Saturday, August 23, 2003

Dear prayer warriors and friends,

Please pray for me as I goto Singapore from Aug 26-Sept 6 (11 days)
At the spur of the moment the Lord has led me to go on this mission
trip and helped me raise $1000 dollars in a week. I'm still a little short, but
I know God will provide.

I sense the Lord has me there for a very strategic purpose. So pray for the

1. I will be meeting with IMB (International Missions Board) for Southern Baptist
with the CPM (Church Planting Movement) pioneer this is an incredible
meeting as he is the leading CPM trainer in the world right now for this recent
phenomena of "CPM" breaking out in the 10/40 window. Pray that I will receive a
supernatural strategic download for the CPM we are starting among young
adults in San Jose.

2. I will be meeting with 5 of the largest churches youth departments to learn more
about their youth ministries (especially G12 & cell structures) Pray for divine relationships,
appointments and prophetic impartation to be released upon me as I meet w/ these
leaders. (Singapore has one of the strongest christian communities in the world w/ some
of the largest and strongest cell based churches worldwide)

3. I also feel very strongly that I am to share about "The Call" and what God is doing among
young people in prayer/fasting in America. Pray the Lord would open a door for the churches
in Singapore to corporately invite "THE CALL" to happen in Singapore and that the young people
there will be stirred to new radical lifestyles of prayer and fasting. (pray also i will be able to share
about the Call at many youth gatherings)

4. I will be sharing my testimony at different churches, cell groups and God has opened up a
door with Singapore Youth for Christ (one of the strongest chapters in the world) for me
to possibly minister, learn & preach and share God's vision for a worldwide youth revival.

5. I will also be sharing the vision of the Youth Center and Soul House Church Planting Vision
to hopefully raise financial resources from overseas to support God's youth vision in San Jose.
I will be meeting with a very important CEO of Business Mens Fellowship to learn from him
and network.

6. Pray for unexpected divine appointments, divine relationships, divine open doors for ministry,
double favor in all my meetings and God will give me favor with every church and ministry
organization and marketplace ministers. Singapore is also one of the strongest prototype countries
experiencing a level of "countrywide" revival and transformation, may I learn from their unity,
culture and strategy.

7. Lastly, pray I will have some time to really experience God in relaxation, fun and deeper intimacy.
Fresh vision and inspiration when I come back...I believe there is a piece of the puzzle still missing
from our vision in San Jose that the Lord will show me in Singapore! God's will be done! amen!

8. oh yeah. i may be staying with a MUSLIM man during my stay. Pray God opens a door for him
to be saved!!! oh yeah..and I'll probably get to visit the YWAM base and share about how
to relevantly work with postmodern youth in india/nepal...crazy!

Thank you all for praying for me!!!!! Who knows exactly why God has me going to Singapore..
but I'll find out when I get there! Lord I'm open to do whatever you want me to do or experience
when I'm there..thy will be done! Cause with God life is always a crazy ADVENTURE!!! our job is
to just be obedient and follow His lead!!! wohoOOohhoOOO!

Ps. sunday I will be speaking at the "Transformations Camp" in Los Angeles. There will be over 500
youth there so pray God will use me powefully to preach the Gospel with Apostolic passion and
power, many youth will be saved and stirred to stand up and fight for Jesus in this generation! AMEN!

.....i just want to say thank you God..cause its been 2 years since i've been able to go overseas
back on a mission trip and God knows my desires and He granted it to me. Even with year
round school, He blessed me to audit my current class so I could get some time off!!! Is God
an awesome ABBA or whut?


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