Friday, August 22, 2008


A few months back I had the blessing of leading my man "Kevnish" from the hip hop band "Far East Movement" to the Lord. His pure heart and simple faith in God has inspired me to live with child like faith again. Right now we are working together in producing my first solo album and I can truly say that God sent Kev and the FM crew into my life to discover something in me that I didn't see myself. You will all have to wait for the finished product of what we are cooking up in the studio...but just know that it's something from above and ultimately will bring glory to Him. Check out this blog post from Kevnish on the FM website on what God is doing recently in our lives Studio of Light

In this last season of ministry I've seen so many major artists come to know the Lord (specifically in the Asian entertainment/Hollywood scene) and I know God is raising up an army of leaders at this moment among the Asian culture to be a force of light in this new global world. For many of those whom I've had the opportunity to lead to the Lord in this entertainment industry, we recognize that God has given us a greater purpose to use our influence for Him. We are calling this new movement of disciples "SOLDIERS OF LIGHT" - S.O.L. and we pray that God will use us to make a divine impact for Him. With the 2008 Beijing Olympics and all eyes on East Asia... it's time for the Church in Asia to rise up to it's calling and shine the light of Christ for all the world to see. Pray for us.

Below is a major event my boyz Far East Movement are putting on with Wong Fu Productions to support the Asian American emerging talent scene in Hollywood. Pray for FM and many others whom God will use to impact a new world generation w/ the love of God...


At 8/24/2008 10:06:00 PM , Blogger isabella said...

wow! this is amazing. praise God!!

actually up until about a year ago, i listened to a lot of asian music, which i kind of used as a subsitute after i gave up secular american music. i've only recently been able to completely give it up and fufill all my music needs w. christian music. reading your blog and seeing the hearts of the asian entertainment industry turn toward God is so encouraging. :) thanks for keeping us updated on how God has been working in this crazy world.


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