Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Divine National Assignments: Need Major Prayer

Dear intercessors & ministry parnters,

I am writing to you at a very important moment of my life & ministry, asking you for extra prayer covering as I enter into divine national and international assignments these next 60 days.The Lord has led me in the last few months to take on a massive assignment to mobilize the nations young adults to vote and pray for the coming elections on college campuses nationwide (www.voteandpray.com).

At the same time the Lord has opened up major doors in Asia for me to lay apostolic foundations for youth revival in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.Below are my prophetic encounters and experiences during the last few months in Colorado Springs with The Cause USA.

The Cause USA: Colorado Springs

In the last 50 days I have together joined myself in covenant with hundreds of other young radicals from all over the United States to pray for our nations government, coming elections and ultimately its freedom. In my entire prayer life I have never experienced the level of intercession I have here in Colorado Springs. The past 50 days scores of youth have been interceding night and day 24/7 for God to release His truth, justice and mercy to America (www.thecauseusa.com). The experience has been none less than “heavenly” and “powerful.” Youth are giving up sleep, food and everything else in order to pray and fast believing God can change the direction of our nation through prayer. Following after 1 Timothy 2 where we are commanded to pray first of all for kings and leaders in authority we have been daily praying for God’s kingdom to come to our nations governmental leaders, the coming elections, the supreme court, justice & mercy issues, campus revival & reformation.

Our nation is in a national and moral crisis with these coming elections & if the liberal agenda wins, it could mean the breakdown of the entire American society. We as a nation are at a crossroads to keep this nation Christian or very soon Post-Christian. It is a battle of evil and good, right and wrong, choosing God or Baal, will the church stay silent or will it rise up with the spirit of Elijah and stand for Truth?

I’ve witnessed these young warriors in Colorado lay down their summers to pray for our nation as if it were life and death. Literally, young people have been taken up to the third heaven regularly as God has been revealing his broken heart on the issues of abortion, homosexuality, the poor and needy, the war and His desire to raise up a generation of Daniel’s and Esther’s who will rise up and take leadership of our nation by ruling it with justice & truth-- instead of complacency and compromise to the Anti-Christ spirit.

Vote & Pray the Cause USA

Out of these 50 days of prayer the Lord confirmed a series of 3 prophetic dreams revealing His desire at this hour to mobilize Joel’s Army (Joel 2) all across the college campuses of America. I was given a blue print through these 3 dreams to raise up and mobilize the “ground troops” as my Pastor Lou Engle has been called to raise up the “air force” or intercessors to battle in the heavenlies- these past 50 days & into the election. We at the Cause agree that the next step is to empower Christian young adult radicals to student activism and massive prayer to turn America back to God. Here’s how the Vote & Pray movement and vision came about…

The Mobilization of Joel’s Army

In 2004 I had 3 significant dreams between February and April which may be giving prophetic insight into God’s strategy to mobilize Joel’s Army all across America for another Jesus revolution. I will first recount these 3 prophetic dreams and then testify to how these 3 dreams have been interpreted and confirmed.These 3 dreams included encounters with Pastors Bob Weiner, Mike Bickle, Dutch Sheets and Lou Engle.

Dream #1

In my first dream in February I dreamt Bob Weiner was standing directly in front of me. He told me to put my left hand over my left eye so that he could lay his left hand to pray over the left side of my body to receive an impartation of God’s anointing. As I put my left hand over my left eye my hand was holding a long print out sheet of paper with names of students from different campuses. These sheets of paper had millions of names of lost students from different campuses all over America and on the top of the paper it said “Campus Revival.” Now before Bob laid his left hand over me to pray he told me to “hold on” because he needed to get another sheet of paper with names of other students to staple to my sheet of paper on campus revival. When I looked at the sheet of paper he had stapled to my sheet of papers I was bewildered because it was a list of names of students from “student activist organizations” in Washington D.C. Once Bob stapled this list of student activists to my list of campus revival he laid his left hand over my left side and the fire of God’s presence shot right through the left side of my body.

At this point I woke up from my dream at about 3 or 4am in the morning with my actual left hand over my left eye. I could feel God’s presence very strong in my room. Not knowing what to do, I begin to pray in the spirit and after about 10 minutes I fell back asleep.

The moment I fell back asleep Bob Weiner reappeared before me and told me to put my right hand over my right eye so that he could lay his right hand over me to pray for God’s anointing to be released. I obeyed and put my right hand over my right eye and he prayed for me with his right hand and immediately the fire of God’s presence shot right through the right side of my body. Then the dream changed to another scene…

In this next scene it seemed that I was outside an IHOP conference with many attendees walking in front of the convention hall. All of a sudden Pastor Mike Bickle comes walking along and says to me, “Hey young man I want to talk to you…lets go grab a bite to eat and talk!” I was wondering to myself, “Why would an important guy like Mike Bickle want to talk to me, I’m a nobody?” I responded to him anyways and told him, “Sure I’d be glad to talk you want to take my car to go get food?” He then responds and says, “No we’ll take my car instead, so we walk over to his car and the dream ends.”

Dream #2

received my second dream the week The Passion of the Christ was released in late February 2004. In this dream I was in a car with Dutch Sheets driving around in Colorado. He was in the drivers seat and I was in the passenger seat. He was talking to me about mobilizing America to prayer in all 50 states when all of a sudden we parked and got out of the car to walk to the top of some large peachy/orange industrial building. As we walked up and got on top of this building I began to passionately explain to Dutch how the secret to uniting and mobilizing the American church to prayer and revival is by lifting up the name of Jesus so that all men would be drawn unto Him. I began to explain how the movie The Passion of the Christ was doing just this, it was uniting Christians of all different denominations and backgrounds to come under one banner “Jesus Christ” and because of this lost souls by the millions were being drawn to Jesus. The dream ends.

Dream #3

The third dream I received in early April 2004. In this dream I was in an airport with many people. I then find myself going down an escalator with many young people following behind me, but when I look to my left the escalator going up had no people but only Lou Engle. As he was going up the escalator he looked at me and winked his eye and said, “It’s time!” I then look back at him and wink my eye and said, “It’s time!” The dream ends.

Background to Dreams:

After “The Call SF” in 2003 Pastor Che Ahn my spiritual father and apostle sent me out to plant a church on San Jose State University campus. I went through The Call School training on church planting and it was during this time I received a revelation while reading the book of Acts those few days on a different approach to planting churches for the next generation. It would be using missionary methods of small group church planting churches as in the book of Acts (http://www.campuschurch.net/). The Lord revealed to me in the months after that I was to start a campus church planting organization with the vision to spark another student volunteer missionary movement. This dream has begun as Pastor Che Ahn & Lou Engle commissioned me to start “Campus Church Networks” a mission’s organization with the vision to initiate and cultivate student-led church planting movements on every campus in every nation.

Interpretation and Confirmation:

In February 2004 I was on a business trip to LA and found time to meet with my Pastor Lou Engle for lunch. During this time I explained the first dream to Pastor Lou because I really had no clue of what it meant and was even unsure if I was to share it because it made no sense to me. Lou immediately was astounded and had the interpretation of the dream. He explained, “Jaeson it’s simple, Bob Weiner in the 70’s mobilized and trained thousands of students to plant churches on university campuses for revival, but he also mobilized thousands of students to reform society by being active in the political sphere!” Lou then explained that you can’t have revival without reformation and Bob praying for my left and right side meant the left and right wings of the government for revival and reformation. At that time, I didn’t have much of a concept of the importance of reforming society, I was only passionate about planting student led churches on university campuses for revival as I had been commissioned to do by Pastor Che Ahn.

Lou then shared with me that for the past 6 months the Lord has been laying strong on his heart a new movement called “The Cause” that would mobilize all of America, specifically young adults from college campuses to vote and pray for the coming November elections. He explained how he had a dream where he saw a large bus and the side of it, read “VOTE AND PRAY THE CAUSE USA.” Lou then added that Bob Weiner stapling the list of student activist’s organizations to my list of campus revival was a confirmation that we must mobilize both, The Call (revivalists) and The Cause (reformers) to see true revival in this generation.

As I was still in awe and trying to grasp the interpretation because of my lack of knowledge in the importance of reformation, Lou interpreted the next part of my dream. He said, “Now your dream with Pastor Mike Bickle means that God is saying we must first raise up houses of prayer on every campus in every city before we launch out to bring revival and reform. Mike didn’t get into your car, which represents your vehicle of ministry for campus revival, but you got into his car first which represents his vehicle of ministry, raising up the House of Prayer!

After these two interpretations Pastor Lou asked me to seriously pray and think about going with him to every university campus for the next 6-12 months to mobilize students to vote and pray for the coming elections and to challenge college students all over the USA to campus revival and reformation. I told Lou it was my heartbeat to do so, but I was working full time at the moment at a tech company. He told me I’m not saying this is God speaking, but just pray on it and we’ll talk again in 30 days!

Now about a week later I received the dream about Dutch Sheets and finally after a few weeks I wrote it down and emailed it to Lou Engle. It was interesting because the day I emailed it to Lou he was literally on his way to the airport to Colorado Springs to meet with Pastor Dutch for the weekend to talk about the Cause possibly being held in Colorado. At this time I did not know Lou wanted to raise up a 50 day governmental house of prayer and that he was thinking about doing it in Colorado. When Lou received the dream I was told he again was astounded and took it as a confirmation for the Cause to be in Colorado. Later I realized what this dream meant in part. It was confirming Lou’s vision to mobilize thousands of Nazarites to UNITE together from all 50 states to ask God in faith filled prayer to bring reform to our nations government.

Finally, in April when I received the third dream of Lou and myself at the airport winking and saying, “It’s time”, I told this to Lou and he gave me the interpretation. For the past months the Lord had been giving Lou revelation on raising up “fighter pilots” or young radicals that would war for our nations future in the heavenly places through fervent intercession. He told me, “He was going up the elevator because God has called him to attack the heavenly places to break open the heavens for revival, but maybe God is calling me to go down the escalator to mobilize the ground troops to campus revival and reformation.” It was so interesting because in April the Lord had given me a clear conviction to leave my job and step out in faith to start the campus church planting ministry he had put in my heart. That very week in April I left my job on faith and within one week God put it on the heart of a special person to finance my first 6-12 months of ministry without me even asking or telling this person about what I was doing. I knew it was God’s confirmation for me to join Lou to serve him and mobilize the young radicals on every college campus to three things: 1) Raising up Houses of Prayer 2) Mobilizing student activism 3) Campus Church Planting.

Since the 3 dreams and interpretations I had been helping Lou and The Cause team to mobilize students to Colorado the past summer for 50 days of night and day intercession for the coming elections. During this time a few other significant fulfillments to the dreams happened by God’s sovereign orchestration.

Confirmation of Mike Bickle dream:

After I had ministered to youth all over Hong Kong with outbreaks of revival fire I came back home to California immediately to minister at a special conference. In early July (July 2-4) I was scheduled to speak for the Friends of the Bridegroom Conference among Chinese speaking Christians in Fremont California. It so happened I was the main speaker for the youth and the main speaker for the adults was Pastor Mike Bickle. I sensed the Holy Spirit was telling me to take a chance and contact Pastor Mike although I have never met him personally. At 8am in the morning I called the front desk of the hotel we were both staying at and asked only for Mike’s room number, instead, the receptionist put me right through to his room and Mike picked up the phone! I told him who I was and that I would like to possibly get 15 minutes of his time. He told me lets me downstairs in 3 minutes! When we got downstairs he immediately said, “hey young man lets not talk in here but lets take a walk outside and talk!” We went outside and I explained to him how God had called me to plant student led churches on university campuses and to raise up houses of prayer. As we talked we both begin to really connect on a heart level and then he says, hey lets go get some coffee and talk more.” So I ask him, “You want to take my car?” Mike responds, “No we’ll take my car right here.” (Later on I realized this is almost exactly what happened in my dream with Mike in February. He didn’t get into my car first, I got into his first.”) The next two days Mike and I had some in depth conversations on how to network together in starting campus prayer groups and campus churches on the university campus.

Confirmation of Bob Weiner dream:

During this time I had also received a call from Bob Weiner’s secretary that Bob was expecting me to join him in a youth crusade in Indonesia. I had met Bob back in November at the ICA meeting in Texas and asked him for mentorship in how to plant churches on campuses. It was also at this time he invited me to go on a mission with him to Indonesia, but by this time in July I had thought since I hadn’t heard from him that it wasn’t still on. When I received the call from his secretary I was totally surprised. The problem was if I was to go to Indonesia with Bob it would mean I would have to push back going to Colorado for The Cause by one week. Something in my spirit told me I needed to meet with Bob and by God’s grace I received an honorarium from my speaking engagement for the exact cost of the plane ticket to Indonesia. I decided to go.

The week of (July 10-18) I got into Indonesia to help minister with Bob at the youth crusade and to train youth leaders in campus ministry. The Holy Spirit told me before I got on the airplane at the airport to look up on Google “Bob Weiner+Maranatha.” I was amazed as I researched the articles on Bob’s ministry history that his organization Maranatha ministries was the first campus ministry to plant actual student-led “New Testament Churches” on university campuses. For God had given me the same revelation in June 2003 to start “actual churches on campuses” led by students on every university and high school campus in America and around the world. Now this is the kicker…

When I got into Indonesia and Bob and I sat down to talk for dinner, I explained to him what God had been showing me in the last 24 months in regards to mobilizing houses of prayer, student activism and campus church planting on campuses throughout America. I told him my 3 dreams I received in early 2004 and he not only had the exact interpretation Lou had, but I nearly jumped out of my shoes when he told me, “Jason, do you know what I trained the youth ministers in Indonesia on last night? I preached on the 3 R’s, “Revival, Reformation of Society and Restoration of the New Testament Church!” I almost fell out of my chair when I heard it. Literally, the three things God revealed to me to mobilize on the university campuses for months has been the message Bob has been preaching around the world! Revival represents the extension of God’s kingdom and it must begin with revival prayer (houses of prayer). Reformation of Society has to do with mobilizing God’s army to take dominion in every sphere of society: government, business, education, sports, media, arts and sciences etc (student activism). Restoration of the New Testament Church has to do with the revelation God had given me to empower students and every believer to be full time ministers by planting NT relationship based small group churches to prepare for the next great harvest, in my case and Bob’s-- networks of (campus churches)!”

Also, before I left Indonesia Bob gave me rough plan of how to mobilize 1 million Christian young adults to vote and pray before the coming 2004 elections. I immediately emailed Lou back home that the dreams had been confirmed and God had given us the strategy to fulfill his dream “VOTE AND PRAY THE CAUSE USA” by putting feet to the 50 days of prayer.

Confirmation of Dutch Sheets Dream:

When I got into Colorado Springs for The Cause 50 day prayer initiative I was able to write up the strategic plan in a matter of a few days to mobilize Christian young adults all across the United States to vote and pray. During this time a most peculiar encounter with Pastor Dutch Sheets happened. I had never met Pastor Dutch, but one day he walked into the Cause office looking to meet with Pastor Lou. For some reason, Pastor Lou had forgot about the meeting by accident and I was stuck there trying to help Dutch track Pastor Lou down. As I was getting some coffee for Pastor Dutch he asked me about my ministry background. I sensed I was supposed to share with him the dream I had of him back in February. As I began to share the dream of how we were driving in together in Colorado Springs and stopped in front of a large industrial building he stopped me mid-sentence and asked, “Wait, what does that building look like?” I then explained it looked like a massively large industrial building or warehouse with a flat roof, the color was peachy/orange.” He then told me he was has been praying about and asking God for confirmation on buying a large industrial peachy/orange warehouse building to establish as a governmental house of prayer in Colorado! Make a long story short I went with Pastor Dutch to look at this building and I can honestly say it looks almost identical to what I saw in my dream!

Whatever the case, if it is or not, I began to understand the interpretation of my dream with Dutch, that indeed it was a call to gather the nations youth from all 50 states to unite in governmental prayer. From this Colorado governmental house of prayer there would be a mobilization of grassroots prayer on college campuses, just like what happened with the movie The Passion of the Christ that mobilized one of the most remarkable last minute grassroots marketing campaigns through Internet and word of mouth among young adults.

Further confirmation with Passion Movie:

I remembered later that when I got the dream with Pastor Dutch in February that it was during the release of the movie The Passion of the Christ. It was during that month I was inspired by a sub-site of http://www.thepassionofthechrist.com/ called http://www.studentshavepassion.com/ On this site they were able to mobilize college campus ministries to own the Passion movie and promote it on campuses.

In mid August someone got a hold of the marketing company that marketed the Passion movie. They heard about our vision to mobilize young adults to vote and pray and they contacted us with interest. When I called the company director I shared with him how I was inspired by their sub-site www.Studentshavepassion.com.

I told him how we wanted to market and mobilize the Vote & Pray movement the same way. The director then tells me that he was the one who personally made that sight and he would be more than willing to implement the guerilla marketing strategies he did for the Passion of the Christ for our Voteandpray.com movement because he believed in what we were doing. By the grace of God the partnership has been solidified and we have hired this marketing company on to market the Vote & Pray movement. The dream with Dutch on mobilizing young radicals from all 50 states through the Passion of the Christ strategy is now coming to fruition.

Nationwide Prayer Movement:

On top of all this revelation of God’s strategy a girl during the 50-day prayer had a dream where she saw her and I in Washington D.C. mobilizing college students to the D.C. mall. She then saw the streets of D.C. stopped and flooded with hundreds of thousands of young people in prayer for our nation. She (Crystal) had this dream in early August. We thought at the time the dream was symbolic, but only to find out now what we believe will be literal.

About the third week of August we were contacted by an movement called “America for Jesus” (http://www.americaforjesus.org/) that is mobilizing all Christians in America to gather on the Washington D.C. mall on October 22, 2004 for what they are believing to be the largest national prayer and repentance gathering to turn America back to God. When I talked to the director of this movement he told me that what we were doing with “Vote & Pray the Cause USA” was their answer to prayer to get Christian youth & young adults to join the older generations in prayer at the mall. I was blown away just thinking that potentially over a million Christians would rush the D.C. mall in prayer right before the November elections, it was and is a divine set up!

Not only this, but we were also contacted by another movement called http://www.40daysusa.org/ This organization has put together a nationwide prayer initiative with endorsements from nearly every major prayer ministry and intercessory network to mobilize potentially 20 million Christians in the US and 200 million worldwide to pray and fast for 40 days before the election day November 2, 2004. Again, when I talked to the director about our vision to mobilize the young radicals on college campuses to vote and pray he was stirred and asked me to share this vision with Pastor Lou at the World Prayer Center to a group of 30 national prayer leaders. One of those leaders in the room that day was Coach Bill Mcartney of Promise Keepers. I thought to myself, what are the chances that the 3 men who have mobilized nearly 1 million to pray on the D.C. mall in the past 20 years would be supporting this 40 day prayer initiative and possibly the march on D.C. Oct 22, 2004.

The visionary behind the America for Jesus movement on Oct 22 is (Bishop John Jimminez) who mobilized “Washington for Jesus” in 1980 the first million man march to pray for America on the D.C. capital. Then in the 1990’s it was Coach Bill Mcartney who mobilized “Stand in the Gap” a million men to pray on the mall. Finally, it was Lou Engle who had the vision and brought nearly half a million youth in 2000 to the D.C. mall for a day of prayer and fasting. Now here in 2004, all 3 of these men have a conviction from God to mobilize prayer for our nation once again, possibly on D.C. all together.

Worldwide Prayer Movement:

Why all this prayer? I wonder why in the last 12 months I've been able to experience all of Argentina unite in prayer as one over national TV. Then later God took me to South Africa to witness 25-30 million praying in over 1500 stadiums in all 58 African Countries at the same time for national revival (www.transformationafrica.org). God also open doors for me in Hong Kong to witness an open heaven of youth revival and recentley Indonesia where the largest churches are uniting together to build the tallest building in the world, which will be a prayer tower that rises above all the Muslim houses of prayer in that land. Now this… America uniting in 40 days of prayer and fasting before the elections by the millions. I told the 40 dayusa director about the worldwide day of prayer birthed from Transformation Africa and they believe what is happening now in the states could be a ramp up to May 15, 2005 where Christian leaders worldwide are mobilizing 500 million believers from all continents to pray from sun up to sun down for world wide revival and the greatest harvest to be saved out of the Transformation Africa movement!

What's going on? I believe the end is getting closer & we must be ready and faithful for the last Great Harvest! ...ARISE & SHINE FOR THE GLORY OF THE LORD HAS RISEN UPON YOU OH GLORIOUS CHURCH (ISAIAH 60) AND THE GENTILES SHALL COME STREAMING TO YOUR LIGHT!! HALELUJAH!!!

In conclusion:

After much prayer and talking with my spiritual fathers, I believe these dreams, interpretations and confirmations are for one reason: to mobilize Joel’s Army in America & eventually the nations. Right now is the time of the harvest and the Body of Christ must unite together to raise up prayer on every campus for revival, to mobilize students to activism on every campus for reformation and to empower every young radical to plant New Testament churches on every campus in America and around the world.

I am asking you all for your prayers as I endeavor in the next 60 days to mobilize the Vote & Pray the Cause USA movement. The vision is “To mobilize 1 million Christian young adults to vote, pray and recruit 10 others who have never registered to do the same” Already since we have launched the website (http://www.voteandpray.com/) we are getting Christian radicals on college campuses from all over the nation emailing us that they want to join the cause and start 1 Timothy 2 prayer meetings on their universities and mobilize all the Christians on their campus to vote and gather in Washington. It’s already happening! It is definitely the supernatural breath of God that is making this happen so fast! Also, pray for Pastor Lou and the 120 Nazarites who prayed & fasted earnestly for 50 days will be hopping on a freedom bus praying through the swing states in the next 50 days up till the election asking God to turn America towards the face of Jesus.

At the same time I am asking you for your major prayers because I will be traveling to Asia in September to train over 250 pastors in Hong Kong on how to reach the school campuses of HK through prayer evangelism and campus church planting, conducting a major youth crusade in Kowloon park and mobilizing for The Call China. Then I will be in Singapore to connect w/ major leaders and then Indonesia to help Bob Weiner further lay an apostolic foundation with a key team of campus church planters who are envisioning to plant student led churches on every university in Indonesia in the next 5 years. Finally, I will be in Thailand early October to attend the Lausanne Conference and the International Prayer Council to talk with worldwide leaders on how to mobilize the world wide prayer movement in the next generation. I believe this IPC meeting will be a key meeting to inform the world’s leaders to pray and join with the Body of Christ in America for these crucial upcoming elections & to further build bridges to unite as one body of Christ, one House of Prayer worldwide.

Immediately, after my trip to Asia I will be conducting a major outreach crusade at San Francisco State w/ local fellowships Oct 13 and then off to Washington D.C. to re-unite with our Vote and Pray the Cause USA team for massive intercession and worship on the D.C. mall into the Oct 22, 2004 prayer rally & on into the elections.

Specific prayers I am asking for…

>Grace, grace and more grace to spend time w/ the Lord & hear His voice

>Wisdom in how to execute both assignments on the home front and in Asia>Protection from the enemy and to be hidden in His presence

>That God will strengthen my body, soul and spirit continually (for rest)

>Favor of God to rest upon me and the Vote and Pray team to mobilize God’s youth army on every college campus to activism and intercession

>Traveling mercies, good sleep and protection for my family, friends and church back home.

>That I will do God’s will and not my own, that I will walk continually in the spirit and never in the flesh.

>Humility and grace in this specific season of my life

Thank you all for your prayers, I couldn’t ask for anything else more but that you would pray and intercede for me personally as you also intercede for our nation and the nations. Thank you for believing in God’s leading in my life & any advice or thoughts are always welcomed. God bless all of you for joining with God and with me to pray in and walk out revival, reformation and restoration of God’s divine will in this generation. I am hungry for revival, for another great awakening, for our nation and the nations to see the glory of God in this day!

Yours for the Great Commandment and Great Commission in this generation,

Jaeson Ma








At 8/31/2004 06:49:00 AM , Blogger Abigail Alice Tsang said...

After read your message I felt God is so real and HE really so love you and bless you, I promise take prayer for you and the revival of the youth all over the world too.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in HIM, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:17

At 9/03/2004 04:02:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

who is this asian sensation rap artist jaeson ma? all day....all day now. i don't care what they think about me its alright..they'll get it one day.. right here with ya dog!


At 9/04/2004 09:32:00 AM , Blogger kevin said...

hey jeason im kevin, a christian youth from hong kong
i guess everybody is hungry for revival, one that would impact the world...not juz usa...not juz election04...not juz hong kong, but the WORLD!!
any news/info on the call china? people are looking forward to it, as more and more people get to know about the call...i juz cant wait to see it happen.... imagine all the chinese christian youth fasting and standing up for god.... the spiritual atmosphere in china is gonna be changed !!
we're waitin impatiently for passion generation and the other gatherings... lord is going to do smthing big and great in hong kong... and we know it...we can feel it...

At 9/05/2004 05:28:00 AM , Blogger jonathan said...

hey, yea kevin, u can feel it right? you should share wth us, i mean the youths, so that we can pray together!


At 9/10/2004 12:54:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praise God Jaeson!

I will be praying for you!

"15 Therefore I also, after I heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all the saints, 16do not cease to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers: 17that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, 18the eyes of your understanding[1] being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, 19and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power 20which He worked in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places, 21far above all principality and power and might and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in that which is to come. " (Eph 1:15-21)

Psalm 2:8
I Cor 15:58
II Cor 4:16-18
Gal 6:9-10
Phil 3:7-16

We miss you in SJ!
Blessings bro!

-CCLR bro

At 9/25/2004 01:38:00 AM , Blogger Grace said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 6/20/2005 10:13:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Google of Bob Weiner + Maranatha should have also led you to the many articles regarding Weiner's devastating and destructive sheperding practices which destroyed many a young person's relationship with God. Maranatha was considered by many to be a cult and there was never any true repentance nor apologies from any of the top leaders. Can you say New Order of the Latter Rain? because that's what you are involved with.....

At 6/20/2005 10:43:00 PM , Blogger Jaeson Ma said...

thank you for your comment on Pastor Bob..i will pray and research more into that. blessings, jaeson


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