Sunday, October 03, 2004

Prayer Movements in USA: Young Adult & Elections

The Cause USA: 50 days of 24/7 prayer for government in Colorado
Vote & Pray Cause USA: Grassroots prayer meetings on American universities
40 Days USA: Forty day prayer & fasting movement all over America for elections
America For Jesus: National Prayer gathering on Washington D.C. mall Oct 22, 2004

Dear International Prayer Leaders,

I would like to inform and ask for fervent intercessions to be lifted up for America in these next 30 days going into the US presidential elections. There have been significant prayer initiatives started in response to the urgency of the coming elections in America & major ministries from all over the US are uniting together to mobilize prayer for our nations government at this crucial hour. I am asking that other nations join America in prayer by asking God to raise up righteous leaders in the elections & for another great awakening to come to this great nation. Below are a summary of the major prayer movements in the USA uniting together to pray for America.

The Cause USA: (
In Colorado Springs Pastor Lou Engle (founder of The Call) gathered hundreds of young adults from almost all 50 states to intercede night and day for the government of America. Each young adult was required to intercede 8 hours a day on the issues of (presidential elections, each 50 state, supreme-court justices, national government, justice & mercy issues, abortion, homosexual marriage, racism, university and campus revival, etc) daily. We are now praying on bus through each swing state rallying churches to vote and pray for coming elections.

Vote and Pray the Cause USA: (
Birthed out of the 50 days of prayer is a grassroots movement to mobilize every Christian young adult to register to vote and covenant to pray for the presidential elections. Already, we have mobilized major Christian ministries on college campuses nationwide to start 1 Timothy 2 prayer meetings on campuses while registering Christian young adults to vote according to Biblical convictions. Students on universities all over the states are praying together for God to raise up righteous leaders and to turn America back to God.

40 Days USA & America for Jesus: (,
An organization called 40 Days USA birthed out of the World Prayer Summit in Washington D.C. has networked literally almost every major intercessory ministry in the USA to pray and fast 40 days into the presidential elections Nov 2, 2004. We are currently working close with them to mobilize an estimated 5 million+ intercessors in the US to commit to pray for the US government and elections. Also, another prayer initiative America for Jesus is estimated to potentially be the largest national prayer gathering in US history to be held at the D.C. Mall Oct 22, 2004. Bishop Jiminez (Washington for Jesus), Bill Mcartney (Stand in the Gap PK), Che Ahn and Lou Engle (The Call) are all endorsing this repentance and prayer gathering. I just got back from the World Prayer Center with national prayer directors from different US states (including Bill Mcartney & Lou Engle) sharing how prophetically it seems the hearts of the fathers are turning towards the children and the children to the fathers as Christian families all over the US will be gathering on the Washington DC mall to pray, fast, worship and ask God to turn America back to Jesus.

Worldwide Day of Prayer: (
Lastly, through all these prayer ministries uniting together to pray for the US elections we have connected with Transformation Africa and Jericho Walls Intl in South Africa to help mobilize the US to prayer for the worldwide day of prayer May 15, 2005.

I ask that other nations would link arms in prayer with America in this crucial hour asking God to raise up righteousness and justice in the government and supreme court justices to secure a hopeful future for this nation.

Praying for worldwide revival,
Jaeson Ma (


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