Thursday, April 28, 2005

Pray for Hong Kong/Asia Mission: Global Day of Prayer

Dear faithful prayer partners,

I am heading back to Hong Kong in a few hours. My heart is overwhelmed with excitement and thankfulness for God's goodness to the people of Hong Kong & China. This ministry trip will be challenging, but I am anticipating history to be changed.

Please pray...

1. Global Day of Prayer Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, the World.
2. Prayer points for the mission, protection for my family, friends, ministry
3. Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau ministry schedule (THE CALL HK)

1. Global Day of Prayer:
What can I say, but on May 15, 2005 we will be joining hands with over 100 million Christians around the world in over 120 nations to pray at the same time in stadiums and fields across the earth. Surely, God is raising up His House of Prayer for All Nations! In Hong Kong we have booked 2 Stadiums with over 30,000 tickets already sold to pray on May 15. Churches from different denominations are joining in hands in repentance and revival prayer. Our team will be mobilizing youth all over the city of HK to pray 24/7 on May 14th and then together with the rest of the city on May 15. Pray there will be perfect unity among God's people in Hong Kong. (Note: It will be a major day as May 15 is also the celebration of Bhudda's birthday in Hong Kong, thousands of Bhuddist will be praying to Bhudda at the same time in the middle of the city. But PRAISE BE TO GOD WHO HAS THE VICTORY & THE STADIUMS THAT DAY! Lord let all of Hong Kong see Your glory and worship You the King of kings and the Lord of lords that day!)

Find out More:

2. Prayer for Family, Friends & Ministry:
As you have been praying each ministry trip you know the warfare involved. In the last, two trips my family was attacked severely. Literally, my mother, father and sister all went through major sufferings. I PLEASE ASK YOU #1 TO PRAY FOR GOD'S WORK TO BE ACCOMPLISHED. #2 DAILY PRAY PROTECTION OVER MY FATHER, MOTHER, & SISTERS. #3 PRAY FOR MY LOCAL CONGREGATION & CCN.

1. Pray daily the blood of Jesus to cover my family in California
2. Pray for my mother to have peace and strength when I am gone
3. Pray for my sister who has been going through a challenging sickness to be healed
4. Pray for my older sister Joyce who is studying relentlessy in Med school
5. Pray for my father who needs God more than ever
6. Pray for friends in my local house church to be in unity, protected,
strengthened and continuing the work.
7. Pray for Campus Church Networks servant leadership and all the student leaders on all the campuses to be empowered, encouraged & in prayer.

3. Pray for Asia Ministry Schedule
This trip will be jam packed daily with ministry to the young people. Our team consisting of our chief intercessor Freda Gary, her 70' year old prayer warrior mother and yours truly will be on an Holy Spirit adventure. We will strengthening the campus churches in HK through training at camps, a leaders retreat, citywide prayer meetings & mobilizing them all to GDOP and also MAJOR MEETINGS FOR THE CALL HONG KONG. As you read the ministry calendar below, please simply pray for God's will to be done and Kingdom to come in every meeting. Pray God gives me the heaven sent messages, protection for our team, divine favor in all things and REVIVAL FIRE TO BREAK OUT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!!

1. April 27-29: Pastor Che Ahn (my sr. pastor) will be joining us in Hong Kong holding intergenerational revival meetings & speaking to the major
pastor networks to finalize if we are going to have The Call Hong Kong & Asia in late 2005 or 2006. Please pray God confirms through the body of Christ in HK whether we are to do The Call in the next year. In my spirit I sense NOW IS THE TIME to raise up the Chinese young people into massive prayer and fasting to shift the future history of China for the glory of God. Pray FAVOR on Pastor Che and Revival & Reconciliation to break out at the meetings.

2. April 30: The Furnace Citywide Youth Prayer Meetings in 7 Districts (GDOP)

3. May 1-5: Transform World Indonesia ( I will be part of a focus group at this convocation to draft a paper on how to Transform Secular Higher Education with leaders from around the globe. Pray that God shows up BIG TIME and unites Christian leaders to strategically hear from God on how to bring TRANSFORMATION to disciple every NATION of the earth.

4. May 7- Meet with Macau citywide youth leaders network to mobilize
GDOP & also pray & envision a citywide campus church planting movement

5. May 9-10: Citywide Hong Kong Youth/Campus pastors summit. We will
have a retreat with the city fathers/mothers of the youth movement to
hear from God, build relationship and seek next steps in the citywide youth movement & GDOP mobilization.

6. May 11-12: 18 District Student Camp: We will be envisioning and
training students on The Vision to reach the campuses & GDOP.

7. May 14: 24/7 ALL DAY Youth Prayer Rally. Students will take 2 hour
shifts from different churches all over Hong Kong to pray for Global
Day of Prayer and Global Youth Awakening

8. May 15: Global Day of Prayer Hong Kong/Taiwan. Pray for UNITY and
God to answer every corporate prayer cry. Amen!!!

Thank you for your prayers. Please keep these prayer requests close to your
hearts each time you pray. Thank you. It means everything. Without prayer nothing, absolutely nothing, can be accomplished for God. I am so grateful for each of you to pray for not only me, but my family and the co-workers I work with to reach the young people of the nations for the GLORY OF GOD! REVIVAL TIME!!! ITS A REVIVAL GENERATION!!!!!!!!!



Jaeson Ma


At 4/28/2005 09:35:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

will be praying for you...=)

At 4/28/2005 10:01:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pastor Jaeson,
Pray for you and your family.

'And he said to him, Truly I say to you all, You will see heaven opening and God's angels going up and coming down on the Son of man.' (John 1:51)
I believe I can see heaven opening...

God bless you!!!

At 4/30/2005 05:07:00 PM , Blogger TeApOt said...

ja yo...shake off the viper as you do His good work...acts28

At 5/01/2005 11:43:00 PM , Blogger dannynz said...

God bless, got the notice about what you are up tp in our Church newsletter I wanted to check out your blog, great to see!



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