Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Dear Prayer Team,

God is good! I can't explain in detail what has happened even in the last 4 days. I spoke at New Song Church LA, Harvest Rock Prophetic Conference, Organic Church Conference and One Vision (Corporate Unity Night for UCLA) this past weekend. Phew! At each gathering, hundreds of students re-encountered God's presence, were challenged in prayer and were envisioned to start simple churches on campuses. It has been physically tiring, but I really feel God's GRACE on me to persevere in this season. It has been well worth it to see the hearts of students return to seek God's face, know Him more and spread His love to their campuses!!!


In a few hours I leave from Los Angeles to Taipei, Taiwan for 2 weeks of non-stop MIRACLE CRUSADES for students and LEADERSHIP TRAINING sessions with students, pastors and church planters in Taipei. This will seriously be an INTENSE trip and I need all the prayer I can get. I will be be speaking nearly 20 times in revival meetings, ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit and releasing the PROPHETIC. Please pray dedicated prayers for the following...

1. Feb 6-9 "Taiwan for Jesus" Student Crusades.
We will hold 3 nights of miracle crusades with Pst. Philip Mantofa and myself, at the largest outdoor stadium in Taipei, Taiwan. We are believing God for thousands of salvations, divine healing and demonic deliverances to be released, hundreds of new evangelistic Bible studies to be started that will result in multiplying student-led simple churches. Pray for open heaven, revival and breakthrough!

2. Jan 31-Feb 11 Leadership Trainings:
I will be training hundreds of student leaders, pastors and church planters in "leadership development, prophetic evangelism, divine healing, core identity, intimacy with Christ and simple church planting" Please keep me in daily prayer as I will be speaking everyday, pray for me not to lose my voice and to sustain my physical and spiritual health as each training session really takes a toll on my body and mind, please pray for grace to minister effectively.

4. PRAY FOR TRUE REVIVAL IN ME AND TAIWAN: Please do pray, that I GET MY HEART BACK, this is what I have been fighting for lately. Just to get INTIMACY WITH CHRIST back into my heart, in first place and feeling His pleasure. If this happens, I truly believe we are going to see HISTORY MADE in Taiwan, the multitudes coming daily to Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit breaking out all over the nation! Pray I get the Holy Spirit's messages for each gathering, that I carry His anointing and presence in increased measure.

I will be meeting with the "5 Brothers" (Pastor Ewen & Jon Chow, Timothy Yen and Philip Mantofa) on Feb 5 to hear from the Holy Spirit and discuss strategies on "Taking Asia for Christ" the Feb 6-9 Crusades will be our first collaboration to reach students together, it will be the continuation of great revival fire that will spread all over this nation and to East Asia Back to Jerusalem!

Pray also for Sam Kim who is one of our leaders at Passion Church at UCLA who will be joining me during the crusade, pray he has a safe trip and we will work in unity and one heart for this revival mission.

Thank you all for your prayers, we need it big time on this mission trip. God is going to do AMAZING WONDERS, let's do this together!

Praying for Revival in Taiwan,



At 1/30/2007 08:54:00 AM , Anonymous Grace said...

hey jaeson,

I will definitely be praying for you and your ministry in Taiwan. Keep us update with what happen in taiwan after you get back.. I know that it will be crazy and wild! But yeah, definitely will be praying for you..

Send my best to pastor Philip!


At 1/30/2007 10:03:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Jaes,
Surely you are one who will "turn the world upside down." May the Holy Spirit fully possess you and put you on like a glove.

At 1/31/2007 01:56:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jaeson,
Count me in from KC


At 1/31/2007 06:06:00 PM , Anonymous John Riley said...

I have no doubts that Holy Spirit will use you as a catalyst for something big out there. I'll be praying for you and Sam daily, as I am suffering from the same need to be with Him in my brokenness.

At 2/07/2007 02:22:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

praise God for raising servants such as yourself and pst philip to go into Taiwan at such a time as this. it's really really exciting. well, you guys are probably preparing for the last night of the crusades now... will be praying here in the states for TW's youth. can't wait to watch videos or the final dvd. Jesus for TW!!! The Lord revive you and strengthen you, dear brother. His joy is your strength!

At 2/07/2007 02:26:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

praise God for raising servants such as yourself and pst philip for a time such as this. it is really really exciting! you are probably preparing for the last night of the crusade now... will be praying for the youth in Tw! Blessgins, dear bro~ His joy is your strength!

At 2/08/2007 08:12:00 AM , Anonymous scottlin@mac.com said...

Dear Jaeson,

I was a guy who join "Taiwan for Jesus" I got a imagine in my head Feb.8

I want to know more about how to creative a worship in my school I need some help thank you!!

At 2/08/2007 08:34:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Jaes,
I'm one student in "Taiwan for Jesus" conference.
Thanks for sharing about God's words to us.
We really appreciated what God has done in this three days.
I belive it's not just a conference, it's one new chapter of ACTS in Taiwan! We're just writing the history of Gospel and Taiwan Youth Christian.

Thank God
and thank you

a college student from Taiwan.

BTW , I link to this website by accident.


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