Friday, April 06, 2007

Hillsong United - Hosanna

My new favorite worship song, Jesus You are such a beautiful Savior! ....I love dis song, it's flippn off da hook! He has Risen!


At 4/07/2007 05:47:00 PM , Anonymous Judy said...

Do not be afraid,for I know that you are looking for Jesus,who was crucified.He is not here;he has risen,just as he said.Come and see the place where he lay.(Matthew28:5-6)
I like~

At 4/09/2007 05:59:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just wanted to say how encouraged i am by your blog.

a few weeks ago, god told me to go to your blog while i was doing internet research in class. i showed your blog to my christian club pal behind me, and she pointed to your blog post about the miracles that happened in taiwan and was like whoa. i was crying in class because i read your testimony at singing waters, and i realized for the first time that i was a daughter of god, dearly loved, not a slave, and not some random orphan heart. now we both read your blog and it always encourages me.

i just prayed a half hour before during our christian club morning prayer meeting that god help me, i was giving out in ministry, burning out, i was going down and didn't know what to do. then i read your blog and it all made sense again and i signed up for the online webcast of the singing waters conference, now i'm totally back on track and ready to give it my all again for on-campus ministry. i'm stronger than ever, because now i know who i am with god, and have a newfound reliance on him that comes from a newfound intimacy.

no matter what you're posting on, your lifestyle of worship and passion for the lord, your trust in him and confidence in him, shines.

it's something i seek to mirror. both me and my friend are so encouraged by yuor blog. after reading your blog i became inspired to just seek god, desiring nothing but a relationship with him - you helped me find god. god's worked through you so many times to encourage me and my friend, i'm drunk off the holy spirit now, thanks due to your encouraging words and posts, and sermons and all. thanks jaeson. for all you do.

At 4/30/2007 12:04:00 PM , Blogger Sarah said...

Unfortunately, this video is not available anymore due to copyright claims. When will we stop marketing the anointing? Sigh.


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