Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas in Hong Kong!

With the ladies (women of God) who are shaking Hong Kong upside down for God's glory! It is truly a testament to see what God is doing through them to unite the body of Christ across the city in prayer and action!

I just got back from Hong Kong, it was an AWESOME trip, mostly because I was able to see and spend time with my family and friends, it was also a wonder to see the altar filled at the stadium with souls coming into the kingdom, this is only the beginning of a greater harvest in Asia! God was guiding and breathing through the whole time there, as we met with all our network leaders we knew something huge is on the horizon, everything is being prepared for something beyond what we can all think or imagine, below are just a few pix spent with my loved ones.

Hanging out after "The Greatest Love" Christmas outreach with my cousins and buddies :) good times!

Me and "Dirky" haha, this guy is off da charts funny :) he is one of my lil bro's in Hong Kong, we wake up in the morning and dance to Linkin Park and this is him in his "sheep" costume for the Christmas musical he was a part of for the stadium outreach. Lol, I can't get enough of this kid! He has two other brothers that are a kick too, I miss them! Kids are a blessing and by being with them we can be reminded of what life is all about to love and be loved, keep it simple!

Prophetic Evangelism in a Taxi Cab from Hong Kong to SF...

So right before I left on Christmas eve morning to the airport, Holy Spirit gave me a opportunity to share His love with a "Hong Kong Taxi Driver" one of my favorite people to share Christ with every time in HK. So as I get picked up to go to the airport, the taxi driver starts talking to me. We have about a 40 minute drive, so I began praying "Holy Spirit please give me an opportunity to share Christ with this man before I leave Hong Kong" as I do, he begins to tell me how he works a lot. I asked him if he went to church, he said "no" because he had to drive on Sunday mornings. This opened up a big door to a spiritual conversation. He began to share with me his faith and beliefs. He told me that he was an Atheist, but his wife was a Christian. He didn't believe in a god, but he did believe in some sort of evolution and aliens. He shared how he isn't afraid of death, he sees himself as a good man, all religions lead to the same path and he basically believes in himself. I began to share with him my personal testimony, he listened half way and said, "that's good for you" and then he kept on talking for like 20 minutes straight about his human philosophies, his belief that sin is ok as long as you are predominantly a good person, etc etc.

As I sat in the back listening and he kept going on and on, I knew our conversation wasn't getting anywhere. Even though I explained to him how Christianity is different than any other world religion, because it is the only faith that focuses on "grace" and not "works" for us to be saved. He still wasn't getting the message so I prayed, "Holy Spirit, I have explained to him the Gospel, I have shared the need we have that all have sinned and are in desperate need of Savior, but this man doesn't even believe sin is wrong, I need a miracle, please give me a word of knowledge for this man to open His eyes to Your love" So I prayed a prayer similar to that and then God moved into our conversation.

I then saw 3 pictures in my spirit and mind. I saw a fleet of ships on a harbor, I then saw a butterfly, then I saw the name "Richard" so I said to him, "I was just praying and I saw a fleet full of ships on a harbor, I sense that you grew up or lived on ships for a time of your life is this true? He then turned back to me and said, "How did you know this? Yes, I spent 15 years living on Navy ships while I was stationed in the military in Taiwan." I then began to share with him that the Holy Spirit showed me that he used to get out onto the deck and think about God and other spiritual things, in fact this is where he formed most of his human philosophies. Again, he looked at me amazed and said, "Yes, I used to get up on the top of the deck and think about the vast expanse of the sky, how perfect and amazing it was and that there must be some higher power, aliens I supposed." I told him, "Sir, I can tell you for sure it isn't aliens, it was God reaching out to you!" He laughed. Then I asked, "Do you know a Richard?" He then said, "hmmm, actually just last week I took a "Richard" to the airport and he was a Pastor from the United States and blessed me." I said, interesting, I believe God is saying something to you, He wants you to know that He has been reaching out to you for many years, that you only need to acknowledge your need for Him, to recognize you have sinned and need His forgiveness so that you may know His love for you and that it can only come through the blessing and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. I went onto share about how God was showing him on the Navy ship that the earth could not have been created by chance, but by intelligent design, and definitely it couldn't have been aliens :P, then as I was talking to him, I got another picture in my mind. This time I saw a "green gas/nitrogen looking bomb" and the Holy Spirit began to show me that he nearly died by an "explosive" but his life was spared by God. I then told him what I saw and heard, that he was almost killed by an explosive green/bomb and this is when he really opened up. He said, "this is high improbable that you could know this, I don't know you, and I never told you that about 10 years ago, while during combat, a large green grenade/explosive rolled right next to me, it blew up, but somehow, I was not touched and I should have died. In fact, I was almost killed a few times in similar ways by explosives. But I am still alive today, how I don't know." He was astonished at the words of knowledge spoken over him. I could sense the presence of the Holy Spirit in the taxi cab, God was opening his heart through the prophetic.

I then shared with him as we got to the airport terminal that I was not a fortune teller, I was simply a Christ follower, a 26 year old pastor who was sent with a message from God to help him understand that God loves him and desires to know him. By this time, as I moved up to the front seat, the countenance on his face had changed, his heart was soft and he was listening. I told him, Jesus is speaking to you, He is not a religion, you can't earn your way into heaven, it is only by His grace that you can be saved and forgiven of your sins. Then he had this "ah, I get it now look" and I knew a seed had been planted in his heart. I asked him if he would like to repent and give his life to Christ at that moment, he said, not yet, but he wanted to now seriously consider it and "talk to his wife" when he got home ;) I then shared the last picture of a "butterfly" with him, I knew it represented being "born again" or a "transformation" a new beginning for this man who was well over 50 years old, he received the word intently.

As I prayed a blessing over him, he smiled, took my luggage out and sent me on my way. Somehow, I just have a "good feeling" this man will come to know Jesus Christ :) God loved him so000000 much, he would send me halfway across the world, across the pacific ocean to grab his cab, to share with him God's love. Now that is the true meaning of Christmas, to give the love of God in our hearts to those who need it the most, everyone and anyone needs Christ today, but are we willing to step out in love, and pray in faith for God to use us today to share the Greatest Love in the whole wide world?

Just the night before we saw the altar at the Hong Kong stadium filled with souls giving their life to Christ, how awesome that was to witness before our heavenly Father, multitudes of angels were rejoicing in the sky's of Hong Kong. At the same time, how equally awesome it was to witness this one man, this one individual, this one child of God, be able to have his heart opened to the message and love of Jesus Christ, it's never too late for anyone, today is the day of Salvation, for unto you today a Child is born!!!!

Merry Christmas everybody! Share the love of Jesus Christ with somebody!



At 12/25/2006 06:51:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Jaeson,

Merry Christmas!

God bless you!!!

At 12/25/2006 03:02:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

praise God! can't wait to be at onething:)

At 12/25/2006 04:31:00 PM , Anonymous abby said...


haha merry christmas pastor Jaeson!

At 12/25/2006 09:19:00 PM , Anonymous John said...

Merry Christmas Jaes! I'll be seeing you perhaps in KC!

At 12/25/2006 10:38:00 PM , Anonymous Jennifer Lee said...

Jaeson: This is awesome! Praise the Lord for what you have done on the taxi driver and for sure he got the greatest present in Christmas ever! By the way, I can see how Holy Spirit has fell upon you during your sharing at the Hong Kong Stadium! Praise the Lord!
It’s good to see you again after the San Deigo conference this summer. Would like to greet you in front of the stage but it’s kind of rush.
May Lord fills you abundantly and use you in his way! Amen.

In Him, Jen


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