Sunday, January 29, 2006

Never Surrender!

"When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against Him" Isaiah 59:19

In the morning I will drive from Norcal back down to Los Angeles. I have one resolve. Pray & Fast till the will of God is established on the campuses of Los Angeles. I'll start at UCLA and see where God takes it from there. I'm talking about spiritual violence. I'm talking about humbling myself before His face to let Him know that I am nothing. Without Him I can do nothing. And without His voice speaking I will do nothing. I can only pray, this is my resolve, this is my calling...To seek the Father's will and to only do what I see Him doing. I have no plan, I have no strategy, all I have is a desperate heart that says ABBA! Only You Father can save UCLA, only You can save the students on every campus of Los Angeles, only You can bring REVIVAL.

I've made some big mistakes in ministry decisions this last year & the enemy is trying to get me down. The Devil wants me to give up on myself, on others and on the Church in my generation, but I have only one response...SHUT THE HELL UP! The Devil is a LIAR and I will not tolerate His voice. Only the voice and the will of my Father will I listen to. I am His sheep and I know my Shepherds voice. Only He shall I want, nothing else.

I'm 25 this year and I have one resolve. Revival. I don't care for anything else but to Love God, Love those He has given me and to love my generation till death do us part. I will die for revival, I will die for God's glory to be revealed and established all over the earth. God can take my life away at any moment, for me to give up would be blasphemy. Never give up because you failed. Never give up because you made some mistakes. Never give up because it seems like hell all around you. You only have one life to live and one moment each day to make a difference and it has nothing to do with how perfect you are. It has everything to do with the purpose that God created you for and this purpose cannot be forfeited. I refuse to hold back destiny because of mistakes, failures and let downs. God works all things together for the good of those who love Him & love Him I do.

I am His and He is mine. He lived for love and I live to love Him back. I live to give His love to those who have not experienced it. My God is a jealous God. He wants humanity to KNOW love. God is love. What am I living for? This is a question I have asked myself again and again. God, hear my cry, may I live this life in truth, honor, integrity and love for You and not for self. Death to self, death to my flesh and death to my ways. For Your ways are above my ways and Your thoughts are above my thoughts. Only You can save the situation and turn it around Lord, only You can turn what the Devil intends for evil and turn it to good.

I have hope in my Lord. Even when things before me right now are not clear. Eventhough things in ministry are going out of wack. Even if I have made some major mistakes in my leadership and the enemy is telling me to throw in the towel. I have one thing to say to myself.

Never Surrender.

Hope in God. For I will hope in my God, I will wait upon Him for deliverance. I will seek His face until glory falls. This is my posture as I come back down to Los Angeles...


That is my posture. This is all that I know to do. This is all that I know to do. Father if I must pray from morning till night, if I must pray till my knees grow weak and my hands lifted high grow tired, if I must pray till You speak, if I must pray till all hell is bound in my life and all heaven is loosed over my life, then so be it. I am dead to my ideas, my strategies, my desires, my wants and my ways. Only One Way, only One Will and only One Desire, give me One Thing Jesus.


I will not give in and I will not give up. What is before me looks bleak, but what is on the other side is heaven on earth. Goodness in the land of the living. I exhort you brothers and sisters in Christ, when you don't know what else to do, when all that You have tried has failed, when you have given up and think there is no hope, pray to Your Father and do not stop praying, do not stop asking, do not stop seeking until Father speaks, until His glory unfolds, until thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

God here I am. Once again, broken before You with an empty slate. With nothing but a heart that is desperate, hungry and willing to do anything You tell me. Abide in the Vine or else I can do nothing for the One I love.

Los Angeles, you will see revival, I prophesy, the GREATEST AWAKENING IS COMING to southern California that will be a tidal wave of glory like never seen or never heard. The oceans waves are crashing in, I can hear it in my spirit. The word is MAGNITUDE for the prayers of the saints of old and the saints of new are synergizing together from the ages before and the ages come for a great POWER will be released, for a great ARMY is being raised up, one that the world has never seen, never in America has one seen the eyes of an army like this, their eyes show no fear, their hearts beat with passion, they are ready to die, they are ready because the Spirit of the Lord has prepared them in the womb, the life is in their tongue and no harm shall befall them because the Knight is riding before them. Their hands are clamped like fists for they pray with spiritual violence and they heal with supernatural authority. Do not relent oh generation, do not stop in your contending, Isaiah 62 is the hour, knock on heavens door, give Him no rest, till He establishes Jerusalem upon the earth. The kings of the air are fighting, the battle will be fierce, but the Cross will prevail, the blood of Jesus is being pleaded and nothing can stop that which the Lord has purposed to do. I don't care what the enemy says, I don't care what the enemy has thrown against you, get back up soldier, get back up oh generation for the Lord is Your shield and He is Your heavenly Father, He will not forsake you oh generation, He has come to save, deliver and EMPOWER at this moment in time, in this hour, a great army will arise from southern california like no other, even hell trembles and it is doing what it can to stop it, but it can't, it cannot stop it, it is ordained, it is for but a moment of persecution and then comes the OUTPOURING of the HOLY SPIRIT. Give it all up and throw it all in for revival for God is coming in all His fullness and nothing can stop it, but only pray, do not relent, do not give up, do not be disheartened. Smile! For the victory is at hand it is just around the corner. Troops are being gathered a remnant has been established and prayer will go forth from Los Angeles up to heaven and back down to earth in signs, wonders and miracles. Night and day, day and night, the fire on the altar will burn and the glory of God will be revealed for the end is coming and the glory is to be made manifest. Watch and see and do not be afraid of the terror that will come and the warnings that will be displayed on television screens for in this world you will have persecution, trials, tribulations but fear not for Christ has overcome the world. Build the House of Prayer, build the House of the Lord with holy prayers & living stones & the households will be filled with the glory all over the land. It is shaking, religion is shaking, the walls are shaking, the prayers are shaking all that is to be shaken for the tidal wave of God's Spirit will wipe out, wash clean, renew and restore the ancient foundations and make new a generation prepared for glory. New glory, Yes new glory. Let it be so Lord. Let it be so. I am a walking dead man. Dying to self and living in Christ.

"I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me."


At 1/30/2006 12:32:00 AM , Blogger yi-ning said...

USC health science campus!

At 1/30/2006 01:08:00 AM , Anonymous Jon Baik said...

USC University Park Campus

for JesUSChrist.

At 1/30/2006 10:32:00 AM , Blogger campustransform said...

Do or die for revival!

At 1/30/2006 04:03:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 1/30/2006 06:55:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen!!! May revival sweep through SoCal in Jesus's name!

At 1/30/2006 07:56:00 PM , Blogger Jejushin said...

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At 1/31/2006 10:07:00 PM , Anonymous jane park said...

hi jaeson,
glad to have u back brotha

At 1/31/2006 10:11:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not a prophet and I don't know much about it. But I do feel the same way ever since the beginning of 2006. I can feel that god is moving! And he's showing me pictures of revival! REVIVAL WILL COME, HEAVEN ON EARTH!
Bless you bro


At 2/01/2006 03:37:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey bro,

I'm encouraged by the post.


Yes, HIS kingdom come, HIS will be done!

"Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - overwhelm us!"



At 2/01/2006 09:36:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


heard one of your messages from a tape by Agape and got led to your site by a friend who knows you (bob koo, also my sem. buddy at alliance theological seminary). your message on China rings well with me as i taught english there with ELIC for two years. i have the same heart for china as you do. anyways, just wanted to drop you a note and tell you thanks for the encouragment through your message and your blog site, learned quite a bit, esp. dutch's prophecy. man, are things becoming more clear to me through what i'm hearing from you and others. if your wondering who i am you can check out my out-dated xanga site - rcxricky. i'm not into this blogging stuff but from perusing your site it might just encourage me to do more for others. hopefully our paths will cross one day.

keep running that race...

At 4/26/2006 12:24:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are such an encouragement.....Glory to God for he has sent a man on fire for God.... Allelujah!


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