Monday, August 23, 2004

It’s been a month since I’ve written in my blog. Sorry, but things have been one non-stop crazy, but at the same time non-stop AWESOME!

God is good! I guess I’ll probably right another 10 page blog starting with the Forerunner Christian Church Youth conference, then my trip to Indonesia, then to Singapore, then straight to Colorado for The Cause where I am currently at. Oh yeah, and I’ll have to add what happened at “BAAYF” youth camp.

Forerunner Christian Youth Conference
Okay. So first after I got back from Hong Kong I had to immediately speak at the Forerunner Christian Church Youth Conference. For me this was the third straight year and really I didn’t know what to expect, especially after I had preached every sermon and story to them. Well, God seriously came through and the presence of God came with fire. There were youth from all over the nation and healings and prophetic words broke out as many of these young firebrands were filled with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire. I met some awesome people like Caleb from UCLA (I love his heart) and Jonathan from Home of Christ in LA…there worship team played my favorite HILLSONG UNITED SONGS! Yeah!

I also had an incredibly interesting encounter with Pastor Mike Bickle who was the adult conference speaker. You can read about this prophetic fulfillment in the next blog…seriously crazy!

While, I was at the FCC conference I decided to go on a whim to Indonesia to meet w/ Pastor Bob Weiner and minister to the youth there. I was able to get my plane ticket through my honorarium (totally God) and this trip was so strategic. Again I will explain the significance of this meeting with Pastor Bob Weiner in Indonesia in the next blog (it connects w/ my reason for meeting with Mike Bickle).

In Indonesia I got to experience full blown revival. The church I was ministering at was Bethany in Surbaya…there church is about 120,000 members and their 2 sister churches are also over 100,000 members. The church building was like a stadium arena that fit over 20,000. The pastor was incredibly humble and a man of supernatural faith. He reminded me of Pastor Paul Yongi Cho in Korea. He has the same gift of faith to believe the unthinkable. Currently, God has given him a vision to build a massive prayer tower in Jakarta that will be the tallest building in the world (taller than the sears towers). It’s a very significant project because Indonesia is the highest populated Muslim nation in the world & there are thousands of Muslim houses of prayer on every street corner praying 5 times a day. God is raising up a house of prayer in Indonesia that will rise above every other house of prayer. I see this tower being the beginning of a center point for thousands of Christians all over Indonesia to unite together in prayer for their nation. Christians are still being killed in Indonesia & yet the church is growing at astronomical rates. It amazes me how God would let me experience so many nations experiencing transformation and revival. It was God’s grace as I was able to minister to the youth of Bethany church. I showed the Call video and again the spirit of repentance and Holy Spirit fire fell as youth got on their faces crying out for the youth of Indonesia.

Lastly, the most amazing door opened for Campus Church Networks while in Indonesia. Pastor Bob Weiner and I met w/ the leading Apostolic network and asked them, “What are your churches doing with your college students?” They said, “nothing!” So Pastor Bob told them, “Give them to us and we will win and train 1 million college students for Christ in the next 5 years to transform Indonesia.” You might think that sounds crazy, but it was Pastor Bob who came to Indonesia 20 years ago and started some of the first churches that are now the largest churches. He did it by reaching out to Indonesian international students on the UCLA campus and then sending them back to Indonesia to plant youth churches on the universities of Indonesia! So the Apostolic network agreed to hire 6 regional directors for us to oversee the 6 major regions of Indonesia. Through these 6 RD we will train them to plant campus churches on every major university in Indonesia in the next 5 years.

I’m going back October 1-5 with the following plan…
1) Pastor Bob and I are going to train these 6 regional directors to win 2 students of peace from each university campus in their region. They will have 3 months to do this from Oct-Dec.
2) Pastor Bob and I will go back in January and hold a training conference where these regional directors will bring back the 2 students of peace they have recruited from each campus, which will amount to about 500+ student church planters. Here we will train these 500 with the necessary equipping to go back to their universities and win 10 unbelieving students to start the initial campus churches.
3) We will then offer continual training to the Regional Directors as they coach and empower the campus churches to multiply and reproduce other campus churches to start networks of campus churches over each campus causing an infiltration of saturation church planting. (As we keep the campus churches small to 10-20 members this will keep them protected from persecution because many of these universities are Muslim universities.

Lastly, I met an incredible pastor named Jeffrey. This pastor quit his post as the national youth director of Indonesia to reach out to the poor and disenchanted Muslim street kids and homeless. All I can say is this man not only lives by faith, but experiences the miracle workings of faith literally as in the New Testament days. During my 10 days there his ministry experienced more than 250 instantaneous miracles where many deaf were receiving back their hearing, blind restored of their site, etc. Their ministry feeds 2000 homeless every month and this is the crazy testimony. He told me one time they didn’t have enough money to buy enough food for the homeless they were to feed. But they just emptied out their ministry bank account and bought what they could. He told his workers to just begin to pack up the packets of rice and grain, when about a few hours into it they realized that the supply of grain and rice seemed to not run out! (Remember Jesus multiplying bread?) Yeah, it was happening right before their eyes, the grain supply would never end and they were able to feed all the homeless for the whole month and more.

What can I say but that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever! On to the next trip…

It’s always nice to visit Singapore. This time I was only their 2 days on a stop over. But God did some amazing things while I was there. I got to catch up with my pastor friend “Jeremy Seaward” who is the youth pastor of Victory Family Center. I went to his youth service where he spoke an powerful message—man he is a really good preacher! I didn’t expect it but after he preached he asked me to pray over the youth and …man…God’s fire fell again as I challenged them to be willing to die for their generation and go to the nations! Almost 90% of the youth there got on their knees and responded with tears. I honestly believe another wave of revival is going to hit the youth of Singapore in a greater measure than the measure of revival they have experienced in the early 90’s.

That night I got to meet w/ “Morpheus” well I call him that because he is the foremost church-planting trainer in the world. I can’t mention his name because then he could be discovered. But we had an incredible night together talking about church planting movements happening all over the world and the thousands upon thousands being swept into the kingdom daily through indigenous church planting. Not to mention his wife made an awesome taco and salad dinner.

The next morning I went to go speak at Wesley Methodist youth service. Wow, it’s only been less than a year since I’ve been there and the youth group has nearly doubled from 400 to close to 700 or so! I was going to speak on prayer evangelism, but I felt led to speak on their authority in Jesus Christ and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Many youth responded, but there were also some that may have not understood the power and infilling of the spirit and took it the wrong way. I pray God will clear up the resistance to the Spirit of God cause I understand Wesley Methodist is a bit more conservative church. But man, I really love the youth there and pray I’ll be able to continue to equip and minister to them in the future. May God’s will be done and release that youth group into full- blown revival. I prayed and prophesied that their youth group would grow to 1000 in 6 months…let it be so Lord.

Finally, right after the 2 Wesley services I hopped in a Taxi and went straight to Jurong West to visit City Harvest Church I love this church, it’s pastor Kong Hee is one of my favorite speakers. I just love his heart for the next generation. His church is about 16,000 members and most under the age of 26. The service I went to was specifically to pray for the youth to reach the campuses of Singapore with revival fire. It was awesome… I got to connect again with Pastor Zhuang the youth pastor there and even I got sent to exit through the back of the church because I had to rush out to catch a taxi back to the airport. While I exited the back into the elevator, guess who I bump into? Yup…Pastor Kong Hee! I got to shake his hand and he told me to send his love to pastor Che. I guess it’s just cool to meet men of God you really look up to, especially since I’ve listened to almost all his sermons and preached a few of them myself… haha!

Well, I got to the airport in time and managed during my trip to Singapore to get some good old fashioned “ha-kar center style Singaporean food” THE BEST!

To be continued….revolution is coming to the youth of America!


At 8/23/2004 04:56:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, You really Need ta rest!!!I'm praying for ya!!

At 8/26/2004 10:02:00 AM , Blogger jonathan said...

hi jaeson,
i am jonathan from HK. waiting for the next passion generation!


At 8/26/2004 12:18:00 PM , Blogger lisa_nguyen said...

awesome!!! awesome!! awesome!

You know, it should be no surprise the power and strength of God's mighty work. But dang...i'm speechless. Praise God!

At 9/02/2004 10:38:00 PM , Blogger pearl said...

"The fire on the altar will never go out." Leviticus 6:11

At 9/07/2004 11:52:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i had no idea this was happening in SJ. its happening all over berkeley, prophetic words for revival, breakthrough words for this fall. but in SJ as well.. amazing, awesome, who has words to describe?

praise God

At 9/07/2004 11:53:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

(im referring more to previous posts about SJ.. haha. this stuff is .. of course, awesome and good as well :])


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