Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bella: a must see movie :)

My heart is moved and still pounding as I write this post. Tonight, after a long day of studying at a local cafe in Pasadena Ca, I passed by a small theater and decided to catch a movie. Every now and then I like to watch a good independent film on my own. Some of my friends have told me about this movie called "Bella" that had just won the Toronto Film Festival Award (This is the film festival that launched Amelie, Life is Beautiful, Chariots of Fire, Hotel Rwanda, American Beauty, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon etc) . It's a story of a young single woman in New York City who is contemplating aborting the child in her womb because she can't afford to take care of it. In a turn of events, she ends up meeting a guy who loves her beyond romance and she experiences a love that only something out of this world could give. What happens in the end...you'll have to see :) It's a beautiful story of true love. It's an amazing story that celebrates life. I have not been moved by a film in such a way for some time. The movie Blood Diamond moved me to pray for innocent children in Africa, this movie has moved me to pray for every single women and unborn child in this world, that they would experience the love they were meant for. This movie Bella carries "life" and it leaves you appreciating this life we have been given.

Please watch this movie is select small theaters near you before it stops playing. I KNOW you will enjoy it. You will be blessed :)

Click Here to Watch Bella Trailer

You can read about the raving reviews below....

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Please also pray for this film to gain more widespread publicity and popularity. This film can seriously save lives :)

Please click on the subsequent link and watch "Eduardo's story" This film is transforming hearts and minds and literally saving lives.

Eduardo Verastegui's story: www.BellaLifeEmails.com

We have other sites to make it easy to help promote bella:

-To adopt a theatre you can visit: www.HelpBella.com

-To view and forward Bella emails with trailers and testimonials visit: www.BellaLifeEmails.com

-To download promotional resources visit: www.BellaLifeResources.com

-To view news visit: www.BellaLifeNews.com

-To buy tickets you can visit our website: www.BellaTheMovie.com – the new trailer is there also



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