Thursday, August 21, 2003 looks like it is God's will for me to goto SINGAPORE!!!
woohOOO! geez..i've been itching to go on a mission trip for
2 years!!! I've had year round school for the last year and
half which has inhibited me from going overseas. But, I was
able to audit the course on "Romans" cuz i took it before so
right now i have 5 weeks off of school :OD woohooo!

so this Singapore trip is waaay random, but I'm beginning to
see why God wants me to go. I was invited by a couple after
speaking at an event in Oakland to visit their church in Singapore.

Well, some of you may know God has really been revealing to me
more revelation on "CPM" or church planting movements around
the world and last week I went to this workshop and met one of
the pioneers who planted over 10,000 churches in Nth India in only
8-10 years!!! He is now going to mentor me to attempt to start
a CPM among young adults in the Bay Area..he then tells me the
number one CPM trainer and equipping program is located in Singapore
headed by a man named "Bill Smith" ....haha! I randomly emailed
this website i found linked with his name and he emailed me back and
were going to hook up for coffee in Singapore!!!!

God also has been hooking me up crazy! For years I've studied how Singapore
(apart from a rich revival history with revivalist "John Sung" who won hundreds
of thousands of souls starting in Singapore in the early 1900's) currently
how SIngapore has some of the largest mega-cell churches in the world! I'll
get to meet w/ the youth pastors of 3 of the largest churches there and study
their cell models...then haha..i got hooked up with "Singapore Youth for Christ"
which has been one of the strongest YFC chapters in the world for the last decade
(my exec director use to always rave about them) to visit their ministry center.

hmm...i dunno...but I'm sure God will reveal more when I get there why He wants
me out there. Can you believe God provided my plane ticket and everything in
less than a week???? Crazy..i told God yesterday if i don't get $500 more for the
trip I'll take it as a sign I'm not going. An hour later I'm at the YFC office and my boss
says I want to pay you early for your speaking engagement in March 2004 and hands
me a check for $500!!!!!! NUTZ MAN!!!! GOD IS GOOOOOOOOD!!!! wohOOhhhOOO!

lastly...hrm....i got a sense i'll be able to share about "the call" at some of the meetings
maybe God wants to do an International Call in Singapore.."THE CALL SINGAPORE"
who knows...we'll see.. I'm leaving Sunday for LA /Ontario to speak at the
Transformations Camp..yo 2 all my LA & SD homIez come on down b-tween "sun-mon"
i'll be there!!! I'll be in Singapore Aug 26-Sept 6 keep me in prayer for open doors
to learn and preach the gospel with fire!!! i will have email access so email me for
anything urgent! GOD BLESS BLESS BLESS!!! yea yea...Word emUP!


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