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Students Moving in Prophetic Evangelism -

I just got off the phone with my buddy Banning Liebscher (college pastor Bethel Church, Redding Ca) he just told me how they trained 250 collegiate students in England to move in the spirit of prophecy and release God's voice to the lost and spiritually hungry students in that nation. He said stories of prophetic evangelism came back like wild fire. One group of students, heard the name "Hannah" and saw a young girl in a blue shirt when they were waiting on the Lord. When they went out to the streets, they saw a girl with a blue shirt and walked up to her and asked if her name was "Hannah" the girl responded, "my name is Anna" (they said that's close enough!) They asked her if she had a spiritual background. The young woman said, "I'm into Wicka and witchcraft, I'm a pagan of the earth but I'm hungry for the truth!" They asked her if they could pray for her, as they did she started weeping under the presence of God and gave her life to the Lord. It turns out, she was a main leader of a new Wicka cult in the area, all the pastors in the region were praying this cult would not be able to start but didn't know how it would happen, well God did. One of the leaders was radically changed and now an evangelist to the wickans.....

Equipping Student Revivalists @ Supernatural on Campus!

This Nov 9-11, 2007 we are gathering hundreds of student revivalists from up and down the West Coast and across the nation to encounter God's presence and bring His transforming power to the streets of Los Angeles and beyond at UCLA. We will be training students on Saturday afternoon to move in prophetic evangelism power and to be sent out to release God's presence to those who are spiritually hungry. It's going to be wild for Jesus! come on!

Still Room to Register for Supernatural on Campus

For those of you who were not able to register for ( because pre-registration was full, there are still spaces open but you have to register asap as some students who can't make it are giving up their seats. If you still want to come for the whole conference immediately email below and the admin will let you know if we can secure you a seat!

with your (name, campus, email, church, contact info)

Also, we are holding a 24-7 Prayer Room at UCLA this Wed-Thursday 12am-12am and you can sign up to pray and fast to prepare for this strategic revival gathering at

Even if you can't come physically, take up a hour shift to intercede for revival and awakening on college campuses on the site from where you are. It was in 1951 Dr. Bill Bright gathered UCLA students at Hollywood Presbyterian for 24 hours of non-stop prayer and then revival broke out and history was changed. It's time for it to happen again. Lastly, I'm so much in faith and expectation for God to move in power this weekend I just want to share a few more prophetic evangelism stories from students...

"Green Jacket, Mcdonalds, 2nd Floor, IPOD in Taiwan"

In Taiwan during our campus church planting training, we equipped over 1,200 college students to go out into the streets of Taiwan and move in the gift of prophecy. I simply taught them to gather in groups of 2-3, take a few minutes to listen to the Holy Spirit for any (people, places, things) they saw in their spirit, then write them down on a piece of paper, and believe in faith that Holy Spirit is giving them a prophetic clue to find a person of peace in the streets who needs Jesus.

One group of 3 college girls did this. They waited on the Lord and got four things "Girl in Green Jacket, Mcdonalds, 2nd Floor, IPOD" so they went to go look for it. When they went out to the streets, they decided to look for a Mcdonalds. They found one near the university. One of the girls thought, but it can't be, Mcdonalds don't usually have 2nd floors? When they walked in, this Mcdonalds had a 2nd floor. So they walked up and as they searched the room, low and behold there was a young lady eating her Mcdonald's meal with her IPOD! They thought, "no way!" but as they looked closer they saw that on the chair to her side was a 'green bubble jacket' hanging next to her. They knew this was not odd, but definitely God!

So they walked up to her, introduced themselves and told her they were part of Christian gathering at the university and were practicing hearing God's voice for people. They asked her, "On a scale of 1-10 how interested are you in knowing God?" The young woman responded, "Zero" and was not interested. The team looked at each other and knew they were not supposed to give up. So they walked back up to her and said, "Look we really believe God wants us to talk to you because we wrote down these four things on a piece of paper and you are exactly what God gave us!" They showed her the paper, she was shocked to see those four things (green jacket, ipod, mcdonalds, 2nd floor) so she started becoming open to their message. They ended up sharing their testimonies of how they found Christ with her, she told them she didn't believe in God. But they invited her to the evangelistic meeting that evening we were holding. She was so touched by their stories and the supernatural of God, she said, "Sure, I'd like to come and can I bring a friend?" They said, "of course."

That night, this young lady came with her friend to the evangelistic meeting and both when hearing the Gospel of repentance and forgiveness, stood up and radically turned their lives to Jesus Christ. It was a most joyous moment when the three college girls came up to share this testimony at our training meeting. It gave faith and hope to other students that indeed, God still speaks today, but not only does He speak, He will speak through you to bless others to receive the Good News of the Gospel!

Prophetic Evangelism at UCLA still MOVN!!!

Below is a testimony from one of our sisters at Passion Church UClA of what God's been doing as she has been stepping out in obedience to hear God's voice and obey God's voice on campus by believing God to speak and move through prophetic evangelism to turn hungry hearts to Jesus!

Hi Everybody,
Natalie from Campus Crusade and I tried doing prophetic evangelism today and it REALLY DOES WORK haha. We met and prayed and waited on the Holy Spirit. She got a picture of a blond girl with a straw smiling with a blue jacket near the bookstore in Ackerman so we went there first. We didn't find the girl in the books store so we went to Jamba Juice next door. There we saw a blond girl with pigtails with a blue jacket getting jamba juice. As she was leaving we stopped her and told her that we felt that God was asking us to pray for her. She didn't think it was weird cuz she said her mom saids that kinda stuff to her all the time. We talked to her and found out that she grew up mormon and was somewhat interested in God, so we gave her our info. We prayed for her and she started crying and was thankful for what we did.

Earlier both me and natalie had gotten the number 3 so we went to third floor of ackerman. We saw a girl there and asked her if she needed prayer. She said she had a lot of anxiety because she was just about to go in for a job interview. We prayed for her and she started crying and was very thankful. Beforehand Natalie had gotten the word engineers. There were two guys studying on the third floor so I asked them "Are you guys engineers?" and they said yes. We told them how God had led us to them and asked if we could pray for them. One of them had been on bad terms with an ex-girlfriend who was a christian and had tried to take him to church. We prayed for their grades and for healing in the relationship.

We wanted to share this as an encouragement. This is the first time we've ever done this and we felt like the people God led us to were open to receive our prayer and encouragements. There's so much we're still learning and God is growing our faith . It's actually really fun and we're planning on meeting every week to do prophetic evangelism. I just want to encourage you all. We are ordinary people loved by an extraordinary God who knows the needs of each person on this campus. Let's partner with Him so he can begin to transform lives.



At 11/06/2007 12:06:00 AM , Anonymous John Riley said...

wow, this is encouraging to my spirit, i don't often or ever ask for prayer via this webpage, but keep the Citrus College Campus Crusade in prayer.

At 11/06/2007 01:08:00 PM , Blogger Eileen said...

Wow! I am seriously moved to tears after reading the stories of how God worked through the people! Thanks for sharing!!!

At 11/06/2007 09:38:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, thx for your post.. i wanna start to do something about prophetic evangelism for my campus... da post really encourage me.. of course blueprint help me a lot thanks..

At 11/06/2007 10:03:00 PM , Blogger David said...

Dear Jaeson,

Please pray that God supernaturallly teleports me to UCLA this weekend with a tent and some firewood. ahahha jk..well it would be cool. Anyways REALLY wish i could make it. But I'll remember to pray for you guys. Pray God's will be done! Keep on Keepin on as you like to say.


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