Sunday, October 21, 2007

Continue to Pray for Emma

Dear Prayer Team,

Please continue to pray for Baby Emma. The latest update is below. Last few days in Vancouver have been nothing short of "destiny" we have seen an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in every gathering like no other. Hundreds of students have been filled, equipped and commissioned to the campuses of Vancouver. Last night we had nearly 1,000 praying together for Baby Emma as I released the dream and destiny of this child over an entire generation. This is no light thing, we are standing in faith for the Lim's and an entire generation knowing Emma will LIVE, BREATHE and SING FORTH in God's destiny.


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From: Daniel Lim
Sent: Sunday, October 21, 2007 3:27 PM
To: 'Elizabeth Herder'
Subject: RE: update on baby Emma - Oct 21

Dear Elizabeth,

It is Sunday 3:09pm. We just returned from the NICU. We spent 45 minutes with Emma. She opened her eyes for 1-2 minutes. It was precious. We also get to talk to the Doctor which we hadn't for the last few days.

The comment of the Doctor is "Emma has not improved and has not deteriorated". They are not sure what is causing of her lack of response, activities, cries and muscle movement. She has taken 24 ml of milk by bottle in this morning. However, each time she feeds, it affected her oxygen saturation level e.g. she only took 9ml the first round and the nurse had to lay her down as her "oxygen level began to drop drastically". Levi and I as parents, we wish we can bring our family and spiritual family the breakthrough news that so many have been praying for.

The truth is we are beginning to be very "sober" over this situation with baby Emma. The comments by the nurse that cared for her today trouble our hearts. The nurse said, "Emma opened her eyes and looked around for several minutes but when you put your hand near her, she does not blink?". Emma needs a miracle from God. We know many of you are praying without ceasing. We can feel it and are deeply overwhelmed by that love.

Her antibiotics cause is almost done for the initial infection. Perhaps 2-3 more days. The NICU medical will attempt another "spinal lumbar fluid test" to ascertain her brain and spinal fluid is not infection. Thus far, her chest X-ray and brain CT scan has shown normal results. The result from this "lumbar test" will ascertain further treatment cause partially explain her inactivity.

The trip back from hospital today had been most sober for us. We were quiet most of the way. We were contemplating of the purposes of God and what God has been speaking to us pertaining to Emma.

Thank you again for all who standing with us. We do not have sufficient words to repay your kindness. We are asking God for divine visitation on Emma. The same power that raise Jesus to be at work within her.

In Christ,

Daniel & Levi Lim


At 10/22/2007 09:52:00 PM , Anonymous A Friend From Taiwan said...

not sure... but as i prayed for emma with my hand raising up over emma's picture, "fast and pray 21 days" came across my mind... just for referece to all of u, faithful guys...

At 10/29/2007 12:03:00 PM , Anonymous Wen-Chi said...

It has been 2 weeks after the Vancouver conference and how is Emma doing?


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