Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Revolution to Come to Every Campus!

Prophetic Word from Prophet Chuck Pierce on "Revolution on Campuses" read below and click on link on is interesting to note that as a CCN movement we are on a majority of the campuses noted, keep on track team God is movn! jaes

My desire is for a revolution to come on every campus. Call forth a new student revolution. Declare universities will break out of the conformity of the world. Call forth a revolution in Princeton, in the University of Delaware, all along the East Coast, in Harvard and Yale. Let revolution come forth in Kentucky on the campuses. Declare a revolution will come forth at the University of Texas. Call forth revolution and a new wind of the My Spirit to blow in Kansas. Shake up the systems and call forth My Spirit in unusual places that will spark a revolution. Break out of conformity. Mammon has the revolution captured. Break that mammon structure! Change your identity and go into the universities and call out for Me to come.

Reinforce the walls of the West and East Coasts. Call for the Tribes to align and send forth the reinforcements to help My people get positioned with your new weapons on the wall. The sound that has been captured on the West Coast and sent in wrong directions will now be returned to My people and redirected for My purposes. I'm going to cause that sound to start calling in the wave of My Spirit.

I Am the God of Revolution and a new wave of revolution will come into and out of Berkley, UCLA, USC, Pepperdine, the University of Oregon and Oregon State. Even Gonzaga and Washington State will experience an awakening of My purpose. I am calling forth the revolution in San Diego that will awaken the borders of this land. Let the sound come forth on the West Coast to prepare them for the wave that is coming.

To read more "The year of 5767: A Time of Movement and Clashing" click below


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