Thursday, December 30, 2004

An update from Asia....

   At the citywide campus leaders gathering. It was incredible!
   Since SEPT on my last trip to HK we prophetically at the citywide
   youth conference released and commissioned the youth to reach
   the campuses through prayer/fasting and starting campus churches..
   > There are now spontaneous revival prayer meetings started by students
    on nearly every high school, college and university. Students
are literally on many campuses, fasting lunch everyday and praying for
   > Hong Kong University: After releasing a prophetic vision of united
revival to the campus leaders in Sept. They gathered 250 students on
campus (up to this point for years they could barley gather a dozen to
pray together)to unite in revival prayer and repentance for HKU. This
event sparked spontaneous prayer gatherings on all the other
universities. They will have another corporate gathering Jan 17 and
31st...and the first week of Feb will have a united EVANGELISTIC
CAMPAIGN. I also trained all the HKU leaders on "CAMPUS REACHING"
principles and they are in agreement to start campus churches in every
unreached student group on campus.
   > St. Stephens college one girl began to pray and fast and 300 students
     got saved in one day. She is now leading daily campus gatherings!
   > Shatin College: One student started open meetings and it went
from 10 to 40 to over 100 students coming to the campus gatherings!
   > Another girl prayed and fasted for her campus and in 1 month has
already won 37 students to the Lord!!!
   > Another campus a group of 5 or so students have been praying and
fasting daily for revival during lunch. The Holy Spirit began to show
them what to repent of what strong holds. Then showed them what teacher
to pray for... They went up to the teacher asked her if they could pray
for her and they laid hands on the teacher and the teacher began to
come under the power of God crying!!!

    These are just a few of the reports from our citywide campus
leaders gathering. We envisioned them on the end time youth army "Joel's
Army" and we are now discussing either then very end of Jan or middle of
Feb to come back and do a 3 day "united in prayer & campus church"
training for all the campus leaders in Hong Kong. This is amazing...i am
so blessed to hear all these stunning testimonies! Revival is truly
breaking out...and its STUDENT LED!!! But there are still many
    praying and fasting faithfully on campuses (some for 8 months daily) and
have not seen souls break out in salvation, so pray God keeps them and
encourages them. These are exciting times in Asia!!!!!!!!!!

The rest of the trip in HK was incredible. At Christmas Outreach event at the HK Convention center they estimated between 300-400 first time salvations
and commitments. It was awesome as we saw children, teens, parents and even many grandparents give their life to Jesus. It was truly the Christmas spirit as we gave a message on family, friendship and forgiveness ~the true meaning of Christmas. People from the high govt offices, business sectors and educational sectors all attended and the response was tremendous. This last trip to HK was again orchestrated by God every step of the way. There were so many divine meetings and I can't get into all of them, but God did wonders!
Much of the trip was also spent envisioning marketplace leaders to bring Church to the marketplace. We meetings w/ some of the top Christian business leaders who are now on board to see marketplace churches started in their companies! Truly, this is the fulfillment of our Campus Church Networks vision...Reach the Campus to Reach the City to Reach the World! It amazes me that the same revival fire the youth are running with on the campuses is now being released and stirred in the CITY (marketplace arena), pretty soon the world!!!!

If you want to hear about what happened in Taiwan please email me and
i will send you the ministry report. Taiwan is a whole other story,
God did absolute wonders as we are now getting ready to go back and train
student leaders to reach every campus in Taipei and in the nation by
raising up 24/7 prayer and planting campus churches.

Below finally, is a brief report update from what happened in our travels
with our strategic training with local leaders in "X" Asia.


Hey CCN team & partners,

Just wanted to share with you all a brief email below on what happened
after we trained in "X" last week. We did a 2 day CPM training to start
campus chu**h planting movements to win the over 600,000 university
students in the universities in this ancient "X" province. Immediately
the local leaders applied the principles and students are being born again and immersed in water!!! CCN team...praise God!!! We are seeing some of the beginnings of great fruit in one of the worlds greatest harvests!!!! There are over 34 universities in this province, 9 million population and only 60,000 Chri*t followers. This harvest is untapped and the 2nd or 3rd largest university populaton in the mainland (also this city is the starting point for the BTJ movement). Keep praying because now we will have the opportunity to keep going into this province w/ strategic teams to help the local underground leaders there!!! let it be so!!! read below..PRAISE BE

yours for the Great Commandment and Great Commission,



Attached is the cpm training materials that you asked me.
Hope that they will be a helpful to your trainings.

Mary led one university student to the Father after you left.
Dave led six university students who are studying on different campuses to
the Father after you left and they were immediately baptized at Dave's home.
The baptism was the first experiencing to Dave and he became a bold witness.
Dave was changed a lot since he has been received a cpm training by you.

Ron prayed one of them who was struggling with smoking for stopping smoking
by the power of the Holy Spirit.
The new brother who was struggling with smoking stopped smoking after he
received the prayer by Dave and until now.

I would like to remind you again. our city is the harvest field for the
campus. Please keep on praying for the campus and send your partners to our city and
also you come here again.

Please send me your materials that you taught us. I want to have it.

Grace & Truth,
Brother J

Praise and GLORY BE TO GOD OUR FATHER !!! I am at the home stretch now.
Currently, training student leaders in the United in Prayer movement
here in Hawaii. This place is beautiful and God is touching campuses
all over. Make sure to check out this campus transformation site for
what God is doing in prayer transformation to local campuses all over
Hawaii... ( After tonight I will take a red eye
to Kansas City to attend the last day of the 1 Thing Conference. Then
we will have our first national retreat training for all our Campus Church
student church planters from different universities in America. Please pray
for these upcoming trainings...pray for God's grace, wisdom and favor
be imparted to us every step of the way. Pray for protection from temptation,
and faith to move forward in God's timeing and direction.

Honestly, when i look back at this year all i can say is THANK YOU LORD!!
You are so so faithful, incredibly faithful. in 2003 i was at the end of my rope, ready to give up on everything I had tried to accomplish for You. Yet, you let me die and continue to die to the desires of my life & instead exchanged them for the far greater desires of Your heart for me. I honestly, don't know what happened this year, it went by so fast, with so much fruit, yes, i pray 2005 will be the same. That I onl do what I see the Father doing and no more or no less. It hasn't been easy either, running with this vision You have called me to. Some don't understand it, at times I don't know what I'm exactly doing either, but I know that I know that You have spoken, You have called me and I must be faithful, even when I don't completely understand it all. You are trustworthy~always. The life of a pioneer can be scary, but I guess its the life and the walk of faith you call us to. To GO and step into the unknown. To face the persecution, the punches, the set backs, but also taste the victories, the sweet hope that things will change for the better in these coming days. Yes Lord, my life is not my own, may it be used to prepare the way for a generation that will know and make know Your presence and power in these last days. I may go down, but not down forever, be persecuted, but not destroyed, & even if I ever go down I'm going down SWING'N! Because I've stepped to far in, tasted to much of God's goodness, to ever in think or fathom of going back to a life of mediocrity or half heartedness with God. Keep me love mercy, walk humbly and do justice. Love You and Love all ...let 2005 be a year of learning to love.

on my way into 2005...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Let us continue to pray and ask God how we can help the disaster in Southeast Asia. God's
mercy and grace be upon all there in Jesus name amen.


At 1/04/2005 06:34:00 AM , Blogger pearl said...

Happy New Year! May God bring you deeper into the hidden places of His heart, and continue to show you His perfect will this coming year. Thank you for being a faithful ambassador for the kingdom of heaven--I'm deeply encouraged to see you walk out the fullness of Christ with boldness, faith, and love. May the Lord continue to bless you as you bless His heart.

At 1/05/2005 05:47:00 AM , Blogger Grace said...

Dear Jaeson,
Hallelujah! God is so good. He loves you very much.
Keep you in my prayer. Immanuel.


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