Thursday, September 22, 2005

Pray & Fast for Gulf Coast, Houston, California!

I pray each of us at this hour in America would atune our ears to what the Holy Spirit is saying. Yesterday, as I was in Dallas and coming back on my flight to LAX I was watching the news on the TV screens. Another Hurricane (level 5) is about to hit the Gulf Coast evacuating over 1 million people already between Galveston and Houston Texas. I then accidently bumped into Pastor Che on the same flight back home to LA. Our flight was delayed & he told me most likely because a "Jet Blue" airliner had lost its traction and was flying over the LAX airport for more than 3 hours frantically searching for a way to land safely. We both began to say how bizarre it was to see all this unfolding on the television. He told me he had just left a roundtable meeting with Peter Wagner and Chuck Pierce....they discussed how the prophecy given forth by Chuck in early 2005 is coming to past.

"God is coming to cleanse the port cities, Gulf Coast, Houston and Los Angeles." It is now happening right before our eyes...

Now is not a time to relax, be selfish, be complacent, or to disengage with the heart of God. Judgment is at the doorstep of America. It has been heavy on my heart for 3 weeks now since I came back to LA from Taiwan. As tired as I have been, the Spirit of God awakened me again to the urgency of this hour. Pray and fast for California the next 40 days Sept 22 and on! Why pray for California? This state has answered Katrina with arrogance, standing up to legislate gay marriage in response the day after Katrina hit, I could go on, but I will just pray. I can't explain it brothers and sisters, this IS NOT the time to shrink back, to wallow in self pity, to live in mediocrity, or double lives, hypocrisy, impurity or unbelief, judgment will hit California and God's righteous fire will judge the wickedness as it has judged the Gulf Coast. All I can say is pray, prepare, and walk in humility.

For this is what the Lord requires of you, to do justice, love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

The moment I heard about Katrina my first thought was Los Angeles will be next. Pray and fast. Seek the Lord while He may be found! You may think I'm out of my mind and you are saying, "Nothing will ever happen to us, we can just keep living our lives, eating, drinking and being merry!" I speak with no apology, we are in the Days of Noah and those who seek His kingdom first in this hour will encounter not judgment, but His grace in abundance, a revival of purifying fire that this generation has never seen. The spiritual atmosphere of this nation is shifting, being cleansed and being shaken because God is about to do a new thing! Everything that can be shaken will be shaken! Lord have mercy on California...

Glory of Zion International Ministries

I am writing you because of your heart to intercede. I use the word "intercede" because these are times of standing, until we see victory coming into our atmosphere. These are times when the prophetic voice coming from the prophets must mature into accuracy, reflecting the urgency of times and seasons. Shakings will continue. I saw three cities that were key for prayer this year: New Orleans, Houston, and Los Angeles. Therefore, I visited all three cities earlier this year to pray, speak, and encourage the Body.

Our hearts have and continue to cry out for those who have been evacuated and dispersed from their homes from the Gulf Coast Crisis of Hurricane Katrina. Texas has assimilated 250,000 evacuees from the disaster along the Gulf Coast. In Denton, there are several facilities that are being used to house the evacuees.

Pam, my wife, has been designated from Glory of Zion to be our liaison. She has met with Red Cross officials and FEMA so the church can assist the evacuees. Pam called while I was in Rome, at the beginning of September, and said, "You prophesied that refuge cities needed to arise NOW. Now that this is happening, you need to get home and help us administrate this work." I am assisting with everything when requested, except cooking. We have three families to help get placed and will be serving dinner again tonight.

This has been a time that has produced joy in our people, as we have served those with a greater need. Also, we have been in touch with our Prayer Network Leadership and apostolic connections along the Gulf Coast States. We are sending support as appropriate. If you want to give towards any of the ongoing ministry and mission of Glory of Zion International, you can go to or call (888) 965-1099 to give by credit card.

Now with Hurricane Rita approaching, I am reminded of a word that the Lord spoke in February of this year. I am also including prayer revelation that Cindy Jacobs just called and gave to us. I love Houston and the Gulf. Let's allow our faith to rise. Let's stand and cry out for the "tempest's fury to pass and damage and destruction to be lessened."

Prophecy Concerning Houston

After the 50 State Tour, the Lord instructed me to go to the key port cities of our nation this year. This has been a personal journey. I have now visited most of the major ports in our nation, including Laredo, Texas, the largest inland port. I have yet, to visit Seattle, but I will be there in October. The Lord instructed me to go to port cities by saying, "There is going to be some entry by the enemy into port cities this year, and this is going to cause destruction like we have not seen before."

On February 20, 2005, I spoke in Houston. Here is a portion of the word that came forth:

"Houston is a target for the enemy because you are a great city, a great port, a great city for revival, and a great city for commerce. You are like Tyre in the Bible. There is a crisis coming toward Houston that will move the city into a different dimension of God's presence."

And the Lord said to me, "Houston is going to be a place where My angels are flooding in this year. They are going to flood in and come in through every gate this year. My angels are coming in through the port areas of Houston. Go to every port point this year and invite the angelic forces in. If you will do that over the next ten months, you will see change by the end of the year, all across the city. I am ready for the angels to come in. I have chosen Houston as the port city where I will rest My presence, in the midst of a strange happening in this nation. I will cause My presence to be established in this city. I will cause enemies of My Spirit, who have resisted My presence in the past, to welcome My presence this year."

The Lord then said, "There's a shift that's gone on here. You've shifted. You are (now) moving from a heavenly realm. You have moved out of a vacuum of unbelief. It wasn't darkness, but it was a void – something that has been confused, that had no form, that looked like it would remain formless from now until a future time. You've moved that out of the atmosphere here. Now, you have brought into the atmosphere, a faith dimension that has restored My covenant back to My people in this city."

The Lord then said that Houston would shift in July. "Prepare yourself, for you will influence the nation in a time of crisis. You've endured the testing of covenant with each other. You've watched each other make horrible mistakes, and yet, your covenant with Me and My blood has overcome those mistakes. You have watched some let go of things. You watched some go in wrong directions. But I've brought it back full circle.

"You have watched certain things end. Don't judge how they ended; I was ending certain things, so that I can begin again. You have endured a covenant-breaking structure that has resisted My move in this city. You have endured and prevailed against a covenant-breaking spirit that overcame past generations. Now, you have overcome that spirit. Just as Moses made a mistake, and I restored his call, I've now come back full circle and said, 'Now, it's My Time!' Follow Me in a new way, confront your enemies in a new way, and move forward in a new way. For I am going to rest in the city, and you will know My Presence has come to rest in this city."

Prophecy Concerning Galveston

The Lord also said, "And you will know I'm going to shake Galveston in a way that it has not been shaken since the beginning of the last century. But this is a time for Me to come full circle. And this time, Galveston will begin to run forward into My presence in Houston. And that which is resisting My presence in Galveston will be overtaken. I am raising up the Body in Houston to receive an outpouring of My presence. As I flood the people of Galveston to Houston, I will return them with a flood of My presence.

"Faith is now your guide. For faith will explode in the very hearts of this city and ten surrounding, smaller cities of this area. This will be a faith explosion that will begin to occur because victory has entered Houston, and you have gathered to receive a new anointing of grace. Walk forth with Me from this place, for I am dressing you in victory. You are turning upward. And although you do not know where this updraft will take you, ride the wind with Me and the waves will not overtake you."

In I Chronicles 21, we find a key story that I shared. In a time of war, David numbered Israel. We can see here that David had lost some measure of faith. This faith dimension shifted him into a place of just looking at the overall earthly army, instead of seeing the heavenly help that was available.

Joab said, "Why have you done this? God can do with small as well as large," and yet the king's word prevailed against Joab. What David did was to disconnect the movement of Israel's army from the Host of Heaven. His fear and reliance on his own strength and armies discounted and stopped the Host of Heaven from moving.

The Lord would say to Houston, "Do not look around you in your time of need - call for heavenly help!" God gave David a choice. The prophet said, "Choose for yourself – three years of famine (which I believe doesn't work for Houston, since November 2004 broke three years of famine, and the barrenness I felt before is no longer dwelling over Houston)…OR you can have three months to be defeated by your foes, with the sword of your enemies overtaking you (which means three months that you are going to go through the hell of your life, and the Lord is going to let every demon that's tried to overtake you do so) … OR else you can let Me deal with you for three days."

David said, "Well, I'd rather have You and anything You can do for three days - because I love You and trust You - than to let man even come near me. Lord, I know you love me; I am going to choose you!" This forced David into a strategic place for his future.

"I would say to this nation, 'You are going to go through three days of tremendous trial. In the midst of the confusion that is going on in this nation, that will be lasting three days, I will make Myself known.'" (I do not believe that this has happened yet. I think this is linked with a financial crisis ahead).


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries



September 21, 2005

As we are poised on the threshold of launching the 40 Days of Prayer at Christ for the Nations in Dallas for miracles to be restored, there is a hurricane named Rita nipping at our heels. God wants to release a flood of his glory and power, and Satan wants to release flood-tides of destruction. The name Rita comes from the name "Margaret," which means Pearl of Great Price. It happens to be my middle name.

In asking the Lord about how to pray about this hurricane, several things came to me. First of all, Texas is the home of President Bush. This is a storm that is meant to mock him. I also heard the Lord say that there are many Muslim leaders who will say that destruction to Texas is the judgment of Allah upon the American president. Let's pray that God will turn this storm from its path of destruction. Ask God to dissipate its strength. Declare that all powers of darkness that are fueling it will be bound.


At 9/22/2005 10:40:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 9/22/2005 10:40:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 9/23/2005 03:03:00 PM , Anonymous fangsterz said...

something about the stillness of counting down to hurricane rita that soothes me- as i sit here starin out my taped up windows in front of the comp- i cant help but to think that perhaps GOd wants to flush out the toxins, cleanse out the cynicism and skepticism that has resided in my heart for so many months a sense , i am afraid- not of being harmed physically...just afraid of letting my guards down- of being vulnerable to HIs presence- its like i boarded up my heart more that this house[we didnt even use boards juss duct/k tape]in the midst of the eery stillness tho- its sorta like playing hide and seek with Him....part of me doesnt want to be doesn't want to lose the game...the other part desperately wants Him to say "gotcha sweeti..i kne where u were hiding all this time" ...i dont know y...kinda retarded....but true...

At 9/25/2005 07:25:00 PM , Blogger Jiun Chern said...

May House of Prayers be raised up all throughout this land... for such a time as this. “Blow the trumpet, declare a holy fast, call a solemn assembly… rend our heart and not our garments... Return to the Lord our God, for he is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and he relents from sending calamity. Who knows? He may turn and have pity and leave behind a blessing.” (Joel 2:13-15)

At 9/26/2005 01:40:00 AM , Anonymous Ben Lee said...


You wrote:
"Pray and fast for California the next 40 days Sept 22 and on! Why pray for California? This state has answered Katrina with arrogance, standing up to legislate gay marriage in response the day after Katrina hit, I could go on, but I will just pray"

Heres some prophetic words spoken about Cali. They are pretty long, but hope you dont mind:

Heres a prophetic warning (cut and paste version) by Patricia King, May 3, 2005:

"You, California, are being weighed in the balance and are found wanting at this time. I am going to give you a little more time to repent. I will strengthen those who are standing on the wall; I will send you warnings from many prophets and in diverse ways. I will give you signs of My love and faithfulness. I will also give you signs of my impending judgment. Take heed to these things. If you do not repent as a result of My kindness, then repent as a result of My warnings. "If you do not repent, I must bring judgment in order to save you and in order to save the land and the nations. Your sins have influenced the masses and have destroyed families, marriages, and lives. You have promoted wickedness and resisted righteousness. My judgments will be an act of kindness, you will understand this.

"A choice is before you -- blessing or curse. A great moral revival is knocking at your door. Will you open that door? A door of judgment also awaits you. If you will turn, then judgment will not come -- it will not need to. "The time is critical. Choose this day whom you will serve, California. Weep and wail in My presence. Cleanse your hands and purify your hearts. Return to Me and see if I will not pour out a blessing upon you -- a blessing that will influence the nations -- a greater blessing than any other you have experienced in all your history. "I have sent those who have prophesied your potential. Rise up to it. Rise up to it." "If My people, who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sins and will heal their land. II Chronicles 7:14"

Here is another word (cut and paste version) by Kim Clement, September 2, 2005:

"...Everyone is focused on this nation. Everyone is focused. . . everyone is focused on California... When will God come and judge? But the spirit of God said, 'I've sent prophets together on the West Coast, to make declaration that God shall take the "fornia," the fornication, and the spirit that has brought so many untold millions of people to a place of degradation, and I will do something unusual. 'I will build an altar in the midst of the perversion, and show them who is in charge of the media. WHO is in charge of the media?! 'I will take CNN, and I will take some of the most powerful voices, and I will change them. And I will say, "You will no longer speak as secular humanists, but you will speak as the voice of God." 'I created the mouthpiece. I created the fog horn. I created the trumpet. I created it.' God said, 'I created the news media; now I will infiltrate and take over and speak to this nation MYSELF,' says the Lord."

At 9/27/2005 10:37:00 AM , Anonymous pam said...

amen...God is merciful, let's intercede! may people know our Lord for who He is! praise God for the minimal damage by you are burdened, fast and pray...rejoice in our Lord as well :-) have a blessed day jaeson


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