Sunday, June 13, 2004

Please Pray for Hong Kong Youth Revival Fires...

Dear bros and sisters in Christ,

I want to thank you all for your prayers from the past and would again
ask for your prayers for our Hong Kong youth mission next week.

I'm leaving Monday & will be ministering to the youth
in HK from June 15-July 1. From the last 2 trips God has really
opened up the heavens over the young generation in HK. We saw
hundreds commit their lives to Christ and hundreds of others
make decisions to serve radically.
A youth movement is arising in HK...let us now pray!

Please pray that our trip will support what God is already
doing among the churches and youth of HK. The below dates we
will need your intercessions crucially as I will speak and our
team will minister...

June 16: Prayer Mobilization & Network Meeting & SKW Baptist Church
June 17: Into Mainland China
June 18: Meeting with HK 18 district Church Network
June 19: River Youth Service
June 20: Praise Assembly & SKW Baptist Sunday Services
June 22-23: Speak @ Youth Alpha Conference (Over 100 Youth Pastors HK, China, Mongolia)
June 25-26: Cactch The Fire Youth Conference (3 Main Sessions)
June 27: Youth Worker Intercessory Network (meeting and training)
June 28: SR. Pastors and Youth Pastors (Strategic City Reaching Meeting to reach HK Youth)
June 29: Special meeting with ICA pastoral team
July 1: Passion Generation II (Youth Crusasde Evangelistic Rally)

Please pray for...
1. God to use our team to help establish greater unity among
the churches in regards to reaching the Youth of HK & to support
the existing united networks of churches.
2. Spirit births a student missionary movement among the youth
of Hong Kong to invade mainland China and its developing urban
cities as future missionaries
3. Holy Spirit to invade every meeting with supernatural
signs, wonders and miracles that God gives me strength & revelation
to speak at all the different events.
4. For God to keep our team in unity, protected from the enemy
and with laser focus to get this next assignment done for Christ.
(Freda Gary & Erica Burhanduin)
5. Pray my worship leader Erica can get a "plane ticket" by monday
because they are all sold out.
7. Pray for the salvation of SOULS everywhere we minister and that
the body of Christ would be encouraged in faith to TAKE THE YOUTH OF HK FOR CHRIST!
8. Traveling mercies & the Holy Spirits guidance to do what we
only see the Father doing!

Thank you so much for your prayers friends!
Lets do this together in spirit and in power!
Below is a link to the site for the YOUTH CONFERENCE & CRUSADE
we are holding in HK and also pictures from the last Youth Crusade event,
you will be greatly blessed to see in the pictures the youth response
during the last crusade because of all your PRAYERS!!!!

May God send REVIVAL FIRE to the youth of CHINA!
Jaeson Ma


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