Friday, April 04, 2003

today..tonite was truly a blessing from always come in the most unexpected ways from God n' tonite He did that for me..
a big mexican brother -w/ really big earings n' kinda intimidating...out of no where comes up to me after the church service tonite n' i end up talking to him for over 2 hours..really i was just listening and he started prophesying over me .... he just said sooooooooooooo many things dat have been heavy on my heart for the past year n' was crazy he was just readn my mail...n' he doesn't know me from atom. he saw me give a testimony the other night n' said God gave him a word for me ...i don't want to go into detail ..but it amazes me how God can use nebody to speak to you in your time of need.... i feel soooooo much JOY rite NOW :OD !!!! like i've been freed from bondage..the words he spoke made me realize so many things about my own brokeness n' at the same time my future's wild..promises n' prayers i've been prayn for years were confirmed thru his words..n' what he said to me really helped me realize things bout myself...and cleared up things i was confused about..GOD SPEAKS!!!! yes He sure does!

i'll go into more another time..but this whole day..God was just speakn to me thru everything! n' right when i wasn't expecting it ..God is sooo good!
from walkn in SF n' tinkn bout whether i should possibly start a new young adult church some random lady asking me if i'm going to be a minister n' start a church for young meeting Francis Frangipane n' him randomly talking about how God uses opposittes to kill me meeting this random guy who prophesies over me for 2 hours when i shouldn't have gone back to the church lobby..but was asked to drop off a bag for someone n' randomly ended up bumping in2 this guy...God confirmed again to me..i need to build on my foundation these next few years...n' dat is exactly what i'm going to do with a "smile" i know its gonna be hard..but it is what i need..n' need to step in w/ faith so the break thru can come about faithful w/ little and He will make you faithful over much! what God wants from me most is to walk humbly before Him, to love mercy and to do what is my relationship w/ Him and the ones i care can't lose when you always gives freely away and expects nothing in return...and thru humility i can destroy pride...Lord make me humble and help me to be a good friend to all those you give me. amen ;oD


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