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24-7 Prayer @ UCLA

24-7 Prayer is being birthed at UCLA supernaturally, below is a prophetic summary from one of our passion church leaders at it, be inspired to start a 24-7 campus house of prayer on your campus & pray for the CHURCH at UCLA > LET FIRE FALL!

for campus revival,


click on to sign up for 24-7 Prayer at UCLA:

Hey Guys,

I know this is going to be a long post but PLEASE read it. We're going to start 24/7 prayer on MONDAY, October 30th. That's TWO DAYS from now! We're going to be doing it 8 hours a day (9 hours on Tuesday with Solemn Assembly), Monday-Saturday and take a break on Sunday. Because it's sooo soon, it's URGENT that you read #1 WHY we're doing it so soon (there's good reason) and #2 we need people to really step it up these coming days to #1 spread it word of mouth and #2 COMMIT to time slots for the first week! Furthermore, we're asing that EVERYONE (PC and EVERYONE ELSE at UCLA) to come on Tuesday nights so that we can seek God in prayer together!

GET READY TO READ. AND PLEASE THIS is one of the few MUST READ e-mails I will ever send in my life. It will only take fifteen minutes max, and honestly, I truly believe you will be encouraged and hopefully inspired!

24/7 Prayer
October 28th, 2006

I write this email with just one purpose–to call every Christian, every Body, and every fellowship to 24/7 prayer at UCLA. God has recently given us a tremendous amount of revelations, dreams, visions and words that have all amounted to one thing–a call to prayer that UCLA has never seen before. This post may be long, but please, I ask that you would give me fifteen minutes of your day, and read through it all to be blessed, encouraged, and hopefully inspired. God is GREAT!

To truly understand the context of all that happened, I have to first explain some background information. About 6-7 weeks ago, during our Sunday Night meetings at Passion Church, the glory and presence of God fell in an unusual way. Students were literally praying and seeking God for 5-6 hours! No one wanted to leave–it was a Divine moment. We thought maybe this was one of those "special" Sundays, but that Sunday was followed the next week with another encounter with God, another flow of the Holy Spirit, and that Sunday was followed by yet another! During that period, for three weeks, God began speaking to all of us that before anything else, before ministry, before doing "stuff" we needed to have intimacy with God.

A week later, I had a series of three dreams. In the first dream, I felt like I was "hearing the voice of God". Suddenly, after a while, I realized somehow that it wasn't the voice of God, but that it was a false spirit pretending to be the voice of God. That was confirmed when the voice began maliciously laughing at me. I woke up, didn't think much of it, then went back to sleep.

In my second dream, I saw a "spirit" or "being" of some sort walk through my front door. It looked at me, and I knew immediately it was demonic. Then, somehow, I was back in my bed, and I literally felt a sensation of being strangled in my sleep. I immediately woke up, once again, and this time, because the sensation of being strangled felt so real, I couldn't deny that this was probably a warning from God. However, being tired, I went back to sleep, again.

The third dream I had was that I was sharing these dreams with all of Passion Church, and everyone in Passion Church didn't take it seriously. When I woke up once and for all, I felt immediately that God was revealing to me that He wanted me to warn Passion Church that Satan was going to "attack" us in the form of ministry–that is, Satan was going to try and get us so focused on ministry, that we would lose our intimacy with God.

When I brought this before the church, all of us agreed that it was a Word from God, and we tried to be "careful". However, even though we knew that this "attack" was going to happen, it ended up happening just like the dreams suggested–ministry quickly began to consume our times, and very soon, many of the leaders and members were starting to lose their "intimacy" with God.

Now as we're doing all this "ministry", suddenly God begins to speak to all the people at Passion Church. Our Sunday meetings suddenly became less "Spirit" filled, and although God was still moving, all the leaders definitely noticed a difference. Furthermore, many of the members were beginning to feel like we were "doing something wrong". That something, we weren't sure what, was wrong.

Then, one Sunday we had decided to enter corporately into a 7 day fast. The Sunday before the fast, it was incredibly hard to worship God, and we quickly found ourselves trying to find an answer to why all this was happening, and why the "presence" and "power" we had felt just weeks before seemed to have gone from us. Jaeson gave a word that he saw a "tape rewinding". We weren't completely sure what this meant at the time, but now, it all makes sense. That was the context. Now let me explain the vision.

Jaeson's call to plant simple churches on University Campuses is to first and foremost establish 24/7 Houses of Prayer, and THEN to plant simple churches. However, at PC we began doing it backwards. Before we "established" 24/7 Houses of Prayer, we were first doing all the ministry! The importance of this is because God had intentionally called us to first and foremost be "intimate" with Him, so that ministry can flow naturally from intimacy.

Furthermore, this idea of "doing things in the right order" was confirmed through a couple Biblical words that God revealed. First and foremost, one of the girls in the church gave a Word that in order to build the "Tabernacle" the people of Israel had to do it exactly as God commanded. Otherwise the presence of God would not fall. She also felt like the reason for this is because the presence of God is something serious, and not to be taken lightly. That is why before it can happen, the body needs to sanctify themselves, and prepare for it. Secondly, I was reading in the Book of Joshua about Jericho, and God spoke to me and said "before you can invade the city, you have to march around the city 7 times!" This concept of "marching around a city" is something that strategically makes no sense whatsoever! However, it's what God commanded, and the march is simply a matter of obedience. Finally, I was reading in Acts 2 which shows that before the disciples could really go out and do the work of ministry, they first had to "wait for the Holy Spirit" so that they could receive power from on High to do the work He's called them to. All this was about being "obedient", "listening to His instructions" , and finally, seeking God in a very real and personal way (intimacy, and Holy Spirit encounter).

Now this is where it gets interesting. We meet on Sundays at an apartment on Ophir Drive where one of our church members so graciously provided his living space. A while back, the owner of the apartment, Mike Han, had a very vivid dream in which he saw his apartment filled with people from all over UCLA, and everyone was seeking and praying to God together! Mike said that he felt, in his dream, that everyone was so hungry for God, and so thirsty for His presence, and many of them, because of this hunger, were being filled.

This same dream was verified by so many people who were saying that Mike's Apartment was going to be a "well" where people who were thirsty could be filled. Also, very interestingly, Jaeson felt in the Spirit that the name "Ophir" had significance. The week before, however, one of the girls in PC felt the same thing, and had looked up what "Ophir" was in the bible. Ophir is actually a city next to Jerusalem that was a city of rich abundance and gold. In fact, many people went to Ophir to get the most pure and precious gold they could find! All this pointed to the fact that God was preparing Mike's Apartment to be a place of rich abundance, a well, a fountain where Christians and believers could all come to be filled.

Now in my mind I was thinking, "maybe we should do 24/7 prayer here". However, immediately I pushed that thought aside, because it's Mike's living space. The last thing I would want is to ask him to give up his apartment–even if it's for something like 24/7 prayer. However three nights ago, one of the girls in PC (Jessica) emails me about 24/7 prayer, and asks, "why don't we do it at Mike's place". She gives her reasons, and feels like we need to have it there. I quickly disregard this e-mail, and tell God "well, Lord, if Mike offers his place to us, then sure."

That night, Caleb and I begin praying to God to reveal to us what we're supposed to do. Honestly, at that point we were very confused–God was speaking to us that "something was wrong" and that we needed to "have a Spirit of repentance" and that we also needed to "fear the Lord". In our minds, we want to have a "Spirit of Repentance", but honestly, that only comes from God. So then we felt maybe we're supposed to pray. Maybe even 24/7. But even if we were to do 24/7 prayer, the only question on our minds were, where and when? How would it even work? Suddenly the thought of doing 8 hours, instead of 24 came into both of our minds, and we thought this was from God. We prayed a little bit longer, but the important thing is is that that night, I felt like we truly surrendered the situation to God.

The next day, I was hanging out with Mike, and began talking to him about 24/7 prayer. I told him that we might be doing it at Drake Stadium for 8 hours a day. Then Mike suddenly looks at me and says, "Sam. Why don't we do 24/7 prayer here". Hold up. Let me just take a minute here to say "OH MY GOSH!" Honestly, I know you guys cannot TRULY appreciate this, but if you understood the context of this (we actually almost burned down his apartment last year when we did 24/7 prayer for one day at his apartment) (that's a whole nother story), it was the LAST THING I was expecting him to say. I mean, COME ON! It's his living room!!!

At that moment, when Mike said that, I literally felt the presence of God hit me, and suddenly EVERYTHING that was happening and ALL the things that God had been speaking to us made so much sense! Honestly, in that moment, revelation upon relevation just flooded into my head! Up to that point, I couldn't understand "what was wrong" and I was constantly trying to put together all the "prophetic" words that were being spoken to the PC community to decipher what we needed to do. Then, in that moment, it all made sense. God wanted us to do 24/7 prayer first before anything else! The reason He wanted us to do 24/7 is because He wanted us to have #1 intimacy with Him before we focus on ministry. Intimacy needs to be the birthplace for ministry. #2 encounter Him so that we can have a Spirit of repentance, and a fear of the Lord (Like Isaiah in Isaiah 6). Every move of God only happened when His people "humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked ways. And finally, #3 unify the entire Body of Christ at UCLA and awaken them to the urgency and need for prayer! This is a given! WE NEED UNITY AT UCLA! WE NEED TO PRAY! Even if our theologies aren't completely the same we can ALL appreciate the NEED and urgency to PRAY! Let's not think together–let's pray together. Let's seek God together. Let's PRAY!

Yea, yea maybe now you're thinking…this isn't THAT crazy. BUT MY FRIEND, here, the story does not end! It gets even better. I start talking to the 24/7 Coordinator for PC (Erika), and tell her about all this craziness that's been going on, then she tells me "you want to hear something crazy"? I'm always down for that. So she tells me how she met a girl named Natalee who doesn't know us at all, and that Natalee is a girl who's part of a church plant in West LA. Her and Natalee start to talk, and Erika begins telling Natalee about how Erika is trying to get a tent on campus for 24/7 prayer but it's not really working out (the student programming center wasn't really big on the idea).

Natalee, a few days later, calls Erika and tells her that she was praying and God spoke to her and said she didn't have to worry, that God was going to provide a place, specifically at someone's apartment, that someone you aren't expecting is going to offer you their place, and that 24/7 prayer is going to happen in a way you weren't expecting!!!!!!!! That's EXACTLY what happened with Mike! Natalee doesn't EVEN KNOW us! That was the FIRST time she's really talked to someone from PC! ONCE AGAIN. OH MY GOSH!!!!

Then, right after this, I'm flipping out and totally stoked about 24/7 prayer. Then I run into Dennis. I start talking to Dennis about 24/7 prayer, and seriously I'm getting excited, he's getting excited, we're all getting excited. I remember that Dennis is a part of AACF. So I tell Dennis, "hey man! You have to tell everyone! AACF needs to be involved!" Dennis looks at me, and says, "well can you pray for AACF? I'm the CC (Core Coordinator). That is…I'm the President. " Now let me give you a bit of context. Two weeks before I felt in my Spirit that we needed to do 24/7 prayer right away. During that time, I asked God a lot of questions, one of the main ones being "well, even if we started it God, how would we keep it going? Who's going to come?" During that time, God spoke to me and said "Sam, if you get it started, I'll take care of the rest". I want you guys to think about this. I "randomly" bump into Dennis RIGHT after all these crazy revelations from God about 24/7 prayer, and unknowing to me he's the PRESIDENT OF AACF!!!! God reminded me right away that He promised to take care of it if we just get it started. NOW I TRULY BELIEVE THAT!

NOW this is the climax. Get ready for it. Cause it's all about to end with a call to prayer. I go to Cross Connect (the joint campus fellowship movement at UCLA) and I'm sitting there, talking to Joyce from CCC. I'm telling her about how I'm lacking sleep these days, and she randomly starts talking about Psalm 127 and tells me she wants to share it with me, and that it's "not relevant" to me lacking sleep, but she wants to share it anyways. Immediately God tells me "that this Psalm is very relevant, so listen closely". I didn't know what to expect, but I told Joyce "tell me" knowing in my heart that she was going to speak a very relevant word to me. Then Joyce begins reading the Psalm. Here's how it goes:

Unless the LORD builds the house,
its builders labor in vain.
Unless the LORD watches over the city,
the watchmen stand guard in vain.

In vain you rise early
and stay up late,
toiling for food to eat—
for he grants sleep to [ a] those he loves.

Sons are a heritage from the LORD,
children a reward from him.

Like arrows in the hands of a warrior
are sons born in one's youth.

Blessed is the man
whose quiver is full of them.
They will not be put to shame
when they contend with their enemies in the gate.

OH MY GOSH! Maybe you haven't connected the dots yet. If you haven't, let me help you. Ministry needs to start with God! Unless God first "builds the house" all the ministry is in vain! We were doing ministry without God first establishing His house (House of Prayer!) And what's crazy is that it's totally relevant because many of us were "sleeping late" and "waking up early" and even "toiling for food to eat" and STILL we were missing something. God needed to first "build his house", THEN the work that we would do would be "blessed" and we would have strength against the enemy.

Whew. That was long. Even writing it felt long. Honestly, my words, seeing that it is written, cannot do it justice. You need to hear me share it in person because honestly, I may not sound overly excited on this post, or e-mail, but that's because #1 it's freaking 4:20 AM and #2 writing is hard to express excitement. BUT DUDE. TRUST ME. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED about this. DUDE if you read this and are not excited for 24/7 prayer at UCLA then you need to CALL ME RIGHT NOW (310-467-8524) SO THAT I CAN GET YOU PUMPED UP! When all this stuff happened I really freaked out. Ask everyone. And this post doesn't do it justice. But I've never felt so strongly, or so much faith about an issue in my entire life! So please CALL ME IF YOU DOUBT ME!

What's the point? My point is this. God is calling the ENTIRE BODY at UCLA to pray. Not just Passion Church. EVERYONE. During Azusa Street Revival, a revival that 100 years ago swept across America and is responsible for a really good number of the current revivals and missionary movements across the World, there was a very interesting thing that happened. One church would be having CRAZY Holy Spirit encounter meetings, where God's manifest presence was soo powerful. Yet, the church right across the street was completely the opposite–there was no power of God, and they seriously "missed" the move of God.

God is calling YOU to pray at UCLA. Will you listen?

So here it is….

24/7 Prayer Vision:

The vision of 24/7 Prayer at UCLA is to birth a generation of love-sick worshippers who would sooner bow and worship at His feet than gain all the success, fame, or wealth in the world. It's not about sacrifice anymore—no, it's simply worship. Suddenly we're not the 50 Denarii person, but after having encountered a Holy and Righteous King, we find ourselves naked, broken, humbled, with no more excuses to give, or words to say. All that's left is repentance—and now nothing else matters but to get closer to Him, because He's the One that saves, He's the One that loves, He's the One who forgives and pours out grace. He becomes everything, our King, our Love, our Lord. And so the whole body cries out, in perfect unity, "Jesus Reigns"! And Satan trembles. And hell retreats. Because an army's awakened, with one heart, one mind, one dream—who can stop us now? Once dry bones, now full of life—the very breath of the Spirit is what keeps us moving. So that's all it is—a people who've tasted the manifest presence of the King. And having seen, and having felt, there's nothing left to do but obey—nothing else left to say, but "Here I am, Lord. Send me."

When's it going to happen?

Monday-Saturday, 12 PM to 8 PM. 21 days, 8 hours a day, 48 hours a week. October 30th-November 22nd. There will be sign ups in the prayer room, we're working on a website (that we hope to get up by Monday) and we will be passing out sign up sheets to most fellowship leaders, as we can contact them. Oh, and check facebook, too.

Who's invited?

EVERYONE who wants to come. All the fellowships, all your friends. Christian or non-Christian. CCM or KCM. KCCC or CCC. IV or AACF. (sorry I would write the rest but I can't think of them all. it's 5 am now!) Spread the Word. This invitation is for everyone!

How's it going to happen?

Everyone who signs up signs up for one to two hour slots. We're going to try and get a website up by Monday. Sign up when you have time, and sign up for as many times as you want. If possible, commit to praying the same time for the whole three weeks. Every Tuesday nights, as well, from 7-9, we will "join together" in Solemn Assembly—everyone is encouraged to come so we can join together as "one body" to seek Him.

Where's it going to happen?

11099 Ophir Drive. Ring "Driscoll" at the door, apartment 102. It's the first apartment on the right.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

E-mail: or

You can also check for the same post, and this will probably be circulating Facebook!



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