Thursday, October 23, 2003

man...God is good. Saturday I was dying on my Finance h/w
and God sent my buddy Cat to help me get thru the first section,
then He sent my other buddy Mary (financial analyst 4 earnst n' young)
to help me get thru the other half. Then i prayed for an easy teacher
and i got DR.TORODE..whom most of yu don't know, but he totally
gave our whole class grace to do only the review questions n'
not the self test CRAZY mathematical algebraic calculustic..blah blah
problems :oD !!! yay!! woohooo!!! so i got 3 weeks worth of h/w
done b4 my trip to Argentina tomorrow & yea...i feeeel GOOOOD
duna duna duna dah..i kno dat i would now (like the song) neways..
below is my prayer letter for prayer support as i'm off doing some
kingdom work in Argentina Oct 23-Nov 2. thanks 4 all ur prayers
out there..n' yeah if you goto the ghiradelli website yu can sign
up for a $7 free coupon for a SUNDAE :oP enjoy!
i'm going off 2 get some good ol' argentina STEAK!!!
asta la vista baby...!

Dear Intercessors and prayer partners (heya! heya!)

I write this letter asking for your fervent and dedicated prayers
as I head off to take over the "nation" of Argentina (literally). From
Oct 23 to Nov 2- I will be on the front lines with Harvest Evangelism
ministries to strategically transform the nation through the marketplace.
I can't explain to each of you the magnitude of this project~but
in short, "through prayer evangelism, strategic outreach, and working
along side with every major pastor, local church and 400 missionaries
from around the world we will embark to take over the 24 provinces of
Argentina simulataneously (at the same time) for God's glory."

Many of you have heard how in the past decade entire CITIES have been
swept into revival in Argentina, now w/ the economic downturn, the
body of Christ in Argentina & around the world are stepping out in faith
and unity at this 'KAIROS" moment to take over the entire NATION.

It has been my dream to visit the Argentina revival for the last 4 years. In
God's timing He has sent me off through a series of miracles to be a part
of this historic event. Truly, I believe God is bringing me to Argentina to show me
that what He can do in Argentina He can do in North America and even more so
the Bay Area which is my heart.

I will need major prayer for the following....

1. Traveling mercies and safety to & from
2. God's impartation, revelation and strategic purpose for me there to be understood
in clarity and downloaded into my spirit.
3. To serve the pastors and the lost in Argentina in His anointing and strength
4. For team unity & protection from the enemy for the international missionaries and local pastors
5. Signs, wonders and miracles to break out in every province and THOUSANDS to
be saved through Radio, TV, ministry to the poor, prayer booths in the marketplace,
outreach to the youth (clubs, cafes, parks, schools, etc), outreach to Top Business men,
& open air crusades in every province in Argentina.
6. I would have discernment to the spontaneous leading of the Holy Spirit
7. Apostolic mantle for city transformation, unity and revival be imparted to me and other
missionaries from San Jose to take back to the Bay Area.
8. Protection for my family, The Waiting Place (church), & financial provision back home
9. That a NATION would be reached & God's end time purposes to take over nations would be
activitated to a level unseen.
10. That I would hear and obey the rhema Word of God every moment, every day. HIS WILL BE DONE!!!

*For those of you with a prophetic sense, please ask the Lord where the battles are at and pray
strongly whether for cities, business men, govt., youth battle in the kingdom 4 me and the lost.

God bless you all & thank you for your prayers. I know this trip is God even though
I don't know what to expect. My church of 12 or so college aged kids when hearing I needed
to raise $950 in less than 24 hours sent me off with an offering of $2400.00 (they sacrificed it all)
to send me as a seed for a future revival to be reaped among the youth in America, let it be so.
I'm so proud of them & thankful for the body of Christ! Lets win Argentina together in prayer.
Praying in full armor and getting ready to hit the front lines.....><>

Totally dependent on Him,
Jaeson Ma

Below is a detailed overview of the trip strategy and focus.....

Here's the scoop on Argentina:

The Harvest Evangelism XIII International Conference in Argentina is not just a conference but also a nation reaching exercise. Its two main thrusts are the raising of a canopy of prayer over the entire nation on the first weekend and the transformation of the city where the conference will be hosted the following week to serve as training ground in developing a prototype for the participants to emulate when they return home.

What follows is a bird’s view of the major activities involved in reaching a nation through the transformation of the marketplace.

1. The textbook for the conference is “My City- God’s City” which identifies 7 tracks as the premier channels to bring transformation to the city: pastors, business, government, education, worshippers, youth, and intercessors. The main objective is to lift up Jesus all over the city to change the spiritual climate causing Satan to fall down so that demons become subject to the Church and the lost are able to force their way into the Kingdom of God (See Luke 10:2-9 and 16:16).

On October 25 the international delegates will travel to Argentina’s 24 provinces to participate in united rallies, which will be connected by TV to convert the nation into an Electronic Cathedral. II Chronicles 7:14 will be the agenda for this Solemn Assembly. Political and marketplace leaders will be given donations as tangible expressions of the love of Christ and the commitment of the Church with the city and the nation.

The following day, Sunday, October 26th, during the day the international delegates will minister to their unsaved peers in the marketplace and in the evening they will participate in local church meetings. The next day, Monday, the internationals will return to Buenos Aires to regroup and debrief in preparation for travel to Mar del Plata on Tuesday where the conference proper will take place on October 28-31 with participation of delegates from all over Argentina and neighboring countries.

During the conference the principles outlined in “My City – God’s City” will be implemented DIDACTICALLY and PRACTICALLY to strategically mobilize the 7 tracks listed above to bring transformation to the host city and for visitors to go home equipped and inspired to implement it in their own cities.

2. Top notch representatives from the 7 tracks will be scholarshipped from Argentina’s 24 provinces to the conference in Mar del Plata - a minimum of 4 per track, resulting in a minimum of 28 per province. Likewise members of the Church in Mar del Plata as well as the 300 international delegates - Latin Americans, Brazilians and English speaking - will be organized by tracks.

3. The conference begins Tuesday at 5pm with a preliminary meeting at the covered arena for all participants (locals and overseas) to connect with each other in order to conform their track. This will be followed by the opening ceremony at 7 PM when the vision for a New Argentina will be presented via a theatrical presentation.

In Mar del Plata there are already 700 neighborhood Houses of Prayer. Every 10 of them will charter a bus to transport its members to the stadium for the evening meetings, about 2500 people total. The 40 leaders from each one of the 24 provinces plus 300 internationals will add another 1,260 people resulting in a grand total of about 4,000 participants. This group will be imparted, envisioned, equipped and commissioned to work in the transformation of Mar del Plata as a practical and didactic exercise.

4. The evening rallies will take place in the stadium and the day sessions at the Sheraton Conference Center where each morning from 8 am till 1 pm the participants (locals and visitors) will meet by tracks in training and inspirational meetings until 1 PM. After lunch, at about 3pm, each track will minister all over the city as follows:

WORSHIPPERS, Every 2 blocks there will be a group worshipping and singing in the marketplace - the heart of the city - for a minimum of one hour. During the second hour in a centripetal thrust they will gradually connect with other groups until reaching a central location for one hour of combined praise and worship. In addition there will “mobile” worshippers riding on to sing and bless the passengers. On Friday all worshippers will come together to conform a massive praise choir during the closing rally in a central park.

INTERCESSORS- while the worshippers carry on these assignments, the intercessors will focus on 2 key objectives: manning intercessory tables in public places – one every 10 blocks - and prayer expeditions to key sites (city hall, schools, taxi and bus terminals, hospitals, police and fire stations, etc.) On Friday afternoon intercessors will also facilitate a major prayer fair at the site of the closing rally.

YOUTH. The youth will minister strategically in schools, clubs, cafes, Internet cafes, clubs so that the impact, like in the case of the worshippers, will multiply itself throughout the afternoon. On Friday afternoon they will hold a public march leading up to the site for the closing rally.

MARKETPLACE. There are 3 components to the marketplace - government, education and business – and each one is a track in itself. 878 marketplace ministers representing these tracks were commissioned in Mar del Plata on July 4th to pastor the corporations they work for. The top 70 will host a meeting designed to attract non-believers in the workplace in a coffee or lunch setting for the visiting peers to talk shop and minister to them. These meetings will take place on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon and will climax with a major evangelistic lunch on Friday. Everybody will be encouraged to attend the closing rally on Friday afternoon.

PASTORS. The pastors from outside the city will connect with the pastors in Mar del Plata to work together in the different aspects of the city transformation process. Also meetings for impartation and sharing will be organized for pastors during the conference.

LOGISTICAL SUPPORT. To ensure the greatest efficiency possible the following logistical support will be endeavored:

RADIO. A secular radio station – connected to all three local Christian stations - will be contracted to minister to the city day and night. Youth, pastors, intercessors, worshippers and marketplace ministers will cover each one of the 24 hours. The possibility of linking the broadcast to neighboring cities to widen the impact is under study.

TELEPHONE COUNSELING HOTLINE. A telephone hotline center will process calls from seekers. A high volume of simultaneous calls is expected since in addition to extensive media advertising attractive signs placed at each worship location and at intercessory tables all over the city there will be signs stating “MAR DEL PLATA IS GOD’S CITY. HE IS IN TOWN. CALL HIM AT #number”. Intercessors will man the phones and process the calls to lead callers to the Lord. For immediate follow up all callers will be directed to the closest intercessory station and to the evening meetings at the stadium on Wednesday and Thursday and the closing rally on Friday afternoon.

PUBLICITY. It will consist of a blitz combining billboards, buses marquees, pamphlets, flyers, newspaper, radio and TV adds to emphasize that God is in the city and people should call the counseling center and attend the different evangelistic events.

4. OPEN AIR EVANGELISTIC RALLY. On Friday afternoon from 5 till 7 pm all tracks will mobilize the greatest amount of people possible to gather at a park a few blocks from the stadium for an evangelistic meeting with Carlos Anacondia. This meeting will be held in the afternoon so that as soon it is over the crowd will proceed to the stadium for the closing rally and commissioning of ministers to change the nation. Buses will transport people from the 700 neighborhood Lighthouses of Prayer in addition to residents from neighboring cities.

5. DONATION OF CONTAINERS. A minimum of 5 containers carrying medical supplies worth in excess of two million dollars will arrive in Argentina on time to be distributed among the 24 provinces. The governors of the 24 provinces or their representatives will be invited to Mar del Plata to officially receive the donations and the Mayor of the city has made available all official facilities for this purpose. In addition important donations will be given to the city of Mar del Plata as part of the transformation thrust.

The primary objective of the XIII Harvest Evangelism International Institute is two fold: to raise a canopy of prayer over the nation the first weekend and to convene a national and international gathering of top notch representatives of the 7 tracks for four days in Mar del Plata to implement prayer evangelism in order to bring transformation to the city and in so doing develop a prototype for the launching of similar processes all over the nation and the world.



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