeting ended up pressing on pass 6 hours as students took the Nazarite Vow to deny themselves, take up their crosses and follow Jesus. I have never been in a time of intercession of such significance and intensity as hundreds of students repented for the sin of abortion in Hong Kong. 1/3 babies are aborted in HK, making it the number one major city in the world aborting innocent babies, my heart is broken just thinking about it. But the church finally took the issue to heart, cried the tears of heaven, and I know in my spirit God heard our repentance that day for the bloodshed of abortion in Hong Kong and Asia.

4. My heart is FULL OF JOY, for the students of Hong Kong because I sensed in my spirit there will be a GREAT WAVE OF REVIVAL smashing upon the campuses of Hong Kong these coming 6 months. As we preached the message of the Father's Love, Intimacy with Christ and fellowship with the Holy Spirit, there was a new JOY, a new GRACE to live as His beloved and walk in divine power to see Hong Kong transformed for Christ. There will be a mighty shaking in HK campuses and regions these coming 12 months, just watch.

Pray for us....

1. Pray that God gives me strength to finish this Asia student revival mission strong.
I know many of you are concerned for my health. I am doing better. Do not worry, this summer was especially intense because of the commitments, but we as a ministry team will make sure in the future to not schedule such a intense revival tour. May God give me grace.

2. TAIPEI CAMPUS CHURCH TRAINING: Aug 27-28 we have nearly 800 STUDENT LEADERS from all over Taiwan coming for a 8 session intensive training on CAMPUS CHURCH PLANTING. We are expecting and believing for over 1,000 new campus churches to be planted all over on Taiwan Universities in the next 6 months and rapid multiplication after. We are already seeing great multiplication from our previous trainings. Pray for rapid exponential increases of church planting churches to see the lost saved!

3. Kaoshiung for Jesus: Aug 30-31 (Enoch and Abe) will be traveling with our Asia for Jesus team to southern Taiwan to hold a massive two day evangelistic crusade and campus training. Pray for thousands of souls to be saved! This will be our first major Asia for Jesus thrust in that region. Goto:

4. The Blueprint & NAMESAKE (Chinese Version):
Students in both Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan have bought "The Blueprint" book in Chinese and our new "NAMESAKE" music EP. Please pray God uses both the book as a useful tool for campus and national revival and the music EP to release God's presence to the youth. We are seeing other great break through on the music end. More to come...

5. Losing my voice:
Please pray as my voice went out after Hong Kong. Right now, I'm taking medicine for my voice to recover. Pray for divine healing and for me to pace my vocals to last till the end of this mission.

Thank you for your prayers. God is good. so so good. I don't even know what to say because there are so many other things happening that I can't write publicly, but please pray that God's PERFECT WILL is accomplished for us here in every way He has purposed. To God be the glory in Asia. It is Asia's time, I feel it like a fire burning in my bones the Gospel is sweeping through this side of the world and the devil can't stop it, in God's grace we keep moving forward.

Asia for Jesus,



At 8/26/2007 05:56:00 AM , Blogger Winnie said...

Hi Jaeson!

My name is Winnie Huang from Taipei Taiwan.

I'm glad to see u yesterday & today! And I've got some words from God because of ur message. Now I know what I have to do for Jesus in the future!

Actually,I'm a new Christian for just 5 months.But I have a lot of passion to know and serve God.I'll join TAIPEI CAMPUS CHURCH TRAINING and I'll be as concentrative as possible for it!

Thank u so much to come to Taiwan.
May God give u grace and health!

Btw,tell u a secret,
u look like a Taiwanese man which I loved for over 6 years before! Ha ha!Nice to meet you!

Sincerely yours,
Winnie Huang from Taipei Taiwan.

At 8/26/2007 09:35:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jaeson,

Well, I think you are one who can not only ask for nations to be laid at the feet of Jesus, but surely continents. May God raise you up apostolically all over Asia and over this generation. I am so proud of you. So proud. Save your voice. You have decades of success ahead. Please take care of you. I am praying,

At 8/26/2007 09:35:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jaeson,

Well, I think you are one who can not only ask for nations to be laid at the feet of Jesus, but surely continents. May God raise you up apostolically all over Asia and over this generation. I am so proud of you. So proud. Save your voice. You have decades of success ahead. Please take care of you. I am praying,

At 8/27/2007 09:11:00 AM , Blogger Winnie Huang said...

Hi Jaeson

Because of something wrong,I didn't join TAIPEI CAMPUS CHURCH TRAINING today. But I went to the church this evening.

Actually,I'm almost 29 , so I have a lot of feelings about Philip's message.
Yes,I want to save the souls for Jesus!

Sorry, my English isn't good enough to express what I thought.

Anyway,I bought 10 "A TRIP TO HELL" and prmised God.

Thank you so much!
I love Jesus!

Sincerely yours,
Winnie Huang from Taipei Taiwan.

At 8/27/2007 09:03:00 PM , Anonymous Tiffany Kam said...

Dear Jaeson:
(I’m the girl who comes from Macau with the long hair. I always in the front row and wear the yellow and black jacket. Hahaha maybe u don’t know me nevrmind la hehehe but I know u la. Hopefully, some day u’ll come to Macau.)
You’re so good good goood * 1000000 Thanks for ur preaching and sharing ur life with us in Hong Kong( Fire Runner). I was so moved. You know, I seldom weep during preaching. At the last day( the vow of Nazirite) almost each of ur word was like a sword to me. My heart was stabbed by that message. Even though there were many young people laughed when u telling sth fun, I still cry (ToT). At the same time, this sentence “ I don’t have to but I want to” deeply wrote in heart and kept on repeated. Finally, when you counted to senven,(i was born on the day of seven) I made up mind to run as fast as I could to the alter of My Dear Father to response to His Unconditional Love. I chose to be separated and love Him only. You know, I’m so jealous of ur love, action, heart, passion for Jesus. So that I can’t help not to love my Jesus as well for I’ve really experienced His Love so so much. Thanks for ur encouragement. Although you made me cry painfully, you made my life happy in the future. Also I learnt so much from ur book. I believe that the vision that God gave me must come true. Take care la, Jaeson, I’ll keep on praying for u ~~~~~~ add oil !! I hope that my sharing also gives u some encouragement la.

(your songs are wonderful. The best song I love is “life is beautiful” Yeah~~~~~ “ HE LOVES ME, I LOVE HIM” I’m falling in love with Jesus~~~~lalalala~~)

At 8/27/2007 09:38:00 PM , Blogger David said...

Just one more thing, can I also ask that you pray for the East Coast and New York City specifically? There's tremendous darkness here. I just ask that you can help pray for God's light to break through and for the enemy's veil to be lifted. Thanks!

At 8/28/2007 07:14:00 PM , Blogger David said...

hey out of curiosity did you get my other message?

At 8/29/2007 12:48:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Jaeson! ^^ i'm glad to see you and Ps. Philip. For this 4 days i was listening for Ps. Philip preached plus your training. i really received a lot of God's message. even i'm not taiwanese but i really feel that God's want me to save the taiwanese lost souls too in my campus, esp my classmate and also my own Indonesian people in my campus.

oo yeah! i forgot to introduce myself ^^ i'm Widia. i came from Indonesia. and i've been studying (for my bachelor's degree) in Taiwan (Taipei) for this last 1 year. and i joined Taiwan for Jesus too on this February 2007. i'm a new Christian too ^^ i got my new born last year on December, 30th 2006.

ehmmm Jaeson, can get your The Blueprint in English version???? or Indonesian version??? that'll be great hahahahahahaha coz even i buy the mandarin, i really have a problem to read it ^^ my skill in reading the mandarin's isn't good enough. actually my english skill still very bad ^^ but i pray to God, i told Him.. God, i wanna sent an email to Jaeson, but my english very bad. please God, so Jaeson can understand what i talking about.

keep your intimacy with God ^^ for kaoshiung tomorrow.. GBU

At 8/29/2007 02:00:00 AM , Anonymous marilyn rebecca said...

YO,SHALOM !!may god bless you everyday, with joy and blessing!!

my name is marilyn, i'm from malaysia , i think you see me before, but maybe you forget me cause so many people are all around you..if you remember i think i'm the worst shaker in the conference in malacca.(remember?)haha!
by the way,i would like to tell you something about myself,sharing is my favorite thing in life!!very i hope you don;t mind!!
Before this conference,i love the world,i search for love, i sin. everytime i came back from a revival conference, my fire will extinguish,even if i put how much effort on it, i'm still love the world more than Jesus.i feel that when i lose contact with the world, my friends will leaves me,i can't enjoy the love that my friends share. I feel lonely ,even if i try hard to make myself not lonely,but i can't!many time i ask myself, why i'm here?i don't have money, my result is bad, no people love me, not cute, parents cannot satisfy me with substance....i live for what??i don't like to tell other even my mother, because they don't understand me.
everytime, my mum always tell me the same things. "Marilyn, the reason god created you is to live for him." WHAT? live for jesus?thats not COOL!why my life?why is not me myself who plan my life ?but jesus?i think it was tommyrot. But God doesn't let go of me,he use many preacher and pastor to speak to me..they said:"marilyn,you are god's daughter, the lord want to use you ,he want you to be a buisness glorify my name.everytime i listen to it, i thanks him.later on ,i understand one thing i was so BIG in god sight.but, i think that is impossible, i studying science class.i;m studying tecnology,and every month test result i failed!so, i give up god purpose..and dream to becoming a singer later when i finish graduate.cause God have giving me a good voice.than i sign contract, live a marilyn monreo life.But it not true..i went this totally change my life...i see god grace and he was sad about my idea to becoming a singer!so the second and third day God let me see vision of my future life.
1. The lord want me to save this
2.the lord want me to go all
around asia for missionary and
sing for the lord.
all this vision i will always put it in my heart....i want to glorify the lord.....oh if can please prayed for my school...Mahmud high school...i still got 3 month here...prayed that i can save 10 friends....oh ya!!i will continue to prayed for ye!!see ya!

At 8/29/2007 09:37:00 PM , Blogger Roseline said...


were you reaching out to the Malaysian students in Taiwan? Or were you in Malaysia?

It will be great to have you here in our church if you are coming to Malaysia. Let me know, if you are going to Hong Kong, I probably can help to arrange a talk in HKU.


At 9/04/2007 02:42:00 PM , Blogger Julia said...

dude! oh no, you lost your voice??
remember to drink lotsa water and rest your voice when you don't need to talk! and when you regain your voice, don't overexert it especially in the beginning. try to sing/hum scales to prep your voice (since the vocal folds are basically muscles) before long speaking sessions.

and if you can, putting your face over steam and breathing in (for a period of 5-7 min with breaks in b/w several times a day) might also be helpful.

God bless your voice brother and exciting things are happening in asia. exciting to read- praise God! hollerrrr


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