Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Power of the Cross! - Part 3

Feb 7 - The Cross Sets Us Free!

The second day, was equally intense and miraculous. In the morning I released two messages. One on the “Father’s Heart” and the second on “Core Identity” both of these messages hit deep into the heart of the students as it exposed the lies of Satan and the shame he had tried to hold them in. I shared about my own struggles with sin and shame, my recent experiences at “Singing Waters” Canada and how God had given me a new born again experience. Setting me free from “performance” and releasing me into His divine grace. To no longer live for man’s approval, but to live out of the place of being already approved by God because of the finished work of Jesus on the Cross.

My sister in Christ Faye from F.I.R. giving a encouraging and inspiring testimony :)

That evening, I was incredibly blessed to have my brother Allen Chien (famous doctor in Taiwan who helped the orphans in Africa) and Faye from the Taiwan pop group F.I.R. share their personal testimonies before I gave the Gospel message to the stadium crowd. Both their testimonies were so heart felt and full of hope. I was so proud of both of them, and what a blessing to see God use their position of influence in Asia’s youth to glorify God. That’s what it’s all about! God gives to us so we can give to others His great love.

As I prayed and prepared, the Holy Spirit changed my message 5 minutes before I got to the stadium. He told me to preach on the power of the CROSS to set us free! I said, “Holy Spirit is this message is truly from you, then please let them have a real cross I can use to hold on the stage.” Sure enough, I asked and they had one. That night I preached with all my heart on the power of the Cross to set us free from sin, shame, sickness and self. The stadium was packed and as I gave the call to repentance, hundreds ran forward to the altar. What happened after that was an act of the Holy Spirit’s leading.

The Holy Spirit led us into a time of full on, repentance and deliverance from idolatry, Buddhism, witchcraft, temple worship all which are prevalent strongholds in Taiwan. Many hit the floor and were delivered from demons on the spot. We got reports back the next day, I received an immediate email that night, of people young and old being completely set free from tormenting evil spirits that were attacking them daily. That night, we had to corporately repent for these idolatrous sins in order for the generational curses over the land to be broken and for the blessings of healing to flow.

Then Pentecost broke loose after the corporate deliverance. The people began to cry out for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire. It was a desperate cry for God’s holy fire to come and consume not only hearts and lives, but for the ancient fires of Pentecost to be released in fullness over Taiwan. The fire fell, and it was as if the entire stadium erupted in other tongues, speaking the praises of God!

The Holy Spirit then impressed upon me that it was then His desire to heal the sick and release signs, wonders and miracles. I began to give out words of knowledge for different sicknesses I sensed God was healing. From a person with a back injury from a car accident, someone’s right eye being blind, to lock jaws, cancer, etc…I then asked them to put their faith in the finished work of the Cross, believing Jesus would heal them, that by His stripes we are healed (Isaiah 53) At that moment, I challenged them to stretch out their hands towards the Cross to receive their healing by faith. Hands everywhere stretched out faith towards the Cross. Then we asked them to check if they were healed and hundreds of hands went up all over the stadium.

The next morning, personal testimonies of divine healings began to roll in. We didn’t even count them, but some students came up to give testimony in the afternoon session.

One girl was nearly completely blind in the right eye, after putting her faith in the finished work of the Cross, she opened her right eye and was able to SEE completely CLEAR out of it. She even checked from far and long distances and was able to see perfectly. There were other testimonies of blind or damaged eyes being opened and restored. Another student, shared how she had a locked jaw for over 5 years, she could barely even open her mouth, but at the crusade she all of a sudden opened her mouth wide when she put her faith in what Jesus did on the Cross. She was so happy  She opened her mouth wide and long for everyone to see. Praise Him! Then another student came up and testified. She said she had got in a car accident some years ago, her lower back was damaged in the accident and her spinal cord was damaged. She told us she could barely even bend over at all, to even tie her shoes. During the healing prayer released the night of the crusade, she said she felt heat go down her lower back, and felt her actual back bone move and shift into the right place. She thought she was thinking things, so she tried touching her toes, and she bended over completely and touched them. Then she went to the doctors that morning to verify the healing and they were astounded. It was a real miracle! Those described were just three testimonies, many more verified miraculous healings were rolling in but I can not report them all fully. All I know is that Jesus was lifted up and the Devil was put down in Taiwan that night. All glory and honor be to God!

That day, the enemy was not happy at all we were in Taiwan, were facing spiritual warfare head on. Read below the email I sent to my intercessory prayer team of the warfare faced before the second night of breakthrough below…

dear prayer team,

it's 1am in Taiwan, the stadium was filled again tonight, hundreds ran forward to receive Christ, and the fire of Pentecost was released, a few thousand were delivered from demonic strongholds of Buddhism, occultism, idolatries. Others all over where healed of physical diseases, during the day 2,500 students received the Father's heart and were broken free from shame and received their identity as sons and daughters of God, students had multiple testimonies of prophetic evangelism breaking out in the streets, THE STORIES WERE CRAZY!!! We trained them to hear from the Holy Spirit, write down words of knowledge and go out into Taipei to find the word of knowledge and people to pray for, unbelievable God stories and encounters have been rolling in...ALL GLORY AND PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!


1. Before this mornings session, I drove into the stadium parking lot and immediately felt like throwing up, they rushed me into the guest room, I waited on the Lord and our teams prayed for me, I felt better, but then in my spirit, I saw the whole national Taipei stadium surrounded by little demons on the streets surrounding. I knew the Devil and his cohorts were angry at the open heaven and break out of souls in just the last two days, I told our leadership to be on guard throughout the day....

2. In the early evening, Pastor Philip was at his hotel, he was bringing food up to the 10th floor with his wife, but for some reason she decided to press 3rd floor to drop something off, they hear a loud boom on the 10th floor, sounded like a bomb. they finally get up there and an entire THICK GLASS window was blown to pieces and the ceiling had fallen to the floor, Pst Phillip told us, they were only 10 seconds late of getting to the 10th floor, if they didn't stop on the third they could have been killed, there is no explanation so far of the explosion, we know it is spiritual warfare....

3. The evening crusade, the power of God broke out, we went straight into demonic deliverance corporately with the entire crusade audience, we know many strongholds and demonic presences were destroyed and cast out. But immediately after, my brother pst Timothy (one of the 5 brothers) wife who is pregnant, who was praying for me when I was wanting to throw up, immediately felt sick wanted to barf and is now in the hospital, she is due to give birth soon, but this attack was out of no where, she's been barfing uncontrollably..please pray for her immediately healing

The last night of the national Taiwan crusade is tomorrow night, we know the level of anointing will be increased to full measure tomorrow night, nothing like this has happened in Taiwan at this level, heaven is invading this city, we know RADICAL CREATIVE SIGNS, WONDERS AND MIRACLES WILL BREAK OUT TOMORROW NIGHT PROPHETICALLY, the whole city knows to bring the sick to this final night, JESUS WILL SHAME THE DEVIL IN TAIWAN TOMORROW NIGHT, for many will be saved and healed, making known the power and work of the Cross in Taiwan.

we need massive massive prayer, please please pray, I can't explain how serious this is, I have not felt such intense warfare like this in some time, TAIWAN'S TIME HAS COME!!! OH GOD COME IN POWER, SAVE THIS NATION, SHINE YOUR GLORY!

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At 2/22/2007 08:53:00 AM , Anonymous Judy said...

If,when I am able to duscover something which has baffed others,I forget Him who revealeth the deep and secret things,and knoweth what is in the darkness and showeth it to us;if I forget that it was He who granted that ray of light to His ist unworthy servant,then I know nothing of calvary love.

At 2/23/2007 08:45:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done.^^

At 2/24/2007 11:01:00 AM , Anonymous Rishi Bhatt said...

Bro, that is sooooooooo awesome :-)! Praise God for ALL that He did. And I wish I was there to see what He did through YOU!!

Miss ya bro,



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