Thursday, February 02, 2006

Reformation House of Prayer


February 4th, 2006 is going to be a historical day in Los Angeles. The first city-wide 24/7 House of Prayer is going to be launched in LA - to pray for a new generation to arise and take their places to transform a society that is desperately in need of God. In this HOUSE ...

* We are going to contend for a student movement that will touch every student on every campus.
* We are going to contend for the Acts Church to be released in this moment in history.
* We are going to contend for the WELLS OF REVIVAL (Azusa Street - 1906) to be released in this day
- that the latter glory will be greater than the former.
* We are going to contend for a generation to fall in love with Jesus.

We believe that we are walking into a "DIVINE MOMENT" here in Los Angeles. God is stirring in the hearts of this generation to give their lives to prayer and worship. Here in Los Angeles - we are on the brink of catastrophic judgment (many prophets have warned of this in the past months). We are also on the brink of an unparalleled REVIVAL!! We are in a window of decision - and what comes forth in our land will be dictated by prayer and worship (or lack thereof).

We believe judgment is coming to Los Angeles UNLESS THERE IS A CONTENDING THRU PRAYER AND WORSHIP that has never been tapped into in this city before. We have seen God move thru Azusa Street, the Jesus Movement, Billy Graham Tent Meetings, etc. - but God wants us to go HIGHER. Unless there is a SUSTAINED, UNITED CRY for this generation ... 24/7 ... we are going to fall short of what God has intended and judgment will fall. We are living in such a critical hour ... this is why the Lord has led many of the leaders in this city ... the fathers and mothers of this generation to launch the REFORMATION HOUSE OF PRAYER (RHOP). The time is urgent - revival is ours if we will humble ourselves and pray ...

Come join us as we establish God's House in Los Angeles ...

Saturday, February 4th @ 530pm
Location: Union Church of Los Angeles, 401 E. 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

REFORMATION ... Nothing Less!!
Jonathan Ngai


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