Saturday, June 09, 2007


Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God! Therefore the world does not know us, because it did not know Him. 1 John 3:1

Recently, Holy Spirit has been showing me more and more the love of the Father. I can't express what is going on deep within me, but something is changing in my heart and it's amazing to see how Abba Father is showing me not only His great love for me, but also His great immeasurable love for this fatherless generation...

Last week I had a very interesting encounter. A significant dream that came through a interesting scenario. I'll call this dream "Emma"

Last Wed night (May 23) I received a dream. This dream came before the "Emma" dream. In this dream I was trying to get to a revival meeting I was scheduled to speak at. In the dream I was rushing to get to the meeting, but I ended up moments late and had to re-schedule.

I woke up from the dream Thursday morning. That very day I had a flight from LAX to New Jersey for the Nyack College Revival I was speaking at. Well, I ended up rushing from Pasadena to LAX airport after recording at the studio with Mike. I got to the airport check in for American Airlines, paid the guy at the curbside to check in my bag and he says, "Sorry , sir I can't check in your bags because we have a 45 minute check in rule and you are 3 minutes late." I said, "You got to be kidding me? Are you serious?" He was as serious as a box of chocolates and pointed me to a 2 hour long line to re-schedule my flight. I couldn't believe it, my dream of not making a revival meeting on time the night before was happening right before my eyes. When I got to the ticket counter they ended up not having any available flights cause it was Memorial Day weekend. In the end, I had to use my frequent flyer points with United and booked a 6am flight the next day to Jersey. Remember, all things work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Rom 8:28).

The next morning I wake early (way too early for a human being to do so) and get on the 6am flight to the east coast. I end up completely knocking out for the whole entire flight. While asleep on this flight, I received a very significant dream. Had I not taken this early flight, I wonder if I would have received the following dream. Somehow God intricately works out His plans and purposes in our lives without our understanding, I believe this is one of those cases. I get dreams almost every night, many times with relevance towards the day or issues in life, but when I say significant, I really believe this dream was "special" and is a message not only to those I spoke to at the revival meeting, but to all of us.

"A Dream Called Emma"

While I was sleeping I dreamed I was in a elementary school cafeteria. In this cafeteria I was sitting at a lunch table with a bunch of little kids around me, maybe 7-9 years old. As I was sitting there, my old best friend father walks up to me. He shakes my hand and says, "Jaeson thank you for taking care of Emma, I always knew you were a good man, thank you for taking care of my Emma." I was bewildered to hear this from him because I thought I was just having fun with the children I was sitting with. But I was honored to receive such a compliment from a man I respected so much.

Right after my old best friends father thanks me for taking care of his Emma, walking up next to him and towards me is Mike Bickle from the International House of Prayer. He walks up to me and says, "Jaeson make sure you take care of Emma, she is a very special child. When she was born she sang to me and 'Love loves her!" When he said, "Love love hers" everyone in the room was in awe and wonder, it was almost like the room gasped for air in amazement. I looked around the other lunch room tables and there were other children and some parents listening to what Mike had said about "Emma".

Again, I was taken aback when hearing this message from Mike Bickle. He then left the room and I was there still sitting and eating lunch with this small group of children, mostly little girls around my lunch table. As I looked across the lunch table from me, I saw a little Chinese girl. On her shirt was a sticker name tag and it said, "Hello my name is... EM" Em? I asked this little girl, "Excuse me, but does Em stand for Emma, are you Emma?" She said, "Yes, that's me!" We both smiled at each other and then we went off to play outside.

When I woke up, I typed down this dream in my blackberry and began to ponder it's meaning. I knew it had deep significance, especially the name "Emma." While the plane landed into Washington D.C. I googled the name meaning for "Emma" on my phone. The name Emma comes from the name "Emmanuela" which is the female form of "Emmanuel" or "God with us", it could also mean "all embracing." I was struck by this name meaning, still praying and pondering the interpretation of the dream, I shared the dream with my room mate and co-worker Peter Gent when I got to Nyack college.

After sharing the dream with Peter, I also shared how my old best friends father was someone I deeply respected and looked up to as a "father figure." He was an elder at my old church, was a faithful husband and father, a man of integrity and honor, I always respected him and sometimes felt I was not good enough for him. In the dream I was surprised he called me a "good man." Peter listened intently to the details of the characters in my dream, while listening he simply said,

"Jaeson I think your best friends father represents the Father heart of God (God as a Father or the father heart message), Mike Bickle represents Intimacy with Christ (Jesus as a Bridegroom or the Bridal Paradigm message). Both are thanking and asking you to take care of or "embrace" Emma, because she is special. This little Chinese girl represents the "student back to Jerusalem movement" that was birthed here at Nyack three years ago that has called forth nearly 2,000 young Asian student missionaries to preach the Gospel to the last un-reached peoples of the earth. You must be very careful to take care of this Emma, for God is calling you to be a father to this movement. She sang to God (prophetically symbolizing a "love song" or affectionate love for God, Zeph 3:17) and "Love loves her" is the message she must know in her heart, in order to accomplish the mission God has given her. For God is love and we love Him because He first loved us (1 John 4:19). Her name is Emma, because God is with her, He will not leave her alone nor forsake His great love to her. She must know that God's love will never leave her or forsake her. She must know she is the beloved of God and in her, He is well pleased. By Emma knowing the love of God for her, this heart revelation will sustain her and give her the necessary foundation to never be shaken, to accomplish all God has for her to do with joy!"

After Peter shared this with me, I was astounded. I never really saw myself as a father to others, honestly, I still feel like I'm just learning to become a faithful man of God. These last years, I've simply been doing my best to rally a young generation into God's heart and to do His mission on the earth in these last days. At the same time, I also was convicted in my heart, realizing the last 3 years I have been calling students to a mission, but not exactly into the heart of the Father, nor a sustaining intimate relationship with our passionate Bridegroom Jesus. God was showing me, that unless this student mission movement is founded upon His unfailing love, the movement will not last, the missionaries will burn out, literally commit spiritual suicide on the mission field, because they were running on vision and personal zeal, but not the unlimited and faithful love of the Father.

For so many students, Asian's especially, there is a failure mentality. We never seem to be able to "do enough" for anyone. Whether it be our parents, our teachers, our friends or society in general, we feel like we have to perform to be approved. The truth of the matter is this, God is our Father, a loving Father who does not expect us to do anything for Him. In His unconditional love we are forever accepted and never rejected. We are not living for His approval, but from His approval. We are made perfect, worthy, valuable and honorable through the finished work of Christ on the cross. Jesus paid the price, finished the work, so we would never have to strive or work again. We don't have to try to be holy, we already are holy in Christ. We don't have to behave in order to be accepted. Through grace, we are already are accepted, when we believe this, we naturally behave and be like Christ. That is, be holy as He is holy.

Many times, we don't see God as a Father, let alone see Jesus as our passionate Bridegroom who pursues us with a fiery love and affectionate desire. We see God as either mad or sad, detached, even cold and calculated at times. Seldom do we see Him glad, happy and full of joy when He relates to us as humans who struggle with sin. I remember Mike Bickle would always preach, "Your identity is not that you are a sinner who struggles to love God, no, you are a lover of God who sometimes struggles with sin!" We are not the sum total of our most recent struggle with God, we are not our sin, when we are born again, the glory of God fills the very core of our being (Jn 17:22-23). We realize, we are inherently good, not evil, for we have been created in the image of a perfectly infinite and loving God. Because of Christ love, Christ forgiveness, Christ blood, I no longer see myself as bad, nothing, hopeless, unchangeable, not good enough, a failure who will always fail, rather I see myself as good, infinitely good because the Christ in me is good, He is glory, and through Him He make me able, I don't need to change myself, that is His work, He changes me for me, I simply have to put my faith in His work on the Cross, apply His blood and let Him change me inside out, while I simply rest in His loving arms, gaze at the beauty of His eyes and lose myself in the loving arms of the Father. I don't have to change myself, by faith, as I gaze at His glory, He transforms from glory to glory (2 Cor 3:14)

A Change for the Better

Sometimes, I feel burdened, deeply burdened because I've been fanning the flame of revival all over Asia and North America to thousands of students. Whether it be in Hong Kong, Taiwan or the US, many, after the last few years have told me they burnt out and lost their intimacy with Jesus. A lot of this, I feel responsible for, but I realize God is giving me grace to right my wrongs, or repent from plain ignorance. I've challenged thousands to pray, fast, preach in the power of the Holy Spirit, seek God for revival, and great fruit has been born, lives have been changes, multitudes have been touched, churches have been planted, but the question is what is left behind? There has been much good, at the same time, I see so many young people, young leaders who have told me they are disillusioned and have lost their heart, many times feeling like failures because they had not seen the promise of revival through their prayers, preaching and sacrifice.

I know this feeling of failure, it comes from obeying God because I have to, I'm supposed to, if I don't obey who will mentality? Or if I don't, what will God do to me, will I miss His will, will I fail Him and others, will I be punished for not doing or obeying? What if the Father told you, you could never fail Him, because in His grace there is no failure, only love, forgiveness and understanding. The truth is, when we obey God out of fear or duty it is not the best way to obey God, the best way, the good way, is to obey out of love, out of an overflow of affection that flows from the heart of the Father, into our hearts, and our affection flowing back to Him and then to others.

It was interesting, but at the Nyack College Revival, I didn't necessarily preach on revival, maybe a different kind of revival. A revival of the heart. That is, revival begins in a love relationship with a unconditional magnificent unbelievable love of a heavenly Father who loves us not for what we can do for Him, but He simply loves us because we are His children. Nothing will change the fact, the everlasting truth that we are God's son, we are God's daughter. No matter how many times we fail or succeed we will always be a fantastic son and daughter of God in His loving eyes. When we realize this, we love Him simply because of Him, because He is good, because He accepts us and does not reject us, because He has done all the work of revival for us, we simply have to rest in His arms and let Him carry us through this fascinating journey called life, we learn to walk with Father, Son and Holy Spirit in relationship day by day.

During the Nyack revival meeting, I changed all my messages from revival, reformation and revolution to reach the lost, to revival, reformation and revolution in our hearts. I preached on the Father Heart of God and the Bridal Paradigm. I prayed every session that the Holy Spirit would reveal to us the great love of the Father & the affectionate passions of the Bridegroom Jesus. For when we understand we are loved, truly loved, how can we not share this love? How can we not run out into the streets screaming out this love at the top of our lungs? How can we not climb the rooftops of humanity and shout out this freedom, this love that the whole world is searching for?

Everyone wants to be loved for who they are, not what they do. We can only true know this through experiencing the heart of Abba Father. Everlasting love flows from this place, the place of the Father's heart.

There are three kinds of obedience.

3 Kinds of Obedience

1. Fear Based Obedience – We obey because we are fearful of negative consequences
2. Duty Based Obedience – obedience that we do without feeling the presence of God or inspiration. We obey God's Word because it is right, we don't want to, but we do it anyway.
3. Affection based obedience - comes from experiencing His affection for us. It takes God to love God. When I feel loved and I feel love back obedience is not a burden.

I want to live out of this place of "affection based obedience" all three are Biblical, all three are necessary, but one is the greatest and highest form of obedience, that is obedience that is birthed and flows from a heart of affection towards a loving Father and passionate Bridegroom. In order to obey more, we must know God more, we must experience His affections towards us, or obedience will only become an obligation, a burden and something we have to do.

The American Church says, "Work harder, Sin Less, Give more"

God says, "Work Less, Enjoy God More"... for lovers always outwork workers

It was interesting, after the revival meeting, many students came up to me and just shared with me how the messages of God's love not only changed, but "transformed" their lives, their paradigms of Christianity, their understanding of who God is and who they are in Christ. I was taken aback once again, realizing, wow, now this is revival, this is revival that comes from the heart and there is something so free and hopeful about it. It's not striving for revival, it's living from revival. It's the message the world has been looking for, begging for, searching and seeking after, that someone REALLY DOES LOVE THEM, that we are loved beyond measure, beyond incomprehensible understanding. Wow, there was so much love in every meeting, in every conversation, something was different in the air, something good, very good I knew was happening and recognized it in my heart in the smiles of each of His children I spoke with :)

"Emma Confirmation"

It was funny, after I shared the dream with the congregation (joint service) on Sunday morning. Steve Chua, one of my mentors from Singing Waters walked up to me and said, "Jaeson this morning the Lord gave me a dream of you, you were in a bright white room and there were many children all around you, they were all 8-9 years old and the room was full of light and life, then I heard you share this dream about Emma this morning, I believe the Father is confirming to you that you are not to disregard the children, for a great revival will be birthed out of young children and He is calling you to not neglect them, but father them, just as He would, these will be the future leaders of the great end time battle. I believe the Lord will literally give you orphans and children to take care, a small band in whom you will disciple, look for this, for He will do it."

God has been speaking this message of Father to me, more and more. I'm not sure what to do with it, but I realize this end time generation is like "Emma" she maybe insignificant in the eyes of the world now, but the Father is with her, He will not leave her nor forsake her, He will not leave her alone, for we are not a orphan generation, we are not forsaken or desolate, rather we are adopted as royal sons and daughters of the Most High, we are highly favored and deeply loved, never abandoned, never rejected, always accepted and always approved, because of the love, death and resurrection of our Lord and passionate Bridegroom Jesus Christ. wow :) His burden is easy, His yoke is light, we don't have to do anything because Jesus has already done everything, we simply hold His hand and follow Him where ever He leads us cause it's about relationship, more than a mission, it's about a relationship with our loving Father, with our lover and His name is Jesus. Come Holy Spirit come!

I came across this song by Jason Upton, remembering he wrote a song called "Emma" while at the Nyack gathering, another confirmation as I listened to the words of this song. I pray that you, I and this world would know that FATHER LOVES YOU, JESUS IS PASSIONATELY PURSUING YOU, SINGING OVER YOU (ZEPH 3:17) REJOICING OVER YOU, YES, EVEN IN YOUR WEAKNESS, IN YOUR FAILURE, IN YOUR SIN, YOU ARE STILL LOVED AND ENJOYED BY FATHER GOD. Love to love Him, live to know Him, know that "LOVE LOVES YOU!" He loved you first, always had and always will, His love for you will never change, forever and ever. amen.

Emma - Jason Upton

Don’t be afraid baby don’t you cry
Daddy’s here it will be all right
You’re not alone you’re not alone
Don’t be afraid when you’re cold at night
I will keep you warm I will hold you tight
You’re not alone you’re not alone

Look beyond the window there
To the sky above to the open air
Look beyond what you can see
Close your eyes and just believe

The lion roars and the lamb lays down
They live together in a whole new town
They’re calling me and they’re calling you
From the cold hard facts that we’re on our own
To the age old truth that we’re not alone

Don’t be afraid when you scrape your knee
I’ve got a band aide waiting and a kiss for free
You’re not alone you’re not alone
Don’t be afraid of your blind belief
Because the more you fly the more you’ll see
You’re not alone you’re not alone

Look beyond the window there
To the sky above to the open air
Look beyond what you can see
Close your eyes and just believe

The lion roars and the lamb lays down
They live together in a whole new town
They’re calling me and they’re calling you
From the cold hard facts that we’re on our own
To the age old truth that we’re not alone

Don’t be afraid little warrior bride
Your victory’s on the other side
You’re not alone you’re not alone


At 6/09/2007 07:58:00 PM , Blogger David said...

Jaeson! I just wanted to say that I believe this whole message about the Father's heart and his unconditional love for us is truly something that God is trying to reveal to us.

For starters, when I heard you speak about this dream at Nyack and when you were telling us about the father's heart and how he doesn't need us to do something to please him and that he loves us PASSIONATELY for who we are alone. I was so taken back. The combination of what you spoke about on Sunday and Monday was so groundbreaking to me that I felt like for the first time, I acknowleged that God actually loves me and that the meaning of life itself was just to establish an intimate relationship with him. I was so moved I can hardly describe it.

But also, it occured to me just recently how this message on the father's heart has been recurring message as of recent. It's very interesting. Prior to Sunday night when my team was about to lead worship. I met up with my team, and Vivian was saying how she wants to place an emphasis on the father's love for us during our worship. Because so far it seems like things have been so hyped up in regards to going warrior style and taking the nations that it seems the whole idea of love and intimacy has been overlooked. Very ironic! What's even more ironic is that before we opened up with worship, Vivian read from 1 Corinthians 12-13 and you ended up reading the EXACT SAME VERSES while you were speaking. Moreover, my pastor back at home has also been focusing on the father's heart for the past few weeks. and to top it off i heard from deborah (the pianist who ran out on you when you were telling your story sunday night) that a similar message was preached at another conference which happened around the same time as Nyack called TECBEC which one of our local flushing leaders Pastor Doug Bolan and a few other of flushing youth attended..

Coincidence? I think not!

At 6/09/2007 08:12:00 PM , Blogger Cathy said...

Very well said! Below is a part of my blog last week;

What does it mean to minister to the Lord? It means...

- Not my will, but Your Will

- Not my Kingdom, but Your Kingdom

- Not my glory, but Your Glory

- Not my needs, but Your Need

It means that in times past we may have served the Lord with the expectation of a future reward, but now we serve the Lord with the realization that He is our Inheritance now. It means that it times past we may have viewed prayer as a way to achieve our own ends, but now we pray in order to ensure that the Lord's End is achieved. It means in times past we were obsessed with our needs and getting what we wanted, but now we are obsessed with God's Need, His Desire, and making sure He gets what He wants from us.

It means that in times past our greatest joy was to been seen doing something for God, serving in the outer court, busy with many things; but now, being dissatisfied with that and having discovered Him, our greatest joy is sitting before the Lord in the inner court, quiet and stilled as a child, that we may know Him. In a word, to minister to the Lord is to be content and satisfied, free of ambition, conscious of needing nothing, since He is All in All to us. We were created to love Him; we were created to be loved by Him.

O Lord, make us ministers and priests unto You first and foremost. Teach us to come into the inner court and meet You there. Teach us to seek first Your Kingdom and Your Righteousness, Your Desire, Your Heart, Your Need, Your Satisfaction, Your Glory. You are our Possession, our Inheritance, our Reward. May we never be satisfied with anything less..

At 6/09/2007 08:21:00 PM , Anonymous Grace said...

Hey Jaeson,

Your entry reminds me the entry that I read from a blog about 2 months ago..

"I've stood in many gates coast-to-coast with young kindom leaders who are standing and keeping watch in those gates... holding that line. Who have had this ministry imparted to them by the hands of heaven... An impartation that needs confirming by the blessed hands of mothers and fathers who have long looked forward to seeing this day! And if that blessing doesn't happen... then those younger ones will start to father and mother others regardless of the attention they themselves receive. The blessing must come. They don't have many fathers, yet they are called by the Spirit of Christ to be young fathers and mothers to many others. When a baby is born into the covenanted hands of loving parents - the most beautiful stuff happens in those first moments of new life... the parents impart every blessing over that child. Instant love. Boatloads of blessing. Marvelling at the sacred eternal in that first breath."

check out his blog at : if you have time.. the quote that i put above is from entry on April 17,2007.

I truly believe in spiritual fatherhood and motherhood.. and I've seen that some people around me began to catch this too. it's so exciting.. =)

Keep on fire! God bless you, Jaeson


At 6/09/2007 10:31:00 PM , Blogger makar said...

hey jason, it's been a while.
i think i saw a link to your blog from john. i dig the blog (as it now resides in my bookmarks).



At 6/10/2007 03:51:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Jaeson,
You are amazing. How I wish I could have watched you preach. I wish I could have been there. Thank you for modeling the message. May you enter such that deep, deep place of stillness and rest. May your heart be at peace in His presence. Whether college students or little children, I know your life will be a bridge to Our Father. But may you learn how to be a kid first ;). I pray this summer is like a second childhood for you. You are so greatly missed.

At 6/10/2007 03:54:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Jaeson,
You are amazing. How I wish I could have watched you preach. I wish I could have been there. Thank you for modeling the message. May you enter such that deep, deep place of stillness and rest. May your heart be at peace in His presence. Whether college students or little children, I know your life will be a bridge to Our Father. But may you learn how to be a kid first ;). I pray this summer is like a second childhood for you. You are so greatly missed.

At 6/10/2007 04:55:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 6/11/2007 10:13:00 AM , Blogger David said...

just a comment...this emma dream and the comment grace had triggered something in me...I had a similar dream a while ago, where I was with a bunch of kids, and I kept wanting to leave, but this guy from my program in school kept telling me this is where you are suppose to be ...he kept pointing at the spot where I should be standing. Finally I went back and stood there...and the service was about the end...then this kid came up to me and said, "where's pastor ryan (the head of citykids in my church)" I said, "well he's sick" the kid asked, "will he get better? is he comingback?" I said, "well let's pray that he does..." then I woke up. I didn't know exactly what it meant until I talked to my pastor and i saw your dream.

grace' comment referal to your previous posts made me think to myself...God really sent me here in my program to hold the line...and I have always wanted to do my own thing, complaining silent to myself that why am I alone here with a bunch of young christians that i have a hard time fellowshiping with...I want to be in the midst of christian that I can really fellowship with.

I think I know what God wants. He has chosen me to be a father to these christians here, and form a stronghold for Him here. I need to repent and start seeing myself as a father that will guide these ppl to know God challenge them to run passionately for God.

At 6/11/2007 01:27:00 PM , Blogger Kirk Bartha said...

i'm sitting here bawling my eyes out...

At 6/11/2007 01:41:00 PM , Blogger Kirk Bartha said...

Upton sings "You're not alone!"

There are seven thousand others who have not bowed their knees to baal. It's time for us to find each other.

we need to call from the other side, from a place of kenotic-self-emptying... always crying out from there on that side... speaking from the other side, yelling through the veil... calling them through... it's the only way.

the place of real dreams. dreamspeak... making the unseen so compellingly real that others will see and follow the tasks that come from them (something a spiritual father once wrote in his journal)...

the revivalist, the revived one, carries the essence, the presence, the manna, the budding stick, the Word, the wafting scent of the holy place... completely undone yet held together by the power of the Most High, whose shadow is glorious.

It's only ever about being a witness of the Spirit who comes down and out, drawing others up and into the throne room of the Father through the body and blood of the Son. We are witnesses of such things... called to speak out such things as they happen, in the midst of an expectant people prepared to meet that One bridegroom.

Intimacy. Stilled and quieted like a weaned child with it's mother... like a weaned child is my soul within me.

Jaeson, after reading your post about this dream, I think we are already good friends :)

At 6/11/2007 08:48:00 PM , Blogger Brian Francis Hume said...


Thanks for sharing this "significant" dream! As a fellow prophetic dreamer, I value the way the Lord speaks to us through these powerful dreams. As one who longs to be a spiritual father to the emerging generation, I take to heart your words. There is a FIRE burning in my heart to preach the call to radical devotion to Christ - yet, as you state, our message must be grounded in the LOVE of the Father's heart. Thanks for the challenge!

Brian Francis Hume

At 6/12/2007 12:47:00 AM , Blogger Jaeson Ma said...


it was great having you and the team a part of the Nyack gathering, your little band blessed my heart so much, it gave me hope for this generation that carries a "new heart" for our heavenly father, SING ON!!! a new sound of worship is arising! keep loving them kids too! jaes

At 6/12/2007 02:30:00 AM , Anonymous Tina from Germany said...

Hey Jason!

This is really, really so very cool! God has started his revolution of love all around the world. Also here in Germany. In my town. He's teaching us about deeper love...!

I was just about to send you the link from Jason Upton's Videoclip, but then I saw that you posted it already :). I received also healing through that video a while ago.

Yes, I can feel it, too, there must be something about endtime...!!!

There's truly something about EMMA.
I want to name my own child like that now for some years already.

I observe that people around me (friends) are becoming more childlike again. It's almost like being "naive" and at the same time becoming so innocent and pure, more and more.
We might think that this is getting so wounderable and perhaps "stupid", but in fact it's becoming more powerful and very sharp. Because this is purer love and love is the most powerful weapon. I was ponding alot about love in the last two weeks. God keeps breaking my mind to set this love free.
It feels like being naked before God AND mankind. He is breaking alot of things away in people's life and what will remain, is LOVE and raw honesty.

COMMUNICATION is a big part of the revolution of love. I believe, God wants to clean up our language. At least, here in GER. It has nothing to do with not saying bad words in the first place, but with becoming so very gentle and then finding out that many words have a negative "sound" within its meaning.

I believe, God wants to stop us labeling people. Lables are judging. I started to delete some words out of my mouth, e.g. "gay" and "lesbian". Or "charismatic" and "conservative" etc...
I started to consider details out of God's love. And what I experience is a love revolution that's taking place in my own mind.

I'm wondering what it would do to me to replace the name God with LOVE in the bible. I guess, I would learn MORE about daddy's loving heart.

OK, so far! Thanks for posting this!
Be blessed!

At 6/13/2007 11:38:00 AM , Blogger Jaeson Ma said...


it's great to find a kindred spirit, love your heart bro, lets stay in touch my friend Kat Luk in Toronto speaks highly of your friendship and compassion.

Blessings! jaeson

At 6/14/2007 09:15:00 AM , Blogger Carol said...

Hi, Jaeson, when I saw your blog and saw the picture which heavently father's two hands hold on a baby..I was so surprised as at last week I have seen the pictures in my prayer for my friend lived in NY , she was a Chinese student and lived in NY about 12 years. She huger to serve God and are requesting work visa.. Father's hand to lead me to remember one text from Psalms 91:11-12 "For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone. " and give her as a encouragement and I also told to her about the picture...from that time,the picture warm me too much and give me same encouragement..I like your picture in blog so much because of someone to express our God's grace and love by painting.Could I download this picture in my blog and send it to my friend? Thanks.

At 6/16/2007 09:12:00 PM , Anonymous Allen Lien from Taipei said...

Thank you for sharing this with us. Me and Jim Fu are supposed to speak at Dr Young-Ki Chao's prayer mountain this coming July, at the annual gathering for chinese believers. And the theme for this year is on " Mission and revival"
Before reading your dream, as I prepared my sermont, I wanted to speak on "apotolic passion" or " passion for the nations", but after reading this one, I think I would rather pray that God's manifest presence and love will touch all of us, and we'll be so willing, so grateful just being this previledge to "go any where the Father sents us" because we experience the Father's love. Please pray for all who are attending this event and all of the ministers who are previledged to father these end-time warriors.
It is interesting that as I pray or read, I kept hearing words like "opened heaven", "AIDS orphans", "fatherhood"....
Allen Lien from Taiwan
Here, we will surely pray for your blueprint!

At 6/16/2007 09:26:00 PM , Blogger Jaeson Ma said...


Bro, it is so good to hear from you man! I'm glad this little post Holy Spirit used to encourage you, I am praying with and for you and Jim as you release God's message to the next leaders of not only Taiwan but the nations, Father's love is the foundation! Let's keep moving forward! Can't wait to see you in Taiwan soon!



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